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Jimmy Holloway:  No More Lonely Days / Good Morning Sunshine   Comment by annaloog

Despite Collector's Frenzy and Popsike pages featuring the "Good Morning Sunshine" side, "No More Lonely Days" is the A side acc. to the trailout inscriptions.

The Dynamites [Reggae]:  Hello Mother / Hi-De-Ho   Comment by Charlie Chalk

Hi-De-Ho: [YouTube Video] Glen Ricketts (Ricks) on lead vocals.

Fleetwood Mac:  Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues   Comment by teabiscuit

I had a box of records with this in, names written on the covers & all were owned by... Albert Ross!

Johnnie Ray With Ray Conniff:  Yes Tonight, Josephine / No Wedding Today   Comment by ZebedyZak

From what I can see there it seems to be the ones on Philips and Pye that were limited to 78rpm issues. The ones on other labels seem to be available in both formats. It must have been something to do with the record companies.

T. G. Sheppard:  Another Woman / I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)   Comment by Jake Leither

Peaked at #14 on the country charts [YouTube Video]

Michele Lee:  L. David Sloane / Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)   Comment by Jake Leither

Great B-side, absolutely awful A-side

Cat Stevens:  Kitty / Blackness Of The Night   Comment by the Flea

Added alternate demo labels without the DEM midfix

Chris Montez:  The More I See You / You, I Love You   Comment by Jake Leither

Peaked at #16 on the Top 100 and #2 on the AC charts [YouTube Video]

Fleetwood Mac:  Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues   Comment by Mikey Dread

Promo release date 22/Nov/1968 (Friday).

Don King:  I've Got Country Music In My Soul / She's The Girl Of My Dreams   Comment by Jake Leither

Great country song that peaked at #73 [YouTube Video]

Bobby Curtola:  Fortuneteller / Johnny Take Your Time   Comment by Jake Leither

Peaked at #41 on the Top 100 [YouTube Video]

The Fabulous Flames:  Growing Up / Lovitis   Comment by Charlie Chalk

Growing Up: [YouTube Video] Glen Ricketts (Ricks) on lead vocals.

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