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The Dave Edmunds Band Live51987
Dave Edmunds Rockpile151970 - 1980
Dave Edmunds With The Stray Cats41981
Dave Edmunds' Rockpile61970 - 1980
Dave Edwards With The Blue Rays11958
Dave Ellingson21972
Dave Ellingson And Kim Carnes11972
Dave Evans21976 - 1979
Dave Eyre11978
Dave Ferguson11981
Dave Fisher11970
Dave Ford And The Hollywood Flames11962
Dave Fortt11969
Dave Fredericks31971 - 1973
Dave Freeman31975 - 1977
Dave Fuller11981
Dave Gahan22007 - 2008
Dave Gardner101957 - 1970
Dave Garraway2 
Dave Garron Show11975
Dave Garroway's Orchestra11958
Dave Gates And The Accents11958
Dave Gibson11963
Dave Gilmour11978
Dave Gold1 
Dave Goodman And Friends11978
Dave Gordon And His Rebel Guys11966
Dave Gordon And The Reb-Tides11966
Dave Gray And The Bakersfield Brass21971 - 1972
Dave Gray And The Graytones11959
Dave Green1 
Dave Greenslade21978 - 1980
Dave Grundy Combo11962
Dave Grusin251962 - 1989
Dave Grusin Featuring Lee Ritenour61988 - 1989
Dave Haapa And Jets11979
Dave Hall11973
Dave Hamilton41967 - 2012
Dave Hamilton And His Peppers11964
Dave Hamilton Orchestra22009 - 2012
Dave Hardin11974
Dave Harris21963
Dave Harry1 
Dave Havlicek1 
Dave Heenan Set11967
Dave Helling21965
Dave Hernandez11962
Dave Hill11964
Dave Hillery, accompanied by Gerry Murphy (guitar)11974
Dave Holbrook And Steve Arsenault With The Venus Flytrap11968
Dave Holden31961 - 1965
Dave Holladay11986
Dave Hollie11964
Dave House11978
Dave Howard51957 - 1966
The Dave Howard Singers21986 - 1990
Dave Howell21963
Dave Hunter21968 - 1969
Dave I.D.12009
Dave Ismay With The Holte End11979
Dave Jackman1 
Dave Jackson11991
Dave Jordan41968 - 1975
Dave Joseph11958
Dave Justin41967 - 1968
Dave Kaye41964 - 1969
Dave Kaye And The Dykons21969
Dave Kelly61980 - 1986
Dave Kelly And Peter Filleul11986
Dave Kelly And The Fire House Crew11993
Dave Kelly Band21984
The Dave Kelly Band11986
Dave Kelso11958
Dave Kemp21983
Dave Kennedy11966
Dave Kennedy And The Ambassadors11961
The Dave Kennedy Group11960
Dave Kenney With Ghost Town Echo1 
Dave King191956 - 1961
Dave King And The Royal Knights21962 - 1964
Dave King Reggae Band11970
Dave King With Roland Shaw Orchestra21957
Dave King With The Keynotes11956
Dave King With The Roland Shaw Orchestra11958
Dave Kirby151964 - 1981
Dave Kirk And The Candy Men11962
Dave Koz21996
Dave Kubinec11969
Dave Kusworth11988
Dave Lacey And The Corvettes11965
Dave Lalor11990
Dave Lambert Singers11957
Dave Lambert Singers Featuring Nellie, The Syncopated-Gaited Horse11957
Dave Landers11949
Dave Larry1 
Dave Laverock11980
Dave Lawrence And The Eastside11982
Dave Lee31957 - 1966
Dave Lee [Germany]21962
Dave Lee And His Orchestra11966
Dave Lee And The Staggerlees21963 - 1964
The Dave Lee Sound11974
Dave Lee Trio11957
Dave Lemmon11983
Dave Levin And The Furies11963
Dave Lewis101959 - 1977
Dave Lewis [UK]41975 - 1978
Dave Lindholm11982
Dave Lingo11980
Dave Linkus11971
Dave Linn11956
Dave Loggins341972 - 1984
Dave Love21974
Dave Lowe11957
Dave Mac Lean11975
Dave MacDonald11979
Dave MacIntosh With The Jack Sinclair Broadcasting Band11963
Dave Mackay Trio11958
Dave Mackersie21954
Dave Macland11987
Dave MacLean31974 - 1976
Dave MacTavish41973
Dave Maher And The Rockets31984
Dave Markee11988
Dave Marr41984 - 1988
Dave Martin21964
Dave Martin And His Group With The Strollers11958
Dave Martin And His Trio11960
Dave Martin [Virtue]11960
Dave Martini21973 - 1979
Dave Mason801968 - 1987
Dave Mason (Duet Vocal Performance By Phoebe Snow)11987
Dave Mason And Cass Elliot31971
Dave Mason And Mama Cass11971
Dave Massello11968
Dave Matthews And His Orch.11952
Dave Matthews Band21995 - 2009
Dave Mayberry11980
Dave McArtney11983
Dave McArtney And The Pink Flamingos31980 - 1983
Dave Mccoy11970
Dave McCurley (The Dixie Band)11985
Dave McIntosh1 
Dave McIntosh / Jack Sinclair Broadcasting Band21963
Dave McIntosh With Jack Sinclair And His Band51963
Dave McIntosh With The Jack Sinclair Band2 
Dave McKenna21959
Dave McLaren11971
Dave McLure11975
Dave Meadows61972 - 1978
Dave Meadows And The Neanderthals11960
Dave Miller Set41968 - 1970
The Dave Miller Set81967 - 1970
Dave Mills161969 - 1977
Dave Mitchell21975 - 1976
Dave Mitchell And The Screamers31965
Dave Mitchell Group1 
Dave Moore And Company11972
Dave Moore And The Hillbilly Huxters12010
Dave Morgan31971 - 1990
Dave Mullaney And The Sounds Extraordinaire11968
Dave Munden21971
Dave Murteza11972
Dave Murteza And The New Additions11972
Dave Musgrave1 
Dave Myers And Disciples11965
Dave Myers And His Surf-Tones11963
Dave Myers And His Surftones11964
Dave Myers And The Surftones41963 - 1964
Dave Newman61968 - 1974
Dave Nicol51972 - 1974
Dave O'Conner11965
Dave Parker11962
Dave Paul And Deep Creek1 
Dave Peel111969 - 1971
Dave Pegg11983
Dave Pell31960
Dave Pell Ensemble21956
Dave Pell Octet81954 - 2001
The Dave Pell Octet21954 - 1955
The Dave Pell Singers11990
Dave Perryman1 
Dave Phillips11984
Dave Phillips And The Hot Rod Gang21982 - 1983
Dave Phillips [Strict Tempo]11969
Dave Phillips [US]1 
Dave Pike71963 - 2001
The Dave Pike Set21972 - 2001
Dave Pincombe11979
Dave Plane And Lisa Turner11970
Dave Pochonet And His French "All Stars"21963
Dave Pochonet Et Son Orchestre21963
Dave Prater21971
Dave Pratt And The Sex Machine Band11984
Dave Preston21976 - 1977
Dave Prince11971
Dave Rank11961
Dave Rave And The Sensations11985
Dave Rettig And California Sun Band11984
Dave Reynolds41988 - 1992

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