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Kiki Dee:  Lonnie And Josie / The Last Good Man In My Life   Comment by totallyvinyl

Demo copy of this single shows a release date printed on the label as: 15.6.73 so the 1st June shown above would appear to be incorrect

Anne Murray:  You Needed Me / I Still Wish The Very Best For You   Comment by Mister Haney

Yet another label variant and four pronged centre added

Kathleen Fitzgerald:  Beautiful Bundoran / Evening In Mount Melleray   Comment by Mister Haney

Picture sleeve images added

The Vandergrift Brothers:  Who Needs Your Cold, Cold Love / Hello Again Sweet Lips   Comment by camshaft

With label images. A-Side >>>[YouTube Video] B-Side >>>[YouTube Video] Added B-side Composers [1-7-15].

The Bluegrass Partners:  Treasure Train / Sweetheart, You Done Me Wrong   Comment by fredhoyt

Added picture sleeve and record with label scans Picture sleeve has same image on both sides

Bruce Channel And His Band:  Now Or Never / Will I Ever Love Again    Comment by camshaft

A-Side >>>[YouTube Video] B-Side >>>[YouTube Video] Both in Blue Labels.

Bruce Channel And His Band:  Will I Ever Love Again / Slow Down Baby   Comment by camshaft

A-Side on Re-Issued label [45-5620] >>>[YouTube Video]

J. J. Barrie:  Where's The Reason / Lucille (I Got A Honey Of A Deal)   Comment by sporidium

Label scans uploaded. My copy at least has Lucille as the A-side, so that's how I've tagged the images.

Groovie Goolies:  Save Your Good Lovin' For Me / First Annual Semi-Formal Combination Celebration Meet-The-Monster Population Party   Comment by RecordDragon

Here's info. about The Groovy Goolies

Margie Rayburn:  Alright, But It Won't Be Easy / I Would   Comment by camshaft

A-Side >>>[YouTube Video] B-Side >>>[YouTube Video] Slight difference where the cat no & music publisher is printed! Partly swapped over.

Dave Clark And Friends:  Sha-Na-Na-Na (Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye) / I Don't Know   Comment by RecordDragon

This video has a running time of 3:37 [YouTube Video]

Thunder:  Love Walked In (Edit) / Flawed To Perfection (Demo)   Comment by Mikey Dread

EMI promo release date 11/Feb/1991 (Monday).

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