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Latest Records:   Unknown Country

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The Dominoes

A: I Am With You
B: Weeping Willows Blues
Federal Unknown Country45-12039Bootleg / Repro 7"0Pedro45rpm

26th Dec 2014

Dusty Springfield

A: Am I The Same Girl ? (Soulful Strut)
B: Earthbound Gypsy
Philips Unknown Country326 996 BF19697"1giradischi

9th Dec 2014

Dusty Springfield

A: Don't Forget About Me
B: Breakfast In Bed
Philips Unknown CountryBF 326 95619697"5giradischi

9th Dec 2014

Billy Harlan

A: I Wanna Bop
B: School House Rock
Brunswick Unknown Country9-55066Bootleg / Repro 7"0iisiboi

5th Dec 2014

The Van Dykes [Decca]

A: Run, Betty, Run
B: The Fixer
Decca Unknown Country9-30654Bootleg / Repro 7"0iisiboi

5th Dec 2014

Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Mony Mony
B: One Two Three And I Fell
Roulette Unknown CountryR-70087"5Charlie Chalk

27th Nov 2014

Jesse Boykins III

A: B4 The Night Is Thru
B: Amorous
Alala Unknown CountryAL-00520107"0Ade Macrow

6th Nov 2014

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

A: "Egmont" Overture Opus 84
B: "Coriolanus" Overture Opus 62
MMS (Musical Masterpiece Society) Unknown CountryMMS-9719617"5heikneuter

3rd Nov 2014

The Byrds

A: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
B: She Don't Care About Time
CBS Unknown CountryBA 300,0857"1sgt weatherman

27th Oct 2014

Ronnie Vare And The Inspirations

A: Let's Rock Little Girl
B: Love Just For Two
Dell Unknown Country5202/5203Bootleg / Repro 7"0headcoat

25th Oct 2014

Screaming Joe Neal

A: Don't Quit Me Baby
B: She's My Baby
Emerge Unknown Country1107Bootleg / Repro 7"3headcoat

25th Oct 2014

Jerry Ross

A: Ever'body's Tryin'
B: Small Little Girl
Murco Unknown Country1016Bootleg / Repro 7"0Anabella

23rd Oct 2014

Big Charles Green

A: Rocking On The Moon To-night
B: You Excite Me, Baby
Hitt Unknown Country180Bootleg / Repro 7"0headcoat

21st Oct 2014

Kenny Parchman

A: Get It Off Your Mind
B: Love Crazy Baby
Sun Unknown CountrySUN-SP1077"0TomCat00870

17th Oct 2014

Dean Beard

A: Rock Around The Town
B: Rakin' And Scrapin'
Sun Unknown CountrySUN-SP1057"0TomCat00870

17th Oct 2014

Luke McDaniel

A: Uh Babe
B: Go Ahead Baby
Sun Unknown CountrySUN-SP1037"0TomCat00870

17th Oct 2014

Led Zeppelin

A: Stairway To Heaven
B: Whole Lotta Love
Atlantic Unknown Country45-3217Bootleg / Repro 7"1Rinus62

12th Oct 2014

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett And The Crypt Kickers

A1: Monster Mash
B1: Monster Mash Party
B2: Let's Fly Away
[none] Unknown Country7MASH1SP7"0fantasticbaggie

11th Oct 2014

Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Three

A: Rock'n'Roll Ruby
B: You're My Baby
Cash Records Unknown Country1956Bootleg / Repro 7"0TomCat00870

10th Oct 2014

Junior Parker

A: Feelin' Bad
B: Feelin' Good
Sun Unknown CountrySP-101Bootleg / Repro 7"0TomCat00870

9th Oct 2014

Blank Its

A1: Stop! No! Wait!
B1: Stretch Stretch Pull
B2: Mind Warp
Band Its Unknown Country7"0nickthestripper

7th Oct 2014

Black Knights

A1: Get Along Home Cindy
A2: Done By Me
B1: Leather Jacket
B2: Give Me Give Me Give Me
Raw Rhythm Productions Unknown CountryRRS001EP0TomCat00870

27th Sep 2014

Prince And The Revolution

A: Paisley Park
B: Paisley Park
Warner Bros. Unknown CountryPRO 66719857"2Jente_Jan_de_Jong

19th Sep 2014

Terry Kelly

A: Pittance Of Time
Unknown Unknown Country2003Acetate2fortyfivesfrank

11th Sep 2014

Doris Day

A1: The Children's Marching Song
A2: Getting To Know You
B1: High Hopes
B2: Zip - A - Dee - Doo - Dah
C.B.S. Unknown CountryBG 325 004EP0Psycho

6th Sep 2014

Lloyd And Glen

A: Minnie Skirts And Go-Go Boots
B: A Good Man
BRA Unknown Country00119667"2russh29

2nd Sep 2014

Christine Kailer

A1: I Am A Good Girrl

Los Poco Locos

A2: Toi L'Andalou

Elvis Presley

B1: You're The Devil In Disguise

Del Shannon

B2: Hey Little Girl
Christine Unknown Country241EP5fortyfivesfrank

1st Sep 2014

The Gerogerigegege

Early Dream Exit

A1: 1987 Live
A2: 1985 1st Home Demo
A3: 1987 Home Recording
B1: 1986 Studio Session
B2: 1987 1st LP "Senzuri Champion" NG Mix #1
B3: 1987 1st LP "Senzuri Champion" NG MIx #2
B4: 1985 Home Recording
View Beyond Unknown Country2000EP37226power

31st Aug 2014

London Symphony Orchestra

A: Capriccio Italien, Op. 45
B: Capriccio Italien, Op. 45 (Concluded)
MMS (Musical Masterpiece Society) Unknown CountryMMS-9391959EP0adriverhoef

23rd Aug 2014

Los Navegantes De Lompoc

A: Playas De Avila
B: Tu Solo Tu
Rivera's Productions Unknown CountryR-5017"0doormanperdomo

23rd Aug 2014

The Cure

A: At Night [Live]

The Easy Cure

B: See The Children
[none] Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"0richmox

21st Aug 2014

The Cure

Rob Good-Bye

A1: Boys Don't Cry [Demo]
A2: End [Live]
B1: Killing An Arab [Live]
B2: Accuracy [Live]
Bor Unknown CountryBOR 004Bootleg / Repro 7"0richmox

21st Aug 2014

The Cure

Easy Cure 1st Demo

A1: Meathook
A2: Listen
B1: Need Myself
B2: Want To Be Old
[none] Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"0richmox

21st Aug 2014

Louis Armstrong And The All Stars

A: Hello, Dolly!
B: You Are Woman, I Am Man
Kapp Unknown CountryK 51119637"1musicmasters

18th Aug 2014

The Graveyard Five

A: The Graveyard Theme
B: The Marble Orchard
Stanco Unknown CountrySR 10215 Apr 20147"0headcoat

12th Aug 2014

Daniel Boone

A: Beautiful Sunday
B: In Love Again
Unknown Unknown CountryFEL-522119727"3Mrrocknrolljr

11th Aug 2014

Orchestra Of The Vienna State Opera

Hungarian Dances

A1: Number 1
A2: Number 2
A3: Number 3
B1: Number 5
B2: Number 6
MMS (Musical Masterpiece Society) Unknown CountryM-942EP0hookrecords

10th Aug 2014

Slim Harpo

A: That Ain't Your Business

Captain Derby And The Buccaneers

B: Who Do They Watch
Shake Em' On Down Unknown Country0017"0psychodave

8th Aug 2014

James Brown And His Famous Flames

A: I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On

James Brown And His Orchestra

B: Chonnie-On-Chon
Federal Unknown Country45 122647"0psychodave

4th Aug 2014

Sam Cooke

A: Shake


B: First I Look At The Purse
Million Seller Unknown CountryM.S. 1155Bootleg / Repro 7"6Trainman

30th Jul 2014

Bee Gees

A: Melody Fair
B: In The Morning
Polydor Unknown Country2058 14319717"0CliffS

24th Jul 2014

The Alarm (As 17)

A1: What Kind Of Hell
B1: Marching On
B2: Lie Of The Land
Unknown Unknown CountryBootleg / Repro 7"0Folker

18th Jul 2014

The Alarm

A: Unsafe Building
B: Up For Murder
Wildcat Record Company Ltd Unknown CountryC BAY 02Bootleg / Repro 7"0Folker

18th Jul 2014

Bop 1

Ric Cartey

A1: Scratching On My Screen

Billy Barrix

A2: Almost

The Laurie Sisters

B1: Jump Junior Jump

Dwain Bell

B2: Rock And Roll On A Saturday Night
B & J Unknown Country1001EP1crazybob53

16th Jul 2014

Antique Sorcery

A: Que Bella Es La Vida
B: Bailalo Mulata
Funny Unknown Country100219747"0doormanperdomo

11th Jul 2014

The Bee Gees

A: Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself
B: Walking Back To Waterloo
Polydor Unknown Country2058 17519717"0governr

11th Jul 2014


A: Goodnight Tonight
B: Daytime Nightime Suffering
Parlophone Unknown CountryR 602319797"2earlybird

11th Jul 2014


No. 1846 - 27 Janvier 1965/No. 1847 - 10 Fevrier 1965

A1: Pour Les Debutants
A2: Conversations De Tous Les Jours
B1: Pour Les Debutantes
B2: Conversations De Tous Les Jours
La France Unknown CountryEB 0011965EP0Ade Macrow

10th Jul 2014

Billy Ward And His Dominoes

A: Until The Real Thing Comes Along
B: My Baby's 3-D
Federal Unknown Country45-12162Bootleg / Repro 7"0Pedro45rpm

5th Jul 2014

Slaughter Messiah

Black Speed Terror

A1: Black Speed Terror
A2: Demon
B1: Cosmic Funeral
Demonhood Productions Unknown CountryHOOD 11 EP2013EP0Grondzero

4th Jul 2014

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