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"The Singing Jailer" Fred Newton And The Turn Keys11965
Puff Puff1 
The Quintones [Phillips Intl.]11963
Doni Marshall D'Boom Squad11997
The Monorays [Fury]12013
The Insektlife Cycle12015
The Cats Never Sleep12015
Me And My Kites12015
Charles Dodge11971
The Quitones11963
Happy Hal / Helen Petschke / Bayou Ramblers11983
Powder [US]12015
Lem Gravelle / Bayou Ramblers11981
The LeVons11963
Vernon Jones / Bayou Ramblers11981
Psycholiday Project12001
Nate Bliss / Houston Ramblers11984
Fats Garden11990
Don Boone And The Indians11964
The Majors [Pittsburgh]11965
Lloyd Robinson And Noel11982
The Caravans [North Carolina]11965
Prince Williams And The Cat11975
Murry Man12005
Hans Klieber11982
Now [Germany]11979
The Travellers (Belgium)1 
De Topprops11979
The Princetons [Skylark]11961
Peggy Und Richard21991
The Glass (Comedy)11983
"Bobby Blue" Bland1 
Toni And Royce Nicholas11984
The Brazilian Bitles11967
This Is This [Australia]11984
The Moonlighters [California]11980
Ellison White1 
Nathan McKinney And The Chamber Brothers1 
Horace And Soundemension11986
Marcia Griffiths And Tony Rebel11991
The Time Breakers11967
Kahvas Jute11971
Ray Moore And The Nashville Sound11973
Berkshire 711967
Xavier Cugat's Caribbeans11958
The Soul Bros. Orch.1 
Foxy [Germany]11985
The Mofits11966
Shagtime Featuring Cliff Ellis And The Clemson Cheerleaders1 
Gary Patten, Jim Frable And Scott Ludwig11978
Jim Frable And Scott Ludwig11978
Bobby Brown And The Curios11963
The Four Winds [Fiji]11966
Johnny Schultz / The Four Squares [Square Dance]1 
The Four Squares Plus 11 
Bill Castner / The Four Squares Plus 11 
Ray And Connie1 
Charly Boy11969
Rex Brown Orchestra11963
Jubilee Hummingbirds1 
Duo Han En Stella11968
Olivia Newton-John And Andy Gibb1 
Moonglows Med Ronny11968
Art Mooney Und Sein Orchester Und Chor11955
The Moonbeats11986
Verena Moon11978
The Moon Riders21964
Scott Merritt11990
Ward 21, Pete, Renegade12000
Rosemarie Moogk11965
Shampoo [Germany]11979
The Moogies11972
Paul Moody11973
Mood [Germany]1 
Mood (Germany)21972
Johnny Victory11962
Earl And Jimmy Major11969
Wayne Johnson [1980s]11988
Shudder Pulps12013
The Next Nine Years12004
The Phafer11966
Los Shakers [Spain]11966
Volpi Blu11982
Teardrop Factory12013
The Swinging Stones11965
Androgynous Mind12013
The Spirits [Belgium]11967
Falcons [Malaysia]11966
Twilight Zone The Movie / Original Soundtrack11984
Tony Dee And The Gaylords11975
The Velvateens1 
Johnny Crawford [Cindy]11955
The Exception [Switzerland]11967
Alain Boissanger11967
Black Star Line11976
S.W. German Light Broadcasting Orchestra11961
Black Starline Band11976
Big Youth / Half Pint11986
Les Perry Old Time Orchestra1 
Tommy And The Derby's11967
The Traps11976
Gerd Herrmann1 
Ray And The Gamblers11965
R And D Players11985
Kurt Foss11964
Johnny Cook And The Hy-Lites11962
The Righteous Foundation1 
The Man X1 
Rik Le Vay11983
Te Aute Maori Club11960
The Remington Brass Band1 
José Y Pilar11968
The Sparrows [Elkay]11965
Revolutionary All Stars1 
Milton Rowe And Trevor Clarke11973
Len Johnson and The Hi-Lighters1 
Jerry Hughes11990
Nathan McKinney And The Chambers Brothers1 
Kip Tyler And The Break-Outs11964
The Capitol Showband Featuring Tony O'Leary11971
The Smokey Mountain Ramblers11971
Jimmy Brewer11970
Inside The Collage11978
Nickie Contranchis1 
Charles Conrad With Soul Bros., Inc.1 
Benny Conn11969
Neil Peterkin Martin Bewley11981
Freddie Cannon And The Belmonts11981
Ronny Wheaton1 
4 By Four [UK]1 
Robin Scott With The African Pioneers11984
Penny Cocks12012
High Voltage [Oregon]21976
The Rocket Specials11961
Phil Waddell11961
The Knights [New Mexico]11965
Gloria Hardiman1 
Accents [Chicago 60's]11964
Janis Joplin And Big Brother And The Holding Company11968
John John11983
Apache Scratchie21991 - 1995
Bill Baker And The Chestnuts1 
Phil Gammage And The Night Train11991
Pete Astor1 
Stoat Bros11981
The Winchester1 
Annie Jessen11955
Gli Uragani11966
Ries De Vuyst1 
The Bushmen [Kammy]11966
Ricochet [Netherlands]11981
Sons Of The 7 Sisters11979
Billy Max's Front Room Sound11980
The Classels11966
Bobby James And The Vibrants11966
The Richard Wright Group11966
The Secrets [Spark / RAK]11972
Hermanos Deniz Cuban Rhythm Band1 
Die Volksmusikanten1 
Bob van Niekerk11990
Carola Busch11964
Tibor De Machula, Vienna Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Bernhard Paumgartner1 
Wolf Noack11971
Bob Lewis11967
The Boyd Neel Orchestra, Conductor Cedric Dumont1 
Glasgow University Chapel Choir1 
Trino Mora11968
McKinley And Delores And Minor Chords1 
McKinley And Delores1 
Naoya Matsuoka11982
Garn Littledyke And His Trio11963
Gene Rockwell [USA]11966
Stevie Bolger1 
Jimmy Peppers11969
Claude Eldridge11953
Concords II1 
Paradise Birds11977
Joey Of The Original 3 Friends11962
Quinn Tarnados Of New York11961
Neal And Tarp11959
Neal Graham11959
Cole Wilson71958 - 1962
Beef Wellington12000
Blue Rain11986
Norma Lee And Ralph Shannon And His Western Top Hands1 
Dixie Lee1 
Jimmy Wert And The Four Squirts11959
Lee Haynam And The Accents1 
Sheri Leigh And Ken Ward1 

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