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R And D11984
R And J Stone11987
R And The R’s11970
R Flanagan And His Orchestra 11954
R Kelly1 
R O'Casey11976
The R O'Casey Rokc Band11976
R P A11982
R Principals11971
R Stevie Moore31982 - 2012
R T And The Inaudible Tones12012
R T And The Invisible Rays12012
The R&B Band Featuring Ian Paice11990
The R&B Band Featuring Pete York11990
R'n'B Spitfires11982
The R-Dells11960
R. Alphonse11964
R. Alphonso And Studio One Orch.12013
R. And J. Stone91975 - 1987
R. B. And Company31976
R. B. Freeman41972 - 1975
The R. B. Freeman Band11972
R. B. Greaves401969 - 1988
R. B. Greaves Orchestra11975
R. B. Stone1 
R. B. Zipper61976 - 1977
R. Bais21985 - 1986
R. Barabas, M. Mucke, R. Christ, T. Niessner, W. Mentor Und Ein Operettenchor11957
R. Bilgeri11981
R. Black And The Rockin' V's31968 - 1969
R. Black And The Rocking V's31967 - 1969
R. C. And The Tambourines11965
R. C. Bannon91977 - 1981
R. C. Smith11964
R. Cade And The Video Victims11982
R. Cajun21983
R. D. Hendon And His Western Jamboree Cowboys21954 - 1955
R. Dean Taylor1321961 - 2004
R. E. Houchins And The Green Fuz12004
R. Edwards11974
R. Edwards And Social Eagles21974
R. Ericson And Bleibalien11975
R. Grant And R. Stewart11979
R. Hadley11974
R. Harlan Smith11973
R. Harlan Smith And Chris Nielsen11979
R. Harrison, J. Andrews And R. Coote11958
R. J. And The Family11990
R. J. Hightower11969
R. J. Vandygriff11983
R. J. Wagsmith Band11981
Ron Jones And The 'C' Notes11966
R. Kelly51991 - 1998
R. Kelly And Celine Dion11998
R. Kelly And Public Announcment11991
R. L. Burnside21997
R. L. Griffin21989
R. L. Griffin - Big Bo And The Arrows1 
R. Letie, L. Coxx, R. Coxx1 
R. Leuwerik, Chor Und Kinderchor11956
R. Loren11975
R. Man Prince11978
R. Marcy1 
R. Martin11976
R. Merrill, J. Bjorling11955
R. O. Mantische And K. Leur11961
R. P. J. Oyhénart1 
R. R. Hearse11990
R. Randolph1 
R. Rocca1 
R. Romero11958
R. Rounseville, M. Sinclair, With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor : Sir Thomas Beecham11951
The R. S. F. U. Singers And Sæwes11979
R. Sayre / The Vacant Lot11966
R. Schmidt1 
R. Schock, H. Wilhelm, L. Clam, G. Neidlinger, M. Schmidt, H. Kraus, R. Koffmane, W. Stoll, H. Pick, A. Metternich, F. Frantz, G. Frick, E. Grummer11959
R. Sgrilli1 
R. Shirley1 
R. Ślęzak11959
R. Souplex2 
R. Stephens, C. Browne1 
R. Stevie Moore21992 - 1996
R. Stewart11977
R. Streich, K. Wehofschitz11959
R. Tenard1 
R. Tyler And G. Davis1 
R. U. Kidding1 
R. W. Blackwood And The Blackwood Singers41976
R. W. Crouch And The Bum Steers1 
R. Webb And The Rock1 
R. Williams And Honey Boy21976
R. Williams And Tremmelo1 
R. Zane Con Il Gruppo Vocalistico Gondolieri Di Venezia1 
The R./Rogues11966
R.A.A.F. Central Band11960
R.A.F.51980 - 1992
R.A.F. [Raf Riefoli]11984
R.B. Hudman31968 - 1970
R.B. Hudmon121968 - 1978
R. C. Brown1 
R.D. Livingstone21976
R.D.L. All Stars11974
R.E.M.1301981 - 2011
R.E.O. Speedwagon141972 - 1974
R.F. And The Radar Angels11981
R.F. Wesley Singers11964
The R.G. Morrison12013
R.G.'s All Nite Funk Band11980
R. J. And The Carvells11961
R.J. Dove11971
R.J. Taylor11970
R.J.'s Latest Arrival81980 - 1988
R.K. Jeugdcentralekoor Uit Vucht11960
R.K. Veulpoepers B.V.51979 - 1982
R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day11979
R.L. Griffin And The Fabulous Corvetts1 
R.L. Orchestra11979
R.P.A. Edwards101965
R.P.M. Generation1 
The R.R's21974 - 1975
R.Rivil, J.Turner, G.Parsons, Artie Malvin With Enoch Light And Orch.1 
R.S.M. Terry Thomas And The Band Of The W.R.E.C.S. 11956
R.T.Z. [Return To Zero]11991
R.W. Blackwood11978
Ra Bears11979
Ra Jon And The Rubba Dub Dub Band11976
Ra Ra Riot22007
Ra-Ra ?11990
Rab C Nesbitt Fan Club11991
Rab Noakes81972 - 1980
Rabah Driassa1 
Rabbi Joseph Gordan11985
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach1 
Rabbi Sid11984
Rabbit And Geno11958
Rabbit And His Go-Go Band2 
Rabbit MacKay31968 - 1969
Rabbit [Australia]21976 - 1977
Rabbits Wedding21986 - 1987
The Rabbits11979
Rabbitt [South Africa]81972 - 1977
Rabbitt [US]21970
The Rabble61966 - 1971
Rabe Perkins11961
Rabi Ibrahimov, Orchestre Populaire De La Radio Ouzbèke1 
Rabid31982 - 2008
The Rabies21982
Race Fans11968
The Race Fans21968
Race Horses12009
Race Marbles21965
Racecar And Poole11995
Racer X11987
The Racers11965
Racey411978 - 1982
Rachael Yamagata12008
Rachel And The Reindeerz12010
Rachel And The Revolvers11962
Rachel Croft11982
Rachel Faro11974
Rachel Gould41979
Rachel Percival, David Lord11968
Rachel Stamp31997 - 2002
Rachel Sweet471974 - 1989
Rachel Zeffira12012
Rachel [France]71964 - 1968
Rachel [US]11987
Rachele Cappelli21988
Rachelle Garniez12009
Rachid Beitoutov1 
Racine [Wendy James]12005
Racing Cars121976 - 1987
The Rackers11966
The Racket Squad71967 - 1970
The Racketeers11999
The Rackets211964 - 1977
The Raconteurs Featuring Ricky Scaggs And Ashley Monroe22008
The Raconteurs162006 - 2012
Rad Bryan151971 - 1975
Rad Bryan And The T' Breds11972
Radar [00s]22006 - 2007
Radar Bros.12000

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