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Memphis Slim:  Living Like A King / Sittin' And Thinkin'   Comment by djgger

I don't particularly like any track on this disc. The Memphis Slim tracks I can do without. Little Richard tracks are so-so. Before rock'n'roll and it shows. Recorded at a time when there was no clear direction of where music, popular music, that is music that sells...

Real Life:  Catch Me I'm Falling / Exploding Bullets   Comment by HOOK45

I uploaded a better cover.

Joy And Dave:  My Very Good Friend The Milkman / Doopey Darling   Comment by djgger

For at least one decade the RCP Guides listed this EP with Memphis Slim on one side and Little Richard on the other at two different prices. I pointed this out to them every two years and eventually they changed it to the same price under each artist. Go and check your...

Clyde McPhatter:  Come What May / Let Me Know   Comment by mickey rat

Always liked this McPhatter song with its almost-Mariachi trumpet fills. Didn't realise there'd been earlier versions by Al Casey and Etta James until very recently when we discussed it here.

Marlon Brando And Jean Simmons:  A Woman In Love / I'll Know   Comment by djgger

Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando appear in a musical film. The song 'Woman In Love' was a sure fire hit song as it proved to be. Instead of Sinatra getting to sing the songs in the film Brando does the vocalising. That's show business, I guess...

Marlon Brando And Jean Simmons:  A Woman In Love / I'll Know   Comment by carryonsidney

just picked up a reddish cover dated 57/2 so it must have been a steady seller!

The Bambinos:  Algiers / Adante Amore   Comment by formula(-CH2-CHI)n

[YouTube Video] A Side: Algiers

Jerry Field And The Lawyers:  The Trial / Easy Steppin'   Comment by formula(-CH2-CHI)n

added maybe, fresher labels

The Entertainers [Netherlands '60s]:  Searching / Down Home Girl   Comment by Christian

PS added

Joy And Dave:  My Very Good Friend The Milkman / Doopey Darling   Comment by Charlie Chalk

Yup - came out a month or so ago.

Spinach Power:  Popeye The Sailor Man / ?   Comment by formula(-CH2-CHI)n

Gypsy ruled our house! She was the boss over two males, a huge Irish Wolfhound X (6xtime her size) and a leochan/shitzu X her best mate!

Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends:  Gotta Keep A-Rocking / Flashing Lights   Comment by Wurzelsepp

The one I have on the turnable right now also plays Thumping Beat

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Girl in the Mini-Skirt - 138 Posts     Post by Mikey Dread


List » MR - Monarch Records - 354 Posts     Post by LaurenceD

The Bobbettes Atlantic 45-1159 Δ18195 / Δ18197 Hollywood Argyles Era [Back To Back Hits Series] 011 Δ35087-X / Δ36671 Buddy Knox Liberty F-55305 Δ38053 / Δ38053-X The Corsairs Tuff/Chess 1818 Δ42343 / Δ42343-X

Musical Instruments - 773 Posts     Post by zabadak


That's me in the spotlight....artists whose pictures appear on the labels of their records - 107 Posts     Post by zabadak


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