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Nick Therry And The Nickabobs11956
The Universal Voices11973
J. C. James11983
Hersang And The City Slickers12014
The Shades11979
Cousins [Kanes Cousins]11968
Jutta Und Michael Kausch11973
Бисер Киров11970
Peter Kaufmann Quintett1 
Carl Kaufmann21960
Борис Гуджунов11968
Маргарита Димитрова11968
Георги Кордов11968
А. Тодоров11968
The Rock Years1 
Flaco Jiminez11963
Toby Torres Y Flaco Jiminez11964
Leon Wint11977
Paul Neighbors1 
Bo Katzman11987
Outokummun Mieskuoro Ja Outokumpu Oy:n Puhallinorkesteri11976
Helen Watson With Andy Fairweather Low11989
Bat Ja Ryyd11991
Joe Zook And Blues DeLuxe11987
The Monty Kelly Orchestra1 
Kari Paananen11979
The Collection [Hot Biscuit]11968
The Collection [Bazooka]11970
The Collection [Derek Shepherd]11972
King Harvest [Australia]11971
Pate Ja Saara11985
Dante [US]151960 - 1962
The Country Singers11957
Charles Gould11956
Ann Gilbert11957
Dizzy Gillespie And The Cool Jazz Stars1 
Kai Winding's Birdlanders1 
Les Pirates Avec Dany Logan11962
Buddy Cole And Gloria Wood1 
Jack Richards With Vic Corwin And His Orchestra1 
Nicki Hopkins And The Whistling Piano11967
Mitzi Mason11957
Tennesee Jane And The International Cowboys1 
Herb Coleman11957
Dev Shawn11974
Trio Roadrunners1 
John Holm11988
Flex And The Fastweather11986
De Rennies1 
Liam O'Flynn11990
Gerard McChrystal11990
The Pick-Nicks21964 - 1970
Jacques Fuoco1 
Oy Como Va1 
Chrystian Gauthier2 
Friends Circle11987
The Electricks1 
The Unusuals [Calgary, Canada]21980 - 1981
Hell Fire Club11988
Lello Tartarino11971
Years And Years12014
Rikki And The Rokkits11980
Five Day Trial11978
Ozo Theatre Company1 
King Tubby The-Agrovaters11975
Helmut Wesp Und Charly P. May1 
Carin Wilson Und Pit Peters21966
Gipp Forster11973
The Yodelling Comedians1 
Art Barker11980
Bruce Davis1 
Bruce Davis Quintet1 
The Satellites [Germany]12014
Bourke / Warwick Big Band11987
Nan Monaghan11987
Suzi Chunk And Groovy Uncle12014
Heidi Und Rosi Mittermaier11966
Steelyard Blues11973
Ernest Farmer1 
Sami Jo And Sammy Johns11986
Ted Brooks11951
The Blockbusters [New Zealand]1 
Rochelle Vinsen With The Blockbusters11964
Luchi And The Queen Of Hearts Band11980
The Verdix11980
Ron Paxton And The Foothill Stompers11980
The Charles Blanchard Band11988
Mark Burgess11986
Oscar Charles Foundation11984
Jack And Anne11984
Danny Daniels [Canada]11983
Bill Ball1 
Stanley Anderson11981
Susan Smith [Calgary, Canada]11979
Danny Mack11980
The Renays11964
The Embellishments1 
Woody Herman And The Las Vegas Herd11956
Jim Cox11986
Francis X And The Bushmen11984
C'est Clavé11983
Kenny Long And The Lonesome Boys11968
Tommy Lloyd And His Strolling Cowboys1 
Shorty Rogers And His Augmented "Giants"11955
Shaba Ranking11987
Ed Zimbrick And Tenth Avenue Jazz Band1 
Lambert, Hendricks And Ross!11960
Angel York Et Son Dixieland1 
The Mexican Singing Twins11955
Roberta Lee And Thurl Ravenscroft11956
Brentford Disco11978
M.F.S.B. And The Three Degrees1 
Suzanne Ciani12014
Lolita Con The Latin Souls1 
Sly And Robbie, Dean Fraser And Robbie Lyn22012
Las Lilis11968
Glen Adams And Yvonne Harrison12014
The Forresters11966
Nick Curtis With The Raymonde Singers11968
Frank Minion11956
Lou Berry And Bel Raves11959
Red Berry And Bel Raves11959
The Good Earth [SWAC]11968
Guns N' Roses [The Steve Hollier Quartet]11990
G. Livingston1 
Orchester Rolf Andy21965
Big Joe And Sound Dimension1 
Alphanso Bailey1 
Fondation Québec-Afrique11985
The Links11972
Sparky Lawrence11988
Die Navaios1 
Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari11990
Tongue 'N' Cheek [Towerbell]11981
Budapester Radiola Zigeunerorchester11967
The Gamblers [Germany, Tempo]11965
Blaskapelle Der Linzer Elektrizitäts-Straßenbahn AG11965
Stane Znuderl Mit Seiner Lustigen Dorfmusik41965 - 1966
Vandale21982 - 1983
Ranking Rocky And Dudley Sibley11977
The Da-Kars11968
King Khan And BBQ Show12011
Ansambel Boris Frank Sa Svojimi Kranjci11965
The Bambinos11961
Wiener Symphoniker, Leitung: Robert Stolz21982
Kuki Boroš11976
Het Vierwieken Orkest11974
Hans Veldkamp And Coconut Split11981
Gerrit Van Veldhoven1 
Hans Löffler Und Seine Gitarren11967
GTV9 Orchestra And Chorus11968
The Jolly Swagman11968
Red Cook11965
King Suez And The Pyramids11965
Johnny Lemac1 
Shawn Lee [Texas]11985
Roberta Lee And Jerry Gray11953
The Playthings [1990s]11992
Alexander Gems East Sheen Baptist Youth Choir1 
Noel Davy11986
La La Wilson Band1 
The Moon Man1 
Ada Lee11961
Supernatural Six Band11977
Ron Hellard And The Party Animals11981
Vee Allen1 
Kathy And Gulliver11973
Art Falls1 
Flack And Company11976
Arlene Bailey1 
Anthony Allen11961
Macky Kasper Und Seine Star-Band1 
Pat Ferris, Rita Williams And The Highlights And The Velvet Trumpet Of Grisha11962
Rita Williams And The Highlights And The Velvet Trumpet Of Grisha11962
Toby And Iris11958
Celia Cruz Con La Sonora Matancera1 
Die Kasermandln1 
Das Buchner Duo Und Die Oberammergauer Musikanten11962
Stan Boreson And Doug Setterberg With The Gene Boscacci Trio11957
Miguelito Valdes And His Orchestra11952

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