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Brian Hyland

A: Get The Message
B: Kinda Groovy
Philips USA40472Jul 19677" 
Brian Hyland

A: The Joker Went Wild
B: I Can Hear The Rain
Philips USA40377Jun 19667" 
Brian Hyland

A: 3000 Miles
B: Sometimes They Do, Sometimes They Don't
Philips USA40354Mar 19667" 
Brian Hyland

A: Hung Up In Your Eyes
B: Why Mine
Philips USA40424Feb 19677" 
Our Plastic Dream

A: A Little Bit Of Shangrila
B: Encapsulated Marigold
Go UKAJ 1141111 Aug 19677" 
Louis Philippe

A: Like Nobody Do
B: Twangy Twangy
él UKGPO 15Jul 19867" 
Louis Philippe

A: You Mary You
B: With And Without You
él UKGPO 23Mar 19877" 

A: Gotta Get Away
B: She Needs My Love
Stateside UKSS 203116 Jun 19677" 
The Misunderstood Featuring Glenn 'Fernando' Campbell

A: Never Had A Girl (Like You Before)
B: Golden Glass
Fontana UKTF 10414 Jul 19697" 
The Misunderstood

A: Children Of The Sun
B: I Unseen
Fontana UKTF 998Feb 19697" 
The Classics [Atlanta]

A: Pollyanna
B: Cry Baby
Capitol UKCL 1547023 Sep 19667" 
Tim Tam And The Turn-Ons

A: Wait A Minute
B: Opelia
Island UKWIP 6007Jun 19677" 
East Of Eden

A: Northern Hemisphere
B: Communion
Deram UKDM 2427 Mar 19697" 
The Forum

A: The River Is Wide
B: I Fall In Love
London UKHLM 1012010 Mar 19677" 
Nino Tempo And April Stevens

A: All Strung Out
B: I Can't Go On Living Baby Without You
London UKHLU 1008421 Oct 19667" 
The Kit-Kats

A: That's The Way
B: Won't Find Better Than Me
London UKHLW 100759 Sep 19667" 

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