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The Climbers:  Train, Car, Boat Or Plane / I Love You   Comment by mickey rat

Neither song was copyrighted at the time, but both were copyrighted retrospectively in Zelma Sanders’ name only by the current owners of Zell’s Music in 2005.

Tommy Dell And Chrissy Jackson:  Guardian Angel / Dancing The Night Away   Comment by Record Collector

this version was released at the same time a masquerades release but it was masquerade that got most of the airplay

Tommy Dell And Chrissy Jackson:  Guardian Angel / Dancing The Night Away   Comment by kimbozw

Masquerade also charted in Europe i believe. Tommy Dell first appeared on the southern african chart radar in 1971 with airplay/popularity chart hits on LM Radio. His south african sales chart entries commenced in 1976 and lasted to 1983. His hits were mainly cover versions...

Die Kirmis-Musikanten:  Zigeuner - Tango / Bierzelt - Walzer   Comment by leonard

Die Kirmes-Musikanten are from the Netherlands and called De Kermisklanten. Will make De Kermisklanten the main discography.

Jake Holmes:  Dazed And Confused / Penny's   Comment by kimbozw

there was a successful suit relating to A WHITER SHADE OF PALE not long ago wasn't there? Since that pre-dates DAZED AND CONFUSED a successful suit may follow ...

Tommy Dell And Chrissy Jackson:  Guardian Angel / Dancing The Night Away   Comment by earlybird

South African singer, "Guardian Angel" was a hit for Masquerade in Oz [YouTube Video]

Neil Diamond:  Song Sung Blue / Gitchie Goomie   Comment by kimbozw

The upside down matrix number may be because we are the lower side of the equator from you folks in Europe? :-) This is probably a South African pressing. The Rhodesian one would look pretty much identical though. It's hard to tell them apart at this time period. Was this...

Miller Sisters:  Someday You Will Pay / You Didn't Think I Would   Comment by bill mann

Uploaded images of my repro copy. Can someone do the biz on these please ?

Davey Jones:  Tootsie Wootsie / No More Tears   Comment by mickey rat

George Goldner really was a giant in the record industry of his time, as was Henry Stone. Stone was the biggest fish in Miami for decades. Glades was one of his labels and Sherlyn was his long-lasting publishing imprint (still active in the T. K. disco era). Goldner's Gone...

Fleur De Leis:  Angelique / It Could Have Been Me (Quisiera Saber)   Comment by DeadWax

ZTSP 62642 ZTSP 62643

Randy Hard And The Hi-Lites:  Honey Doll / May It Be My Fortune   Comment by DeadWax

Billboard 24 Nov 1958

Mark Taylor:  I'm Waiting For you / To Measure My Love   Comment by DeadWax

Billboard 18 May 1959

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The R.I.P. Thread - 1186 Posts     Post by vinylman

Note to site admin: It would be handy if this topic could be pinned for easy access.

Croydon Record Shoppage - 6 Posts     Post by vinylman

Good stock, but the guy in charge the day I visited was very offhand. Won't be going back!

Answer With A Title Track (With Label) - 11718 Posts     Post by Mikey Dread


Planes - 207 Posts     Post by zabadak


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