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F F And Z111971 - 1973
F'ke Blood12008
F. Bongusto11972
F. C. C. (Funky Communications Committee)11979
F. C. Delius11967
F. C. Den Haag11986
F. C. Judd8 
F. Chakhobov1 
F. Christian21973
F. Christian All Stars11973
F. Collings1 
F. D. Johnson With The Missouri Valley Boys11958
F. F. And Z. (Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh And Zorn)111971 - 1973
The F. J. Babies11962
F. Kermann11972
F. Lunaire12008
F. Macgregor11974
F. Maubec, L. Marischal1 
F. McDonald, C. Rae11998
F. McKay11974
F. Millradt, G. Sommerschuh, A. Fügel, J. Trojan Regar11956
F. Paul1 
F. Pourcel1 
F. R. David301969 - 1991
F. Tagliavini11959
F. Vicini11961
F. Young And The Strings Of Prophecy11970
F. Younoussova, Choeur De La Radio Tadjike1 
F.A. Jimmy West And His Rosy Morning Band6 
F.A.B. Company11971
F.A.B. Featuring Aqua Marina11990
F.A.B. Featuring M.C. Parker11991
F.A.B. Featuring MC Number 611990
F.A.B. Featuring MC Parker21990
F.B. Island Orchestra11987
F.B.I.41973 - 1976
The F.B.I. (Four Boys Inc.)11967
F.C. Den Bosch, De Deurzakkers en De Kikvorschen11974
F.C.S. Singers11979
F.D.R.21977 - 1979
F.F. And Z.111971 - 1973
F. J. King And Smash11967
F.K. 921980 - 1981
F.P.I. Project81989 - 1993
F.P.I. Project Featuring Paolo Dini11990
F.P.I. Project Featuring Sharon Dee Clarke21990
F.P.I. Project Present Rich In Paradise1 
F.P.I. Project Present Rich In Paradise Featuring Sharon Dee Clarke1 
F.P.I. Project Present Rich In Paradise Featuring The Vocals Of Paolo Dini11989
F.V. `s11981
Faasili Cooper11977
Fab [Australian]11985
Fab [Netherlands]11998
Fab 511989
Fab 5 Freddy1 
Fab Dimension11972
Fab Five31973 - 1987
Fab Five Band11979
Fab Five Freddy11983
Fab Five Inc11976
Fab Five Inc.21980 - 1985
Fab Food11981
Fab Four21966 - 1969
Fabeltjeskrant201969 - 1986
De Fabeltjeskrant21986
The Fabergettes1 
Fabi Dolly1 
Fabian881958 - 1984
Fabian (Germany)11971
Fabian Brown11975
Fabian With The Fabulous Four31960 - 1962
The Fabians11998
Fabien Collin11967
Fabien Sevitzky Conducting The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra11958
Fabienne Miranda1 
Fabienne Mirawada1 
Fabienne Thibeault31978 - 1985
Fabienne Thibeault Avec Claude Dubois11978
Fabio Benetti, Pier Paolo Regazzi E Luigi Tanganelli11968
Fabio Concato51979 - 1990
Fabio Montenotte11962
Fabio [Fabio Degli Schiavoni]61967 - 1971
The Fabions11969
Fable61973 - 1974
The Fable Brass11975
The Fable Singers31972
Fable [Penny Farthing]21970 - 1971
Fabor Robison And His String Music Band11956
Fabric21993 - 1994
Fabrizio Capucci11964
Fabrizio Ciuni11988
Fabrizio De André111964 - 1984
Fabrizio Ferretti11964
The Fabs31966 - 2013
The Fabulaires [Philadelphia]21957
The Fabulaires11963
The Fabuleers1 
The Fabulettes81965 - 1977
The Fabuletts11967
The Fabuliers11965
The Fabulistics11975
The Fabulons [Oregon]11966
The Fabulons21960 - 1963
Los Fabulosos 3 Paraguayos11970
Los Fabulosos Cuatro11968
The Fabulous 41 
Fabulous 5 Inc11974
Fabulous 5 Inc. And Friends11974
The Fabulous 5, Inc.11972
Fabulous Ambassadors1 
The Fabulous Apollos (With The Valtone's Band)11968
The Fabulous Apollos31968
The Fabulous Apostles11968
The Fabulous Ballads11967
The Fabulous Blends11989
The Fabulous Blue Beats21964
The Fabulous Blue Jays Featuring Tony Worsley11965
The Fabulous Blue Jays41964 - 1965
The Fabulous Capris21976 - 2009
The Fabulous Chancellors21963
Fabulous Continentals11962
The Fabulous Continentals21961 - 1962
The Fabulous Corvetts1 
Fabulous Counts21970 - 1971
The Fabulous Counts141956 - 2004
The Fabulous Cyclones11960
The Fabulous Denos11964
The Fabulous Depressions11967
The Fabulous Desires11964
The Fabulous Dials11963
The Fabulous Dinos11962
The Fabulous Echoes [70s]11973
The Fabulous Echoes [Hong Kong]41964
The Fabulous Echoes31964 - 1965
The Fabulous Emotions1 
The Fabulous Empollos1 
The Fabulous Enchanters11962
Fabulous Fakes11967
Fabulous Farquahr31968 - 1969
The Fabulous Farquahr41968 - 1969
The Fabulous Fenatiks11970
The Fabulous FiDels1 
The Fabulous Fiestas21970
The Fabulous Fish11968
Fabulous Five31975
Fabulous Five Inc241972 - 1989
Fabulous Five Inc.41975 - 1986
Fabulous Flames21971
The Fabulous Flames [USA]21960
The Fabulous Flames121960 - 1973
Fabulous Flea Rakkers11960
The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers11960
Fabulous Flippers11967
The Fabulous Flippers41966 - 1967
Fabulous Fontaines41985
Fabulous Four [Sweden]161965 - 1968
Fabulous Four1 
The Fabulous Four [Sweden]21966 - 1967
The Fabulous Four [Missouri]71966 - 1970
The Fabulous Four111960 - 1962
The Fabulous Fremonts11964
Fabulous Friendly Four Gospel Singers1 
The Fabulous Fryers Band31981 - 1982
The Fabulous Fryers31981 - 1982
The Fabulous Gardenias11961
The Fabulous Golden Tones Of Mullins, S. C.1 
Fabulous Gospel Allstars11972
Fabulous Holidays1 
Fabulous Jades12004
The Fabulous Jades21967
Fabulous Kitchenware11997
The Fabulous Little Joe11962
The Fabulous Luckett Brothers1 
The Fabulous Majestics With Lanny Hunt11963
The Fabulous Majestics11963
Fabulous Marcels11975

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