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Dash Rip Rock21990 - 1996
Dash Riprock11982
The Dash12007
Dashboard Confessional32004 - 2006
Dashboard Lucas12001
The Dashboard Saviors11991
Dat En Wat11998
Data151980 - 1986
Data [US]11984
Data 311984
Data 7032004 - 2012
Data Control11982
data Panik12006
Data [Italy]11974
Data. Select. Party.12008
Datarock32003 - 2007
Datblygu21986 - 1992
Date Bait11992
The Date With Soul21967
Date-X21981 - 1982
Dateline Diamonds11990
Los Datsun's1 
The Datsuns102001 - 2006
Datura Seeds11991
Dau Straun11993
Daudi Kabaka And Fedhili With Sonko1 
The Daugherty Sisters11968
Daughter32012 - 2013
Daughter Whinny11982
Daughters Of Albion11968
The Daughters Of Eve41966 - 1968
The Daughters Of The Cross With Peter Knight And His Orchestra11969
Daughters Of Zion1 
The Daughters21974
The Dauntless Elite12007
Dauphin Trio11960
The Dauphins11965
Davd Ninnes11975
Dave321964 - 1985
Dave "Baby" Cortez1021956 - 2011
Dave "Diddlie" Day21957
Dave "Tico" Robbins Quintette21955 - 1959
Dave 'Baby' Cortez31959 - 1961
Dave (Boogie) Lee11979
Dave (Jay)11960
Dave Abbott21980 - 1988
Dave Adams11986
Dave Allen [UK]11969
Dave Allen Band11964
Dave Allen [US]11983
Dave Allenby71969 - 1971
Dave Allenby With Barrie McAskill's Levi Smith Clefs11970
Dave Allenby With The Autumn21970
Dave Allison With The Southern Melodys11965
Dave Alvin31987
Dave And Ansel11971
Dave And Ansel Collins421970 - 2003
Dave And Ansell11971
Dave And Ansell Collins81971 - 1984
Dave And Ansil11971
Dave And Ansil Collin Group11974
Dave And Ansil Collins181970 - 1988
Dave And Aubrey1 
Dave And Bob11958
Dave And Crystal Canyon11979
Dave And Deke Combo31993 - 1995
Dave And Don11967
Dave And Gary11966
Dave And Johnny11971
Dave And June Brooks11976
Dave And Lee11973
Dave And Panda21969
Dave And Poncho11966
Dave And Ron1 
Dave And Roy Fuller11979
Dave And Sandy Prewitt1 
Dave And Spike21985 - 1986
Dave And Steve31991 - 1992
Dave And Sugar411975 - 1981
Dave And Susane1 
Dave And The Bulldogs11982
Dave And The Customs31963 - 1965
Dave And The Derro's11978
Dave And The Derros51978 - 1981
Dave And The Derros'11979
Dave And The Detomics21965 - 1966
Dave And The Diamonds11965
Dave And The Diamonds [Jamaica]11978
Dave And The Dynamos41983 - 1984
Dave And The Marksmen41964 - 2003
Dave And The Mistakes21981
Dave And The Nightingales11977
Dave And The Orbits11965
Dave And The Saints11964
Dave And The Shadows31962 - 1963
Dave And The Squires11965
Dave And The Stereos11961
Dave And The Stone Hearts11966
Dave And The Triumphs1 
Dave And The Upsetters11971
Dave And Tim (With The Downsiders)11968
Dave And Tim With The Downsiders11968
Dave And Toni Arthur11970
Dave And Vee11969
Dave Andrews And The Sugar11968
Dave Anthony's Moods41966 - 2013
Dave Antony11968
Dave Antony's Moods21967
Dave Antrell51970 - 1973
Dave Antrobus11976
Dave Apollon11965
Dave Appell171954 - 1964
Dave Appell And His "Appell-Jacks"21955
Dave Appell And His "Apple-Jacks"21955
Dave Appell And His Applejacks21956
Dave Appell and His Orchestra31960 - 1962
Dave Appell And The Applejacks51956 - 1964
Dave Armour With Crystal Clear11976
Dave Armstrong And The One Eyed Jacks11967
Dave Arnold11975
Dave Ash-B21987
Dave Atkins [country]21981
Dave Atkins [r&b]11960
Dave Atkins [UK]11981
Dave Atkins And His Offbeats11958
Dave Atwood11984
Dave Baby Cortez31962 - 1967
Dave Bailey11987
The Dave Bailey Quintet11961
Dave Baker [Barker]1 
Dave Ballard31982
Dave Banyase And The Sum Guys11967
Dave Barbour And His Orchestra101949 - 1961
Dave Barbour, His Orch. And Male Chorus11949
Dave Barker1051969 - 2012
Dave Barker And Ansel Collins12003
Dave Barker And The Upsetters21970 - 1971
Dave Barratt11976
Dave Barry41956 - 1957
Dave Barry And Sara Berner21956 - 1957
Dave Barry With Sara Berner11956
Dave Barry [UK]11978
The Dave Bartholemew Orchestra11965
Dave Bartholomew251951 - 2013
Dave Bartholomew And Chuck Carobo1 
Dave Bartholomew And His Orchestra21951 - 1964
Dave Bartholomew And The Fats Domino Band11985
Dave Bartram11983
Dave Berkely11975
Dave Berry811963 - 1988
Dave Berry And The Cruisers171963 - 1973
Dave Berry And The Sponge11969
Dave Betton1 
The Dave Bevan Quartet11963
Dave Bishop And The Apostles11978
Dave Blocker11968
Dave Boire21973 - 1974
Dave Bolan11975
Dave Bond11960
Dave Boxer And The Boxermen11964
Dave Boyer11976
Dave Bradstreet11976
Dave Braswell1 
Dave Bridge101961 - 1964
The Dave Bridge Quartet31957 - 1962
The Dave Bridge Trio41963 - 1964
Dave Brock21983
Dave Brockman1 
Dave Brockman And The Twighlight Ramblers11957
Dave Brooks21974 - 1983
Dave Brown1 
Dave Brubeck2491952 - 2004
Dave Brubeck Featuring Ragu11967
The Dave Brubeck Octet31953
Dave Brubeck Quartet381953 - 1983
The Dave Brubeck Quartet And Orch.11963
Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Bill Smith11962
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Jimmy Rushing11961
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Paul Desmond31958 - 1960
The Dave Brubeck Quartet With Orchestra11963
The Dave Brubeck Quartet1601952 - 1980
Dave Brubeck Quintet31959 - 1964
Dave Brubeck Trio21953
The Dave Brubeck Trio Featuring Gerry Mulligan11969
The Dave Brubeck Trio31953
Dave Bundy11972
Dave Burgess261955 - 1961
Dave Burgess And The Chimes11959
Dave Burgess And The Toppers91956 - 1957
Dave Burgess And The Toppers, Lew Raymond Orch.31956 - 1957
Dave Burgess Trio11955
The Dave Burgess Trio11955
Dave Burgess With The Champs11958
Dave Burgess,Lew Raymond Orch. With The Toppers11956
Dave Burton21955 - 1956

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