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Wireless [Canada]11978
Clarence Paul And The Members11970
The Sonars11961
Bill Frazier11961
Richard Peters Hague11961
The Biscanes11961
Jim Bobo And Hank Mizell11961
Bing Crosby And Grady Martin And His Slew Foot Five11952
Dan Belloc51953 - 1963
Joey Silva11961
The Fairyland Players11960
Carol Kay11966
Georgia Lynn1 
The Randy Van Horne Singers11961
Albert Van Dam And His Orchestra11960
Shaggy's Speech11959
Dieter Reith1 
Bruce Blalock11957
Charlie Mariano And Stephan Diez1 
Tom Burt11965
Jeff Newmann11985
Troll [Intersound]1 
The Slurping Trombones Of Hans Ehrlinger1 
Tony Fisher And The John Fiddy Enterprise1 
Côr Telyn Teilo11985
Antonella Lualdi11976
Horst Jankowski Und Sein Orchestra1 
Simon Scott And The Plattermen1 
Fiorenza Vianni-Nolan11971
Bobby Chandler And The Escorts1 
Chemical Posse11992
Errol Scorcher, Tony Tuff11981
Walt Maddox And The Marcels11982
Kurt, Tom And P.O.11989
Kurt And P.O.11989
Elly Williams11954
Pioneer And Errol Scorcher11979
Dick Bardi And The Orchids11955
Badger [NWOBHM]11985
Black Rose [NWOBHM]21982
Danny Lane1 
Bob Atcher11954
William Marine1 
Home [USA]21971
After Dark [Germany]11985
After Dark [pop]1 
ARC [USA]11978
Herbie Mann (Vocal By Cissy Houston)11976
Joanne Barnard11978
Che [UK]11989
Al McKay And The Turbans11961
Rita Streich, Sopran, Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin1 
The Invitations [Big Tree]21971
Helen O'Connell And Gisele MacKenzie11952
Jennie Jamison11962
Clay Huddleston11968
The Invitations [Liberty]11959
New Glory11970
W. Albany St. Band11985
Mallie Kelly11989
Malibu [Bobby Orlando]11983
Alexander Rabbit21969 - 1970
Celia Tolley1 
Rod B. Gray And Joyce Lofton1 
Little Johnny Christian And The Chicago Playboys1 
Joe Nelson1 
Errol Archer11982
Lee Konitz With Strings11959
Die Charleston-Babys1 
Juri Camisasca11975
Brunel21980 - 1982
Avis Davis11983
Brooklyn [NWOBHM]11980
Jose Lucas11987
Eugene Williams And Interdenominational Choir1 
Eugene Williams - Lee Ida Brown And Interdenominational Choir1 
Drew David11971
Panna Fredda11970
Billy Brown The Country Gentleman11955
The Lambert Bros.11954
George Graham11963
Dean Randy11961
The Bent Elbows11988
Red Flag [Red Flag 77]11997
Led Zepplin11976
The Blitz11979
The Counts [Westbound]11972
Ray Bahr11956
Manny Albam, Ernie Wilkins and Their Orchestra11956
Los Panter11976
The Troubadors Orchestra11961
Los Nibelungos11967
Berlin Ritz11980
Larry London21968
Beg To Differ11985
The Troubadors Orchestra And Chorus11961
Murl's Pearls11976
Kazimierz Kowalski11981
Mac Vickery11965
Sonney Lee1 
Sonny Lee11966
Dick Bray1 
Tony Worrell11985
Ted White With The Toppers Chorus And Orchestra1 
Bud Roman With The Frankie Martin Orchestra1 
The Yuletide Chorus And Orchestra1 
Jack Williams With The Toppers Orchestra1 
The Raisins [UK]21967 - 1969
The Sandpipers With Jim Timmons1 
Harrison Calloway1 
Larry Griffin11974
Michael Stewart And The Sons Of Texas1 
Don Elliott And The Skip Jacks1 
The Campfire Singers1 
Capricorn [Sweden]11987
Jan Park11957
Tony McKenzie1 
Ivan Lee1 
Peter London With Pat Kramer And The Musical Sounds Of Santa's Little Merry Makers11975
Pat Kramer With The Musical Sounds Of Santa's Little Merry Makers11975
Little Miss Peggie With Bill Parker And His Orchestra11962
Sheri Lynne1 
Jacques Ysayse And His Orchestra11956
James "Juicy" Joel1 
I Am The Hamster1 
The Galileo 712014
New Electric Ride12014
Violet Swells12014
Jerry Rood1 
Burt And Bob1 
Bart Davenport12014
The Parson Red Heads12014
Marie Merghesi1 
Bunny Roed1 
The Dorado's1 
Fred Schillot1 
Anne Shelton With The All Stars1 
Cuero Y Metal11986
Crystal Pride11982
The Three Kittens11957
Carnage [USA]11989
Betty Bennett21956
The Herman Stevens Singers11963
End Of Your Garden11982
Golden Tones1 
The Clochards12003
Grænseoverskridende Naivitet11995
Crossroads [New York]11984
Sort-hvide Landskaber11982
Crom [Finland]11985
De Må Være Belgiere11983
Kliché31980 - 1983
Helen Schneider11977
Freshly Riots11982
The Zero Point21983 - 1986
Radar [Denmark]11980
Dave Cowens11976
Bleed [USA]11994
Chain To Thread11994
Elaine Monteque11974
Miss Vicki Benêt11956
Tom Matthews11981
Jon Pertwee And Tom Matthews11981
Dutch Robinson And The Caretakers11972
Speakers Corner1 
Robert Caire11968
Winston Bobby Francis1 
Winston Bobby Francis With The Aubrey Adams Quartet1 
Ekkehard Fritsch11964
Dave Kelly Band21984
Tony Peroni31987 - 1990
Los Crazy Bird's11966
M.C. Luscious1 
Napoleon Puppy11967
Charles Witherspoon11968
Lydia MacDonald11959
Avantgarde De Luxe11985
Dr. Humphrey And The Bogards11990
Stolen Bones11984
Charlie Q11982

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