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Tommy Bush81967 - 1973
Tommy Bush And The Ernest Scott Band11967
Tommy Butler31961 - 1966
Tommy Cagle11967
Tommy Cannon And Bobby Ball11984
Tommy Carson1 
Tommy Casassa51958 - 1965
Tommy Cash541964 - 1982
Tommy Cassel51958 - 2012
Tommy Cassell11973
Tommy Castle11956
Tommy Cavanagh And His Country Cousins1 
Tommy Cavanagh And The Al Russ Orchestra11982
Tommy Cavanaugh21964 - 1980
Tommy Charles21955 - 1956
Tommy Chase11987
Tommy Chris11981
Tommy Christy And The Christ-Tones11958
Tommy Cisco21989
Tommy Clark And The Shadows1 
Tommy Clark And The Shadows With The Montgomery Sisters2 
Tommy Clark Band11971
Tommy Clay11962
Tommy Clayton161956 - 1959
Tommy Coe And The De-Ville Sisters11957
Tommy Cogbill11965
Tommy Cole11959
Tommy Collins461951 - 1986
Tommy Collins (With Wanda Collins)11963
Tommy Collins [Soul]21967
Tommy Common11973
Tommy Conners11980
Tommy Conwell And The Young Rumblers111988 - 1989
Tommy Cook11976
Tommy Cooper41961 - 1978
Tommy Cooper [US]41960 - 1966
Tommy Cowan41969 - 1972
Tommy Cowan And The Jamaicans21970
Tommy Cowan And The Jamaicans Featuring Norris Weir11970
Tommy Cowan And Thunder11984
Tommy Crawley11973
Tommy Crews1 
Tommy Crider11963
Tommy Curtis21965
Tommy Curtis With The Chelette Sisters1 
Tommy D1 
Tommy Dae And The High Tensions21967
Tommy Dale11983
Tommy Danielsson O. Co.11972
Tommy Danton And The Echos21957
Tommy Dark1 
Tommy Davidson11956
Tommy Dawn And The Sunsets11966
Tommy Dawson11963
Tommy De Noble31960 - 1961
Tommy Dean21966 - 1967
Tommy Dean And His Gloom Raiders11952
Tommy Dean Orchestra11964
Tommy Deans Orchestra11955
Tommy Dee241959 - 1970
Tommy Dee (Jesse Frederick)21980 - 1981
Tommy Dee And Carol Kay11959
Tommy Dee And The Mellotones11959
Tommy Dee With Bonnie Owens21963
Tommy Dee With Carol Kay And The Teen-Aires61959
Tommy Dee With Carol Kay And The Teen Tones11959
Tommy Dee With Little Maxine And The Covinas And The Dayna Tones1 
Tommy Dee With Teen Jones And Orchestra11959
Tommy Dee With Teen Tones And Orchestra31959
Tommy Dell41976 - 1984
Tommy Dell And Chrissy Jackson11984
Tommy Dell And Kallie Jean11970
Tommy Desserre11957
Tommy Devins1 
Tommy Dishaw11959
Tommy Dodson21965
Tommy Dorsey1651949 - 1973
Tommy Dorsey And Frank Sinatra1 
Tommy Dorsey And Gordon Jenkins11952
Tommy Dorsey And His Orch.121954 - 1957
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra951949 - 1973
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Dorsey31954 - 1955
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Dorsey Vocal By Bill Raymond21954
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Dorsey Vocal By Lynn Roberts21954
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra, Vocal Peggy Mann21957
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra, Vocal Refrain Frank Sinatra11954
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra, Vocal Stuart Foster21957
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra, Vocal Stuart Foster And The Sentimentalists11957
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra, Vocal Sy Oliver And The Sentimentalists11957
Tommy Dorsey And His Sentimentalists11956
Tommy Dorsey And Jo Stafford1 
Tommy Dorsey And Orchestra Featuring Jimmy Dorsey51954 - 1957
Tommy Dorsey And Sy Oliver1 
Tommy Dorsey And The Pied Pipers11956
Tommy Dorsey And Victor Young21954 - 1955
Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Starring Warren Covington11959
The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra Starring Warren Covington331958 - 1973
The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra11959
Tommy Dorsey's Clambake Seven11959
Tommy Dorsey, Bunny Berigan, Thomas "Fats" Waller, Dick McDonough, George "Georgia" Wettling11951
Tommy Dowling11959
Tommy Downs11956
Tommy Drennan21979
Tommy Drennan And The Monarchs91964 - 1969
Tommy Drennan And The Top League11973
Tommy Duchesne Et Ses Chevaliers1 
Tommy Dukes1 
Tommy Duncan451951 - 1973
Tommy Duncan And His Playboys21954
Tommy Duncan And His Western All-Stars21951
Tommy Duncan And The Miller Bros.21953
Tommy Duncan With Bill Woods’ Orchestra11956
Tommy Duncan With Larry Thornton1 
Tommy Duncan With Smokey Rogers And His Band11957
Tommy Duncan With The Ranger Trio21952
Tommy Duncan [soul]21964
Tommy Dunn21958
Tommy Durden11959
Tommy Edwards811951 - 1987
Tommy Ekman71990 - 1992
Tommy Ellison And The Fire Singing Stars Of Brooklyn, N. Y.1 
Tommy Ellison And The Five Singing Stars51975 - 1982
Tommy Ellison And The Five Singing Stars Of Brooklyn, N. Y.1 
Tommy Emmanuel31988 - 1990
Tommy Facenda341958 - 1987
Tommy Faia And The True Blue Facts31968
Tommy Faienza11978
Tommy Faile121959 - 1980
Tommy Farrell31968 - 1969
Tommy Ferguson11968
Tommy Ferguson Trio11957
Tommy Finch21967
Tommy Flanders21967 - 1969
Tommy Floyd31960 - 1969
Tommy Fogerty And The Blue Velvets21961
Tommy Fortmann31975 - 1977
Tommy Fortune11977
Tommy Foster11985
Tommy Frank11964
Tommy Frederick And The Hi-Notes21958
Tommy Fredericks11960
Tommy Frontera51962 - 1967
Tommy Fuller11962
Tommy Furtado41957 - 1959
Tommy G And The Charms31966 - 1967
Tommy Gardner And His Versatiles1 
Tommy Genova11962
Tommy Gibson11965
Tommy Gibson–Johnny Gibson11965
Tommy Gold11983
Tommy Good31964
Tommy Goss11976
Tommy Graham131965 - 1974
Tommy Graham [country]41959 - 1971
Tommy Graham And Friends31971
Tommy Graham And The Big Town Boys11965
Tommy Gray And Friends1 
Tommy Guerrero12002
Tommy Gumina31956 - 1957
Tommy Hahn And The Mojo Men11964
Tommy Halldén With The Rockin' Jupiters11958
Tommy Halldéns Kvartett11962
Tommy Hammond81961 - 1968
Tommy Hammond And The Rockin' Rebels11961
Tommy Harrison21986 - 1988
Tommy Hawk31960 - 1971
Tommy Hawke11960
Tommy Hayes11965
Tommy Hazard11960
The Tommy Heck Quintet11960
Tommy Hedden21959
Tommy Henriksen2 
Tommy Herrmann1 
Tommy Herrmann (Orkest Leon Ardy)1 
Tommy Hill121953 - 1972
Tommy Hill [Motown]11981
Tommy Hill´s String Band11960
Tommy Hill’s String Band11965
Tommy Hodges11981
Tommy Hoehn31977 - 1997
Tommy Hubbard21970
Tommy Hudson And The Savoys31959 - 1960
Tommy Hunt431961 - 1987
Tommy Hunt And The Christ Temple Singers11974
Tommy Hunter181962 - 1989
Tommy Ingram1 
Tommy J21982 - 1983
Tommy Jackson81954 - 1957
Tommy Jacobson Med The Californians11960
Tommy Jakobsson11960
Tommy James1031968 - 1983
Tommy James And The Shondells2111962 - 2008
Tommy James And The Shondells (Featuring Mike Vale)11966
Tommy Jay41963 - 1966
Tommy Jay [Dover]21963
Tommy Jennings21975
Tommy Jett11967
Tommy Johnson11963
Tommy Jones41961 - 1974
Tommy Jones And Swinging Pharaohs1 

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