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T 'N' T11975
T 3421981 - 1983
T 9911988
The T And B21968 - 1969
T And Co11983
T And S Express1 
T. And The Unknown21980
'T Asoosjale Orkest11972
T Bird Experience11976
T Bone Burnett11988
T Bottoms12010
T C And Company11977
T Ford And The Boneshakers31978
T J And The Drifters1 
T Jarrod Bonta11999
T Life31981
T T Syndicate32012 - 2014
T V Slim171957 - 2011
T V Slim And His Bluesmen12011
T V Slim And His Guitar11962
T V Slim And The Soul Bros12011
The T&B11968
T'Pau281987 - 2013
The T-91 Air Force11984
T-birds21981 - 1983
The T-Birds [Chess]21961
T-Birds [Netherlands]21991 - 1992
The T-Birds [Gone]21961 - 1962
The T-Birds1 
T-Bone Burnett81982 - 1985
"T-Bone" Terry Smith1 
T-Bone Walker201954 - 2012
T-Bone Walker Jr.11966
T-Bone Walker ‎11955
T-Bones [USA]11964
The T-Bones [USA]301964 - 1973
The T-Bones71964 - 1966
T-Boo With The Notables1 
T-Boones31965 - 1967
The T-Box's11972
T-Connection401976 - 1984
T-Cut-F21988 - 1989
T-Ford81978 - 1987
T-Ford And The Boneshakers11979
T-K-O'S31966 - 1967
The T-R's1 
T-Rex21972 - 1982
T-Shirts41980 - 1982
T-V Slim1 
T-V Slim And His Bluesmen31966
T-V Slim And His Heartbreakers1 
T. Andersen11986
T. Ark21987 - 1991
T. B. A.11975
T. B. Fisher21963 - 1966
T. Beckford41968 - 1969
T. Bird Orchestra51977 - 1978
T. Birds11973
T. Bread1 
T. Breads11975
T. Brevitt11974
T. Brother And Sis11979
T. Brothers11980
T. C.11991
T. C. Atlantic101965 - 2008
T. C. Bullock31991 - 1992
T. C. Curtis101983 - 1988
T. C. Curtis And T. Jam11987
T. C. James And The Fist 'O' Funk Orchestra11978
T. C. Jones11956
T. C. Lee And The King Pins11964
T. Charm11980
T. Clarke11969
T. D. Valentine31969 - 1975
T. Dyson And Company1 
T. Frank Stewart11975
T. G. Masaryk11968
T. Gene Henslee11975
T. George11991
T. Graham Brown241985 - 1990
T. J. Fowler11962
T. J. And The Group1 
T. J. Bellus21981 - 1982
T. J. Church1 
T. J. Fowler11954
T. J. Johnson Band11983
T. J. K. And His P.S. 13 Blues Band11966
T. J. Roberts1 
T. J. Stone11974
T. J. Thorpe And The C. B. Band31979
T. J. Williams And Two Shades Of Soul21968
T. Jackson And Nicole Croisille11968
T. K.11991
T. Kobayashi And His Blue Hawaiians1 
T. La Rock21987 - 2009
T. M. Shaw11984
T. Mack11985
T. Makharadze1 
T. Man And T. Bones11972
T. McCook31971 - 1972
T. Nelson And Food Clothe And Shelter21975 - 2011
T. O. Earnheart (The Big Rocking Daddy)1 
T. O. K.31999
T. Palmer11984
T. Parker Gibbs Orchestra And Chorus11962
T. Phillips And The Sharps1 
T. R. Dallas And The Una Larkin Singers11981
T. R. Garnett11965
T. R. Selección11970
T. Rex3601970 - 2015
T. Rex Disco Party11976
T. Richardson11982
T. Richter, S. Hauser, Berlin Civic Opera Orchestra11954
T. Roosevelt11957
T. Ross11976
T. S. McCari11972
T. S. McPhee21966 - 1991
T.S.U. Toronados11970
T. Smith And The Chips11982
T. Stewart11978
T. T. Posse1 
T. Taylor11975
T. Terauchi And His Blue Jeans1 
T. Texas Tyler161952 - 1966
T. Thompson11979
T. Tommy41958 - 1962
T. Tommy And The Chanter Choir11955
T. Tommy Curtis11970
T. Tommy Cutrer101954 - 1973
T. Tommy Cutrer And Ginny Wright21954
T. V. Mama Jean11970
T. V. Slim11962
T. V. Slim And His Heartbreakers21957
T. Warner - D. Siddall1 
T. Z. Kurkowski31967
T.A.Y.N.K. And Run11988
The T.B's11982
T.B.G. (The Bang Gang)11976
T. C. (T. C. Bullock)11992
T.C. And The Moonshine Band11980
T. C. Anderson1 
T.C. Brandon11989
T.C. King1 
T.C. Lee And The Bricklayers11967
T.C. Matic111981 - 1991
T.C.F. Featuring Asia Fernandez21991
T.E.E. Set11983
T.F.O.21979 - 1980
T. G. Sheppard731966 - 1996
T. G. Sheppard And Karen Brooks11982
T. G. Sheppard With Clint Eastwood51984
T.H.E. Hab1 
T.H.P. Orchestra61976 - 1979
T.H.P. Orchestra Featuring Wayne St. John11976
The T.H.P. Orchestra31976 - 1977
T.H.S. - The Horne Section11984
T.i.m. Love11967
T.I.M.E. [Jamaica]61975 - 1978
The T.I.P.'s1 
The T.J. All Stars11973
T.J. And The Jackson Nears11983
T.J. Black21965 - 1966
T.J. Fraser41983 - 1984
T.J. Johns, Vamp1 
T.J. Kirk11995
T.J. Thomas And Diamond Black11990
T. J. Thompson11963
T. J. Timber11961
T. K. Hulin141963 - 1985
T. K. Hulin And Smoke41975 - 1985
T.L. Davis1 
T.L. Lee11987
T.L. Lee (With Kathy Walker)11987
T.M. And Heat11979
T.M.F.22004 - 2009
The T.M.G.'s12003
T.M.S. Featuring Jimmy Graham11982
T.N.T. Tribble11991
T.N.T. [Jam]21972
The T.N.T.'s1 

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