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General Johnson:  Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do / Lies   Comment by RogerFoster

Reviewed by Mike Vernon of The Olympic Runners in "Blues & Soul" 272, 27th February 1979 (Image #2239053). Also available, with a longer version of the "A" side, as a 12" single.

The Five Sapphires:  Duke Of Earl / Oh My Darlin'   Comment by RogerFoster

Reviewed by Mike Vernon of The Olympic Runners in "Blues & Soul" 272, 27th February 1979 (Image #2239051).

SOS-Kinderdorf Garin, Argentinien:  [not listed] / [not listed]   Comment by Ironman

Diff. cover added

Gladys Knight:  We Don't Make Each Other Laugh Any More / Love Gives You The Power   Comment by RogerFoster

Reviewed by Mike Vernon of The Olympic Runners in "Blues & Soul" 272, 27th February 1979 (Image #2239049).

The Casuals [Nashville]:  Pardners / We Go Together   Comment by DeadWax

This disc is not listed in the Buzz Cason online discography. Half of Conmar Music was most probably Kenny Marlowe. In association with Bill Conner? Anyway I don't think that Conmar Music was incorporated before 1959. (See Scarlet Records) I'm unable to find a copyright...

Real Thing:  Can You Feel The Force? / Children Of The Ghetto   Comment by RogerFoster

Reviewed by Mike Vernon of The Olympic Runners in "Blues & Soul" 272, 27th February 1979 (Image #2239044). As mentioned in previous comments, also available as a 12" single.

Jimmy Smith:  Walk On The Wild Side / The Preacher   Comment by Redpunk

Added back of sleeve with Garrod higher on sleeve and label scans with Matrix no. in line with 1962.

Blues Brothers:  Soul Man / Excusez Moi Mon Cherie   Comment by RogerFoster

Reviewed by Mike Vernon of The Olympic Runners in "Blues & Soul" 272, 27th February 1979 (Image #2239041). Methinks that Mike Vernon had yet to hear about the Blues Brothers movie.

John Regan And The Tumbleweeds:  Mental Journey / Invisible Tears   Comment by 45rpm+

Cover of a Leon Ashley song. More artist info http://www.iangallagher.com/tumbleweeds.html [YouTube Video]

Can:  Spoon / Shikako Maru Ten   Comment by esfera04

In memoery of Jackie Liebezeit, 28.05.1938-22.01.2017. Requiescat in pace. CAN was the most important group form Cologne. J.L: Anti-Nostalgia, kept on working with young performers of electronica. My first contact with the music and art of Can was in 1972 via a TV crime:...

Leo Rowsome:  The Stony Steps, Dillons Fancy, Reels / Casadh An TSugain   Comment by 45rpm+

sleeve images, added unfortunately I didn't find the record with this one.

Norma Jean [Soul]:  Saturday / This Is The Love   Comment by RogerFoster

An extended version of this was released as a 12" single some six months later.

From the Forum   More »

Searching for a record - 6 Posts     Post by Joe M'Geek

Fly Fishing by J.R Hartley?

.......Yeah, that's right......we're all loved up.....!! - 1381 Posts     Post by Mikey Dread


Bryan Davies - 5 Posts     Post by Charlie Chalk

We need to let the member know that this is not a sales site, and it also acts as a good note to others if left up.

Bryan Davies - 5 Posts     Post by Steel-River-Wet

Thank you for saying that Charlie, I was getting to the stage where I thought it might be me that was in the wrong, about this topic. Why? Simply because, I report those requests that I see..and many...

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