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Friends [MGM]:  Gonna Have A Good Time / Would You Laugh   Comment by earlybird

Darryl Cotton, Michael Lloyd & Steve Kipner. perhaps should be changed to "Friends [Australia]" as this is not MGM [YouTube Video]

Fats Domino:  What A Party / Rockin' Bicycle   Comment by earlybird

Would a camera give you a happier result, you are able to see instantly if OK. A fast hand action eh, I wonder how you developed that? it is nice to see the scans

Cathy Carr:  Warm Your Heart / I Never Really Stopped Loving You   Comment by these4578s

re: Songwriters - Dowd is Tom Dowd, Nugetre is a pseudonym for Ahmet Ertegun, and Gerald is a pseudonym for Jerry Wexler.

Broadway [Tony Sylvester]:  You To Me Are Everything / You To Me Are Everything   Comment by glclow

Added Mono/Stereo label scans

The Archies:  Sugar, Sugar / Melody Hill   Comment by nhumbard

I believe the Monkees originally were offered this song and passed on it.

The Righteous Brothers:  You're My Soul And Inspiration / Go Ahead And Cry   Comment by HIDEKI WATANABE

Track A : You're My Soul And Inspiration Master # : 66XY35 Recorded in New Yory City 1966

The Big Bopper:  Chantilly Lace / Purple People Eater Meets The Witchdoctor   Comment by nhumbard

Respectfully added 1st press labels (The a-side accidentally duplicated and one can probably be removed)

The Rascals:  Jungle Walk / Saga Of New York   Comment by glclow

Added label scans

The Righteous Brothers:  Along Came Jones / Jimmy's Blues   Comment by HIDEKI WATANABE

Track A : Along Came Jones Master # : L209 Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 1966 Track B : Jimmy's Blues Master # : L213 Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, December 21, 1966

Fats Domino:  What A Party / Rockin' Bicycle   Comment by mickey rat

Actually the record's in perfect condition. I use a handheld "wand" scanner when visiting a friend's collection and if I scan too fast or twitch this is the result. Unfortunately I don't see the scans until I transfer them to my computer when I get home and by then it's too...

The Righteous Brothers:  He Will Break Your Heart / Hold On, I'm Coming   Comment by HIDEKI WATANABE

Track B : Hold On, I'm Comin' Master # : L206 Recorded in Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 1966

Rod Stewart:  You Wear It Well / Lost Paraguayos   Comment by albert

Was surprised to find a dinked plasticrap in my collection and its up here too. Just wondering if this was an experiment or were they common, I certainly cannot recall seeing one before. (next Rod single dinked too)

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Susan Boyle was here ? :erk:

When it was cool to smoke. - 603 Posts     Post by zabadak


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