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Latest Records:  Unknown Country

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[no artist listed]

Let's Find Out

A: Let's Find Out What's Big And What's Small
Unknown Unknown Country1959Flexi2Whassup

30th Jun 2016


A: Unknown
B: Unknown
Unknown Unknown Country-7"8Paul Vinyl

23rd Jun 2016

David Hill

A: Wild Child
B: That's Love
RCA Victor Unknown Country47-71817"0Pedro45rpm

18th Jun 2016

Bird Rollins

A: Here He Comes Drunk Again
B: Do It To It
Andee Unknown Country0004Bootleg / Repro 7"0Stampkool

2nd Jun 2016

Raymond Harper And The Melody Makers

A: Safari

Raymond Harper And The Carib Beats

B: Amour
Doctor Bird Unknown CountryRH 002May 20167"0Charlie Chalk

31st May 2016

Raymond Harper's Golden Trumpet

A: Ska-Ta-Brain

Raymond Harper And The Melody Makers

B: No Other Love
Doctor Bird Unknown CountryRH 001May 20167"8Charlie Chalk

31st May 2016

Lord Nelson

A: Don't Ever Say (It's All Over)
B: When He Lets You Down
Greenlite Unknown Country1077"0peterh

30th May 2016

[no artist listed]

A: Rainbow Eyes
B: Lonely
Microsonics Unknown CountryM-100-757"0James Kass

29th May 2016

Jimmy Cliff

A: Goodbye Yesterday
B: Breakdown
Island Unknown CountryWIP 610321 May 19717"0Paul Vinyl

27th May 2016

The True Effect

A1: I Want Your Love
A2: Emotions
B1: Got To Get Away
B2: Do You Believe
Unknown Unknown Country7TE100DJEP0whitewhale1965

26th May 2016

Benny Joy

A: Ittie Bittie Everything

Benny Joy Featuring Big John Taylor

B: Money, Money
Antler Unknown CountryYW-18268-27"2danuta

20th May 2016

Chafic Al-Hachim

A: Musique Dance

Chafic Bou-Chakra

B: Taksim Oud
The Voice Of The Cedars Unknown Country7"1djfreeisno1

16th May 2016

Paul Kael

A: Come Out And Play
B: Lady Byebye
Melodic Unknown CountryMELS 1017"0landfill dave

10th May 2016

Jimmy Bo Horne

A: I Can't Speak
B: I Can't Speak
Dade Unknown CountryJBH-001ABootleg / Repro 7"0walk2013

10th May 2016

Real Life

A: [unknown]


B: [unknown]
[unknown] Unknown Country25LFlexi0Ade Macrow

1st May 2016

Gary Numan

A: An Interview With Gary Numan 1985
B: An Interview With Gary Numan 1985
A.P.I Unknown CountryTALK 31985Interview Disc0sid-departure

30th Apr 2016

Art Buchanan And Combo

A: Time Will Tell
B: Lonely Highway
Flame Unknown CountryBUCH - 1Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

27th Apr 2016

R. Dean Taylor

A: Back Street
B: Indiana Wants Me
Tamla Motown Unknown Country7"1Jose B

26th Apr 2016

Tracey Pendarvis

A1: All You Gotta Do

Carl Smith

A2: Go Boy Go

Smiley Lewis

B1: Hook, Line And Sinker

The 4 Guys [50s]

B2: Money Mad
Wildcat Unknown CountryWCR 203Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

26th Apr 2016

Franklin Boukaka

A: Le Bucheron (Africa) [Yeke-yeke]
B: Nakoki [Rumba]
ASL Unknown CountryASL - 325119727"2dr.zoze

26th Apr 2016

Janis Martin With The Jordanaires

A1: William
A2: Love Me Love Cha Cha
B1: Love Me Love
B2: Blues Keep Calling
Dog Gone Unknown Country816771977EP1landfill dave

25th Apr 2016


A: Pon De Replay (Main Version)
B: Pon De Replay (Riddim)
[none] Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"0Billy Two

19th Apr 2016

Bent Fabric

Danmark Dinner Music

A: Wonderful Copenhagen
B: Alley Cat
Danmark Dinner Music Unknown CountryLAU 11971Promo Only 7"5Ade Macrow

19th Apr 2016

Curley Griffin

A: Got Rockin' On My Mind
B: Rock Bottom Blues
Atomic Unknown Country305Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

18th Apr 2016

Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Do Something To Me
B: Ginger Bread Man
Roulette Unknown CountryROL 81719687"0peebee1955

16th Apr 2016

The Goofers

A: Wow ! ! !

Nino Tempo

B: When You Were Sweet 16
Sidewinder Unknown CountryDNO 1Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

16th Apr 2016

Herb Price And The Darts

A: Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha)
B: Gone Too Long
Tempus Unknown CountryTR 1506Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

14th Apr 2016

Daryl Britt

A: Since You've Gone
B: Lover Lover
Blue Unknown Country45-SRC-1198Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

14th Apr 2016

Johnny Skiles With Bob Hill

A: Rockin' And Rollin' (A Two Time Beat)
B: Hard Luck Blues
Rumac Unknown CountryOP-301X45Bootleg / Repro 7"0landfill dave

13th Apr 2016

Vince Monroe With Ernie Holland And His Orchestra

A: Give It Up (Or Tell Where Its At)

Guitar Gable

B: Guitar Rhumbo
Excello Unknown Country2016Bootleg / Repro 7"0andyp180

13th Apr 2016

Porcupine Tree

Live In Chicago

A: Drawing The Line
B: The Incident
Unknown Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"1sander1

9th Apr 2016

Frank Sinatra

A: My Way
B: Blue Lace
Reprise Unknown CountryR21-0977"1steviebgoode

5th Apr 2016

The Beatles

Live In Germany... Featuring Yesterday

A1: Rock And Roll Music
A2: I Feel Fine
A3: Yesterday
B1: Nowhere Man
B2: I'm Down
MARC Unknown CountryTB-75112SEP1Bam-Caruso

1st Apr 2016

Terry Jacks

A: If You Go Away
B: Me And You
Bell Unknown Country45 46719747"1The_Vinyl_Junkie

24th Mar 2016


A1: Channel Vacuum

Max Müller

A2: Mein Name Ist Arthur

Village Of Savoonga

B1: Score

Zen - Faschisten

B2: Trash


B3: 7th Dream
[none] Unknown Country1996EP0Grondzero

23rd Mar 2016

Phillip Fanna

A: Walk Out On Me

Squiddly Cole

B: Walk Out Rock
Ruff Choice Music Unknown Country7"0Grondzero

23rd Mar 2016


A: We Will Rock You Remix
Queenz Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"1Charlie Chalk

22nd Mar 2016

Laurel Aitken And The Ruts

The Peel Sessions

A1: Big Fat Man
A2: Rudi Got Married
B1: Jesse James
B2: Rock Me Baby / Caledonia
Strange Fruit Unknown CountrySFPS1002016Bootleg / Repro 7"1Charlie Chalk

14th Mar 2016

Simon And Garfunkel

A: The Sounds Of Silence
B: We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin'
CBS Unknown CountryBA 320,08819657"0mikey50

6th Mar 2016

[no artist listed]

The Contest

A: The Contest Part 1
B: The Contest Part 2
Ruff Unknown CountryNO. 1Bootleg / Repro 7"0russellq62

22nd Feb 2016

Roy Lee Johnson

A: Cheer Up, Daddy's Coming Home
B: Guitar Man
Philips Unknown Country40509Bootleg / Repro 7"0peterh

22nd Feb 2016

Los Consules

A: La Flotacion
B: La Tragedia De La Paz
La Niña Unknown CountryLN-0227"0James Kass

18th Feb 2016


Mystery Girl EP

A1: Borderline (Live)
A2: Lucky Star (Live)
B1: Crazy For You (Live)
B2: Like A Virgin (Live)
Bor Unknown CountryBOR 003Bootleg / Repro 7"1Jake Smarm

17th Feb 2016

[no artist listed]

A: Broken Hearted Stranger
B: That Girl Of Mine
Bourne Music Ltd. Unknown CountryAcetate1Wurzelsepp

15th Feb 2016

Ralph "Soul" Jackson

A: Let Your Sweet Love Surround Me
B: Match Box
Sound Of Birmingham Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"1peterh

6th Feb 2016

The Cramps

From Los Angeles With Love

A: Love Rubbed Off
B: Is Elvis Dead?
Black Label Unknown Country7"0loadedcat

4th Feb 2016

[no artist listed]

A: Joy To The World
[none] Unknown Country6"0TheJudge

30th Jan 2016

Purity Pat

The Purity Irish Jingle

A: Top Of The Pops Any Time All Time
Unknown Unknown Country15906Promo Only 7"87226power

22nd Jan 2016

[no artist listed]

A: Black Christmas
B: Black Christmas (Instrumental)
[none] Unknown Country7"1Graham7

12th Jan 2016

D. R.

A: Moforibale Al Tambo

Socrates Lazos

B: Cuando El Hombre Quiere
Egc Unknown Country70357"0cuje01

12th Jan 2016

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