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C # Sharp With The Love Machine Orchestra11986
C&C Music Factory151990 - 1996
C&C Music Factory Featuring Q Unique And Deborah Cooper11992
C And H Community Singers1 
C And M All Stars11971
C And The Shells91969 - 1973
C B S Trumpeteers41959 - 1964
The C B S Trumpeteers11959
C C All Stars11975
C C Group11963
C Cat Trance11986
C Company Featuring Terry Nelson31971
C Dawkins11967
C Dawkins With The Carib Beats11967
C Joynes62010 - 2015
C L And The Pictures31964 - 1966
C Lord C's4 
The C Lord C's1 
C Note11999
C Silvester And The Planets11964
The C&C Boys (Clarence And Calvin)12011
The C & C Boys21962 - 1964
C&C Music Factory (Featuring Freedom Williams)51990 - 1991
C&C Music Factory (Featuring Zelma Davis)11991
C&C Music Factory Featuring Freedom Williams11990
C&C Music Factory Presents Freedom Williams11991
C&C Music Factory Presents Freedom Williams And Zelma Davis31991
C'est Clavé21983
C+B21966 - 1998
C-60 Band11983
C-B-H Quartet21956 - 1957
C-Bank (Featuring Jenny Burton)31983
C-Bank Featuring Jenny Burton21983
C-Biscuit Presents Danny Diamond12009
C-Ize-Atch The L-Ize-Ingo11986
The C-Jam Blues11966
The C-Minors11965
The "C" Tones11957
The C-Notes11959
The C-Quents1 
The C-Quins21962
C-U Later11987
The C-Weed Band41981 - 1982
C. A. Miller1 
C. A. Quintet21968
The C. A. Quintet41967 - 1968
C. A. Smith1 
C. Abreu1 
C. Ace And The Inswings11974
C. Alexander And The Natural 321969
C. Alexander And The Natural Three21969
C. Austin Miles1 
C. B. And Just Us1 
C. B. Overton11977
C. B. Victoria31976
C. Birch, T. McLean1 
C. Bisagni L. Morisi1 
C. Brown And Sound Dimension11988
C. Byrd41961 - 2014
C. Byrd And Blue Bells12014
C. Byrd And The Blue Bells11972
C. C. Adcock11994
C. C. Adcock (Duet With Tommy McLain)11994
C. C. And Company21975
C. C. Brookshire And The Drifters11972
C. C. Catch161985 - 1989
C. C. Collins And Owen Gray22009
C. C. Curtiss21960 - 1961
C. C. Mann21979 - 1980
The C.C.R. Crew21987 - 1988
C. C. Sandford21976
C. C. Sanford11976
C. C. Weather11975
C. Campbell21974
C. Campbell And The Maytals21964
C. Campbell And The Supersonics12008
C. Chambers11986
C. Chenier11969
C. Collins11967
C. Collins With Bob Stackie11968
C. Cooper With The Broncos Inc.31968 - 2012
C. Crane11970
C. D. Band11979
C. D. Draper61965 - 1973
C. D. Draper And The Outriders31965
C. D. Draper, Lois Lane, Earl Waible11973
C. D. K. And Company1 
C. D. Morris11990
C. D. Rouge11983
C. D. Williams1 
C. Danovan21972 - 1973
C. Danovan And Impact Allstars11972
C. Day Lewis11959
C. Dean Draper1 
Celine Dion With The Bee Gees11998
C. Dodd51997
C. Dodd And J. Muffin2 
C. Dodd And Sound Demension2 
C. Dodd And Sound Deminsion1 
C. F. W. Burns1 
C. G. And M. Balestra11979
C. G. Rose11968
C. Ganas11966
C. Heafe11964
C. Henry Hall11964
C. Henry Woods Troupe11976
C. Hyman11965
C. J.11989
C. J. And Co.231975 - 1978
C. J. DeLong11967
C. J. Matthews1 
C. J. Russell11963
C. Jackson And The Jackson Trio11962
C. Jerome281967 - 1990
C. John Taylor21983 - 1984
C. L. "Curly" Hare1 
C. L. And Pictures11963
C. L. And The Chalmels11978
C. L. And The Pictures131961 - 1967
C. L. Blast261960 - 1984
C. L. Weldon11967
C. L. West1 
C. Leaf11972
C. Lee11982
C. Leopard11989
C. Lord C's1 
C. Lynda McConnell11984
C. M. Bellman1 
C. M. Lord71974 - 1982
C. M. Webber1 
C. Mancini, G. L. Volpi,11956
C. Marshall21969
C. McLeod11963
C. Northcote Parkinson11959
The C. O. D.'s12012
C. P. And W.21970
The C. P. L. Section11973
C. P. Love61967 - 2002
C. P. Miller11986
C. P. Spencer12013
C. Patterson11981
C. R. Celeste11961
C. R. M. Brookes21959
C. R. Yeager1 
C. Smalls And Co.11968
C. Spencer Yeh, Jon Lorenz, Ryan Jewell12010
C. Star11973
C. Stewart11977
C. T. Pilferhogg1 
C. T. Wilkinson11976
C. V. De Poffer11980
C. V. Moore's Atomic Band11960
C. Vaughn Leslie1 
C. Vaughn Leslie And His Sleepless Knights11967
C. Vern Yates1 
C. W. Flyer11980
C. W. Mitchell2 
C. W. Stoneking12012
C. W. Strode And Cottonwood11974
C. Webber21975
C. Williams All Stars11976
C.a.r.e. Session11985
C.B. All Star11977
C.B. All Stars1 
C.B. Overton31977 - 1978
C.B.'s Bandstand Featuring D.J. Hollywood11983
CB Milton21994 - 1995
The C.B.S. Trumpeteers1 
C.C. And The Baby Sweethearts1 
C.C. And The Chasers11967
C.C. Band21983
C.C. Cole11989
C. C. Couch11989
C.C. Cowboys61990 - 1992
C.C. Frost11982
C.C. Griffin1 
C.C. Jones11969
C.C. Thomas And The Yellowcase11968
C.C.C. Inc.61970 - 1984
C.C.C.P.41986 - 1990
C.C.S.681970 - 1984
The C.D.'s11969
C.D.S. Orchestra11981
C.F.M. Band11991

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