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The Look

A: Feeding Time
B: Dragnet City
MCA UKMCA 736Jul 19817" 
Dr. Marigold's Prescription

A: Muddy Water
B: Come With Me
Bell UKBLL 1149Apr 19717" 
Nicky Scott

A: Honey Pie
B: No More Tomorrows
Pye UK7N 17688Jan 19697" 
Chris Sievey

A: Baiser
B: Last
Rabid UKTOSH 109Jun 19797" 
Dutch Elm

Extended Play

A1: You're Gone
B1: Donna
B2: Poetry In Motion
Rox UKROX 0041978EP 
The Explosive

A: (Who Planted Thorns In) Miss Alice's Garden
B: I Get My Kicks From Living
President UKPT 26219697" 
John Hartford

A: Orphan Of World War Two
B: I Didn't Know The World Would Last This Long
RCA Victor USA47-9753Jul 19697" 
The Spokesmen

A: The Dawn Of Correction
B: For You Babe
Decca USA31844Aug 19657" 
The Charades [Nashville]

A: Hammers And Sickles (Make Very Poor Toys)
B: Left Wing Bird
Monument USA45-921Feb 19667" 
The Attack

A: Created By Clive
B: Colour Of My Mind
Acme UKACF 101920057" 
Fontella Bass

A: Rescue Me
B: Soul Of Man
Chess UK6145 00924 Mar 19727" 
The Crystals

A: Then He Kissed Me
B: Brother Julius
London UKHLU 97736 Sep 19637" 

A: Action
B: Sweet F.A.
RCA Victor UKRCA 25784 Jul 19757" 
Sue Wilkinson

A: Posers
B: Hollywood Sheik
Cheapskate UKCHEAP 9Dec 19807" 
The Original Checkmates

A: Hot Toddy
B: Tuxedo Junction
Pye UK7N 15428Mar 19627" 
Love Sculpture

A: Sabre Dance
B: Think Of Love
Parlophone UKR 574422 Nov 19687" 
The Eastside Kids

A: Subway Train
B: Sunday Stranger
Philips USA40295Jun 19657" 
The Fifth Order

A: A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)
B: Today (I Got A Letter)
Laurie USALR 3404Sep 19677" 

A: Lonely Mountain Again
B: Family Of Man
Philips UKBF 1672Jun 19687" 
Gary Puckett And The Union Gap

Four You Coronet Yogurt EP

A1: The Mighty Quinn

Johnny Mathis

A2: Up, Up And Away

Simon And Garfunkel

B1: The Times They Are A Changing

The Tremeloes

B2: Good Day Sunshine
CBS Special Products UKWEP 11381968EP 
Stevenson's Rocket

A: Alright Baby
B: Teenage Dreamer
Magnet UKMAG 4731 Oct 19757" 

A: Drag Race Queen
B: Riding On Your Star
EMI PortugalE 006-06 214 M19767" 
Bruce Johnston

A: Pipeline
B: Disney Girls
CBS UKS CBS 551429 Jul 19777" 

A: Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
B: Hands On You
Capitol UKCL 1580115 Nov 19747" 
Clinton Ford

A: Dandy
B: Why Don't Women Like Me
Piccadilly UK7N 3534328 Oct 19667" 
Stevie Wonder

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Don't Wonder Why
Tamla Motown UKTMG 77230 Apr 19717" 
Chris Sievey

A1: Camouflage
B1: Camouflage
B2: Flying Train
B3: FT
EMI UKEMI 5398Jun 19837" 
Crowded House

A: Don't Dream It's Over
B: That's What I Call Love
Capitol AustraliaCP 184219867" 

A: Made In Hong Kong
B: One Word Song
Beacon UKBEA 1556 Mar 19707" 
Paul McCartney

A: Waterfalls
B: Check My Machine
Parlophone UKR 603713 Jun 19807" 
Donna Summer

A: MacArthur Park
B: Once Upon A Time
Casablanca UKCAN 1316 Oct 19787" 
Donna Summer

A: Love's Unkind
B: Autumn Changes
GTO UKGT 1132 Dec 19777" 
Cliff Richard

A: We Don't Talk Anymore
B: Count Me Out
EMI UKEMI 2975Jul 19797" 
Stevie Wonder

A: I Ain't Gonna Stand For It
B: Knocks Me Off My Feet
Motown UKTMG 1215Dec 19807" 
The Typhoons

A: Little Red Rooster

The Starlings

B: Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
Embassy UKWB 666Nov 19647" 
The Jaybirds

A: Tell Me When
B: You Can't Do That
Embassy UKWB 624Mar 19647" 
Chicory Tip

A: Son Of My Father
B: Pride Comes Before A Fall
CBS UKCBS 773714 Jan 19727" 
The Jackson 5

B: The Young Folks
Tamla Motown UKTMG 7388 May 19707" 
David Bowie

A: Rebel Rebel
B: Queen Bitch
RCA Victor USALPB050091 Feb 1974Export Issue 
Wilson Pickett

A: Mini-Skirt Minnie
B: Back In Your Arms
Atlantic UK584261Apr 19697" 
Fresh Air [Philips]

A: In The Sun
B: Too Many Reasons
Philips UK6006 16322 Oct 19717" 
White Lining

A: Back In The Sun
B: Mon Amour
Parlophone UKR 58682 Oct 19707" 
The Castaways

A: Liar, Liar
B: Sam
London UKHL 1000326 Nov 19657" 
The Vibrations

A: Cause Your Mine

Count Five

B: Psychotic Reaction
S.O.S. Sound Of Soul UKSOS 0021984Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Unisex [Birds Nest]

A: The Music Man
B: Lovers
Birds Nest UKBN 10526 May 19787" 
White Gold

A: Cross My Heart
B: I Will Always Love You
Logo UKGO 311Apr 19787" 
Calum Bryce

A: Love-Maker
B: I'm Glad
Conder BootlegPS 10012013Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Jack Flash

A: Puttin' On The Style
B: Measure For Measure
Red Nail Records UKRN 38 Jul 19777" 
The People's Choice

A: Let Me Do My Thing
B: On A Cloudy Day
London UKHL 1040419 Jan 19737" 
The Vejtables

A: The Last Thing On My Mind
B: Mansion Of Tears
Autumn USA23Nov 19657" 

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