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John Sappala And Gloria Mack1 
Judy Collins (Stereo)11977
Ralph Lundquist1 
Ottice Yawn1 
Sister Edna Gallmon Cooke11966
The Dixie Travelers21973 - 1975
Lorin Maazel21969 - 1970
Carl Butler And The Webster Bros1 
Die Bückeburger Jäger1 
The Mother (Madeleine Sherwood), The Sister (Marge Redmond) & The Flying Nun (Sally Field)11968
The Spirits Of Harmony11975
Tom Dixon1 
Slim And The Supreme Angels11979
George Gershwin1 
Barron Von Brenner1 
Prof. Herbert Barth1 
Chris, Larry, Charlie1 
Danny Foreman And Friends1 
Joanthan Winters11961
Morris Mills And The Rithumakers11950
Sylvia Hall11974
Rev. M. L. Franklin11964
Trisha Watts11986
Traveling Kings11964
Jay Mitchell And The Mitchellites1 
David Mohr11976
CBS Trumpeteers11963
The Sim-Aires11963
Wendell Stuart11973
Archie Hodge12001
Hardrock And The Rhythm Rockers11957
Legend [Festival]11987
The Roustabouts With Jim Musil11962
Albatros [80s]11982
Orquesta Falcon1 
Choir Of The Russian Orthodox Cathedral Of Paris1 
Carlos Guzman Y Los Fabulosos Cuatro11981
Jay Mitchell21974
Tanzstreichorchester R. Paché1 
Gerry Munroe11975
Kiko Y Su Conjunto1 
Maggie Ingram And The Ingramettes11966
Kammerorchester Berlin1 
Cyril Ferguson11975
Dry Bread11974
The Five Arcades1 
Gavilanes De Mario Y Wally1 
Mario Y Wally1 
James Brown Story1 
Beppo Küster1 
Topsy Küppers1 
Markus Küpper1 
Evelyn Künneke Und Die Moonlights11959
Evelyn Künneke Die Rubin Boys Und Die Sixtons11960
Data 311984
Ernest Thomas11968
Camille "Lil" Bob11969
Menner En Mevrouw De Bok11981
Guntram Kühbeck1 
Orig. Kugelberger Musikanten1 
Bob Wallis' Washboard Beaters1 
Prof. Alex Bradford21967 - 1970
Alex Bradford And Bessie Griffin11959
Tsjechisch Kamerorkest1 
Harrie Hendriks1 
Reverend Alex Bradford21976 - 1977
Sjoerd De Boer11989
Hans V Seggelen11989
Kunta Kinte1 
Wolfgang Kubach3 
Jan Trammelant11988
Trio Ale De Vries11980
Le Rancho Folclorico Mar E Vento1 
Yabba You All Stars11978
Boris Gardinr Happening11972
Galt Macdermot And His Pit Band11967
The Reasons1 
Clarence Fountain And The Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama11959
Original Blind Boys Of Alabama21961 - 1963
Billy Quad And The Ravens11965
Oscar Saintal11967
Johnny Mercer And Billy May With Billy May's Orchestra11952
Mallory Sands11962
Imperial C's11969
Soulettes / Rita Marley1 
Jack Edwards1 
Demons All Star11973
Street Bizarre11979
Blaue Reiter11981
Everybody's Brothers11988
Norman Wood11966
Shelby Martin1 
Lynn Rowe Gene Dunlap And Jokers11958
Gene Dunlap And Jokers11959
Rick Harrington Gene Dunlap And Jokers11959
Jimmy Dart Gene Dunlap And Jokers11959
Eddy Bailes And The Ted Trio11965
Ted Forrest Quintet1 
Ted Baryson11982
Moody Sect21967 - 1969
Des O'Connor With Alyn Ainsworth And His Orchestra11970
Harry Mooten91956 - 1961
The Rocks [Alabama]11966
Donna And The Dees1 
Gus Vali11962
Sabby Lewis (Piano) And The Uniques11959
Los Dos Rebeldes1 
Antonio Danes1 
Los Dos Gilbertos21979 - 1980
Los Desveladores Y Las Hermanas Segovia1 
Freddie Gomez1 
Hermanos Prado8 
Dewey Long And The Long's Men1 
Sam McCue With The Classics11964
Hap Wainwright1 
Marcelo Y Aurelia5 
Los Gavilanes De Mario Saenz Y Wally Gonzales1 
Vilas Craig And The Vicounts1 
Los Brillos1 
Hermanas Mendoza2 
Dede Soul And The Spidells1 
The Dusters With Jimmy Binkley's Orchestra1 
Andy Foxx21974 - 1975
Ben Davidson-Hewitt11975
Dragoslava Gencic1 
Zoran Kalezic11976
The Manhattan Trio And The Sylvet's12009
Jimmy Binkley1 
Willy Tremain's Thunderbirds11959
Birdlegs And His Versatility Birds11962
Richard Holmes And Les McCann11962
Gerald Wilson And His Orchestra11962
Bud Shank And Bob Cooper11957
Paul Bryant11960
Los Alondras11979
Carmell Jones And Harold Land11961
Wally Armendariz Y Su Conjunto1 
Bud Shank And Carmell Jones11961
Fred Katz11957
Ann Callison11964
Jimmy Blinkley1 
Marilyn Burroughs11963
Jean Durand11962
Eugene Harold Weed11958
Johnny Cook11962
Los Populares1 
Mário Simões E Seu Conjunto1 
Jeff Gordon11962
Conjunto Acapulco De Rumaldo Zapata1 
Hermanos Arellano3 
Eleazar Garcia1 
J. And The Sabres11962
Freddy Fender Con Los Ayala1 
Armando Sciascia61962 - 1966
John Randolph Marr11970
Cruz Torres Y Su Conjunto1 
Estella Reynolds1 
Luis Perez Meza9 
Norb Kamin11981
Big Tiny Little11962
The Coachmen Five Featuring Ray Davis11962
The Mighty Prince Galloway11962
Ken Kennington11962
Roy Thomas11962
Chor Und Orchester Rudi Bohn61958
Robert Gallo11962
Los Jovenes De Carlos Guzman1 
The Kili Jacks11962
Vicentico Valdes And Orchestra11960
Frankie Val11962
The "Dollops"11980
Dueto Cartablanca1 
Jody Vac1 
Rosita Y Aurelia1 
Daddy Goodloe31961 - 1962
Mariachi Nacional De Arcadio Elias1 
Billy English11962
Kiki Paige11962
Skip Battin Combo11962
Mien Oostvogels11985
Aja Van De Graaf11985
Starlighters [Nugget]11959
Pine Mt. Boys11962
Don Holly11962
Mack King11959
Buggy Bumper1 
The Four Dynamics12002
The Cook Sisters11962

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