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Latest Records:   Greece

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Zoe With The Minis

A: The Yupee Ya - Ya Song
B: Darling
Pan-Vox GreecePAN 605619667"0dr.zoze

26th Jun 2015

Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Blowin' In The Wind
B: Tell It On The Mountain
Warner Bros. Greece3202219637"0manuelgjara

18th Jun 2015

Thin Lizzy

Live At Dublin 08-16-1981

A1: Waiting For An Alibi
B1: Don't Believe A Word
B2: Suicide
Metal Maniacs GreeceMM0032015Bootleg / Repro 7"0mark from eire

1st Jun 2015

Bob Dylan

A: Hurricane [Part 1]
B: Hurricane [Part 2]
CBS GreeceCBS 384119767"1manuelgjara

29th May 2015

Μάρθα Καραγιάννη

A: Ο Αντρας Που Θα Παντρευτώ

Πετρή Σαλπεα

B: Ανοιξε Πετρα
Lyra GreeceLS 130819687"0Magic Marmalade

29th May 2015

Anna Saris Karabessinis, X. Spourghitis, Roula Kalakis, Maria Grillis And Ephy Saris

Island Melodies

A1: A Maid By The Sea-side
A2: Eyes Like Yours
A3: I'm Leaving You, Mother, My Dear
A4: Mother, Send Me For Water
A5: Sousta
B1: Boat, Little Boat
B2: I Once Had A Love
B3: Our Ragged Fishing-Net
B4: A Boat From Chios
B5: My Curly Basil
Odeon GreeceGEOG 2548EP0leonard

29th May 2015

Bob Dylan

A: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
B: Just Like A Woman
CBS GreeceBA 30111919667"0manuelgjara

28th May 2015

Bob Dylan

A: I Want You
B: Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
CBS GreeceBA 30111119667"0manuelgjara

27th May 2015


A: So Many People
B: Paint It Sad
Epic Greece5-993919717"0oc2545

23rd May 2015

Ramsey Kearney

A: Thinking About My Baby
B: I Never Let You Cross My Mind
Hickory GreeceHG 15519627"0davie gordon

20th May 2015

The Beatles

A: All You Need Is Love
B: Baby, You're A Rich Man
Parlophone GreeceGMSP 1167"0An6y66

13th May 2015

Led Zeppelin

A: Whole Lotta Love
B: Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
Atlantic Greece25501719697"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

11th May 2015

Ηησιωτικα Τραγουδια Songs Of The Islands

Anna And Emilia Hadjidaki

A1: Afar In The Fields
A2: In The Aegean Islands

Soula Passalari And Stellakis

B1: Eyes Like Yours

Anna And Emilia Hadjidaki

B2: The Little Sea
Regal GreeceEGR 8EP0kevhutson

8th May 2015

Percy Sledge

A: When A Man Loves A Woman
B: Love Me Like You Mean It
Atlantic Greece0 57319667"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

3rd May 2015

Canned Heat

A: Wooly Bully
B: My Time Ain't Long
Liberty GreeceLIB 13054 G19717"0Haakie48

25th Apr 2015


A: ?
B: ?
Music-Box GreeceMB 4847"1Redpunk

24th Apr 2015

Roy Clark

A: Love Story
B: Theme From Love Story (Instrumental Version)
Dot Greece45-600677"0earlybird

19th Apr 2015

Tommy Roe

A: Carol
B: Come On
Columbia GreeceSCMG 21119647"0earlybird

18th Apr 2015

Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band

A: Taurus
B: Can You Feel It
A&M GreeceAM 119727"0davie gordon

17th Apr 2015

Hank The Knife And The Jets

A: Stan The Gunman
B: Catharina Serenade
Columbia Greece2J 006 9702519757"0danuta

15th Apr 2015

Παιδικη Χορωδια Του Παρθεναγωγειου Ν. Ν. Μακρη

A: Εις Το Βουνο Εκει Ψηλα
B: Μια Ωραια Πεταλουδα
RCA Victor Greece49gE30047"4earlybird

15th Apr 2015


A: Πάλι Θα Κλάψω
B: Κοιμήθηκε Ο Καλός Μου
Philips Greece63807"2earlybird

15th Apr 2015

Trini Lopez

A: Sinner Man
B: Double Trouble
Reprise GreeceFG 3006719667"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

13th Apr 2015

Frank Sinatra

A: It Was A Very Good Year
B: Moment To Moment
Reprise GreeceFG 3007319667"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

11th Apr 2015

Ricardo Credi

A: Siga-Siga
B: Non Et Non
Philips Greece614319667"0topographic

10th Apr 2015

Frank Sinatra

A: The World We Knew (Over And Over)
B: You Are There
Reprise GreeceFG 3009919677"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

10th Apr 2015

Al Bano

A: Nel Silenzio
B: Quel Poco Che Ho
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 27019707"0lapavlo

9th Apr 2015

Al Bano

A: Il Suo Volto, Il Suo Sorriso

Romina Power

B: Acqua Di Mare
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 27319707"0lapavlo

9th Apr 2015

Al Bano

A: Peniseri "P 33"

Al Bano And Romina Power

B: Storia Di Due Innamorati
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 27219707"0lapavlo

9th Apr 2015

Al Bano

A: L'Oro Del Mondo
B: Io Ho Te
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 22919677"0lapavlo

9th Apr 2015

Ella Fitzgerald

A: Get Ready
B: Open Your Window
Reprise GreeceFG 3013219697"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

8th Apr 2015


A: Le Flamenco
B: Ah Quelle Merveille !
Barclay Greece110797"0LouisSidney

5th Apr 2015

Electric Light Orchestra

A: Telephone Line
B: Poorboy (The Greenwood)
United Artists GreeceUP 3625419777"0An6y66

2nd Apr 2015

The Monkees

A: Last Train To Clarksville
B: Take A Giant Step
RCA Victor Greece47G 124719667"0chrisb

1st Apr 2015

Thin Lizzy

The Warriors Of Rock 1976-77

A: Warriors
B: Dancing In The Moonlight
Rock Soul Records Greece2014Bootleg / Repro 7"3mark from eire

30th Mar 2015

The Who

A: Happy Jack
B: I've Been Away
Polydor International Greece22219677"0chrisb

29th Mar 2015

Mary Hopkin

A: Those Were The Days
B: Turn Turn Turn
Apple GreeceAPPLE 27"0An6y66

28th Mar 2015

Led Zeppelin

A: Immigrant Song
B: Hey Hey What Can I Do
Atlantc Greece2091 04319717"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

25th Mar 2015

Graham Nash

A: Simple Man
B: Chicago
Atlantic Greece2091 09619717"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

24th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Lonely Again
B: When You Care A Lot For Someone
MGM GreeceMGM 61 50723 Dec 19677"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Love Is Me, Love Is You
B: I'd Let You Break My Heart All Over Again
MGM GreeceMGM 90917"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Whoever You Are I Love You
B: Rock Dem Bells
MGM GreeceMGM 908419657"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Forget Domani
B: No One Ever Sends Me Roses
MGM GreeceMGM 908219657"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Ho Bisogno Di Vederti
B: Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight? (Un Altro Amore)
MGM GreeceMGM 908019657"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Harry Belafonte

A: Island In The Sun
B: Cocoanut Woman
RCA Greece47G 61619577"0GeneRobertson

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Your Other Love
B: In The Summer Of His Years
MGM GreeceMGM 9076Jun 19647"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Drowning My Sorrows
B: Mala Femmena
MGM GreeceMGM 9070Sep 19637"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: If My Pillow Could Talk
B: You're The Only One Can Hurt Me
MGM GreeceMGM 906920 Jun 19637"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Baby's First Christmas
B: I'm Falling In Love With You Tonight
MGM GreeceMGM 9068Unreleased0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

Connie Francis

A: Follow The Boys
B: Waiting For Billy
MGM GreeceMGM 906721 Mar 19637"0confranfan

17th Mar 2015

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