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Latest Records:   Greece

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The Beach Boys

A: Then I Kissed Her
B: Mountain Of Love
Capitol GreeceCL 1550219677"0dogear

12 minutes ago

Gene Pitney

A: The Ship True Love Goodbye
B: Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
CBS GreeceBA 30107219637"0bigginsdan17

21st Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Muscle Of Love
B: Crazy Little Child
Warner Bros. Greece3210119747"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Billion Dollar Babies
B: Mary Ann
Warner Bros. Greece3209819737"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Hello Hurray
B: Generation Landslide
Warner Bros. Greece3209019737"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Elected
B: Luney Tune
Warner Bros. Greece3208719727"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: School's Out
B: Gutter Cat
Warner Bros. Greece3208319727"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Be My Lover
B: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Warner Bros. Greece3208119727"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Under My Wheels
B: Desperado
Warner Bros. Greece3207519717"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Alice Cooper

A: Eighteen
B: Body
Warner Bros. Greece3206419717"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

16th Aug 2014

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: Woman Love
Capitol GreeceF.345019567"0make1968

15th Jul 2014

Robin Gibb

A: Saved By The Bell
B: Mother And Jack
Polydor International Greece29219697"0Charlie Chalk

14th Jul 2014


A: Black And White
B: Sand In Your Shoes
Island GreeceWIPG 719717"0Charlie Chalk

14th Jul 2014

Μαίρη Λίντα

A: Αν θυμηθείς τ' όνειρό μου

Μαίρη Λίντα και Μανώλης Χιώτης

B: Μυρτιά
Columbia GreeceSCDG 27997"0The_Vinyl_Junkie

14th Jul 2014

Graham Gouldman

A: The Impossible Years
B: No Milk Today
RCA Victor Greece47G 135019687"0gold_mandela

12th Jul 2014

George Dalaras

A: Νάτανε Το 21 (Natan The 21)

Yiannis Parios

B: Κάπου Στα Πετράλωνα (Somewhere In Petralona)
Minos GreeceMINOS 506719697"0DreamMachine

12th Jul 2014

Γιάννης Καλατζής

A: Ο Επιπόλαιος
B: Λείπει Εκείνη
Minos GreeceMINOS 504219687"0DreamMachine

12th Jul 2014

Γιώργος Ταλιούρης

A: Δεν Μετανοιώνω Που Σ' Αγαπώ
B: Η Ταβέρνα
Olympic GreeceOE 7502519687"0Ade Macrow

10th Jul 2014

Deep Purple

A: Fireball
B: Demon's Eye
Harvest GreeceHARG 150819717"0dr.zoze

9th Jul 2014

Crispian St. Peters

A: Pied Piper
B: Sweet Dawn My True Love
Decca Greece45-GD 510119667"0dr.zoze

9th Jul 2014


A: 25 Or 6 To 4
B: Where Do We Go From Here
CBS GreeceBA 30128519707"0dr.zoze

9th Jul 2014

Μάνος Χατζιδάκις

A: Χορός Χασάπικος

Μελινα Μερκουρη

B: Τα Παιδιά Του Πειραιά
Fidelity Greece706119607"8The_Vinyl_Junkie

9th Jul 2014

Blackfoot Sue

A: Standing In The Road
B: Celestial Plain
Columbia GreeceSCMG 51219727"0dr.zoze

8th Jul 2014


A: Mr. Money
B: Casanova
RCA Victor GreeceYEPBO 20919747"0dr.zoze

8th Jul 2014

The Animals

A: The House Of The Rising Sun
B: Talkin' 'Bout You
Columbia GreeceSCMG 22919647"0dr.zoze

8th Jul 2014


A: Beautiful Dreams
B: Over And Over
Melody GreeceBMG 2027"0stesmith

6th Jul 2014

Oι Εκλεκτες Πεννιες Του Τσιτσανι

Πόλυ Πάνου

A1: Φελλάχες Γλυκές (Ανατολίτικο)

Μαίρη Καλ

A2: Την Αγάπη Μου Έχασα

Μαίρη Λίντα

B1: Σπάστα Γκρέμιστα

Μαρικα Νινου

B2: Αλεγκρα
Athénée GreeceATEP 2002EP0leonard

2nd Jul 2014

Joan Baez

A: Let It Be

Joan Baez (With Mimi Farina)

B: Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Vanguard Greece200127"0Ade Macrow

21st Jun 2014

Sex Pistols

A: Pretty Vacant
B: No Fun
Virgin Greece2097 94219777"0JimmyTheGeordie

18th Jun 2014

Al Bano

A: 'O Sole Mio
B: Cuore Tenero
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 26719697"0lapavlo

10th Jun 2014

Rare Earth

A: I Just Want To Celebrate
B: The Seed
Tamla Motown GreeceGTM 15119717"0sladesounds

7th Jun 2014


Live in Germany, Hamburg 23/01/81

A: Fiction Romance
B: Harmony In My Head
Dark Image Productions GreeceMay 2014Bootleg / Repro 7"3Punk7Man

2nd Jun 2014

Humble Pie

A: Big Black Dog
B: Strange Days
A&M GreeceAMS 8077"4sgt weatherman

23rd May 2014

Miss X

A: Christine
B: S-E-X
Music Box GreeceMB 91157"0carryonsidney

16th May 2014

Λόλα Τσακίρη

A: Αθήνα
B: Σαν Σφυρίξεις Τρείς Φορές
Decca Greece45-PL80267"1hedgehopperray

13th May 2014

Al Bano

A: Quando Il Sole Chiudi Gli Occhi
B: Il Mondo Dei Poveri
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 25519687"0lapavlo

8th May 2014

Al Bano

A: Tu Che L'amavi
B: Tu Non Sei Come Sembri
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 24919687"0lapavlo

8th May 2014

Al Bano

A: La Siepe
B: Caro, Caro Amore
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 24219687"0lapavlo

8th May 2014

The 4 Seasons

A: Beggin'
B: Dody
Philips Greece375319677"0Stephen Manktelow

6th May 2014

Al Bano

A: Mattino (Mattinata)
B: Vecchio Sam
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 25819687"0lapavlo

3rd May 2014

Al Bano

A: La Donna Di Un Amico Mio
B: Bianca Di Luna
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 24419677"0lapavlo

3rd May 2014

Al Bano

A: Nel Sole
B: Io Di Notte
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 22519677"0lapavlo

3rd May 2014

Χορωδία Καρδίτσης "Ο Αρίων"

A1: Άπονη Ζωή
A2: Υπομονή
B1: Βαρκαρόλα
B2: Τα Δακρυά Μου Είναι Καυτά
Polydor Greece50 8921965EP0Redpunk

28th Apr 2014

Al Bano

A: Pensando A Te
B: Sensazione
His Master's Voice Greece7MG 26219697"0lapavlo

26th Apr 2014

Μιχάλης Μενιδιάτης

A: Τάμπα Τούμπα

Μπέμπα Μπλανς

B: Ο Διαβάτης
His Master's Voice Greece7PG 36677"1Graham7

19th Apr 2014

Chubby Checker

A: Let's Twist Again
B: The Twist
Columbia GreeceSCMG 1477"0Klepsie

8th Apr 2014

Neil Young

A: When You Dance I Can Really Love You

Neil Young With Crazy Horse

B: Cinnamon Girl
Reprise GreeceFG 3014919717"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

5th Apr 2014

Neil Young

A: Heart Of Gold
B: Sugar Mountain
Reprise GreeceFG 3017019727"0Jente_Jan_de_Jong

3rd Apr 2014

The Way-Outs

A: Can't Take No More
B: I'll Walk Away
Lost In Tyme GreeceLIT45-00120057"1Christian

2nd Apr 2014

Tina Charles

A: Dance Little Lady
B: I Go Where The Music Takes Me
GPC GreeceGPC 103 AEPI19877"9dezwarteschijf

29th Mar 2014

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