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Dave Munden21971
Dave Murteza11972
Dave Murteza And The New Additions11972
Dave Musgrave1 
Dave Myers And Disciples11965
Dave Myers And His Surf-Tones11963
Dave Myers And His Surftones11964
Dave Myers And The Surftones41963 - 1964
Dave Newman51972 - 1974
Dave Nicol51972 - 1974
Dave O'Conner11965
Dave Parker11962
Dave Pegg11983
Dave Pell31960
Dave Pell Ensemble21956
Dave Pell Octet81954 - 2001
The Dave Pell Octet21954 - 1955
The Dave Pell Singers11990
Dave Perryman1 
Dave Phillips11984
Dave Phillips And The Hot Rod Gang21982 - 1983
Dave Phillips [Strict Tempo]11969
Dave Phillips [US]1 
Dave Pike71963 - 2001
The Dave Pike Set21972 - 2001
Dave Pincombe11979
Dave Plane And Lisa Turner11970
Dave Pochonet And His French "All Stars"21963
Dave Pochonet Et Son Orchestre11963
Dave Prater21971
Dave Pratt And The Sex Machine Band11984
Dave Preston21976 - 1977
Dave Prince11971
Dave Rank11961
Dave Rave And The Sensations11985
Dave Rettig And California Sun Band11984
Dave Reynolds11989
Dave Rich191955 - 1977
Dave Rich [Netherlands]11964
Dave Richardson41977 - 1980
Dave Roach11983
Dave Roberts And The Kingtones11976
Dave Robin11965
Dave Robinson161975 - 2000
Dave Roddy11968
Dave Ross11958
Dave Rowland31981 - 1982
Dave Rowland And Sugar41980 - 1981
Dave Roylance, Steve Wright11982
Dave Russell21966
Dave Sampson61960 - 1962
Dave Sampson And The Hunters51960 - 1961
Dave Sandy11964
Dave Schultz11975
Dave Scott11979
Dave Scott [Scotty]11976
Dave Sealey31968 - 1969
Dave Sheffield11960
Dave Shipp's Combo11955
Dave Skinner21977 - 1983
Dave Smith21967
Dave Smith And The Astronauts11967
Dave Smith [Mustang]1 
Dave Spangler2 
Dave Spielman And His Rhythm Rangers1 
Dave Steel11989
Dave Sterling11957
Dave Stewart101980 - 1990
Dave Stewart And Barbara Gaskin341981 - 1986
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual Cowboys111990 - 1991
Dave Stewart [Guest Vocals Colin Blunstone]71980 - 1982
Dave Stewart With Barbara Gaskin121981 - 1984
Dave Stewart [C&W]11961
Dave Stogner And His Western Rhythmaires11956
Dave Stogner And His Western Swing Band11958
Dave Storey And The Harlequins11965
Dave Stuckey12009
Dave Talley11989
Dave Taylor81978 - 1982
Dave Taylor With Bayou Ramblers1 
Dave Taylor With Pete Lofhouse Band1 
Dave Teig1 
Dave Terry And His Orchestra21957 - 1958
Dave The Spazz11994
Dave Toland1 
Dave Tomlin, Mark Brockman11981
Dave Tomlin, Mark Brockman, Bob Harvey, Peter Carmichael11981
Dave Tower11967
Dave Travis61968 - 1976
Dave Travis And The Extremes1 
Dave Travis Extreme21967
Dave Turner21955 - 1967
Dave Valentin11982
Dave Van Ronk51963 - 1971
Dave Van Ronk And The Hudson Dusters21967 - 1968
Dave Van Ronk With The Red Onion Jazz Band21963
Dave Ventura21963 - 1964
Dave Ventura And The Orbits1 
Dave Vonau11977
Dave Waco11982
Dave Wakeling Of The English Beat12013
Dave Walker11966
Dave Walton41966 - 1967
Dave Ward21977
Dave Warner71978 - 1981
Dave Warner's From The Suburbs31978 - 1979
Dave Washington11967
Dave Wetzel11979
Dave Willetts11990
Dave Williams11978
Dave Williams Inner Circle11978
Dave Willis And The Jackson-Tones11966
Dave Wintour21969
Dave Wisner1 
The Dave Wood Sound11967
Dave Woolum11957
Dave Woolum And Laurel County Boys11959
Dave York And The Beachcombers11962
Dave [Finland]11971
Dave [Glinski]21977
Dave's 12 Bar11986
Davenport Sisters11963
The Davenport Sisters21962 - 1963
The Daveracks11975
Davey And The Dolphins11970
Davey And The Doo Ray's11958
Davey Bold21961
Davey Buhl31970 - 1971
Davey Crackpot And The Mexican Jumping Beans11955
Davey Daye11965
Davey Doolittle11978
Davey Holt And The Hubcaps11958
Davey Johnstone11980
Davey Jones101957 - 1963
Davey Jones And His Continentals11963
Davey Payne101969 - 1970
Davey Payne And The Medium Wave51969 - 1970
Davey Payne [Blockheads]11979
Davey Sands31971
Davey Sands And The Essex51965 - 1971
The Davey Summer All Star Band11963
Davey Summers41963
Davey Summers And The Singing Ants11963
Davey Williams11993
Davey York21957
David [Dave Crawford]11975
David "Deacon" Jones11969
David "Fathead" Newman11960
David "K" And The Blue Ties1 
David "King" Thomas11975
David "Tyke" Scott1 
David [Masque]1 
David A.11989
David A. Chacon1 
David A. Jaycock12009
David A. Stewart161989 - 1991
David A. Stewart Featuring Candy Dulfer41989 - 1991
David Ackles111968 - 1972
David Agnew And Frank McNamara11989
David Alan Calhoun11970
David Alexander101971 - 1980
David Alexander [Rare Earth]11974
David Alexander [Germany]11975
David Alexander [Private Stock]11976
David Alexander [Sound Town]11986
David Alexandre Winter171967 - 1974
David Allan Coe501970 - 1987
David Allan Coe And Bill Anderson11980
David Allan Coe And Willie Nelson11986
David Allan Coe With George Jones11981
David Allen71958 - 1966
David Allen And Gilbert Mack1 
David And Darlene Robinson1 
David And David121975 - 1987
David And David [70s]21970 - 1975
David And Goliath41972 - 1973
David And Goliath [Reggae]11973
David And Igor Oistrakh61957 - 1966
David And Jahson21975 - 1976
David And Jimmy Ruffin71970 - 1971
David And Jonathan411965 - 1987
David And Jonathon11968
David And Lee21962 - 1973
David And Marianne Dalmour51965 - 1970
David And Paul11968
David And Richard11968
David And Rozaa21970 - 1971
David And Ruben21969
David And The Diversified Sounds11967
David And The Embers11963
David And The Giants81967 - 1985
David And Yvonne1 
David Anderson11971
David Anthony41968 - 1974
David Apple21976 - 1977
David Apple (Ranchie)11976

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