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The Adelphies:  Kathleen / Darlin' It's You   Comment by jukebox george

Reviewed in Billboard May 15, 1958, page 118

Ace:  How Long / The Encore Song   Comment by RecordDragon

Label images

Love:  7 And 7 Is / No. Fourteen   Comment by RecordDragon

Fifteen years later, Alice Cooper would record this A-side.

Nat Stuckey:  That's All She Ever Said Except Goodbye / After The Lovin' Has Passed   Comment by Louval

Uploading stock labels

The Rubber Band [Richlin]:  Forever Friday / Below Up, Above Down   Comment by Sundry1

Per your request... "Forever Friday" is the a side, should one of the mods spot this...

Love:  7 And 7 Is / No. Fourteen   Comment by annaloog

From Follow The Music (by Jac Holzman and Gavin Daws, p. 133), regarding the Da Capo album: Quote: Bruce Botnick:— And Paul Rothchild was made producer. Jac was going to produce, but things were starting to hit on all cylinders and he couldn't do it. He did produce 'Seven And...

Dynamic Concept:  California Part 1 / California Part 2   Comment by teabiscuit

looks good on paper, wasn't.

Jackie Wilson:  Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet) / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon   Comment by airgrabber

Added a scan of the promotional copy.

The Tymes:  M/S Grace / The Crutch   Comment by RecordDragon

A-side title appears to be misspelled on the label.

Bowie:  Rebel Rebel / Queen Bitch   Comment by W.B.lbl

Beeee-lieve it!

Guns N' Roses:  Sympathy For The Devil (LP Version) / Escape To Paris   Comment by RecordDragon

Kemp: Thanks for adding the images.

The Rubber Band [Richlin]:  Forever Friday / Below Up, Above Down   Comment by RecordDragon

Sundry1: If you do own this single, why not click the I Own It button? [YouTube Video]

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Cars - Covers & Titles - 2775 Posts     Post by Juke Jules


She's got legs, she knows how to use them.. - 1740 Posts     Post by Juke Jules


List » Record Players, Gramophones & Jukeboxes - 726 Posts     Post by Juke Jules

Bump :cool:

List » Record Players, Gramophones & Jukeboxes - 726 Posts     Post by Juke Jules

Bump :cool: There were a load of items suggested earlier this year but not yet listed

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