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Mark "Moogy" Klingman11972
Gerard [Gerard Kenny]11968
Gereformeerde Zangvereniging Pro Ecclesia Te Wezep1 
Mannenkoor 2e Divisie Kon. Marechaussee1 
Heptones And Soul Vendors1 
De Gooische Vedelaars1 
Cool Heat [Ohio]11971
Idlers Five11968
Jeff St. John And Id21966 - 1967
Alex Creppel1 
Helmut Shmidt Und Die Rivieras1 
Jack And The Rippers [Houma]1 
Denvermen21963 - 1964
D.A.T.C. Mixing11980
Campact31968 - 1977
Bobby Long And The Cheerios11963
Jenny Herrell11960
D. D. (Foots) Ford11957
Robt. (Hot Licks) Banks11957
Jah Scotchie11977
Little Brenda Starr11964
Rick E. Darn And The Toplins11965
Tatsuhiko Yamamoto11985
George And Gene (George Jones And Gene Pitney)11965
Lee Atkins1 
Dudley Sibley And The Soul Gang11972
Bobby Jackie And The Soul Defenders11972
Margo [Smith]11971
The Steel Singers11963
The Abbey2 
Michael John [Detroit]1 
Roland Alphonso And The Ska-talites11965
Featuring Jean Richards, Lainie Cook, Bob Thomas11975
Jimmy Dart31959 - 1962
Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Brothers11972
The Solicitors21970 - 1971
The Amazing Robert Allen11972
The Exotics [Coral]51961 - 1964
The Exotics [UK]31964 - 1970
Frank Howard31966 - 1970
Frank Howard And The Continentals11970
Mildred Wood11966
Charles Friday11966
Rent Party Band11991
Groupe Folklorique Nivernais-Moran1 
Carol Sanders1 
The Crawdads1 
The Luci Baines Band11996
The Famous Ammanford Choir11961
Das Kölner Rund - Funk Sinfonie Orchester Leitung : Dean Dixon1 
Sheena Easton Con Luis Miguel11984
[no Artist ]11995
Nick Terry And The Toy Terriers11958
Sedatrius Brown11967
Mustang Band1 
Chr. Kamper Mannenkoor "D.E.V."11965
Gem. Koren11965
Arthur B. Hancock III11967
Clarence Mann11985
The Hash Brown Singers11966
Sir Lon De Leon And The Chandeliers11962
Jimmy "Frenchy" Dee11962
The Kock Robyns11966
Digno Garcia And The Carios11966
Bobby Moore [Kay=O]21966
Bobby And Buzz11966
David Hollestelle En Peter Post11965
Het Chr. Residentie Mannenkoor11965
Herv. Gem. Zangver. "Vox Jubilans"11965
Ranny Sinclair11966
Speedball JR Featuring Steve Mackay12014
Hilde Zadek, Hans Hopf And Otto Edelmann With The Vienna Symphony Orchestra11955
Hilde Zadek And Hans Hopf With The Vienna Symphony Orchestra11955
Hans Hopf And Otto Edelmann With The Vienna Symphony Orchestra11955
Speedball JR12014
Jimmy Gregory And Harvey Vinson11973
Johnnie Alton11964
Ace's Wild11971
P. Frances And J. Higgs11970
Five And Dime11968
Rico And Johnny11961
B. Gabidon11961
Bernard (Touta) Harvey11974
Billy Dyce And The Tennors11974
Lionel Hampton And Roberta Sherwood11966
Fredy Pulver And His Original Swiss Folklorists1 
Fiver [Fierce Panda]22000 - 2001
Harvey Road C.P. School Choir And Orchestra 197411974
Das Südwestdeutsche Kammerorchester Leitung Friedrich Tilgant1 
Chor Der St. Hedwigs-Kathedrale1 
Frank Sinatra Orch. Count Basie1 
Errol And Roots Rock Band11980
Culture Paul11989
The Extras [Wales]11982
Michigin And Smiley11981
J. W. Tyler And The Mighty Golden Tones11976
Scotch [Italy] Remix 90 Ft Vince Lancini11990
Fred Carter Jr.21969
Aca Matić1 
Buck Ryan And Smitty Irvin11965
The Joker`s11992
Grozda Milovanović I Marko Jovičić1 
The Splenders11970
Bobby Cavazos11965
On The Ball11989
Helen Chance11965
Chris Murray1 
Babylove And The Van Dangos1 
Milorad Repić-Miki11971
The Gentle Good12007
Sister Angie11988
Ivica Šerfezi21967
The Man That Cometh11969
Herman's Visions11983
Victoria's Voices11964
The Tiptops11962
Tupper Saussy11963
Jah Children11975
Jean Loehe11955
Joseph Traxel11955
The Pied Pipers [Tops]11958
The Dew-Etts With The Raiders11960
Dizzy And The Soul Syndicate11971
The Rave-Ups11990
Tony Jamieson Lamour And The Magnificent One's1 
Paco Ruano11968
E. J. Finch11980
The Monkeymen1 
The Family Goat11968
Eugene Lowell Singers1 
Roger Booth And The Escorts1 
Ruth Robin11962
The Grovers11968
Freddie McKay And The Soul Defenders11971
Dr. Cuddley's Prescription11966
Black Skin The Prophet11979
The Roadcrew11974
The Radis11982
Simon Bookish12005
Rocky And The Heptones11975
Leroy And The Sound Dimension11975
Lloyd Lawrence1 
Brenda Starr21964 - 1970
Richard Moreland11971
Jamie Moore1 
Hector Montemayor1 
Ib Schønberg Og Lille Dorthe11955
Ib Schønberg11955
Smokestack Lightnin' [Germany]41999 - 2011
Tony Molina Y Su Conjunto Tony Y Raul Sanchez1 
Nico Rio1 
White Lightning [Popey]1 
Raymond Washington11961
The Celebrity Quartettes11955
Sam Taylor And His Cat Men11954
Luise Martini1 
Dot Aston With The Smoothies1 
The Castaways [Pioneer]11965
The Usuals11995
Jimmy Caravano11964
Jim Basnight11977
Sven Martin41961 - 1962
Frankie Carle Piano With Rhythm1 
Reggie Smith1 
Olive Moorefield - Jimmy Makulis11956
The Five Wagers41969 - 1974
Andre Odom1 
Brenda Edwards11977
Leontine Dupree21970
Jazzbo All Stars11975
Wolfgang Dauner2 
Freda Harris And The Birmingham Rhythm Section11977
Oliver Johnson21989
Dennis Walk11968
Jannies And Blue Jeans1 
Ricky Melody11987
Jimmie Steward, Jr.11961
The Three Brothers11974
Empire Falls [USA]11998
Empire [RAK]11982
The Hi-Breds1 
Glass Isle12015

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