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Tony Dunning And The Tremeloes31960 - 1976
Tony Dunning And The Tremelos11961
Tony Dunning And The Tremolos11960
Tony E Som Colorido11972
Tony Ellis11978
Tony Emerald And The Soul Junction1 
Tony Esposito111975 - 1990
Tony Etoria21977 - 1980
Tony Evans61971 - 1983
Tony Evans And His Orchestra11983
Tony Evans Association11972
The Tony Evans Band41971 - 1983
Tony Evans Connection11976
Tony Fabian11965
Tony Face Big Roll Band11989
Tony Farr11974
Tony Farrar11963
Tony Fayne21962
Tony Fellini11979
Tony Field41966 - 1977
Tony Fisher11960
Tony Flacco1 
Tony Fontane11959
Tony Ford11983
Tony Fox61967 - 1980
Tony Foxx11967
Tony Frontiera1 
Tony Fruscella1 
Tony Gaha11969
Tony Gaha['s] Quartet11962
Tony Galla12011
Tony Galla And The Rising Sons11966
Tony Galla Band12011
Tony Garcia21973 - 1974
Tony Garland11972
Tony Garo11961
Tony Gato21968
Tony Gauci And Scorpio With Joan Vassallo11978
Tony Gauci And The Scorpio Band1 
Tony Gauci And The Scorpio Band With The Galea Sisters1 
Tony Geys41962 - 1975
Tony Gibber11979
Tony Gideon11961
Tony Glenn1 
Tony Global11999
Tony Goodacre21977 - 1983
Tony Gordon21972 - 1973
Tony Graham With The Colin Peters Orchestra1 
Tony Granito11986
Tony Granqvist11965
Tony Gray11973
The Tony Graye Quintet1 
Tony Green11967
Tony Gregory151966 - 1984
Tony Gregory And Family Child1 
Tony Gregory And The Leslie Butler Trio11964
Tony Gregory And The Soulettes11966
Tony Grin11980
Tony Grise11955
Tony Gunner11962
Tony Hadley21992
Tony Hale And Roger Perks11970
Tony Halvert, Peter Hutton, Ken McCann, Dave Lind And Don Mihaeri1 
Tony Hancock71960 - 1963
Tony Hancock And Kenneth Williams21963
Tony Harris21957
Tony Harris With The Woodies11965
Tony Harris [1960s]41965 - 1968
Tony Harris, J.J. Jones And Band11957
Tony Hartweger21959
Tony Hatch671959 - 2005
Tony Hatch And The Cherry Children11970
Tony Hatch And The Satin Brass12005
Tony Hatch Orchestra31962 - 1968
The Tony Hatch Orchestra201960 - 1978
The Tony Hatch Singers And Swingers11967
The Tony Hatch Singers11968
The Tony Hatch Sound81965 - 1968
Tony Hayes11978
Tony Hazzard101966 - 1973
The Tony Head Experience21991 - 1993
Tony Hendra And Nic Ullett21967
Tony Hendrik21969 - 1970
The Tony Hendrik Five141967 - 1972
The Tony Hendrik51969
Tony Henry11966
Tony Hestor31966 - 2011
Tony Hiller51968 - 1971
Tony Hiller and His Orchestra11968
Tony Hiller Orchestra11971
The Tony Hiller Orchestra31968
Tony Holiday171975 - 1983
Tony Holland11963
Tony Hoven11962
Tony Hughes With The Characters11958
The Tony Isaac Band11982
The Tony IV11967
Tony J'11995
Tony J.11976
Tony J. All Stars11973
Tony Jackson [60s]201964 - 2000
Tony Jackson [70s]51975 - 1987
Tony Jackson And The Vibrations51964 - 1965
Tony Jackson Group71966 - 1967
The Tony Jackson Group31966
Tony Jackson With The Vibrations61964 - 2000
Tony Jackson Y Los Showmen11964
Tony Jackson [Belgium]11979
Tony Jacksun11978
Tony James11968
Tony Jay11976
Tony Jayson11975
Tony Joe11966
Tony Joe And The Mojos11965
Tony Joe White1041965 - 1992
Tony Jones And Nancy Montgomery11967
Tony Jordan11967
Tony Kay11974
Tony Kaye11967
Tony Kaye And The Heartbeats21966 - 1967
Tony Kearney11972
Tony Keeling11965
Tony Keeling And The Graduates11967
Tony Kelly71971 - 1999
Tony Kelly And His Group11961
Tony Kenny161968 - 1985
Tony Kenny And The Sands21968 - 1970
Tony Kenny And The Sands Showband11968
Tony Kenzie11983
Tony King61969 - 1976
Tony King And The Hippy Boys11969
The Tony King Orchestra11972
Tony King [Accordion]1 
Tony Kingston51967 - 1974
Tony Kinsey201954 - 1962
Tony Kinsey Quartet81955 - 1960
Tony Kinsey Quartet With Dill Jones (Piano)21956
The Tony Kinsey Quartet21955
Tony Kinsey Quintet31958 - 1962
Tony Kinsey Trio With Joe Harriott31954 - 1956
Tony Kishman41980 - 1981
Tony Knight And The Live Wires11964
Tony Knight's Chessmen11965
Tony Koklin21979 - 1980
Tony Kosinec21969 - 1973
Tony La Mar With The Experience Unlimited Band1 
Tony Lane And The Deltones11964
Tony Lang1 
Tony Lang And The Melocanta's11961
Tony Lang Und Die Melocantas11962
Tony Lauren11979
Tony Lavelli11959
Tony Lawrence11960
Tony Lee11983
Tony Lee Sybert31971
Tony LeMans21989 - 1990
Tony Lemarr21981 - 1982
Tony Light51965 - 1982
Tony Lightfoot11966
Tony Liss11965
Tony Lord11965
Tony Lorenzo11973
Tony Loughnane11968
Tony Love21975
Tony Lovello41959 - 1960
Tony Mahoney11977
Tony Mandarin And The Mile High Rockers11978
Tony Mann11970
Tony Mansell21954 - 1958
Tony Mansell Singers21972
Tony March21958 - 1959
Tony Mark81966 - 1969
Tony Mark Et Les Markmen31966 - 1967
Tony Marsden1 
Tony Marsden With The Northern Pop Orchestra11979
Tony Marshall281966 - 1987
Tony Martell And His Orchestra11964
Tony Martin801949 - 1967
Tony Martin And Chorus11957
Tony Martin And Dinah Shore21950
Tony Martin And Fran Warren21949 - 1950
Tony Martin With Henri Rene And His Orchestra31950 - 1957
Tony Martin With Henri Rene's Orchestra11958
Tony Martin With Henri René's Orchestra And Chorus31950 - 1957
Tony Martin With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus21953 - 1957
Tony Martin With Lennie Hayton's Orchestra And Chorus11953
Tony Martin With Skip Martin's Orchestra11949
Tony Martin With The Aristokats11949
Tony Martin With The Honeydreamers11950
Tony Martin [Australia]21988 - 1990
Tony Martin [UK '90s]11992
Tony Martin [UK '80s]11984
Tony Martin, Jr.21975
Tony Martin, Michael Durso And His Copacabana Orchestra11957
Tony Martin, Vic Damone, Russ Tamblyn, Jubilaires11955
Tony Martinez11960
The Tony Martinez Quintet41954
Tony Mason [UK]11969
Tony Mason61966 - 1967
Tony Massarelli61962 - 1986

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