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Tongue Twistin' Ten (TTT)11983
The Tongues Of Truth21966 - 1977
Tonhalle Orchester Zürich91953 - 1966
Toni And Royce11975
Toni And The Harts21965 - 1966
Toni And The Showmen22008
Toni Arden291951 - 1971
Toni Arthur21970 - 1980
Toni Barry11988
Toni Basil251966 - 1985
Toni Bellin11984
Toni Best1 
Toni Bishop11975
Toni Braxton111992 - 2010
Toni Brown11963
Toni Brown And Terry Garthwaite11973
Toni Caroll21965 - 1966
Toni Carroll21974 - 1976
Toni Carroll And The Dreski Celli11974
Toni Cavana21965 - 1966
Toni Cavana And His Beat Brothers11965
Toni Childs161988 - 1991
Toni Clark1 
Toni Cosenza11979
Toni Dae1 
Toni Dae And Carl Knight11965
Toni Dae And The Del Sols11963
Toni Dalli151958 - 1976
Toni Dalli And Barbara Leigh11959
Toni Daly11966
Toni Dudley And The Do-Rights1 
Toni Eden101960 - 1969
Toni Eden And Matteo21966
Toni Fisher321959 - 1986
Toni Gerhards81958 - 1965
Toni Gerhards Mit Chor Und Dem Orchester Ernst Jäger21962 - 1963
Toni Gerhards Mit Dem Orchester Ernst Jäger11960
Toni Gerhards Und Das Orchester Ernst Jäger31961 - 1965
Toni Gerhards Und Ein Karnevals-Orch.11959
Toni Halliday41988 - 1989
Toni Harper71956 - 1965
Toni Harper And Harry James11952
Toni Hofer21969
Toni Holgersson21989
Toni Jones11963
Toni Jordan1 
Toni Keczer, Michaj Burano, J. Godlewski1 
Toni Knight11961
Toni Lamarr21967 - 1968
Toni Lamond31968 - 1969
Toni Lang Und Die Melocantas11962
Toni Lee31970 - 1973
Toni Lee Wright21979
Toni Leskovar11966
Toni Macaroni21981 - 1987
Toni Mason11967
Toni McCann31965 - 2008
Toni McCann With The Blue Jays11965
Toni Merrill11958
Toni Michaels21958 - 1959
Toni Peroni En Brenda Steunbeer11988
Toni Ros11965
Toni Sailer51957 - 1964
Toni Santagata31965 - 1978
Toni Scott11989
Toni Silver11967
Toni Stante11965
Toni Steingass11971
Toni Stevens11959
Toni Van Duyne11978
Toni Vescoli21975
Toni Waiman And The 4 Cricketones With Cast And Orchestra1 
Toni Warne31987
Toni Washington31965
Toni Washington [UK]11979
Toni Williams [New Zealand]261960 - 1977
Toni Williams21962 - 1969
Toni Williams [New Zealand] And The Tremellos11961
Toni Wine171963 - 1981
Toni Witt1 
Toni Y Los Santos21973 - 1974
Tonia171966 - 1978
Tonia Bern51957 - 1963
Tonia Vos11964
Tonic31982 - 1986
Tonicha81971 - 1973
Tonics [Finland]11968
The Tonics [Germany]241961 - 1971
The Tonics [England]51975 - 1976
The Tonight Show Band With Doc Severinsen11986
Tonina Torrielli731956 - 1963
Tonina Torrielli E Duo Fasano21957 - 1958
Tonino D'Arpino11964
Tonino Formisano E La Sua Orchestra1 
Tonio Green11970
Tonio K.11988
Tonis Maroudas And Mary Liva21964 - 1965
Tonis Maroudas And Trio Bel-Canto11957
Tonix31971 - 1974
The Tonix11981
Tonja West11989
Los Tonks11967
Tonnetta Watson2 
The Tonnettes11963
Tonni Kalash11962
Tonny Aabo21983 - 1986
Tonny Epper11961
Tonny Eyk And His Jenka-Boys11965
Tonny Eyk's Harmonika Bub'n21963
Tonny Huurdeman en Jenny Arean11969
Tonny Rich41966 - 1996
Tonny Toupe Band11985
Tonny Toupe Show Præsenterer Rocazino11985
Tonny Vogel11981
Tonto And The Renegades21967
Tonto Schwartz With Leroy Lovett's Feather Merchants11959
Tony "Pretty Boy" Cousin11964
Tony 'T.S.' McPhee With Groundhogs11976
Tony (Robot) Alamo11964
Tony (T. S.) McPhee11974
Tony Abbott11961
Tony Ac Aloma81968 - 1974
Tony Adams11963
Tony Addams11978
Tony Aiken And Future 2,0001 
Tony Alamo61954 - 1964
Tony Alberti And Friends31974 - 1975
Tony All Stars71972 - 1973
Tony All-Stars21972 - 1973
Tony Allan21958 - 1969
Tony Allan [Tony Allen]21958
Tony Allen151955 - 1969
Tony Allen And The Champs21955
Tony Allen And The Chimes11956
Tony Allen And The Twilighters11962
Tony Allen And The Wonders21958 - 1959
Tony Allen [UK]51961 - 1963
Tony Alleyne1 
Tony Almerico And His Dixieland Jamboree Allstars11953
Tony Almerico's Dixieland Jamboree All-Stars11955
Tony Alvon And The Belairs22004
Tony Amaral And His Orchestra1 
Tony Amaro21960 - 1967
Tony Amaro And The Chariots11967
Tony And Barbara11955
Tony And Carolyn11971
Tony And Delroy11970
Tony And Dennis41967 - 2007
Tony And Doreen With The Skatlites11967
Tony And Friends11975
Tony And His Friends21958
Tony And Howard With The Dictators11965
Tony And Howie31972 - 2013
Tony And Irving Hiller11961
Tony And Jackie Lamie With The Swing Kings11958
Tony And Joe81958 - 1984
Tony And Joe With Irving11960
Tony And Keith West11974
Tony And Kris11958
Tony And Laura41963 - 1964
Tony And Linda11978
Tony And Louise21963
Tony And Maria11984
Tony And Nic21967
Tony And Siegrid31966 - 1967
Tony And Tandy41969 - 2012
Tony And Tandy With The Fleur-De-Lys11969
Tony And Terri21965 - 1967
Tony And Terri And The Pirates11966
Tony And The Bandits31965 - 1966
Tony And The Champions21970
Tony And The Daydreams11959
Tony And The Graduates91965 - 1971
Tony And The Hippy Boys11969
Tony And The Holidays11962
Tony And The Initials151960 - 1967
Tony And The Latin Liners1 
Tony And The Masquins11961
Tony And The Monstrosities11958
Tony And The Mule Station11968
Tony And The Polar Bear Five1 
Tony And The Raindrops11962
Tony And The Rockin' Orbits1 
Tony And The Shantels11965
Tony And The Swing Blues11965
Tony And The Tennessee Rebels11980
Tony And The Twiliters11961
Tony And The Velvets21963
Tony And The Vizitors11967
Tony And Tim11976
Tony And Tristan1 
Tony And Triston31979
Tony And Tyrone81964 - 1975
Tony Anderson11969
Tony Angel41974 - 1975

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