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Latest Records:   South Africa

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Snowy White

A: Bird Of Paradise
B: The Answer
Transistor South AfricaCBK 59019847"0sheaboy1973

21st Jul 2014

Bob And Marcia

A: Pied Piper
B: Save Me
Island South AfricaTOS 817Aug 19717"1Charlie Chalk

17th Jul 2014

Tommy James

A: Draggin' The Line
B: Bits And Pieces
Roulette South AfricaTOS 80819717"2jimmyx

16th Jul 2014

Joni James

A1: These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)
A2: It's The Talk Of The Town
B1: Little Girl Blue
B2: I'm Thru With Love
MGM South AfricaMGM-EPJ 530EP0jimmyx

16th Jul 2014

Harry James And His Orchestra

Hall Of Fame Series

A1: The Carnivale Of Venice
A2: The Flight Of The Bumble Bee
B1: Trumpet Rhapsody Part 1
B2: Trumpet Rhapsody Part 2
CBS South AfricaEXP 2048EP0jimmyx

15th Jul 2014

Gino Vannelli

A: Wild Horses
B: Shape Me Like A Man
Polydor South AfricaPD 251919877"0BearyNYC

14th Jul 2014

Bee Gees

A: You Win Again (Fade)
B: Backtafunk
Warner Bros. South AfricaWBS 52719877"0BearyNYC

14th Jul 2014

Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson - Vol. 3

A1: Bebop Baby
A2: Your True Love
B1: I'll Walk Alone
B2: Old Enough To Love
Renown South AfricaNEP 806EP0Billy Two

13th Jul 2014

Burl Ives

A: Mockin' Bird Hill
B: Royal Telephone
Decca South AfricaFM 7-683619617"0jimmyx

6th Jul 2014

Burl Ives

Pearly Shells

A1: Pearly Shells (Popo O Ewa)
A2: Royal Telephone
B1: Mother Wouldn't Do That
B2: Mockin' Bird Hill
Brunswick South AfricaOE 9352EP0jimmyx

6th Jul 2014


A: Beautiful Dreams
B: I Need Your Hand In Mine
His Master's Voice South AfricaSAB 210919667"0stesmith

6th Jul 2014


A: Sunday Girl
B: I Know But I Don't Know
Chrysalis South AfricaPD 172219797"0Punk7Man

6th Jul 2014

Julio Iglesias And Diana Ross

A: All Of You

Julio Iglesias

B: The Last Time
CBS South AfricaSSC 565919847"0jimmyx

4th Jul 2014

Kyu Sakamoto

A: Sukiyaki (Ue O Mui Te Aruko)
B: Anoko-No Namae-Wa Nantehkana
His Master's Voice South Africa45-SAB 201919637"2kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

Cliff Richard With Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra

A: Outsider

Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B: Y'Arriva
Columbia South Africa45-DSA 41119627"5kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

The New Trends

A: It's Me
B: King Of Nowhere
Columbia South AfricaDSA 81419687"0kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

Trini Lopez

A: Green Green
B: Yeah
Reprise South AfricaR21.01019647"1kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

David And Jonathan

A: Lovers Of The World Unite
B: Oh My Word
Columbia South Africa45-DSA 66919667"0kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

Pat Boone

A: Ten Lonely Guys
B: Lover's Lane
Dot South Africa45D 38519627"2kimbozw

2nd Jul 2014

Ag Pleez Deddy

Jeremy Taylor

A1: Ag Pleez Deddy (Ballad Of The Southern Suburbs)
A2: The Lift Girl's Lament
B1: Jo'burg Talking Blues

Valerie Miller - Jeremy Taylor

B2: Ballad Of The Northern Suburbs
Gallotone South AfricaXEP 71841962EP0kevhutson

29th Jun 2014

The Skylarks With Miriam Makeba

A1: Tremble
A2: Miriam's Goodbye To Africa

The Bachelors With Thoko Tomo

B1: Sesik'inyembezi (The Book Of Love)
B2: I Got Troubles
New Sound South AfricaXEP. 7025EP0Rockygonzales

29th Jun 2014

Simon And Garfunkel

A: We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin'
B: The Sounds Of Silence
CBS South AfricaSSC.63219667"8the Flea

28th Jun 2014

Lou Rawls

A: You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
B: Let's Fall In Love All Over Again
Philadelphia International South AfricaPH 32419767"3dj36ty

28th Jun 2014

Gary Moore And Phil Lynott

A: Out In The Fields
B: Military Man
Virgin South AfricaVS 63419857"0sheaboy1973

26th Jun 2014

Esther And Abi Ofarim

A: Cinderella Rockefella
B: Lonesome Road
Philips South AfricaSSP 991Feb 19687"2Scratchy45

26th Jun 2014

Mike Mayer

A: Gabrielle
B: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Continental South AfricaPD.7-899519657"4hedgehopperray

23rd Jun 2014

The In-Crowd

A: Bring Your Love Back Home
B: Over You
Parlophone South Africa45-SPD 3777"0jimmyx

22nd Jun 2014

The Rubettes

A: Tonight
B: Silent Movie Queen
Polydor South AfricaPS.353 19747"10hedgehopperray

21st Jun 2014

Machiel Grobler

A: Met Leeuw Is Dit Klaar
B: Sy Kom Daar Om Te Draai
Gallotone South AfricaGE.7-422419627"0serooskerke2011

20th Jun 2014

Frank Ifield

A: Singing The Blues
B: Some Sweet Day
Columbia South AfricaDSA 78019687"0jimmyx

15th Jun 2014

Harry Belafonte

Belafonte -- Volume 5

A1: Mo Mary
A2: Lord Randall
B1: Hello Everybody
B2: Troubles
RCA South Africa51.015EP0bruce135

15th Jun 2014

The Rockin Rebels

A: Wild Weekend
B: Wild Weekend Cha-Cha
His Master's Voice South Africa45-SAB 200119637"0bruce135

14th Jun 2014

The Move

A: Brontosaurus
B: Lightning Never Strikes Twice
Continental South AfricaPD.967919707"0An6y66

14th Jun 2014

The Move

A: Chinatown
B: Down On The Bay
Harvest South AfricaHARJ 504319717"0An6y66

14th Jun 2014

Ringo Starr

A: Only You
B: Call Me
Apple South AfricaSPD 65719747"0An6y66

14th Jun 2014

The Crickets

A: Oh Boy!
B: Not Fade Away
Decca South Africa45-65597"0earlybird

14th Jun 2014

Fleetwood Mac

A: Albatross
B: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Blue Horizon South AfricaBH-50919697"0An6y66

13th Jun 2014

Fleetwood Mac

A: Of Well - Part 1
B: Oh Well - Part 2
Reprise South AfricaR21.1177"0An6y66

13th Jun 2014

Canned Heat

A: Going Up The Country
B: One Kind Favor
Liberty South AfricaLYS 14219697"0Haakie48

12th Jun 2014

Creedence Clearwater Revival

A: Sailor's Lament
B: Molina
Liberty South AfricaLYS 21219717"0rocket78

11th Jun 2014


A: Listen To What The Man Said
B: Love In Song
Capitol South AfricaJCL 58519757"0chrish123

10th Jun 2014

Pee Wee Hunt And His Orchestra

Dixieland Classics

A1: South
A2: Sensation
B1: Milenberg Joys
B2: Washington And Lee Swing
Capitol South AfricaEAP 1002EP0jimmyx

7th Jun 2014


A: Pick Up The Pieces
B: This Is Not The Way (To End A War Or To Die)
A&M South AfricaAMRS 106919737"0jimmyx

3rd Jun 2014

The Boomtown Rats

A: Tonight
B: Precious Times
Mercury South AfricaTOS 148919847"0thatsunday

28th May 2014

Adam Ant

A: Goody Two Shoes
B: Red Scab
CBS South AfricaSSC 53327"0chrish123

26th May 2014

The Honeycombs

A: I Can't Stop
B: How The Mighty Have Fallen
Pye South AfricaPY 2319657"0cherkazoo

25th May 2014

The Honeycombs

A: I Don't Love You No More
B: I'll See You Tomorrow
Pye South AfricaPY 2619657"0cherkazoo

25th May 2014

The Honeycombs

A: That's The Way
B: Can't Get Through To You
Pye South AfricaPY 5919657"0cherkazoo

25th May 2014

The Honeycombs

A: Eyes
B: If You've Got To Pick A Baby
Pye South AfricaPY 2019647"0cherkazoo

25th May 2014

The Honeycombs

A: Is It Because
B: I'll Cry Tomorrow
Pye South AfricaPY 1119647"0cherkazoo

25th May 2014

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