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B 17 Boys2 
B And B11990
B And G Rhythm11978
B And K Union11976
B. B. Gabor71979 - 1981
B B Gun11993
B B Jam11977
B B Seaton21978
The B Boys21984 - 1987
B Bumble11981
B C Camplight12006
B Dyce And The Untouchables11975
The 'B' Girls31979
B Goes21993
B Goode12013
B Jones11977
B L C11970
The B M O C11966
B. M. W.11968
B N W11991
B S M11999
B Team11982
The B Team11986
The B' Shops11990
B'Ham Rhythm Section11977
B*witched51998 - 1999
The B-52's1391977 - 1994
B-Art [Belgium]21988
B-B31959 - 1961
B-I Kvartetten11960
B-Lou Jones And his Jupiters11961
B-Movie171981 - 2015
B-Movie Rats1 
The B-Movie Rats21997
The B-Sides11981
The B-Stars12012
The B-Team11985
B-Z Party11987
B. D. Griffin11987
B. Aarons12013
B. Aragosti "Brunero"11965
B. B. "Blues Boy" King And "The Kings Men"11955
B. B. "Blues Boy" King And His Orchestra151954 - 1957
The B.B. & Q. Band51981 - 1983
B. B. All Star11976
B. B. And Brentford Rockers1 
B.B. And Q. Band21985 - 1988
B. B. And The Oscars21968 - 1969
B. B. Brown1 
B. B. Carter11965
B. B. Daddy1 
B. B. Gabor And Instaband11979
B. B. James11970
B. B. James [Female]11976
B. B. Jasper11972
B. B. King And His Orchestra91952 - 1964
B. B. King And The Charioteers11964
B. B. Seathon And The Acoustic Shadows1 
B. B. Seaton And Soundemension1 
B. Bekele And Imperial Bodyguard Band11972
B. Blase21984 - 1987
B. Bonnie Parker11968
B. Bra11980
B. Brown And His Rockin´ McVouts2 
B. Brown Posse11993
B. Bumble And The Stingers691961 - 1985
B. Butterfield And R. Conniff; With His Sextet11964
B. C. And Black Satin11980
B. C. And The Cavemen11966
B. Cabbidon And The Busters Group11961
B. Campbell21977 - 1978
B. Christoff - Bass, And The Philharmonia Orch. Cond. By I. Dobrowen11952
B. Christoff, J. Borthayre, R. Jeantet , M. Angelici21957
B. Christoff, N. Gedda, M. Angelici, V. De Los Angeles21957
B. Collins11975
B. Collins And Dillinger11975
B. Cupp And The Fill-Ups12006
B. Cupp And The Strapless Trio12009
B. Devotion21980
B. Dunin, Z. Kurtycz1 
B.E. Taylor Group61982 - 1986
B. F. Snow11977
B. Francis11965
B. Fromton11976
B. G. Kay21961
B. G. Ramblers11963
B. Gabbidon11962
B. Gabbidon Dee's Group11962
B. Gabbidon With Busters Group11962
B. Gigli, M. Caniglia11956
B. Gmira, Choeur Et Orchestre De Bandouras D'Etat D'Ukraine1 
B. Gmiria, Choeur Et Ensemble De Bandouras1 
B. Gmiria, Orchestre Du Grand Théâtre De Moscou1 
B. Goodman And His Orchestra11953
B. Goodman Trio11953
B. Grintzevitchuté, L'Ensemble D'Instruments Populaires1 
B. Gruncharov1 
B. Hammond And Lady Saw1 
B. Heather Olford1 
B. Howard And C. Hall11974
B. J. And The Profits11965
B. J. Baker11969
B. J. Berg41969 - 1985
B. J. Cole11978
B. J. Francisco11976
B. J. King11978
B. J. Sheriff1 
B. Jones11980
B. K. Anderson31962 - 2014
B. K. Marcus11971
B. Kalphat11976
B. Kämpfert und sein Orchester11958
B. L. And G. (Burton, Laine And Gibbons)11975
B. Lance21972
B. Lundey11974
B. Lynch11972
B. Marley11972
B. Moskovits11958
B. Mudslinger Rogers, David Doyle, Bill Alton, Anthony Holland11964
B. Phillip And The Rockets11959
B. Plantey, N. Gedda11960
B. Plantey, N. Gedda And Maîtrise Petits Chanteurs De Versailles11960
B. Rodgers11983
B. Sharp31983 - 1984
B. Smith21970 - 1971
B. Spear1 
B. Spence21974 - 2013
B. T. Sudderth11981
B. Thomas / J. Berg And Chicago Jazz Brass1 
B. W. And The Next Edition11974
B. W. Cat11974
B. W. Souls1 
B. Willie Smith Band11984
B.A. 'nd Band11981
B.A. Groovers11984
B. A. Robertson441973 - 1989
B. A. Robertson And Maggie Bell61981 - 1982
B. A. Robertson With The Memphis Horns11982
The B.A.T.S. (Bnei Akiva Trio Singers)1 
B.B. [UK]11983
B.B. All Stars11973
B.B. And Band11982
The B.B. And Q. Band191981 - 1988
B.B. And The Guns11981
B.B. Band21981 - 1982
B.B. Boris1 
B.B. Brothers11966
B.B. Butler And His Latins11955
B.B. Gabor101979 - 1982
B.B. James And Derv21968
B.B. Jasper11968
B. B. Jerome And The Bang Gang41990 - 1991
B. B. King2861952 - 2001
B.B. King / Eric Clapton62000
B. B. Queen61990 - 1991
B. B. Seaton801963 - 2012
B. B. Seaton And Ken Boothe11973
B. B. Seaton And The Gaylads21971
B. B. Taylor11988
B.B. Watson21991 - 1992
B.B.& Q.11987
The B.B.'s11983
B.B.C. Chorus11957
The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra11959
B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Colin Davis11969
The B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Sir Malcolm Sargent41955 - 1958
The B.B.C. Symphony Orchestra91955 - 1969
B.B.C.S. And A21982 - 1983
B. B. Zee11980
B.C. Bloom1 
B.C. Cameron21975
B.C. Eddington11986
B.C. Generation11976
The B.C. Generation21974
B.C.G. (Bob Crewe Generation)21976
B.C.G. (B.C. Generation)41976
B.D. And Company11971
B.D. Foundation11989
B.D. Foxmoor12006
B.D. Wade11973
B.E.A.B. Approved11999

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