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Deep Purple

A: Hush
B: Kentucky Woman
Warner Bros. / Back To Back Hits USAWB 7654Oct 19727" 
L.A. Philharmonic

A: Overture (200 Motels)

Frank Zappa, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

B: What's The Name Of Your Group?
Barking Pumpkin USABPR 122618 Apr 20157" 
Dan Fogelberg

A: Make Love Stay
Full Moon USAENR-03570Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Heroes Are Hard To Find
B: Born Enchanter
Reprise USARPS 1317Dec 19747" 
The Kinks

A: You Really Got Me
B: Milk Cow Blues
Sanctuary USABMG15006V18 Apr 20157" 
The Kinks

Kinksize Hits

A1: You Really Got Me
A2: It's Alright
B1: All Day And All Of The Night
B2: I Gotta Move
Sanctuary USABMG15001V18 Apr 2015EP 
The Kinks

Kinksize Session

A1: Louie Louie
A2: I Gotta Go Now
B1: I've Got That Feeling
B2: Things Are Getting Better
Sanctuary USABMG15002V18 Apr 2015EP 
Tom Verlaine

A: Kingdom Come

David Bowie

B: Kingdom Come
Rhino USAR7-54763318 Apr 20157" 
Gram Parsons

A: Brass Buttons

The Lemonheads

B: Brass Buttons
Rhino USAR7-54763518 Apr 20157" 
Syd Barrett

A: Dark Globe


B: Dark Globe
Rhino USAR7-54763718 Apr 20157" 
The Ramones

A: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Live)

Hüsker Dü

B: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Live)
Rhino USAR7-54818118 Apr 20157" 
Grand Master Flash And The Furious Five

A: The Message

Stiff Little Fingers

B: The Message
Rhino USAR7-54763618 Apr 20157" 
Bob Dylan

A: The Night We Called It A Day
B: Stay With Me
Columbia USA38-12328018 Apr 20157" 
Jeff Beck

A: Tallyman
B: Rock My Plimsoul
Sundazed USAS-31418 Apr 20157" 
Jeff Beck

A: Hi-Ho Silver Lining
B: Beck's Bolero (Instrumental)
Sundazed USAS-31318 Apr 20157" 
Jeff Beck

A: Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)
B: I've Been Drinking
Sundazed USAS-28818 Apr 20157" 
Leo Sayer

A: More Than I Can Say
B: Only Fooling
Chrysalis Germany102 101Jul 19807" 
The Doobie Brothers

A: Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)
B: Slat Key Soquel Rag
Warner Bros. GermanyWB 16 559May 19757" 
Carly Simon

A: Nobody Does It Better
B: After The Storm
Elektra USAE-45413Jun 19777" 
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

A: Fire
B: Rest Cure
Atlantic USA45-2556Aug 19687" 
Billy Joel

A: Allentown
Columbia USACNR-03426Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Adam Ant

A: Desperate But Not Serious
Epic USAENR-03762Mar 1983Special Edition 7" 
Ricky Skaggs

A: I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
Epic USAENR-03491Dec 1982Special Edition 7" 
Kenny Loggins With Steve Perry

A: Don't Fight It
Columbia USACNR-03270Sep 1982Special Edition 7" 
The Grateful Dead

A: Uncle John's Band
B: New Speedway Boogie
Warner Bros. USA7410Jul 19707" 
Bob Dylan

A: The Times They Are A-Changin'
B: Like A Rolling Stone
Columbia / Legacy USA38-78087326 Nov 20107" 
Jane's Addiction

A: Mountain Song
B: Standing In The Shower...Thinking
Warner Bros. USA7-2752019897" 
Neil Diamond

A: I'm Alive
Columbia USACNR-03572Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 
Earth, Wind And Fire

A: Fall In Love With Me
Columbia USACNR-03566Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 
Merle Haggard And Willie Nelson

A: Reasons To Quit
Epic USAENR-03495Dec 1982Special Edition 7" 
Merle Haggard

A: Going Where The Lonely Go
Epic USAENR-03365Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Adam Ant

A: Goody Two Shoes
Epic USAENR-03529Jan 1983Special Edition 7" 

A: On The Loose
Portrait USARNR-03532Jan 1983Special Edition 7" 
Paul Carrack

A: I Need You
Epic USAENR-03266Sep 1982Special Edition 7" 

A: Off The Wagon
B: Guera
Reprise USA7-1740319977" 
Greg Kihn Band

A: Jeopardy
B: Fascination
Beserkley USA7-69847Jan 19837" 

A: Dance With Me
B: Ending Of A Song
Asylum USAE-45261Jul 19757" 
Johnny Cash

A: A Boy Named Sue
B: San Quentin
Columbia USA4-449442 Jul 19697" 
Roger Daltrey

A: After The Fire
B: It Don't Satisfy Me
Atlantic USA7-89491Sep 19857" 
Simon And Garfunkel

A1: My Little Town

Art Garfunkel

B1: Rag Doll

Paul Simon

B2: You're Kind
Columbia USA3-10230Oct 19757" 
Christine McVie

A: Got A Hold On Me
B: Who's Dreaming This Dream
Warner Bros. USA7-29372Jan 19847" 
The Beatles

Long Tall Sally

A1: Long Tall Sally
A2: I Call Your Name
B1: Slow Down
B2: Matchbox
Parlophone USAGEP 891328 Nov 2014EP 
Neil Diamond

A: Heartlight
Columbia USACNR-03345Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 

A: Still They Ride
Columbia USA3-02915May 1982Special Edition 7" 
Dan Fogelberg

A: Missing You
Full Moon USAENR 03323Oct 1982Special Edition 7" 
The Cars

A: You Are The Girl
B: Ta Ta Wayo Wayo
Elektra UKEKR 63Sep 19877" 
The Cars

A: Tonight She Comes
B: Just What I Needed
Elektra Germany969 589-71 Nov 19857" 
The Cars

A: Tonight She Comes
B: Just What I Needed
Elektra Canada96 9589719857" 
The Cars

A: Hello Again
B: Hello Again (Dub Version)
Elektra Canada96 9681719847" 

A: Shake It Up
B: Cruiser
Elektra AustraliaE 47250Nov 19817" 

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