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Latest Records:   Brazil

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Claude Ciari

A: La Playa
B: Blowin' In The Wind
Odeon Brazil71-309919657"0manuelgjara

27th Jun 2015

Diana Pequeno

A1: Cançâo De Fogo
A2: Los Caminos
B1: Blowin' In The Wind
B2: Milonga De Andar Lejos
RCA Brazil102.02481979EP0manuelgjara

27th Jun 2015

Richard Anthony

A: Dançando Sôbre A Estrela (Swinging On A Star)
B: Escutando O Vento (Blowin' In The Wind)
Odeon Brazil71-311819657"1manuelgjara

25th Jun 2015

Françoise Hardy

A: Le Temps Des Souvenirs
B: J'Ai Bien Du Chagrin
Mocambo Brazil1.08219657"0Simon_1967

16th Jun 2015

The Korgis

A: Don't Look Back
B: Xenophobia
London Brazil10.00119827"0chrisb

13th Jun 2015

The Byrds

A1: Mr. Tambourine Man
A2: Here Without You
B1: All I Really Want To Do
B2: Chimes Of Freedom
CBS Brazil562441965EP0manuelgjara

10th Jun 2015

Françoise Hardy

A1: Oh Oh Chéri
A2: Il Est Parti Un Jour
B1: J'suis D'accord
B2: Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles
Mocambo Brazil30751964EP0Simon_1967

9th Jun 2015


A1: Hoy Daria Yo La Vida
B1: Ruastinha
B2: Mi Enamorado
Copacabana BrazilH-71219717"0ppint.

9th Jun 2015

Johnny Bristol

A: Hang On In There, Baby
B: I Got Your Number
MGM Brazil2006 465Oct 19747"0soultwinz

7th Jun 2015

Feeding Your Pathological Needs

Lymphatic Phlegm

A1: Intro: Endomorphia In Pathogenesis Imperfecta
A2: Prostatic Affection Consequent To Blenorrhagical Urethritis
A3: Malignant Tumour Resultant From Epithelial Cells Proliferation
A4: Chronic Nephrological Collapse In Multiple Renal Sclerosis

Jan AG

B1: Rage
B2: Set Up
B3: Like You
B4: Bullet Blaster
2+2=5 Brazil2+2=6Jun 2002EP0sid-departure

6th Jun 2015

Elton John

A1: I Feel Like A Bullet
A2: Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
B1: Pinball Wizard
B2: Ho , Ho , Ho, (Who'd Be A Turkey At Xmas)
Young Brazil302.10281976EP0dereus1

4th Jun 2015

Tim Moore

A: Yes (English Version)
B: Yes (Portuguese Version)
Top Tape BrazilSRC 102,30119867"0davie gordon

3rd Jun 2015

The Plastic Cow

Música Eletrônica

A1: Lady Jane
A2: One Man, One Volt
B1: Lay Lady Lay
B2: Tomorrow Tomorrow
RGE BrazilCD-802721970EP5manuelgjara

3rd Jun 2015

Grace Jones

A: Love Is The Drug
B: SInning
Island Brazil101 81919797"0pantman

17th May 2015

Eva [Brazil]

A: Cantica Por Luciana
B: Meu Mundo
Odeon Brazil7B-38919697"0thatsunday

14th May 2015

Little Sister

A: You're The One - Part I
B: You're The One - Part II
Atco BrazilACS 205.02719707"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

11th May 2015

The Travel Agency

A: What's A Man
B: Sorry You Were Born
Equipe BrazilCSV-60919697"0davie gordon

10th May 2015

The Rascals

A: See
B: Away Away
Atco BrazilACS 205.02119697"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

10th May 2015

Mark De Clive-Lowe Featuring Nia Andrews

A: Now Or Never

Mark De Clive-Lowe

B: Brukstep
Mucho Aroha Music BrazilPO3931 Oct 20147"0washlively

10th May 2015

Sharon Paige

A: I Wanna Know Your Name
B: New To You
ABC Brazil6.26-101-06419787"0soultwinz

8th May 2015

Edú Lobo

A: Arrastão
B: Reza
Elenco BrazilCE-1419657"0Graham7

5th May 2015

The Virgil Brothers

Brazil Only

A1: Temptation 'Bout To Get Me
A2: Look Away
B1: When You Walk Away
B2: Good Love
Odeon BrazilEP3TomAdo

1st May 2015

Barbra Streisand (Duet With Kim Carnes)

A: Make No Mistake, He's Mine (Não Se Engane Ele é Meu)

Barbra Streisand

B: Clear Sailing (Navegação Livre)
CBS Brazil43.598Nov 19847"0MR1960

1st May 2015

In Nomine Christi

A1: Es Geht Uns Gut
A2: Strib Wie Ein Held
B1: Macht Euch Die Erde Unterta
Dekadent Brazil004EP0sid-departure

28th Apr 2015


A1: Boom Bang-A-Bang
A2: March!
B1: Boy
B2: I'm A Tiger
Odeon Brazil7ID-41451969EP0Mikey Dread

20th Apr 2015

Trini Lopez

A: Lemon Tree (O Limoeiro)
B: Pretty Eyes (Lindos Olhos)
Reprise Brazil7R-17.00819657"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

14th Apr 2015

Gritos De Alerta

A1: Fila De Morte
A2: Aparéncias
A3: Oportunismo Eleitoral
A4: Uniáo Sem Fromteiras

Jesus Crost

B1: Grind The Enemy
B2: Stranger
B3: Fight For Intolerance
B4: Mincerity
B5: Struggle
Terrötten BrazilTERROR 0082002EP0sid-departure

14th Apr 2015


A: Owner Of A Lonely Heart
B: Our Song
Atlantic Brazil10.17519837"0topographic

13th Apr 2015

Neil Diamond

A: Heartlight
B: You Don't Know Me
CBS Brazil43.53019827"0recordrat

13th Apr 2015

Rick Wakeman And Roger Daltrey

A: Peace At Last
B: Orpheus Song
A&M BrazilS7AM-514719757"0topographic

13th Apr 2015

Rick Wakeman

A: Guinevere
B: Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight
A&M BrazilS7AM-515519757"0topographic

13th Apr 2015


A: Manic Monday
B: In A Different Light
CBS Brazil43.61719857"0RadnaNotions

11th Apr 2015

Jon And Vangelis

A: Deborah
B: And When The Night Comes
Polydor Brazil8155247219837"0topographic

11th Apr 2015

Frank Sinatra

A: The World We Knew (Over And Over) (O Mundo Que Conhecemos)
B: You Are There
Reprise BrazilRCS 17.00719677"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

10th Apr 2015

The Turtles

A: The Story Of Rock And Roll
B: Can't You Hear The Cows
London Brazil7L-604219687"0chrisb

9th Apr 2015

The Turtles

A: Happy Together
B: Can I Get To Know You Better
London Brazil7L 603019677"0chrisb

8th Apr 2015

The Turtles

A: Elenore
B: Surfer Dan
London Brazil7L 604719687"0chrisb

8th Apr 2015

The Platters

Encore Of Golden Hits

A1: Only You
A2: My Dream
B1: The Magic Touch
B2: You'll Never, Never Know
Mercury BrazilD.C. - 8.000EP0Caseellerbroek

8th Apr 2015

Peggy March

A: If You Loved Me (Soul Coaxing - Ame Caline)
B: Thinking Through My Tears
RCA Victor BrazilLC 1618319687"0jimmyx

4th Apr 2015

Tomas Ledin And Agnetha Fältskog

A: Never Again

Tomas Ledin

B: Taken By Surprise
RCA Brazil101.8267.A19837"0Angie101

4th Apr 2015

Emilio Pericoli

A: Al Di La

Gino Paoli

B: Sassi
Warner Bros. Brazil7WB-15.00119627"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

3rd Apr 2015

The Rolling Stones

A1: Get Off Of My Cloud
A2: It's Not Easy
B1: As Tears Go By
B2: Stupid Girl
London Brazil7LD-70281966EP0chrisb

2nd Apr 2015


A: Mama Ich Sag' Dir Was
B: Lollipop
Telefunken Brazil33-29019637"0jimmyx

2nd Apr 2015

The Monkees

A1: A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You
A2: The Girl I Knew Somewhere
B1: When Love Comes Knockin
B2: Tomorrows Gonna Be Another Day
RCA Victor BrazilCGD-180021967EP0chrisb

1st Apr 2015

The Monkees

4 Successos

A1: Monkeys Theme
A2: A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You
B1: Last Train To Clarksville
B2: I'm A Believer
Arista BrazilARD 320071977EP0chrisb

1st Apr 2015

Jimmy Cliff

A: On My Life
B: Oh Jamaica
EMI BrazilEMI-400719737"0Charlie Chalk

1st Apr 2015

Desmond Dekker

A: Licking Stigk
B: Live And Learn
Ember BrazilBCS-17119727"0Charlie Chalk

1st Apr 2015

Roger Daltrey

A1: Ocean Away
A2: Walking In The Dog
B1: Get Your Love
B2: Feeling
Polydor Brazil2229 1801976EP0chrisb

29th Mar 2015

Fernando Jacques

A: Visit Brazil (Side 1)
B: Visit Brazil (Side 1)
Brazilian Govt. Trade Bureau Brazil7"0TheJudge

29th Mar 2015

The Who

A: The Relay
B: Wasp Man
Polydor Brazil212114219737"0chrisb

29th Mar 2015

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