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P G And E11972
P Pop And The Beagle11980
P Stampley And The Stars Of Jerusalem1 
P'aco Dalcatraz11983
P-Funk All Stars11982
P-Nut Butter31966 - 1967
P-Nut Gallery71971
P. Astin And H. Lee11981
P. Barré Et Tout La Compagnie2 
P. Buster And Teddy King11968
P. C. Crockett11968
The P. C. Limited11969
P. C. Ltd.51968 - 1969
P. Culata11958
P. Funk All-Stars21983 - 1984
P. G.11968
P. G. And E11972
P. Godfrey And The Bagonaires12013
P. Harcourt Frees11959
P. J. And Bobby11978
P. J. And The Headliners11960
P. J. Burton11981
P. J. Proby1271961 - 1985
P. J. Proby With The Johnny Mann Singers11964
P. J. Smith & Co.11973
P. Jae Stanley1 
P. Johnson11970
P. K. Limited71969 - 1971
P. K. LTD.11970
P. K.Limited11970
P. King11983
P. Kuhn , P. Mueller1 
P. L. Edwards And The Strings Of Prophecy11970
P. Levi11984
P. Lion41983 - 1984
P. P. Arnold And The Jeff Wayne Singers11972
P. Panou11960
P. Reid11965
P. Rufus King11973
P. Silveri and L. Infantino With The Royal Opera House Orch, Covent Garden Cond Karl Rankl1 
P. Stefano Pellegrino1 
P. T. And The Plimsolls31979
P. Vert21977
P. W. Cannon21966
P. W. Sipe And The Country Folks21966
P.A.K. And Company11968
P.B. And The Staunchmen11966
P.C. Alexander Morgan With The Metropolitan Police Band11966
P.C. Caulton And The Pickups11983
P.C. Keyo11991
P.C. Lyons11977
P.C. Plod11972
P.C. Rainbow And The Choir Of Fernwood Junior School11983
The P.C.O.11974
The P.D.U.S.M.11967
P.F. And The Flyers12007
P.F. Commando21978 - 1980
P. F. Sloan351959 - 1972
P.F.C. Skip Wagner11971
P.F.M.91973 - 1976
P.G. And The Hot Tips11983
P.G. Six12002
P.I.L.71983 - 2013
P.J. And Bobby41977 - 1978
P.J. Howell11983
P.J. Marcus11986
The P.J.'s21972
P.J.B. Featuring Ellie Sharp11991
P.L.A. Somapala And Orchestra2 
P.L.J. Band21979 - 2008
P.M. Dawn11993
P.M. Dawn Featuring Boy George11993
P.M. Sampson21990 - 1991
P.O.V. Duet With Jade11993
P.P. And The Primes11996
P. P. Arnold451967 - 1998
P.P. Vanecek Orchestra ‎1 
P.Q. Rock 'N' Roll11956
P.R. Battle31977
P.S. And The Footnotes11983
P.S. I Love You21999 - 2011
P.S. I Love You And Diamond Rings12011
The P.T.S.1 
P.T.T. Mannenkoor "Getea"11958
P.V.C.21980 - 1982
P.V.C. 211977
P.V.P.21982 - 2007
P. Victor11975
P.W. Cannon11967
P. Yeduah11994
P4F21986 - 1987
P6 / Snkhngvr1 
The Pat Rebillot Exchange11969
På Slaget 1231986 - 1987
Paal Jahnsen11981
Päät31979 - 1986
Paavo Heinonen11962
Pab Eagle All Stars31981 - 1982
Pablito Y Sus Trovadores Paraguayos11969
Pablo32001 - 2010
Pablo Abraira11979
Pablo All Star1 
Pablo All Stars111977 - 1979
Pablo And Fay11973
Pablo And Jah T1 
Pablo And Soul Syndicate Band11978
Pablo And The Rockers International Band12011
Pablo Beltran And His Orchestra21957 - 1958
Pablo Beltran Ruiz And His Orchestra11966
Pablo Black11986
Pablo Casals With Eugene Istomin (Piano) And The Prades Festival Orchestra1 
Pablo Casals With Nicolai Mednikoff1 
Pablo Cesar21982
Pablo Cruise441975 - 1996
Pablo Experience21977
Pablo Gad41977 - 1999
Pablo Gad And The Equators11977
Pablo Levi And Cleve11987
Pablo Mood11974
Pablo Moses41975 - 1993
The Pablo Ponce' Four11967
Pablo Roots11980
Pablo [Lubadika]11982
Pablove And Sound Dimension11975
Pablove Black41972 - 1976
Pablove Black And Sound Dimension21975 - 1976
The Pac-Keys31966 - 1968
The Pace Setters11966
Pace Setters Band11975
The Pace Setters Band11975
The Pace11968
The Pace-Setters11964
The Pacers [Coral]11964
The Pacers [Philadelphia]21962 - 1979
The Pacers Featuring Bobby Crafford31967 - 1968
The Pacers [Arkansas]61965 - 1968
The Pacers21965 - 1966
The Pacesetters [Boola-Boola]11971
The Pacesetters [Detroit]11963
The Pacesetters With Al Barnett11970
The Pacesetters21970
Pacheco And Alexander21971
Pacheco Et Son Orchestre11961
Pacheco Y Su Charanga41960
Pacho Galan Y Sus Sabaneros1 
Pacho Sanchez1 
Pachuco Jose And The Diamantes12011
Pacific [Outstanding]1 
Pacific Air12012
Pacific Blue31978
Pacific Drift31970
Pacific Eardrum31978 - 1980
Pacific Gas And Electric341968 - 1973
Pacific Gas And Electric With The Blackberries41970
Pacific Ocean21968 - 1969
Pacific Rock11976
The Pacific Showband11964
Pacific Sound21971
The Pacific Teenagers With Fijian Male Voices11962
Pacific!32007 - 2008
The Pacifics (The Netherlands)11963
The Pacifics31963 - 1964
Pacita Tomas11958
The Pack [60s]51965 - 1968
The Pack [Terry Knight]11965
The Pack [TX]11965
The Pack31981
The Pack [Punk]41979 - 1982
The Packabeats31961 - 1963

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