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Johnny Jordaan:  It's Grand To Be In Love / Home At Last   Comment by kevhutson

Label scans added.

Roy Kelly:  Next Sunday Darling Is Your Birthday / You Are My Heart's Choice   Comment by fredhoyt

Added picture sleeve scan -- same image on flip, added record label scans

Bryan Adams:  Cuts Like A Knife / One Good Reason   Comment by AllHit45s

# 12 RPM

Bryan Adams:  Cuts Like A Knife [Short Version] / Cuts Like A Knife [Long Version]   Comment by AllHit45s

Short 3:56 Long 5:16 Scans added

Valentino [US]:  I Was Born This Way / Liberation   Comment by johnnyhotspur

Only release on the label, wonder if any other releases would have featured gay artists too?

The Summerset:  Travellin' Man / Rice Is Nice   Comment by orange-jam

probably last version of The Summer Set before Les Humphries ended up with the Les Humphries Singers (also on Decca ! )

Roy Kelly:  I'm A Driver For The A. T. A. / The Sparkle Of Gold   Comment by fredhoyt

Added picture sleeve scans (over-sized sleeve -- 7 1/2 X 7 1/2), added record label scans

Harry Connick, Jr.:  We Are In Love / Don't Get Around Much Anymore   Comment by The Big Un

To be scanned later with Picture Sleeves

The Bee Gees:  To Love Somebody / Close Another Door   Comment by goodbear66

Added scans. A Side Label: composer co-credits the hitherto unknown 5th Gibb brother E. Gibb but there again it's probably Barry.

Kate And Anna McGarrigle:  Love Over And Over / I Cried For Us   Comment by earlybird

Originally issued in Australia September 1983

Allan Sherman:  Good Advice - Part 1 / Good Advice - Part 2   Comment by stereotom

No, you did label yours the lp version... which I prefer to the 45.

Charly And The Slaves:  Rat Race / Likely Laughing   Comment by Pariah

released 1986

From the Forum   More »

Nina & Frederick - DB 4375. Advice from Mods/ Admin needed. - 2 Posts     Post by Boursin

In what way does it show the 1960 date? Is it otherwise similar to the entry we have, but has "Recording first published 1960" instead of "Recording first published 1959"? If so, it's just a mistake;...

Nina & Frederick - DB 4375. Advice from Mods/ Admin needed. - 2 Posts     Post by Steel-River-Wet

I have a copy of this, UK issue. The version on the DB shows the A side date as 1959, but my copy clearly shows 1960. Do I need a new entry for this?

army songs - 56 Posts     Post by zabadak


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