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A: Sorry
B: Beautiful Gas
Page One UKPOR 006Nov 19827" 

A: Frightened Of The Night
B: Safe In My Room
RCA UKRCA 4719807" 

A: Flying High
B: Medicine Man
MCA UKMCA 34917 Feb 19787" 
Sweet Chariot [Carter-Lewis]

A: Heavenly Road
B: Wish I Were A Child
MCA U.K. UKMK 501017 Oct 19697" 

A: Hollybush And Mistletoe
B: My World
Tangerine UKDP 0001Nov 19687" 

A: Lester Klaw
B: We Just Wanna Dance
RAK UKRAK 24714 Jan 19777" 
Robbi Curtice

A: The Soul Of A Man
B: When Diana Paints The Picture
Sidewalk USA942Dec 19687" 
Blood Sausage

Touching You In Ways That Don't Feel Comfortable

A1: What Law Am I Breaking Now ?
A2: Fuck You And Your Underground
B1: Knockout Drops
B2: The Girl Who Kissed His Face Like A Clock
Wiiija UKWIJ 20V19937" 

A: See You Later (Little Baby Love)
B: How Can You Be A Millionaire?
Antic UKK 115013 May 19747" 
Julie And Gordon

A: Gordon's Not A Moron (?)
B: I'm So Happy To Know You
Pogo UKPOG 00315 Sep 19787" 
The Decision

A: In The Shade Of Your Love
B: Constable Jones
MCA UKMU 102721 Jun 19687" 
Dave Walton

A: Love Ain't What It Used To Be
B: Tell Me A Lie
CBS UK202057Apr 19667" 

A: All Together Now
B: Got My Thing
United Artists UKUP 2270Feb 19697" 

A: Sailplane
B: Breakdown And Cry
Cara UKCARA 00219817" 
The Merry-Go-Round

A: Listen, Listen!
B: Listen, Listen!
A&M USA920Mar 1968Promo Only 7" 
Trevor Burton

A: Fight For My Country
B: Janie Slow Down
Wizard UKWIZ 1032 Jun 19727" 

A: Butterfly
B: Shame On Jane
Camp Fabulous / Trade 2 UKTRD 00119957" 

A: Mama, Don't You Hit That Boy
B: Tonight
DJM UKDJS 1088912 Jan 19797" 
Precious Little

A: Ain't Got No Balls
B: Lonely Nights
DJM UKDJS 1089716 Mar 19797" 
The Newcastle Five

A1: I'm Losing You
B1: Can't See You
B2: Yes I'm Crying
Sundazed USASEP 1301997EP 

A: We Got The Beat
B: Skidmarks On My Heart
I.R.S. UKPFP 1010Nov 19817" 
The Flamin' Groovies

A1: Don't You Lie To Me
B1: She Said Yeah
B2: Shake Some Action
Sire UK6198 08616 Jul 19767" 
The Music Explosion

A: Little Bit O' Soul
B: I See The Light
UK American Records UKUSA 911 Apr 19757" 
Prime Evil

A: King Kong, King Kong (Part 1)
B: King Kong, King Kong (Part 2)
Mainspring UKMSP 004Nov 19767" 
Gregory And The Cadets

A: Girl Of Independent Means
B: Young And Beautiful
Pye Ireland7N.1740719677" 
Alpha Beta

A: Space Invaders
B: Innocent
Magnet UKMAG 1589 Nov 19797" 
John And Yoko And The Plastic Ono Band With The Harlem Community Choir

A: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Yoko Ono And The Plastic Ono Band

B: Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Apple USA18421 Dec 19717" 
Amboy Dukes [UK]

A: He Came To See Me Yesterday
B: Easy Going Me
Polydor UK56281Sep 19687" 
Edwina Biglet And The Miglets

A: Thing
B: Vanessa's Luminous Dog Coat
RCA Victor UKRCA 219319727" 
Tina Harvey

A: Nowhere To Run
B: Tina's Second Song
UK UKUK 2419 Jan 19737" 
Michael Blount

A: Beautiful Morning
B: Feathered Cloud
York UKSYK 5197 Apr 19727" 
Blue U

A: I've Been Lonely For So Long

Blue Me

B: Melinda Marie
York UKSYK 52426 May 19727" 
Brian (No Chance) Green

A: Now You're Gone
B: 'Tain't No Sin
Fontana UKTF 782Feb 19677" 

A: Your Life Is Gone
B: Octopus's Garden
Dart UKART 20576 Feb 19767" 
Pink Umbrellas

A: Raspberry Rainbow
B: Oh No! The Insect Man
Ready Steady Go UKRSG 3Apr 19837" 

A: Reaching Out
B: Street Dancer
EMI UKEMI 264024 Jun 19777" 
Neil Spence

A: Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus
B: Little Boy Lost
Go UKAJ 1140325 Nov 19667" 
The Knickerbockers

A: Lies
B: The Coming Generation
London UKHLH 10013Jan 19667" 
Lois Lane

A: Punky's Dilemma
B: Lazy Summer Day
Mercury UKMF 1042Aug 19687" 
The Barron Knights

A: Mr. Rubik
B: Fads And Crazes
Epic UKEPC A1596Sep 19817" 
Dex Dex Ter

A: Another Car Another Carcrash
B: Car Trek
Trade 2 UKTRDSC 00219967" 
Jimmy Gordon

A: 1980
B: Test Pattern
Challenge USA5935519677" 
Day Costello

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: Free (Unlimited Horizons)
Spark UKSRL 104219707" 
Champs Boys

A: Tubular Bells
B: Fleur
Philips UK6006 51915 Apr 19767" 
Lyn Roman

A: Stop, I Don't Need No Sympathy
B: Where Do You Go?
Brunswick UKBR 1119 Apr 19747" 
Mother Trucker

A: Explosion In My Soul
B: Big Mama
Ember UKEMBS 33731 Jan 19757" 
Straight Eight

A: Desperation
B: You Are What You Are
Logo UKGO 406Jan 19827" 

A: Sad Story
B: On The Road
Reflection UKR.S. 719707" 
Rescue Co. No. 1

A: I Stand Alone
B: You Shouldn't Have Been So Nice
Jam UKJAM 2717 Nov 19727" 
The Chasers

A: The Ways Of A Man
B: Summergirl
Philips UKBF 1546Feb 19677" 

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