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A141996 - 2005
A 11 
A 44011970
A 521980 - 1981
A A11981
A And A North31972 - 1973
A And Z11982
A B C D11970
A Band11979
A Band Called George11973
A Band Called O111974 - 1977
A Band Of Angels81964 - 1983
A Beatboy11987
A Better Mousetrap11987
A Bigger Splash31983 - 1984
A Bigger Splash [Belgium]11984
A Boy Called Doris12007
A Brother's Guiding Light Featuring David21973
A Buchanan And Goodman Prod.11957
A Buck Clayton Jam Session31954 - 1958
A Bullet For Fidel11995
A C Temple11989
A Camp12001
A Cappella Choir1 
A Caring Community11986
A Caus' Des Garçons41987 - 1989
A Certain Ratio181979 - 1991
A Cha Cha At The Opera41982 - 1983
A Change Of Pace12005
A Chave Do Sol11984
A Chocolate Morning11992
A Choir Of Sisters Of Mercy [North Sydney]11963
A Chorus Of 26 Americans11957
A Class Crew11993
A Close Call11988
A Craze11983
A. Crooks11969
A D And G11974
A Dancing Mirage21982
A Degrees11983
A Different Bag21972
A Dread At The Control Mix21979
A Drop In The Gray11985
A Dying Gymnast11988
A Fair Set21965
A Fascinating Musical Experience1 
A Feast Of Snakes12001
A Few Good Men11995
A Fine Day For Sailing22010 - 2011
A Fish In C11987
A Flock Of Seagulls751981 - 1989
A Flux In 3D11982
A Foot In Coldwater161972 - 1977
The A Forest12004
A Frames22004 - 2005
A Full Moon In March11990
A Girl Called Johnny11986
The A Go-Gos11965
A Good Blues Band11975
A Grande Orquestra De Paul Mauriat11968
A Grave With No Name22009 - 2011
A Great Big Pile Of Leaves12012
A Group Called Eve11969
A Group Of Children1 
A Group Of Men At Filey1 
A Group Of Singers At Redmire In Wensleydale (Including Joe Alderson)1 
A Guy Called Gerald51989 - 1990
A Handful11967
A Handful Of Cheek11973
A Handful Of Dust61991 - 1995
A Happy Family11987
A Hell Of A Stud11970
A Homeboy, A Hippie And A Funki Dredd11990
A House201987 - 1994
A Human12008
A Hundred Times Beloved12007
A II Z21981
A. J. Williams11983
A. J. Sparks And His Crew12012
A January Production Featuring John Clarke11973
A La Carte211979 - 1989
A La Carte And Mungo Jerry11989
A La Mode11978
A Line12007
A Little Bit Of Sound21967
A Love Supreme12007
A Man Called Adam71989 - 1998
A Man With A Vision11990
A Marriage Of Convenience11985
A Million Blues21990 - 1993
A Minor Forest61994 - 1998
A Modest Proposal12009
A Motion Industry11986
A Music Box21960
A New Generation101968
A Noh Rodeo11986
A Northern Chorus12007
A Pair Of Blue Eyes11987
A Pair Of Kings41959 - 1961
A Passing Fancy61967 - 2012
A Perfect Circle22000
A Place To Bury Strangers82008 - 2009
A Plastic Rose12010
A Popular History Of Signs41980 - 1984
A Primary Industry21984 - 1987
A Pupil At Adele Dafeesh School For Blind Girls, Bethlehem1 
A Raincoat41975 - 1976
A Ram In Mexico1 
A Reprisal11984
A Riot Of Colour11986
A Ripper Bunch Of Blokes11980
A Royln11970
A Sea And A Sun11990
A Section Of The Choir Of Digby-Stuart College; Sung Under The Direction Of The Reverend Wilfred Trotman1 
A Series Of Wheels12000
A Shrine11994
A Small Circle Of Friends81967 - 1969
A Small World21968
A Soft Perversion12004
A Split Second21987 - 1989
A State Of Mind21985 - 1986
A Stranger Walks1 
A Subtle Plague21988 - 1991
A Sudden Sway11980
A Sunny Day In Glasgow12008
A Symphony Of Strings11964
The A T's11980
A Taste Of Honey341978 - 1993
A Taste Of Honey [UK 60s]21968 - 1969
The A Team Band1 
A Technicolor Dream11986
A Thousand Miles Of Sunshine11984
A Time To Stand12014
A Tint Of Darkness51978 - 1980
A Touch Of Magic1 
A Tribe Called Quest71990 - 1991
A Tribe Of Toffs21988 - 1990
A Tune A Day11989
A Virgin's Delight11987
A Voice Like Rhetoric12006
A Voice Of America (Narrated By Henry Wilcoxon)11976
A Warm Puppy11968
A Way Of Life11990
A Western Front11984
A Wild Uncertainty41966 - 1967
A Witness1 
A Woman Of No Importance12006
A Yout11991
The A'Go-Go's1 
A'me Lorain41989 - 1990
The A's101979 - 1981
A, B And C11970
The A-1041987 - 1994
The A-Bones71991 - 1993
The A-Cads41965 - 1966
A-Class Crew Meets Barry Boom11989
A-Ha1361984 - 2015
A-Heads31982 - 1983
The A-Jacks21964
The A-Jaes11964
A-La-Tur-Ka21975 - 1976
The A-Lines22003 - 2005
A-Live Sound Studio Band2 
The A-Men1 
The A-Strings31988 - 1989
A. Aallon Rytmiorkesteri11991
A. Ābele, A. Svencis, M. Osītis1 
A. Aimo Ja Dallapé-orkesteri21960
A. Aimo Lauluyhtye And Dallape-orkesteri11962
A. Alexander Singers1 
A. Alifrangui, I. Kyriazis11964
A. And A. North11972
A. B. And C.11966
A. B. Tolbert11977
A. B. White1 
Antoine Balpétré3 
A. Barnett And The Bagonairs11961
A. Baruzzi11986
A. C. Caldwell21972
A. C. Ducey21962
A. C. Marias11990
A. C. Martin11974
A. C. Tilmon11973
A. Campbell11973
A. Casimir And The Blue Wonders11976
A. Cassinelli11956
A. Chant11982
A. Colla An The Troubadours11978
A. Creigland / The Meditations11976
A. D.11974

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