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Captain Gleason's Garden Band:  The Band Played On / In The Good Old Summer Time   Comment by Louval

Uploading stock labels

Eddy Bell And The Versatones:  Twinkletoes / Because It's Xmas   Comment by FredClemens

Added full size scans of both sides of this Eddie Blazonczyk record. Fred

Steam:  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye / It's The Magic In You Girl   Comment by RecordDragon

Are there any USA pressings that actually have "Kiss Him Goodbye" showing as the B-side? [YouTube Video]

Stevie Nicks With Don Henley:  Leather And Lace / Edge Of Seventeen   Comment by RecordDragon

So if Don Henley is not credited on the label, his name shouldn't appear in this entry (even though that information is known).

Ritchie Valens:  Donna / La Bamba   Comment by stereotom

Yes, those are bootleg images...

Spirit:  Nature's Way / Soldier   Comment by RecordDragon

5-11020 & 5-10701 contain both tracks mentioned by mojo.

Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two:  The Ways Of A Woman In Love / You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven   Comment by Tailspin

First 2 images [179987/179988] have Sheldon in wax: Pressed by Sheldon, Chicago, IL

Marvin, The Paranoid Android:  Reasons To Be Miserable / Marvin I Love You   Comment by HarvestmanMan

At the risk of channelling RecordDragon, I first heard this on the aforementioned "Very Best of Dr. Demento" compilation. Hadn't heard it in at least ten years until it showed up as an earworm last night...

Was (Not Was):  Walk The Dinosaur / 11 Miles An Hour [Abe Zapp-Rudder Version]   Comment by RecordDragon

What in the world are you getting at teabiscuit? That link to "The Others" isn't relevant here. Those groups are separated by brackets as disambiguation indicators and the group in the entry had parentheses as part of its name in other countries which is absent here. This...

Panics:  Maypo / Daydream   Comment by FredClemens

Given the way the catalog number is shown on the labels (see labels), I would take "Daydream" to be the A-side. With that said... Monarch Delta numbers (MR stamp): A-side:38736 B-side:38736-X Those numbers put this release no earlier than March 1961, not anywhere in 1960. Fred

Ritchie Valens:  Donna / La Bamba   Comment by tf40408

Images 1955379 & 1955383 look a lot like boots to me. There is no way they could have released legitimate issues that sloppily.

Fleetwood Mac:  Seven Wonders / Book Of Miracles   Comment by greenandblue

Added stock labels.

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Blue Marvin With ARP Sinthesyzer 2600 » Blue Marvin and Bob Callaghan - 2 Posts     Post by annaloog

I'm not certain where the "ВИА" came from, but the artist name in Russian Cyrillic is Вокально-Инструментальный Ансамбль Боба Каллачана, which (rugby...

Blue Marvin With ARP Sinthesyzer 2600 » Blue Marvin and Bob Callaghan - 2 Posts     Post by HarvestmanMan

Should be linked to Blue Marvin. From what I can gather, this is an alias of Bob Callaghan (aka Bob Kallatchan and ВИА БОБА КАЛЛАЧАНА.)

....where did you get that hat - WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAT !!! - 2932 Posts     Post by Monolith


She's got legs, she knows how to use them.. - 1646 Posts     Post by Monolith


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