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Billy Ed Wheeler11969
John Livigni11975
Joe Dill And His Little Pickle, Guiseppe11961
The Hoffmann Institute Of Sound And Music11985
Calvin Coolidge1 
Ray Lovelock And The Tomas Milian Group11967
Gli Alligatori11967
Peter Silvester With Bruce Innes Music11982
Tom Cole1 
Bernie Coatta11985
I Nuovi Topi11967
Mary Jane Lewis1 
Dave Willis And The Jackson-Tones11966
Five Fashions11966
Farida And The Cookes11965
Danny Brown (Canada)11986
Eddy And The Crazy Jets Show31964
Coca Carola11991
Boone And The Girls21987
Dieter Boehme And Anne Banks11984
The Huns' Review11967
Rob Bartlett11988
Black Bart11985
Kate Ashby11985
The Richard Anderson Band11981
James Lee Hitchner11982
Bunky Green1 
Bill And Sue-On Hillman Featuring Sue-On1 
Bill Hersh And Mel Degen11980
Perla Negra11975
The Harvey Henry Band21981 - 1982
Harald Leipnitz11967
Orchester Vladimir Cosma11980
Bill And Sue-On Hillman With Desperado21981
Len Henry And Good Company21981
Wilf Ingersoll31981 - 1982
Laurie Karr21981 - 1983
The Rock N'Roll Schoolteacher11959
Bill Hersh And Gary Dare11981
Ron And Tim Jeffery11980
Eternity (U.K.)11991
Wendy Jenkins11981
Beth Jones11980
The Exiles [Instrumental]11964
Hank Farrell (Mr. Heartache)11987
Shirley Neuman Band11987
G. "Hawkman" Hendry11987
Bardon T. Yorke11990
Tracy Young11989
Patsy Young11986
Kenny Wynn With The C-Notes1 
Garry Shider11988
Rocky Woodward11988
With A Bullit11984
Don Winters (Canada)11990
Chickie Williams11977
Lyane Leigh11989
Leiendecker Bloas1 
Michael Legrand And His Orchestra11968
Jacob Young11970
Leiber Stoller Big Band1 
Shirlee Neal11965
Misti Rose11981
Richard Allen11981
Terry Wheeler21988
E. Dunkley11976
Arthur Godfrey And The Mariners11954
Lee's Dynatones1 
Safari Sound11981
Sharon Westlake11987
Ricky Wells21987
Bryan Way11987
Volunteers [UK]11981
Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers11988
Bed Rugs12014
Dan Washburn31989 - 1990
Jamie Warren With Madonna Tassi11983
Dee W. White11966
Sister [Paulette And Gee]11971
Sisters [Paulette And Gee]11970
Ryan Adams And The Cardinals1 
The Walters Family31989 - 1990
Stevie Steven's Combo11963
Mac Walters11988
J.T. Walsh (Jr.)11990
Loose Rocksalat1 
Milty And Nat11958
Lawnie Wallace11988
Julia Wallace11988
Michael T. Wall And Sabrina Kathryn Wall11986
The Singing Wall Family11986
Erwin Lehn Und Sein Orchester1 
Dave Vonau11977
Erwin Lehmann11974
The Two Sweethearts11955
Alain Legovic1 
Kaye Peters1 
Brian Henneman11992
Eric Quincy Tate21970 - 1972
Jerome McMurray11968
Rosie Lee11981
Peggy Lee And Mel Torme With The Mellomen1 
Jay Clark And The Heralds11965
Terri And Jane11959
Laura Lee [Germany]1 
The Ebb-Tones11956
The Dominoes [Polka]1 
Winston Hart11982
Ivor Lynch1 
The Parish Sisters And The Delta's1 
Mark Dalton1 
Byron Cody Hastings11982
Phil Moore41949 - 1958
Trudy Vipond11985
Laura Vinson, Chris Nielsen, R. Harlan Smith11987
The Cavaliers [Texas]11964
Laura Vinson41987 - 1989
Don Trotter And The Eighth Wonder11969
Vickie Van Dyke And Tom Wade11988
(Bobbi And Michi) The Sound Of Soul11967
Vickie Van Dyke And Roni Sommers11988
John Lee [John Arthur Lee]12012
Epsilon [France]11987
Povel Ramel, Martin Ljung, Tosse Bark, Oskar Rundqvist11956
Liane Lee21978
Kui Lee1 
John Lee [Germany]31967 - 1968
Jason Lee2 
Jackie Lee [Germany]31962
Flory Lee1 
Gnagbo Michel Et Son Ensemble1 
Dave Lee [Germany]2 
Gregory Tynes1 
Susan Tyler51988 - 1989
True Spirit11989
Three Stand Out11989
Willie Wilson And The Tunemasters11958
Danny Thompson And Contraband11983
D.J. Thompson11989
Gayle Ackroyd11990
T.J. Thomas And Diamond Black11990
Sandy Therien21990
Debbie Tessier1 
Rick Taylor1 
James F. Taylor1 
Edward Tex Taylor11983
Madonna Tassi11986
Ron Tarrant2 
Gordie Tapp1 
Gordie Tapp (As Cousin Clem)1 
Bryan D. Switzer21989 - 1990
Jess Lee And Rocky Swanson11990
N. Paul Swain (Cwihun) And Arlene Leslie1 
Wayne Sulliman21987
Straight Clean And Simple31989 - 1990
Other Peoples Children12002
Rex Stone11984
Steve Stone21986
Billy Stone21977
The Group Four [Illinois]1 
Jan Sterritt11989
John Lester11959
Lucille Starr And Sylvia Tyson11989
Teresa Laughlin11974
Glen Stace With Wilma Groenen11988
Mark Spector11987
The Ravens Wood School Choir11971
Lloyd Snow21991
Mary Lou Sonmor41983 - 1988
Peter Solmes1 
Smith And Smith's Comedy Mill11989
The Nite Train11970
Chris And Harlan21984 - 1989
Lyndie Smith11989
Brian Sklar31988 - 1989
Diane Gordon11960
Mary-Jo Starr11990
Nick Knatterton11973
Tony Marshall And Roberto Blanco11990
Sugar Minott And The Ghetto Youths11979
The Hubbels11969
27th Airborne Submarine11967
Albert Stone11965
The Soul Society [Texas]11967
The Soul Kings [Kansas]11967
Nicholls And Williams11981
Nicholas Lens11986
Dora D.11989
Grace Knight11990
De Natasja's11962
Slight Ache11970
The Neighbours [Netherlands]11967
Jan Nelissen Jr.11964

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