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Billy Wilson [API]1 
Nellie Millenaar21963 - 1964
Bob Fisk / The Shannonaires1 
Ken Bower / The Shannonaires1 
The Fantômes And Their "Big Sound" Guitars11963
Ellis Rex51962 - 1963
The New Beatles [80s]11981
The Driftin' Five21963 - 1964
Les Fantastiques1 
Neurose Urbana12002
Neuroottiset Pelimannit12002
The Luvin' Kind11967
Nervous Tension21998 - 1999
Keep Fit11976
Mitch Miller Mit Orchester Und Chor1 
Coasters Two Plus Two11975
Ray Adams And The Del-airs11957
Björn + Benny + Anna + Frieda (ABBA)11973
Benny Goodman, His Orchestra And His Combos11961
Jenny Monta1 
Greetje Kersbergen1 
Cor De Jong11980
Don Crawford And The Escorts11958
Orchester Mitch Miller Und Chor21958 - 1961
Don Hagen1 
Maggie Miller11973
Joe Miller (Polydor)11965
Ira And The Greeks11985
The Subhumans [Canada]11978
Ulick O'Connor1 
Glenn Miller And His Orchestra (Vocalist: Ray Eberle And The Modernaires)1 
Glenn Miller And His Orchestra (Vocalist: Tex Beneke)1 
Raymond And Rozana11986
Bill Robinson And The Cavaliers1 
Johnny Creel / The Southerners [Texas]11962
Johnny Pierce / The Southerners [Texas]11962
Vaughn Parrish / The Texans [Blue Star]1 
Donald Shaffer1 
Randy Lynn Shaffer1 
Marshal Flippo / Earl And His Hoedowners2 
Doug Sahm And The Spirits1 
Marshall Flippo / Earl And His Hoedowners1 
Roy Meddors11967
Material With Nona Hendryx11981
The Hi Rock Band11975
The Divine Brothers21975
The Mods [New Zealand]11966
Pierre Maria11979
Pipe And The Pipers11971
Cathy Howe With Ben's Chimes11966
The Rayders11965
Michelle McAdorey12013
Us [USA]11974
Kim Melvin And The Style-Setters Orchestra11968
Bridge City Jazzmen21965
Ray Statson11981
The Five Fellows And A Girl1 
Richard House With The Five Fellows1 
Living With Lions12011
Earlene Tucker1 
Maria Monti1 
George Washington And The Cherry Bombs11966
Libra [Italy]11979
Joanne Campbell1 
The Bonnevilles [Whitehall]11959
Morys Bruce, Anna Massey, Daphne Newton, Richard Douglas, John Scott With The Linden Singers1 
The Bonnevilles [New York]11962
Missing Monuments12013
Marcy And Margie11973
Trans-am All Stars1 
Carolyn Boran With The Country Stylers1 
Grant And The Joybells1 
The Boogers11967
Don Drummond Jr.1 
Frantics [Montana]11986
Wild Ones [El Paso]11985
Family Dog1 
Ray Bolger And Eileen Herlie11962
Ray Bolger And Chorus11962
The Trippers [Manitoba]11967
Dave Whitfield11976
Wayne Boling1 
Roland Cools1 
B. C. Brown11980
Bob And The Creations1 
The Blue Bells [Blue Belles]1 
Juan Montego And The Kingston Orchestra1 
Blackjack [Oak]11973
Blackjack [20th Century]11976
Bob And Ray11960
The Excitements1 
Bavarian Radio Chamber Orchestra11956
The Bluegrass Partners11963
Blue Belles (Prissy Sue)11966
Bule Belles (Prissy Sue)11966
Mayita Y Kiko Campos11966
Red Warrick / Longhorn Playboys Band1 
Johnnie Wykoff / Rhythmaires1 
Johnnie Wykoff / Houston Ramblers11985
Popular Orchestra With Accordeon1 
Joanna Georgakopoulou, Tatassopoulos, Voulgaris1 
D. Perdikopoulos, S. Perpiniadis1 
Joanna Georgakopoulou And Basil Tsitsanis1 
A Soft Perversion12004
Cox Miller11988
Franck Pourcel Y Su Orquesta11965
Miller Boys11965
Christa Miller11962
Jack Livingston / Square Tunes Band1 
Zangklassen Van De Gereformeerde School Te Rijswijk (Z.-H)1 
Tommy Stoye / The Mustangs1 
Les Brummels21966 - 1967
Ron Johnson11973
Chuck Bryant And The Mustangs11978
Curtis Thompson / The Mustangs [Mustang]11972
Dan Man12015
American Gorilla11982
Amerin Gorilla11982
The Tomb Stones11991
Tony Dodge11960
The Chapins11967
Mac Letson And Gary Baker11987
Mac Letson / Lou-Mac Kutups1 
Buddy Kivett / Eva Nichols And Her Lone Star Ramblers1 
Corect Spelling Featuring Michelle McAdorey11982
Larry Gowan11982
The Chapin Brothers11967
The Linden Singers And Sinfonia Of London Orchestra1 
Marys Bruce, Anna Massey, Daphne Newton, Richard Douglas, John Scott With The Linden Singers1 
John Clements And Walter Fitzgerald1 
The Bridge City Jazzmen31965
Mike Scott [Waterboys]21995
King Rocky And The Willows11967
The Bob D. Five11964
Ceirníní Na Gaeltacht11960
Otis And Roy1 
Baileys Aggregation11979
Caribbean Flava All Star1 
Soul Sound All Stars1 
Willie And Youth Winston1 
Dick Blakely1 
Freddie Keil With The Zodiac Strings And Chorus11963
Freddie Keil With Bill Sevesi And His Islanders11966
Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers With The Hi-Brows11962
Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers With The Turner Sisters11963
Freddie Keil The Kavalies And The Hi-Brows11962
The Freddie Keil Five11964
Jimmy Slogget Five11964
Neon Maniacs12000
Rave L.11987
The Moontones, Teddy Preston's Party Dixielanders, And The La Ronde Bros.11957
The Thinmen With Len Barnard And His Party Jazzmen11957
Frank Strozier11960
Ken Frye, Ed Henson, Arthur Hatfield1 
The Prancers11959
(Psico) Gloriano Bini11968
Gesangsektion Der Milwaukee Turner11961
Joe Shott And His Hot Shots11961
Sonny Davis11965
Blood Hollins11974
Jay Vest1 
Bob Mallet1 
Clint Martin With The Tune Toppers1 
Norma Lyn1 
Chuck Bryant With The Mustangs2 
Curt Dunn1 
The Mustangs (Caller: Chuck Bryant)1 
The Destinaires1 
Dean Dean1 
Lynda Davis The Blenders And Jimmy Briggs Singers1 
Floyd Crumpton1 
Gary Curtis11986
Eddie Crandall11959
Ken Hitchcock1 
Maggie Carles1 
Larry Edwards11965
Hal Windham1 
The Chessmen [Pennsylvania]11962
The Chessmen [Arkansas]11965
Billy Bailey And The Country Drifters11973
Yvonne Brown11983
Peter Linz11966
Patricia Atlan11989
Karl Terkal, Mimi Coertse, Wiener Chorvereinigung1 
Karl Terkal, Mimi Coertse, Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper1 
Riccardo Bertoni1 
Kurt Baum, Wiener Symphonisches Orchester2 
Ira Malaniuk, Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper2 
Herschel Bernardi, Herbert Edelman11965

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