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M561978 - 1993
M + M351979 - 1988
The M - M`s And The Peanuts21964
M And G Orchestra21976 - 1977
M And H. Band11988
M And M11978
The M And M's21979 - 1983
M And O Band41976 - 1978
The M And O Band41976 - 1978
The M And S Band12005
M C Squared31967 - 1968
M DJ11986
M Hamilton11967
M Is The Thirteenth Letter11995
M People151991 - 1995
M People With Heather Small151991 - 1995
M Squad11979
M Ward12007
M X 3 In The Kiamichis And The Kiamichi Chorus1 
M [Aerial M]31996 - 1998
M, Doc11988
The M-3's11966
The M-80's31989 - 1994
The M-80s11994
M-Beat 11994
M-Beat Featuring General Levy11994
M-W-T Express11975
The M-Zee Band31981
M. Ali And J. Tucker11966
M. And O. Band41976 - 1978
M. Baer Mit Chor1 
M. Baile1 
M. Beltran11980
M. Brathwaite And W. Carter11981
M. Brooks11977
M. Burke11961
M. C. Kinky11991
M. C. Philosophy11993
M. C. Sar And The Real McCoy31989 - 1993
M. C. Skat Kat And The Stray Mob31991
M. Carter1 
M. Černý11970
M. Chung And The Now Generation12012
M. Craft22004 - 2006
M. Daud Kilau2 
M. Daud Kilau And The Wanderers1 
M. David11980
M. Del Pilar De Las Heras11959
M. Dover - Marshall11965
M. Edgehill (Meeky Melody)11996
M. Edwards11975
M. Ferguson1 
M. Fogg1 
The M. G. C.21966 - 1967
M. G. Train11977
M. Gianni Ferrio [Gianni Ferrio]11965
M. H. Royals21967
The M. H. Royals21967
M. Hetzel1 
M. Hubert Clavecin Et Ses Rythmes Avec Stéphane Grappelly1 
M. Ishak Dengan Sukitaras1 
M. J. Dorane31972 - 1975
M. J. Parker21972
M. J. Williams21978
M. Kefurt Guitar And Orchestra1 
M. Koterbska11955
M. Mackerel11987
M. Meneghini Callas, (Sop.) T. Gobbi (Baritone), A. Mercuriali (Tenor) And Orchestra Of La Scala Opera House,Milan, Cond. By Victor De Sabata21955 - 1956
M. Mikhailov, Orchestre D'Instruments Populaires11956
M. Mlamba And D. Amunga1 
M. N. Mansor Dan Gambos Nuru Hilal1 
M. Organ41999 - 2000
M. Reizen1 
M. Reizen, Orchestre D'Instruments Populaires11956
M. Roberts11969
M. Robidoux11980
M. Robinson11964
M. Rodgers11975
M. Romeo11971
M. Scharl1 
M. Shariff And Hindi Orchestra Bombay1 
M. Shariff And The Zurah2 
M. Sinclair, M. Grandi, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Sadler's Wells Chorus, Conductor : Sir Thomas Beecham11951
M. Sinclair, R. Rounseville, B. Dargavel With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor : Sir Thomas Beecham11951
M. Sinclair, R. Rounseville, G. Clifford, M. Dickie With The Royal Philharmonic Orch. And The Sadler's Wells Chor. Conductor : Sir Thomas Beecham11951
M. Sinclair, R. Soames, R. Rounseville, O. Brannigan With The Royal Philharmonic Orch., The Sadler's Wells Chorus, Conductor : Sir Thomas Beecham11951
M. Squad21971
M. Tarnowski, U. Dudziak, Zespół Instr. J. Matuszkiewicza1 
M. Teal And The Eaving Ears1 
M. Van Story11974
M. Walking On The Water11988
M. Williams1 
M. Yelvington11974
M. Z. Lembi1 
M. Zieliński11959
M. A. Numminen151967 - 1992
M.B. 411983
M.B.P. Mix11969
The M.B.V.11975
M. Bureš11978
M. Bureš, J. Bažant11978
M.C. Mor1 
M.C. Extince11989
M.C. Freddy K.11988
M. C. Hammer381988 - 1995
M.C. Jam11988
M.C. Mallett11991
M.C. Miker "G"21987 - 1989
M.C. Miker "G" And Deejay Sven91986 - 1987
M.C. Showbizz And The Lap 1 Crew11990
M.C. Spice21987
M.C. Wildski11990
M. C. Williams11970
M.C. ²31967 - 1968
M.C.: Tony Rone / DJ: A.D. Love11986
M.C.: Tony Rone / M.C.: Rolly Rol11986
M.F.Q.71963 - 1968
M.G. And The Escorts51966 - 2008
M.g. Train11977
The M.G.'s91971 - 1977
The M.G.M. Studio Orchestra261950 - 1968
M.I. All Stars21977
The M.I. Five11966
M.I.A.32005 - 2008
The M.J. 611960
M.J. All Stars11979
M.J. Hibbett31998 - 2000
M.J. Hibbett And The Validators12000
M.J. Hibbett Featuring Rob Fleay And The Durham Ox Singers51998 - 2000
M.K.T.21976 - 1977
M.L.T. And Contraband11981
M.O.T.O.(Masters Of The Obvious)21994
M.O.U.S.E.41967 - 1970
M.P.D.81965 - 1968
M.P.D. Limited81965 - 1968
M.P.D. LTD.11966
M.R. Ducks1 
M.S.B. Band11985
M.T. Else11967
M.T. Freeman11981
The M.V.P.'s41971 - 1978
M/A/R/R/S81987 - 1992
The M7 Team Supporters11974
M8332005 - 2012
Ma Cherie For Painting81997 - 2001
Ma Rainey21960
Ma Rainey's Tub Jug Washboard Band1 
De Maagdenbergers21970 - 1971
Maanam41980 - 1986
Maarit51973 - 1979
Maarten En De Damrakkertjes11967
Maarten Peters51985 - 1989
Maarten Peters And The Dream31986 - 1987
Maarten Veldhuis11980
The Maastricht Choir And Orchestra11956
Maastricht Orchestra Conducted By Martin Koekelkoren21960
Mabel81976 - 1981
Mabel Franklin22012
Mabel John11961
Mabel Kekino With The K Sisters1 
Mabel King31956 - 1963
Mabel Mercer1 
Mabel Scott31954 - 1955
Mable John151960 - 2012
Mable Scott11953
Mabrak All Stars1 
Mac Allen Smith41967 - 1976
Mac And Barb And The Gamuts11966
Mac And Jake With The Esquire Trio11955
Mac And Kathy Kissoon11970
Mac And Katie Kisson41976
Mac And Katie Kissoon601970 - 1984
Mac Band11990
Mac Band Featuring The McCampbell Brothers61988
Mac Burney And The Four Jacks11955
Mac Crash With The Boston Show Band11968

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