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Elliot Minor

Still Figuring Out

A: Still Figuring Out
B: N/a
Repossession UKWEA468X 5051442639377Special Edition 7"045rpm+

7 minutes ago

Elliot Minor

Still Figuring Out

A: Still Figuring Out
B: Somtimes You Are Wrong
Repossession UKWEA4G8 50514426395757"045rpm+

16 minutes ago

Don Williams

A: The Story Of My Life
B: I'm Still Looking For You
MCA UKMCA 83819837"0NCC1701

20 minutes ago


A: You
B: Chickenbone
Island UKFRU 819987"0Vinyllover

5 hours ago

Bobby Patterson

A: Let's Do Something Different
B: If Every Man Had A Woman Like You
Hit And Run UKHR 150920117"0nickinstoke

7 hours ago

Marjorie Ingram

A: Another Woman Involved
B: Love Vibrations
Hit And Run UKHR 150620107"0nickinstoke

7 hours ago

Steve And The Successions All Stars

A: Galway Bay
B: Please Forgive
DisQue UKDRC 00119687"1Charlie Chalk

8 hours ago

C. Stewart

A: Babylon A Turn Them Back

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Tops UKTOPS 00419777"0Charlie Chalk

8 hours ago

The Love Experience

A: Are You Together For The New Day

87th Off Broadway

B: Moving Woman
BGP UKBGPS 0317"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Brenda George

A: I Can't Stand It (I Can't Take It No More)
B: What You See Is What You're Gonna Get
BGP UKBGPS 02920107"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Roosevelt Matthews

A: Tighten Up

Marie "Queenie" Lyons

B: See And Don't See
BGP UKBGPS 0287"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Pucho And The Latin Soul Brothers

A: Got Myself A Good Man

Rusty Bryant

B: Fire-Eater
BGP UKBGPS 01420037"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Alvin Cash

A: Twine Time

Ann Alford

B: Got To Get Me A Job
BGP UKBGPS 03320107"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Lonnie Liston Smith

A: Expansions (Single Edit)
B: A Chance For Peace
BGP UKBGPS 0397"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

The Googie Rene Combo

A: Smokey Joe's La La

Brother Jack McDuff

B: Hot Barbeque
BGP UKBGPS 0407"0Dr Doom

9 hours ago

Gil Scott-Heron

A: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
B: Home Is Where The Hatred Is
BGP UKBGPS 0387"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Kenny Carter

A: You'd Better Get Hip Girl

The Dynamics [Detroit]

B: My Life Is No Better
Kent Select UKCITY 0387"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Tony Hester

A: Just Can't Leave You

Freddy Butler

B: Give Me Lots Of Lovin'
Pied Piper [Ace] UKPIPER 0046 Jun 20147"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Willie Kendrick

A: She'll Be Leaving You

Sharon Scott

B: It's Better
Pied Piper [Ace] UKPIPER 0057"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Dave Crawford

A: Praying For The Rain To Come

Jeannie Taylor

B: Tinklin' Bells
Kent Select UKCITY 03727 Oct 20147"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Sam Dees

A: Touch Me With Your Love
B: Run To Me
Kent Select UKCITY 03527 Oct 20147"0Dr Doom

11 hours ago

Neon Waltz

A: Bare Wood Aisles
B: Bare Wood Aisles (Instrumental)
Neon Waltz UK6 Oct 20147"1Dr Doom

13 hours ago

Skinny Lister

A: Plough And Orion
B: If The Gaff Don't Let Us Down
Sunday Best UKSBESTS107X21 Apr 2012Special Edition 7"1Dr Doom

14 hours ago

Angella Stewart

A: Just One Look

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Brotherhood Music UKBH 0047"0Charlie Chalk

14 hours ago

The Beatles

A: Strawberry Fields
B: Penny Lane
EMI UK1967Acetate0An6y66

14 hours ago


A: (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper
B: Blood, Guts And Beer (Live Version)
Kamaflage UKKAM 419827"0Dr Doom

23 hours ago


A1: Don't Walk Away
B1: Shellshock
B2: Hammer On
Kamaflage UKKAM 119817"0Dr Doom

23 hours ago

Traffic Shadow

A: So Much Love
B: Love Version
Dip UKDL. 507819757"0Charlie Chalk

17th Dec 2014

Lena Martell

A: Call Collect
B: My Baby's Smile
Pye UK7N 4558219767"1Discography

17th Dec 2014

Mary Gresham

A: I'll Never Let You Walk Alone
B: You've Never Really Lived (Until You've Loved Someone)
Hit And Run UKHR 150120097"0nickinstoke

17th Dec 2014

Doris Allen

A: Candy From A Baby
B: Let's Walk Down The Street Together
Hit And Run UKHR 150220097"0nickinstoke

17th Dec 2014

Eddie Giles

A: Married Lady
B: Are You Living With The One You're Loving With
Hit And Run UK500119787"0nickinstoke

17th Dec 2014

Bobby Caldwell

A: What You Won't Do For Love (Edit)
B: Down For The Third Time (Edit)
Magnetic Dance UKMAGD 515 Feb 19877"0NCC1701

17th Dec 2014

Lord Creator

A: Rhythm Of The Blues
B: Simple Things
Port-O-Jam UKPJ 400519647"0Dr Doom

17th Dec 2014

Natural Ites And The Realistics

A: Lion Inna Jungle
B: Love And Understanding
CSA UKCSA 50419857"1leonard

17th Dec 2014

Bridie Stewart

A: Can't Let You Go
B: Version
Affection UKAFF 0119757"0Charlie Chalk

17th Dec 2014


A: I Don't Mind
B: [no Title Listed]
Soul Food [Reggae] UKSF 0031973Promo Only 7"0Charlie Chalk

17th Dec 2014

Smile With The Keir Hardie Junior School Choir

A: Royal Romance

Smile [UK]

B: Thank You
Corgi UKCOR 119817"0earlybird

17th Dec 2014

The Breathers

A: Livin' In The Age Age
B: Count On Counting
Diversion UKDIV 11119807"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Bona Rays

A: We're Never Going To Miss You
B: Catch 22
Mystery UKEJSP 961419807"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

The Bouncing Flowers

A: Fire
B: Expanding Gasses
Rewind UKREWIND 8Dec 19807"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Bobby And The Girls Next Door

A: Now We Know It's Diana
B: Wedding Dub
WEA UKK 1849519817"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Black Onyx [UK]

A1: I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry
B1: The Greatest Performance Of My Life
B2: If I Never Sing Another Song
Ric Rac Productions Luggage Label UKRRP 100419797"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014


A: The Two Three 1-2
B: Packing Jean
Trific! UKTRIF 119807"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Bo And The Generals

A: Rich Girl
B: I Know
Island UKWIP 660319807"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

The Bratz

A1: The Bratz Are Coming
B1: Coat To Coast
B2: Everyone Wants To Be Elvis
A Famous Record UKAFR 119787"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Citizens Of Rome

A: Someone Elses World
B: St. Malo
Someone Elses Music UKSOM 119827"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Chinese Religion

A: My Motive
B: Music Box
Perchance UKCHA 00119817"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Andy Watts And Cobra

A: Anna
B: I Don't Wanna Fight
Nebula [Luton] UKPPS 008Jul 19777"0vortexx79

17th Dec 2014

Essential Bop

A: Croaked
B: Butler (In Running Shorts)
Monopause UKMOAN 100219817"0thatsunday

16th Dec 2014

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