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Bobbie Jean11960
Jeep Smith11958
Jeri Jorden11968
Robin Auld11983
Loui Lepkie1 
The Sherwood Singers11962
Dick Garrett With The Shadows [Fraternity]11958
The Shadows [Fraternity]11958
Billy Daggett1 
Bobby Sherwood And His All - Bobby Sherwood Orchestra11955
Charles Stock1 
Ken Brandt1 
Holger Thomas11977
Ray Stinson1 
Das Große Pariser Ballorchester11958
Malibu [RCA]11985
Emily's Chair11998
Jermaine "Jah-Son" Forde / Jazzwad12000
Chukki Starr12000
Die Fröhliche Stammtischrunde11961
Horst Wende Und Seine Tanzsolisten11955
Beatrix Potter11971
Albert Vossen Mit Seinen Rhythmikern11956
Karl Valentin Und Liesl Karlstadt11956
The Randumbs1 
The Leslie Sheffield Combo1 
Baxter Radio Network Staff1 
Evergreen [80's]1 
Freddy Kristoffersen11968
Gilly Elkin11982
Angela Maria2 
Little Johnny Shaw11964
Warren Moran1 
Psyche And Luminance12015
Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie Featuring Luther Vandross11978
Friedl Loor, Karl Terkal1 
The Pits [00s]22001 - 2002
Vice Barons12003
Jimmy Jay With The Trivials1 
Peter Shagen11966
Dick Morgan Trio11960
Arthur Jay1 
Eddie Mobley11975
The McRackins11995
Jim Henson's Muppet Alphabet31971
Alan Cole And Carlyn Jonathan11972
The Mighty Shaine "Mr. Enthusiasm"11969
Janny En Fré1 
Groninger Gerard1 
Maurice Willimas11965
Duncan McDonald11974
Penny Serenaders11958
Electronic Ensemble1 
Mike Ogilvie And The Blues Of Purple11969
Sing - Und Spielgemeinschaft Der Odenwälder Trachtengruppe Beerfelden Odw.1 
Norman Dunlap With Maxwell Davis11953
Ernie "Jivin' Around" Freeman11956
Ron Rico Sax Kari And Orchestra11954
Tirami Su11984
Note And Toe And The Grenadiers11957
Ashton Savoy And His Combo11956
Erika Köth, Rudolf Schock, H. Hildebrand, M. Schmidt11958
Rudolf Schock, Helga Hildebrand, Manfred Schmidt11958
Steve Woodley Band11980
Steve Woodley21976 - 1980
Billy May's Orchestra1 
Steve Sparling11985
The Family Dogg Feat. Mike Hazelwood11971
Steve Maclean1 
The Delmonicos11964
Charles Sims11960
Het Landgraaf-Duo1 
Jo Hirsch1 
Johnny Lee [Belgium]11989
Grupo De Coros Y Danzas De La Seccion Femenina De Badajoz21975
Bob Morelli1 
Jose King Y Los Sublimes11993
Papa Capleton11982
Emile Scaremberg1 
Major Mackerel And Colin Roach11988
Johnny Tyrone11984
The Pinker Tones12002
Roland Alphonso And Soul Brothers12003
Pribata Idaho11994
The Four Blazes11955
Oscar Saldana11954
The Whispering Piano11961
The Robert Cobert Orchestra11969
The Robert Cobert Orchestra With David Selby And Nancy Barrett11969
Cliff And Winston1 
Cannon Ball1 
Sticky And Family Man11972
Herbert Chang11978
Abe And The Vibrators1 
Lilian Williams1 
Illo Schieder, Liselotte Malkowsky, Peter Alexander, Herbert Ernst Grohe und Gerhard Wendland11955
The Love Affair With The Keith Mansfield Orchestra11981
Bill Matthews And His New Orleans Ragtime Band1 
Hey Fever!11985
The Flying Ducks11984
Effervescent Freberg, Ltd.11959
The Swinging Reflections11968
Shirley Chandler1 
Al Sears And His Countrymen11967
Ray Doc Mayo1 
Mickey Turner11960
Kjell Pettersen, Odd Bjørklunds Trio11964
Vic Corwin Orch.1 
The Chicago Fire11968
Will Sanders And The Embers11959
Shirley Brown [Narrator]11969
The Loved Ones [Kapp]11967
Crystlzd Mvmnts11991
Mary Love [Country]1 
The Group With No Name11976
Dennis And The Explorers11961
Denise Draper21985
Shamber Girls11958
Benoni Flute Quintet11958
Alexandra Shamber Boys11958
Leo Scott1 
The Invictas With Ruth Ann11963
DiMarco Brothers11960
Malcolm Billings11967
Großes Operettenorchester - Dirigent: Franz Marszalek1 
Artie Stevens11965
Rockin' Walter11977
Willy Richartz Und Die Bamberger Symphoniker4 
Phantom Canyon11982
Rev. Gene Ewing1 
Stephens, Barnard11985
Monroe, Schubert11985
Heath, Rodgers11985
Dynamite Singletary1 
Heinz Rehfuß, Berliner Motettenchor, RIAS Kammerchor, Berliner Philharmoniker11960
Fresh For The 90's11989
Tonny Conn11959
Les Frères Joiry11961
Rudi Franke1 
Dorsey Burnett11975
Kingston Wall12015
Jefferson Folk Group11966
Norm Lachance And His Country Travellers11968
Dan Gribb12015
Derek Grant12015
Dave Carter11974
Hal Schaefer His Orchestra And Chorus11958
Airport [Switzerland]11975
Jan And Lyn11968
Tommy Cash, Johnny Cash11990
Tommy Cash, Johnny Cash, Tom T. Hall, George Jones11990
Calypso Franco1 
The Rinsona's11980
Frankie Ellis1 
Sallie James1 
Rough Diamond11977
The Skapitanos12010
Rieky And The Funny Boys11980
French Horn Rebellion Vs Database12009
Rocking Steady11999
King Banana11999
The Pigletts11999
Rita Streich - Peter Anders11955
The Fremen12003
Herself The Elf11983
Alain Braine11973
Wolfgang Schneiderhahn, Rudolf Baumgartner, Claude Starck11961
Ted Heath And His Music, Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra11963
Martin Denny, Si Zentner11962
Peppermint Players1 
Hans Oldersma11982
Bob Dante'11959
Art Farmer, Gigi Gryce11957
Carla Remy en Hans Wiljon21962 - 1964
Danny Vest And The Simmons Family1 
Danny Vest1 
Maureen Reeder1 
Skin Deep [NWOBHM]11980
Shorty Long With String Band11954
Dan Ryan Express Way1 
The Medallions [Michigan]1 
Phil Speer11983
The Galahads11965
John Garr11987
Orchestra Tropical11982
Phil Graveyard11988
Paul Gimbel With Twistin' Jackie And His Gang31962
Britta Phillips12016
Rupy Edwards All Stars11972
Herta Talmar, Herbert Ernst Groh, Peter Alexander, Willy Schneider, Willy Hofmann1 

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