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David Borough11980
David Boruff And Dreamstreet11986
David Bowie6331964 - 2014
David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group101985
David Bowie And Annie Lennox11997
David Bowie And Bing Crosby111982 - 2010
David Bowie And Mick Jagger101985
David Bowie And Pat Matheney Group11985
David Bowie And The Buzz21982 - 1986
David Bowie And The Lower Third21972 - 1982
David Bowie Featuring Al B. Sure!11993
David Bowie Featuring Queen Latifah11990
David Bowie With The Lower Third61966 - 1999
David Bowie With Tina Turner11984
David Box91962 - 1964
David Boydell51977 - 1978
David Boyer11978
David Brinkley11965
David Bromberg51972 - 1978
David Bromberg Band11976
David Brook21966 - 1967
David Brooks11968
David Brooks And Marion Bell11951
David Brown21961 - 1968
David Bryant31959
David Bryant [Imperial]11969
David Bunny11980
David Buskin31971 - 1973
David Byrne81981 - 1992
David Byron61976 - 1979
David Callister1 
David Cameron11974
David Camon11972
David Campanella And The Dellchords21959 - 1962
David Campbell11983
David Capelle1 
David Carey11953
David Carradine21975 - 1976
David Carroll601953 - 1964
David Carroll And His Kookettes21963 - 1964
David Carroll And His Orch.11962
David Carroll And His Orchestra461953 - 1963
David Carroll And His Orchestra (Vocal By Noel Singers)11957
David Carroll His Orchestra And Chorus11959
David Carroll's Orchestra And Chorus With The Voice Of Franklyn Mac Cormack11957
David Cassidy1681970 - 1990
David Cassidy, Fanny, Labi Siffre, Bee Gees, Slade, Neil Diamond, Thin Lizzy, Dana, Uriah Heep, Cliff Richard, Val Doonican11972
David Cast21973
David Castle61977 - 1979
David Chesky Band21980
David Christian1 
David Christie181967 - 1984
David Christie Featuring MC Dee11990
David Clark11974
David Clay1 
David Clayton Thomas411964 - 1978
David Clayton Thomas and His Quintet11965
David Clayton Thomas and The Bossmen11966
David Clayton Thomas And The Shays31965
David Clayton Thomas With The Fabulous Shays11964
David Clayton-Thomas191969 - 1974
The David Clowney Band11956
David Cole11988
David Coleman11967
David Copperfield [UK]21980 - 1982
David Copperfield11969
David Copperfield Style61968 - 1969
David Copperfield [Pathe]11973
David Courtney21975 - 1976
David Coverdale81977 - 1993
David Coverdale's Whitesnake11978
David Cox92003 - 2007
David Craig21973 - 1974
David Croft11960
David Cronenberg's Wife22007 - 2008
David Crooks11970
David Crosby351971 - 1993
David Crosby / Graham Nash291972 - 1976
David Crosby And Phil Collins21993
David Crosby Featuring Phil Collins11993
David Cross11995
David Cumming11967
David Cunningham11973
David Currie11971
David Curry's Irish Band31958 - 1964
David Curtis11970
David Dali11981
David Daniel III21974 - 1975
David Daniels III31974 - 1975
David Dante71961 - 1962
David Davies11967
David Davis241963 - 1967
David Day And Frens11976
David Dean11955
David Dean's Combo11958
David DeBoy11981
David Dee41986
David Dee And The Dons11960
David Del Conte31962 - 1968
David Devant And His Spirit Wife51995 - 1997
David Dexter D ‎11993
David Douglas11970
David Downing11977
David Drew11988
David Dundas221976 - 1981
David E. Lucy11994
David Easter21979 - 1991
David Ede81960 - 1962
David Ede And The Go Man, Go Men31961
David Ede And The Rabin Band21961 - 1962
David Ede And The Rabin Rock21960
David Ede And The Robin Rock11961
David Elliott51972 - 1973
David Emmanuel21983
David Ennis1 
David Essex1521965 - 1994
David Essex And Catherine Zeta Jones21994
David Essex With Shikisha Featuring Abdul Tee-Jay11991
David Evans11986
David Evans And Thunder Down Under11986
David Fanshawe11976
David Fenton11983
David Finnerty And The Jackals11980
David Fisher21965 - 1966
David Forbes11976
David Ford12007
David Forman41974 - 1977
David Foster201975 - 1988
David Foster And Olivia Newton-John51986
David Freeman11983
David Friedlander11966
David Frizzell351959 - 1985
David Frizzell And Shelly West131981 - 1985
David Frost31966 - 1973
David Frost And Billy Taylor11970
David Frye21971 - 1973
The David Fuller Trio11961
David Galbraith11958
David Gamson11981
David Ganpot11983
David Garrick591965 - 1972
David Gates641958 - 1981
David Geddes181975 - 1976
David George11973
David Gilmour191978 - 2006
David Graham21966
David Grant291982 - 1990
David Grant And Jaki Graham51985
David Grant Featuring Mike Stevens21989
David Gray42002 - 2006
David Gray [Australia]11979
David Gray [US]11968
David Grayson11977
David Greenberg11973
David Griggs11967
David Grusin11968
David Guetta (Featuring Akon)12013
David Guthrie11981
David H. Lee41965 - 1968
David Hahn Piano E Orchestra11979
David Hallyday101987 - 1990
David Hamber21963
David Hamilton41970 - 1973
David Hanselmann81977 - 1990
David Hanselmann And Chris Evans11980
David Harris11974
David Hasselhoff181985 - 1994
David Hayes11976
David Haymen11972
David Head1 
David Heavener11981
David Hemingway11988
David Hentschel41975 - 1983
David Hill111957 - 1960
David Hill [70´s]11973
David Hillyard And The Rocksteady 712012
David Hinds "Steel Pulse"12009
David Hinds, Bunny Ruggs, Freddy McGreggor And I-Threes11985
David Hirschfelder And The Bogo Pogo Orchestra11992
David Hollestelle; Arjan Blanken; Annie Hermes; Erna Spoorenberg1 
David Holliday And Manuel With The Music Of The Mountains11966
David Hollis11967
David Holmes31995 - 2008
David Holmes Vs Arab Strap11998
David Holmes Vs Mogwai11998
David House11982
David Houston771955 - 1982
David Houston And Barbara Mandrell41970 - 1974
David Houston And Tammy Wynette31967
David Hudson101979 - 1987
David Hughes111955 - 1961
David Hunter11974
David Hurn11999
David Idema31972
David Ingles11989
David Ireland41973 - 1978
David Isaac11971
David Isaacs281966 - 1981
David Issacs11971
David J21984 - 1985

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