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The Beatles:  Michelle / Drive My Car   Comment by Boursin

Quote: Parlophone used to list that kind of thing on the back of the early albums Rubber Soul is the only one to lists the vocalists in exactly this (compressed) format. So that's the explanation. Quote: Unusual to see a Parlophone record with the catalog # DP 564 and not R 564. An odd...

Led Zeppelin:  Whole Lotta Love / Thank You   Comment by RecordDragon

Is the A-side the LP or edited version? USA was issuing stereo 45's as early as about 1958.

James Brown:  The Payback (Part I) / The Payback (Part II)   Comment by labelmanager

Images {2000195} and {2000196} mastered at SNB Studios, Montreal.

Bridie Gallagher:  Take This Message To My Mother / The Girl From Donegal   Comment by Ade Macrow

I think the mods can easily hide the images and ease your worries, Fokeman?

Roy Orbison:  Mean Little Mama / Problem Child   Comment by RecordDragon

According to the site, the USA didn't see a legitimate release of the A-side on a 45, but did get this boot in 2009 515

Ruby Murray:  Real Love / Little One   Comment by Boursin

Norwegian. Most of these "Colour-Hits" releases (as the sleeve spells it) by Norwegian EMI are quite common in this corner of the world, while I never saw a single Danish one on coloured vinyl. "Real Love" is a personal favourite, and it's sad that it's so rarely remembered...

Roy Orbison:  Mean Little Mama / Problem Child   Comment by Boursin

Quote: Are these the original bed tracks as recorded, or have they the usual shite added by Ember or whoever ? It was added already by Sam Phillips himself, for the first ever worldwide release of these two tracks on Orbison's Sun LP in 1961. In fact, as far as I know, "Mean Little...

The Ivys:  Lonely Nights / Lonely Nights (Instrumental)   Comment by Mikey Dread

The Ivys were three brothers from Los Angeles, Rejal, Christopher and David. Their mother was the late, Viola Wills.

Lightening Hopkins:  Merry Christmas / Happy New Year   Comment by Boursin

Quote: Both these songs were recorded in July 1953 at the ACA Recording Studios in Houston, Texas and released in November '53. It came out as a 78 rpm record but I've not come across any details on a 45 rpm issue from that date. It was available as a 45 already in 1953, and we now...

Tavares:  More Than A Woman / We're Both Ready For Love   Comment by Steel-River-Wet

Dead wax: (Image ID number 74258) side "BLAIR'S".

Electric Light Orchestra:  Boy Blue / Eldorado   Comment by AllHit45s

Full scans added

James Bradley [Soul]:  I'm In Too Deep / I'm In Too Deep   Comment by W.B.lbl

So I see this label has the distinction to be designated {Image #2000000}, I see . . .

From the Forum   More »

2,000,000 - 15 Posts     Post by Whyperion

Quite a few images were of 78s of the days before worlds, so uploaders dont despair as many were ported over by hard working mods tinkerbell and peter pan. But it did cods the numbering of images up....

2,000,000 - 15 Posts     Post by RadnaNotions

But tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1,999,999.

Compilation » Folklore - 6 Posts     Post by Boursin

They're still there. But when you go to MusicStack from a search URL, for some incomprehensible reason it applies the limits you set for the search the last time you used it yourself. For instance,...

2,000,000 - 15 Posts     Post by Getalife

Congratulations OB, you're on a roll now, next one the lottery, remember me if you win. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: SR., if that's so, might explain the no stars. :sad:

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