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Betty Bennette And (Best Easter)11975
Sylvia Hogan1 
The Sacred Aires Quartet1 
Silas Woodley1 
Morning After Rich11977
Ka'Di'Da21976 - 1977
Bobby Rand11957
H. P. Riot11974
Terry Cummings And Company1 
Bing Crosby, Chorus And Orchestra1 
Tom Gough1 
Rick Brown And The Magic Carpet Band1 
Carl Kaye12006
Michael Straub12006
The Genos11960
John Vincent's Innamincka Show Band11969
Doni Carlson1 
Eighty - Eight11981
Byth, Byth And Spencer1 
Byth Byth And Spencer1 
Jacques Rochon11979
Mark Turnbull11967
Marlin Nielsen With Memo Orchestra1 
The Strikers and Children of Selston Bagthorpe Primary School Choir11978
The Gravities11969
The Leicester Square Squares11964
Alan Moor And His Music Makers11964
The Bobolinks11961
The New Senders1 
The New Invaders1 
Eleanor Steber31953 - 1960
Johnny Lytle Quartet11962
Sex [New Orleans]22001
Hot 'N' Cold11998
The Soul-Jers1 
Al Nevins And His Orch.11959
The Bagatelle1 
Los Fratelos11972
Allan Olsen21989
Jimmy Gage1 
The Gremlins [Oak]12014
Erik Og Annemarie11970
Povl Dissing And Benny Andersen11974
Kirks Equator11991
Paulette And The Cupids11964
Blank Stare12006
Las Cucarachas1 
Black Star Brigade12001
King Diamond11973
Black Satin Featuring Fred Parris11975
Bobby Reed [soul]21968 - 1970
Bobby Wilson [Golden Gate]1 
Black Market Fetus12001
Ted Creekmore11962
Ali Muhammed Birra11975
Black Kronstadt11995
George Lindsey (Goober Of The Andy Griffith Show)11967
Bob Wilson [U.N.O.]1 
Bobby Wilson [Volt]21967
Dan Dalton And The Hummers21973
Lawrence Flippo1 
хор "прометеї" при парафії св. володимира і ольги в чікаґо11978
митрополитан андрея шептицьков11978
хор святоуспенської церкви у львові11978
Birkineh Wurga Army Band11975
Karen June11979
Yvonne Murray11981
Running Ben Kerr1 
Ricardo Mandera11977
Black Swingers11976
Freddie's Orch.11984
Phil Miranda And Mike Kelly11984
S. O. S.1 
Tyggegummibanden61974 - 1978
Eugene Ormandy Conducting ThevPhiladelphia Orchestra1 
The T&B11968
T. Jackson And Nicole Croisille11968
Michael Rabin (Violin) With Orchestra1 
Sue Lynn1 
Rita Streich, Peter Anders, Peter Witsch, Richard Capellmann, Willy Schneider, Ltg. Franz Marszalek11958
The Bank [US]11981
De Pupkes en De Koekwauze11977
Pro Et Contra11975
Joe Coleman11982
Pleasure Seekers11976
Soul Drifter1 
The Brentwoods [New York]11963
Joe Perkins [Waldorf]2 
Joe Perkins [soul]51969 - 1972
Uniques [doo-wop]11960
Red Foley And The Andrews Sisters11951
The Soul Generals1 
Dave MacDonald11979
Guy Mitchell And The Easy Riders11959
Lazlo Bane11996
Prins Harry 1e En De Zuudloarderbollen1 
Big Sun11991
Pontiac [Netherlands]11983
Polleke Polder11978
Gary Kupper11986
The Snowmen [Roulette]11964
De Platmakers11975
Piraten Paultje11981
Tapper And Musical Intimidators11977
All The President Men1 
Jah Earl Locks1 
The Southern Harvest Session Band11978
Pippi Langkous (Paula Majoor)11972
De Pineuten11983
The Jan Corduwener Quartet11955
Pietje Patent11977
The Ambivalent Crowd11972
Piet Römer, Enny de Leeuwe, Sylvia Schipper, Dick Doorn, Kinderkoor Henk v.d. Velde1 
Pier Römer, Enny de Leeuwe, Sylvia Schipper, Dick Doorn, Kinderkoor Hend v.d. Velde1 
Stephen Gillespie11988
Piet Knarren31974 - 1989
Sonia Basile11990
Big Dipper And The Heavenly Bodies11981
Brunt Of It12011
Eddie Campbell11967
Piet Bal11970
De Ballenjongens11970
Pierre van Ostade11980
Paul Van Ostade11980
Peter Zwerus11983
Peter West1 
Peter van Son11982
Dan Gibson11964
Morandi Ruggeri Tozzi11987
F.C.D.N. Tormentor11991
Spitin' Image11981
The Dicemen11983
Deep Freeze11978
Kenneth Jay With The George Norman Orch.1 
Warning [UK]11980
Beau Brummel [Kent]11982
The Naturals [Hertfordshire]11981
Joe Templeton Acc. By The Centuries11962
K 8411982
Diane Sands11967
The Just Jazz All Stars11955
Primitives [Lazy]11988
Slick 4612008
Harrington Saints12008
Holidaymakers [NZ]11988
EU [Russia]12000
Orvil Samuels, Fred McKay, Rags And Riches1 
Orange Glass11998
Evie [Canada]11998
Silver Scooter11998
Jean-Pierre Leclère Et Ses Alter Ego1 
The Ethnic Fight Band11975
Hubert And Joy11975
Horatio And The Hornblowers11967
T.H.E. Hab1 
Het Luchtmachtkoor Hilversum11962
Robert Mersey, His Orchestra And Chorus11967
Cul De Sac [Czech]1 
Carlyle Miller11978
Pierre Fournier With The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra11959
Hott Roxx11978
Ron Irving11981
Rock Bottom And The Spys11981
The Mighty11972
Nuclear Crayons11982
Mike Campbell [Canada]11966
The Lyle Cotton Band1 
Terminal City11979
Londoner Symphonie Orchester1 
Lost Generation [Connecticut]11982
The Robert Tennison Troupe1 
Marianne Delgorge21967
Tony London31968 - 1969
Dan Hylander Och Raj Montana Band11983
The Pacesetters With The Day Dreamers11962
The Pacesetters [Wink]11962
Sts. Peter And Paul's Ukrainian Catholic Church Choir. Melbourne1 
Eddie And Mary1 
Laurie London Und Die Hansen Girls1 
Clyde Murphy "The Gospel Singing Coal Miner" And The Murphy Trio1 
Laurie London Und Die Mandolinos11960
Laurie London Und Die Bikinis11960
Laurie London And The Rita Williams Singers1 
Unit Plus11969
Al Andres And The Voices Of Gethsemane11972
Louis Miller And The Voices Of Gethsemane11972
Vomit Visions21980 - 1981
The Harmony Boys Gospel Singers1 

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