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Latest Records:   Greece

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Ζ. Ιακωβιδης - Μ. Γαβριηλιδης

A: Που Ναν' Ο Ισκιος Σου Θεε
B: Το Δενδρακι
Philips Greece63487"0The_Vinyl_Junkie

27th Feb 2015

Siouxsie And The Banshees

A: Dear Prudence
B: Tattoo
Polydor Greece815501-719837"0pantman

26th Feb 2015

Pacific Gas And Electric

A: Are You Ready ?
B: Staggolee
CBS GreeceBA 30127819707"0davie gordon

25th Feb 2015

Μιχάλης Βιολάρης (Mihalis Violaris)

A: Ελα Να Σμιξουμεν Τα Θκυο
B: Αρκεις Τζιαί Πέθανα
Zodiac GreeceZS 81197"0highlandmacloud

24th Feb 2015

Κυριάκος Κεραυνός (Kyriakos Keravnos)

A: Κυπριακοί Χοροί (Cyprus Folk Dance) (Side 1)
B: Κυπριακοί Χοροί (Cyprus Folk Dance) (Side 2)
Keravno Phone GreeceKC 1287"1highlandmacloud

24th Feb 2015

Kevin Cummins

Corfu Songs & Dances

A: Beloved Corfou
B: Kepkypa TToaytatthmenh
Music-Box GreeceMB 6937"0sid-departure

22nd Feb 2015


A: Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
B: The King Has Lost His Crown
Pan-Vox GreecePAN VOX 760519797"0brady-sattler

15th Feb 2015


A: Take A Chance On Me
B: I'm A Marionette
Pan-Vox GreecePAN 760019787"0brady-sattler

15th Feb 2015

Lola Falana

A: Uno Come Te
B: Working In A Coal Mine
Reprise GreeceFG 3012219687"0dogear

13th Feb 2015

Jefferson Airplane

A: Crown Of Creation
B: Lather
RCA Victor Greece47G 136719687"0davie gordon

12th Feb 2015

Boney M

A: Rivers Of Babylon
B: Brown Girl In The Ring
Music-Box GreeceMB 10058Mar 19787"0Dr Doom

12th Feb 2015

Boney M

A: Belfast
B: Plantation Boy
Music-Box GreeceMB 1005719777"0Dr Doom

12th Feb 2015

The Turtles

A: Happy Together
B: We'll Meet Again
London GreeceGL 710619677"0chrisb

11th Feb 2015

Connie Francis

Twist Connie Francis

A1: Teach Me How To Twist
A2: I Won't Be Home To You
B1: Kiss 'n' Twist
B2: Hey Ring-a-Ding
MGM Greece92??Jun 1962EP0confranfan

5th Feb 2015

Connie Francis

Connie Francis

A1: Never On Sunday
A2: Siboney
B1: High Noon
B2: Solamente Una Vez
MGM Greece9201Jan 1962EP0confranfan

5th Feb 2015


A: Summer Night City
B: Medley
Pan-Vox GreecePAN 760219787"0polarstar

5th Feb 2015

Five By Five

A: Fire
B: Hang Up
Zodiac Greece450619687"0davie gordon

4th Feb 2015

Uriah Heep

A: Stealin
B: Sunshine
Island GreeceWIPG 2219737"0terjep4

25th Jan 2015

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Crazy Legs
B: Important Words
Capitol GreeceF. 36177"0make1968

25th Jan 2015

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Right Now
B: The Night Is So Lonely
Capitol GreeceF. 42377"0make1968

25th Jan 2015

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail
B: Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
Capitol Greece45 CG 217"0make1968

25th Jan 2015

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Git It
B: Little Lover
Capitol GreeceF. 45017"0make1968

25th Jan 2015

Μέμη Σπυράτου And Δάφνη Ζούνη (Memi Spyratou And Daphne Zouni)

A: Ο Μύθος Λέει Τα Πολλά (Legend Says A Lot)

Θέμης Ανδρεάδης, Μέμη Σπυράτου, Δάφνη Ζούνη (Themis Andreadis, Memi Spyratou And Daphne Zouni)

B: Του Άνδρα Του Πολλά Βαρύ (To The Very Tough Man)
Columbia GreeceSCDG 403719727"1highlandmacloud

20th Jan 2015

Frijid Pink

A: The House Of The Rising Son
B: Drivin' Blues
Deram GreeceDM. 126619707"0davie gordon

17th Jan 2015

Frijid Pink

A: Lost Son
B: I Love Her
Deram GreeceDM.127719717"0davie gordon

17th Jan 2015

Rare Earth

A: Ma
B: Ma (Instrumental)
Tamla Motown GreeceGTM 18919737"0davie gordon

15th Jan 2015

Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

A: Bluejean Bop
B: Jumps, Giggles And Shouts
Capitol Greece45-CG 319577"0make1968

11th Jan 2015

Paul MacCartney

A: Band On The Run
B: Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
Apple GreeceAPPLE 5019737"1APPLE50

10th Jan 2015

The Boomtown Rats

A: I Don't Like Mondays
B: It's All The Rage
Mercury Greece6008 55019797"0Punk7Man

10th Jan 2015

Καιτη Αβετα

A: Ασπρα Κοκκινα Κιτρινα Μπλε
B: Μαρια Με Τα Κιτρινα
Minerva GreeceMS 210919737"1goodbear66

8th Jan 2015

Tommy Roe

A: Dizzy
B: The You I Need
ABC GreeceABCS 9001519697"0davie gordon

7th Jan 2015

The Specials

The Specials - Live In Amsterdam 1980

A: Stereotype (Live)
B: Rat Race (Live)
[none] Greece7"0FunBoy1

3rd Jan 2015

The Jam

A1: The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
B1: Pity Poor Alfie
B2: Fever
Polydor Greece2059 54619827"0Punk7Man

1st Jan 2015

Mason Williams

A: Classical Gas
B: Long Time Blues
Warner Bros. Greece3203819687"0davie gordon

29th Dec 2014

The Iveys

A: Maybe Tomorrow
B: And Her Daddy's A Millionaire
Apple GreeceAPPLE 519697"0greenandblue

19th Dec 2014

Ζωή Μάγκου

A1: Η Γερακίνα
A2: Ο Χαραλάμπης
B1: Ερηνάκι
B2: Λουλούδι Της Μονεμβασιάς
Fidelity Greece70757"1lorangrecords

16th Dec 2014

Πόλη Πάνου

A: Τα Παιδιά Του Πειραιά

Πόλη Πάνου και Γρηγόρης Μπιθικώτσης

B: Ένα Σφάλμα Έκανα
His Master's Voice Greece7PG 26777"1lorangrecords

14th Dec 2014


A: The Name Of The Game
B: I Wonder (Departure)
Pan-Vox GreecePAN 759919777"0brady-sattler

7th Dec 2014

Lloyd Mayers

A: Desafinado
B: Alone Together
United Artists GreeceAG 302219627"0davie gordon

2nd Dec 2014

Bad Manners

A: My Girl Lollipop (My Boy Lollipop)
B: Flashpoint
Music-Box GreeceM.BOX 1011019827"0sid-departure

1st Dec 2014

Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Too Many Fish In The Sea - Three Little Fishes
B: I Got You (Feel Good)
Bell Greece750919687"0davie gordon

27th Nov 2014

The Jackson 5

A: Doctor My Eyes
B: My Little Baby
Tamla Motown GreeceGTM 18219727"0musicman56

25th Nov 2014

Suzi Quatro

A: Devil Gate Drive
B: In The Morning
Columbia GreeceSCMG 53619747"0musicman56

25th Nov 2014

Alvin Stardust

A: My Coo Ca Choo
B: Pull Together
Columbia GreeceSCMG 53219737"0musicman56

25th Nov 2014

Brownsville Station

A: Be-Bop Confidential
B: City Life
Warner Bros. Greece3205519707"0davie gordon

24th Nov 2014

Richard Harris

A: My Boy
B: Why Did You Leave Me
Stateside GreeceGSD 26219707"0davie gordon

20th Nov 2014

Link Wray And The Ray Men

A: Jack The Ripper
B: The Black Widow
Stateside GreeceGSS 12719637"0davie gordon

20th Nov 2014

The 4 Seasons

A: Walk Like A Man
B: Lucky Ladybug
Stateside GreeceGSS 10819627"0davie gordon

20th Nov 2014

Freddy Cannon

A: Palisades Park
B: June, July, August
Stateside GreeceGSS 10119627"0davie gordon

20th Nov 2014


A: Sandy
B: Faith
Stateside GreeceGSS 13219637"0davie gordon

20th Nov 2014

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