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Van Halen:  Beautiful Girls / D.O.A.   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

Willie And The Red Rubber Band:  I'll Stay With You / Little Old Clockmaker   Comment by dagwood

duplicated label - requested deletion

Vandenberg:  Burning Heart / Ready For You   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides - matched set (SP)) with a nod to musictom

Violent Femmes:  Children Of The Revolution / World Without Mercy   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

Wax:  Right Between The Eyes / Only A Visitor   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

The New Vaudeville Band:  Winchester Cathedral / Wait For Me Baby   Comment by musictom

Can't say whether the S in a circle means "cut-out" or not, but its probably faster to drill a hole in a whole bunch at once rather than print on each one.

Wet Willie:  Weekend / Mr Streamline   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

Wilson Pickett:  Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) / Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

What Is This:  I'll Be Around / Whisper (To Natasha)   Comment by audiolifer

scans added (A/B sides)

The Meters:  They All Ask For You / Hey Pocky A-Way   Comment by laviolet

Added B-side scan from my own copy.

Elvis Presley:  Way Down / Pledging My Love   Comment by allan0318

Added label variations

Player:  Baby Come Back / Love Is Where You Find It   Comment by allan0318

Added label variations

From the Forum   More »

Phoenix area record stores - 1 Post     Post by Carouselambra

I'll be in Phoenix next week taking in some spring training activity. Can anyone recommend some or any record stores in the Phoenix area? I'll be in Sun City West so if you know approximately how far...

Jeffrey Glenn's Lost Jukebox compilations - 20 Posts     Post by boyjohn

it seems that the file factory vol. 4 is actually volume 21 and the first few volumes are in pretty low bit rate...any idea where to get the correct vol. 4 and the first few in better sound quality?

45cat Facebook  - 37 Posts     Post by Billy Two

Yup, stick the torn label back down ! I used lighter fluid to get the sticker off - it was an elastoplast type thing, very gunky glue - but it took some of the label with it. However, extra lighter...

  GLO Records » same as "You Glo".... - 2 Posts     Post by mickey rat

and earlier by fortyfivesfrank here.

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