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Latest Records:   Spain

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Big Brother And The Holding Company

A: Keep On
B: Home On The Strange
CBS SpainCBS 707919717"0totalabsorption

4 hours ago

Amanda Lear

Fabulous Lover, Love Me

A: Fabulous
B: Oh, Boy
Ariola Spain100.899-A19797"0Stephen Manktelow

10 hours ago

The Archies

A: Feelin' So Good
B: Love Light
RCA Victor Spain3-1038119697"0Christian

13 hours ago

San Christobal

Agrupcion San Christobal

A1: Camanito De Teror
A2: Canarias Si He De Morir
B1: La Lecherita
B2: Guia, Al Caer La Tarde
Columbia SpainSCGE 813891970EP0Ade Macrow

4th Oct 2015

The 5th Dimension

A: Go There You Wanna Do
B: Too Poor To Die
Liberty SpainLIB 12051 L19677"0tiojoe

3rd Oct 2015

The Cheats

A: Valentine
B: Fondo Musical, Films Valentine
Odeon SpainCM 4419697"0orange-jam

2nd Oct 2015

Fortunate Sons

A: Sometimes You Win...
B: Me And My Uncle
Marilyn SpainM-013Jun 19867"0Pariah

2nd Oct 2015


A: Radio Ga Ga
B: Radio Ga Ga
EMI Spain006-16553271984Promo Only 7"0AV_Queen

1st Oct 2015


Jimi Hendrix

A1: If Six Was Nine (Si Seis Fueran Nueve)

Flaming Youth

A2: Guide Me, Orion (Guiame, Orion)

Blind Faith

B1: Had To Cry Today (Sé Que Lloraré)

John Mayall

B2: Saw Mill Gulch Road (Carretera Del Molino De Sierra)
Polydor Spain10 00 3821970EP0ecwashere

1st Oct 2015

Robin Sarstedt

A: Vamos A Enamorarnos (Let's Fall In Love)
B: Tengo Poca Resistencia (My Resistance Is Low)
Decca SpainMO 162719767"0Ade Macrow

30th Sep 2015


A1: Al Ponerse El Sol
A2: Siempre Estás En Mi Pensamiento
B1: Yo Solo
B2: Volverás Otra Vez
Hispavox SpainHH 17-4081967EP0Rums77

30th Sep 2015

The Special AKA

A: Nelson Mandela
B: Break Down The Door
2 Tone SpainCHS 275119847"0sid-departure

30th Sep 2015

The Fraternity Brothers

A1: Passion Flower
A2: A Nobody Like Me

The Wilder Brothers

B1: I Want You
B2: Teenage Angel
La Voz De Su Amo Spain7EPL 13.404EP0mrvica

29th Sep 2015

Little Beaver

A: Party Down. Part 1
B: Party Down. Part 2
RCA Victor SpainXB-0200419747"0Pariah

28th Sep 2015

Los Relampagos

A1: Nit De Llampecs
A2: Seguidillas
B1: Dulcinea
B2: Noches De Andalucia
Novola SpainNV-1101965EP17226power

27th Sep 2015

Elvis Presley

Elvis Sings The Hits Of Speciality

A1: Tutti Frutti
A2: Ready Teddy
B1: Long Tall Sally
B2: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
El Toro SpainET-15.06213 Mar 2015EP0fantasticbaggie

27th Sep 2015

The Smiths


A1: Hand In Glove
A2: Still Ill
B1: Barbarism Begins At Home
Waco SpainBootleg / Repro 7"0sid-departure

27th Sep 2015


A: Vamos A Cantar
B: En Cada Cancion Un Sentimiento
Odeon Spain10C 006-021.48419787"0Graham7

26th Sep 2015

Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes

A: Mala Suerte (Parte 1) - Bad Luck (Part 1)
B: Mala Suerte (Parte 2) - Bad Luck (Part 2)
Philadelphia Internatonal SpainPIR 320219757"0earlybird

26th Sep 2015

Liquid Gold

A: Hazlo Como Quieras (Anyway You Do It)
B: My Baby's Baby
Carnaby SpainMO 189019787"0hedgehopperray

24th Sep 2015

Jack Hammer

A1: Twistin' King
A2: Boogie Woogie Twist
B1: Crazy Twist
B2: Twist Talk
Discophon Spain27066EP0davie gordon

24th Sep 2015

The Swinging Blue Jeans


A1: Hippy Hippy Shake
A2: Now I Must Go
B1: Too Late Now
B2: Think Of Me
La Voz De Su Amo Spain7EPL 14.0671963EP0davie gordon

23rd Sep 2015

Banda De La Plaza De Toros


A1: Luz De España
A2: La Capa Torera
B1: Brindo Por Usia
B2: Asi Es Frasquito
Regal SpainSEDL 19.2671961EP0Redpunk

22nd Sep 2015

Fine Young Cannibals

A: I'm Not Satisfied
B: Suspicious Minds (Live)
London SpainCANNIBAL 11989Promo Only 7"0thatsunday

22nd Sep 2015

April Stevens And Nino Tempo

A1: Cielo Purpura (Deep Purple)
A2: Yo Lleve Una Antorcha Para Ti (I've Been Carrying A Torch For You)
B1: Baby Weemus
B2: (We'll Always Be) Together
Belter Spain51.3041963EP0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

22nd Sep 2015


A: Metal Warriors
B: Metal Warriors
Atlantic Spain15801992Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

21st Sep 2015

Anita Baker

A: Will You Be Mine
B: Will You Be Mine
Elektra Spain14321992Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

21st Sep 2015

The Andrews Sisters

A: Medley
B: Hold Tight, Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama)
Capitol Spain006 186727719837"0Graham7

21st Sep 2015

Tema Original De La Pelicula "Romance De Un Ladrón De Caballos"

Yul Brynner

A: Suave Como La Noche (Soft As The Evening)

Orquesta De Mort Shuman

B: Mundo Sin Amor (World Without Love)
Musicor Spain10.619-A19727"0Discography

21st Sep 2015

Blue Hawaii - Vol. 1

Elvis Presley

A1: Slicin' Sand

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A2: Canción De Casamiento Hawaiiano (Hawaiian Wedding Song)

Elvis Presley

B1: Isla Del Amor (Osland Of Love)

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

RCA Victor Spain3-207131963EP0bsf1975

21st Sep 2015


A: Ewok Celebration
B: Lapti Nek
Arista SpainB-105.61419837"0Graham7

20th Sep 2015

Fine Young Cannibals

A: Johnny Come Home
B: Good Times And Bad
London Spain882 062-719857"0thatsunday

20th Sep 2015

[no artist listed]

A: El Mundo Entre Dos Guerras I
B: El Mundo Entre Dos Guerras II
CVS Audiolibro SpainCVS-0005-019747"0doormanperdomo

19th Sep 2015

Trio Guarania

A1: Mi Dicha Lejana
A2: La Galopera
B1: Burrerita
B2: Asuncion
Berofón SpainIB-45-11311962EP0Ade Macrow

17th Sep 2015

Alfredo Kraus

A1: O Sole Mio
A2: Serenata
B1: Mattinata
B2: Oh, Mari, Oh, Mari
Montilla SpainEPFM 1101959EP0Ade Macrow

17th Sep 2015

Tony Orlando And Dawn

A: Sing (Canta)
B: Sweet On Candy (Dulce Candy)
Elektra Spain45-150919777"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

17th Sep 2015

Tony Orlando And Dawn

A: Cupid (Cupido)
B: You're Growin' On Me
Elektra Spain45-132919767"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

17th Sep 2015

Miguel Aceves Mejia

A1: Vaya Con Dios
A2: Fallaste Corazon
B1: Penas Del Alma
B2: Cuatro Caminos
RCA Victor Spain3-204231962EP0Ade Macrow

16th Sep 2015

Tuna De La Faculted De Valerinaria De Madrid; Dir. E. Castillo

A1: Horas De Ronda
A2: Fonseca
B1: Espana Cani
B2: Rondalla
RCA Spain330371960EP0Ade Macrow

16th Sep 2015

Presuntos Implicados

A: Mil Mariposas
B: Mil Mariposas
WEA Spain15321992Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Sep 2015


A: Nena (Babe)
B: Estoy O.K. (I'm O.K.)
A&M SpainAMS 763719797"0bugre78

16th Sep 2015

Petula Clark

Baby Lover

A1: Baby Lover
A2: Adonis
B1: St. Tropez (On The Beach)
B2: Guitare Et Tambourin
Hispavox SpainHN 027-041960EP0mister_tmg

15th Sep 2015


A: La Luna Te Dare
B: La Luna Te Dare
WEA Spain13761991Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015


A: Cambio De Destino
B: Cambio De Destino
WEA Spain14031991Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015


A: Abre La Puerta (Open Up The Door)
B: Marinero (Sailor)
Epic SpainEPC 318419757"0musician62

15th Sep 2015

Eddie Rabbitt

A: I Love A Rainy Night
B: Short Road To Love
Elektra Spain45-205819817"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015

The Associates

A: Waiting For The Loveboat
B: Schampout
WEA Spain24 9306-719847"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015

Andy Leek

A: Holdin' On To You
B: Holdin' On To You
Atlantic Spain1.0481989Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015

Bobby Brown

A: Rock Wit'cha
B: Rock Wit'cha
MCA Spain11561989Promo Only 7"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

15th Sep 2015

Alex Y Christina

A: Dulce Maldición
B: Dulce Maldición
WEA Spain247252-719887"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

14th Sep 2015

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