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Jim Nesbitt:  I'm A Married Man / Livin' Offa Credit   Comment by HBRALLAN

Label scans added

Chuck Berry:  Bye Bye Johnny / Rock And Roll Music   Comment by Joehilllouis

Added a set with Chess logo's I think the Funckler release was the first one.

Prince Preston:  Ruby Take Me Back / I Wanna Get Close To You   Comment by krobigraubart

[YouTube Video] Ruby Take Me Back / I Wanna Get Close To You

Donna Summer:  Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) Original Version / The Christmas Song   Comment by tf40408

I am confused about the credits here. There are 2 names credited here as producers that are not shown as producers on the label under the artist name. These 2 names are listed on the left side under the catalog number as executive producers, but aren't executive producers...

Anne Murray:  Robbie's Song / You Can't Have A Hand On Me   Comment by Mikey Dread

Further to the May 1st comment by Neil, the PS is promo only.

Little Willie John:  Talk To Me / Let Them Talk   Comment by labelmanager

With ℗1986 on the label, this clearly was a late 1980s reissue.

Glencoe:  Roll On Bliss / Nothing (Is Between Us)   Comment by 7226power

Norman and Garth Watt-Roy were also members of The Living Daylights with Curt Criswell and Roy Heather

The Miles Davis Quintet:  All Of You / 'round Midnight   Comment by iisiboi

Photo by Marvin Koner, unknown cover design.

The Miles Davis Quintet:  All Of You / 'Round Midnight   Comment by iisiboi

Photo by Marvin Koner, unknown cover design.

Miles Davis With The Gil Evans Orchestra:  The Meaning Of The Blues / Springville   Comment by iisiboi

Photography by Robert Parent. Original sleeve with sailboat. Later releases substituted the original cover-photo with a photograph of Miles Davis.

Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young:  Teach Your Children / Carry On   Comment by labelmanager

With acknowledgement to Jente_Jan_de_Jong, added cleaner image of A side promo pressed by Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA.

The Modern Jazz Quartet:  The Golden Striker / Three Windows   Comment by iisiboi

Cover design by Marvin Israel As mentioned in notes painting is by J.M.W. Turner.

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  Brite Star [Nashville] » Two different labels - 2 Posts     Post by peterh

Aren't the Brite-Star labels Brite Star [Nashville], Brite-Star [Ohio], Brite Star [Indiana] (and Bryte) all connected? Bryte 45-2444 has Rite client number 112, the same as for Brite Star [Indiana]. It also has "Brite-Star Prod.,...

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