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A1: Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)
B1: Living Through Another Cuba
B2: Generals And Majors
Virgin UKVS 384Jan 19817" 
The Honeybus

A: I Can't Let Maggie Go
B: Tender Are The Ashes
Deram UKDM 1821 Mar 19687" 
Harry Pitch

Harry Pitch Plays Pop

A1: Groovin With Mr. Bloe
A2: Look At Me
A3: Pitch It Low
B1: Promises
B2: Bluebird Mountain
B3: Blowin' With Mr. Pitch
Avenue UKMAVE 1321971EP 

A: So Long, Sam
B: Broken Hearted Me, Evil Hearted You
President UKPT 25819697" 
The Uncles

A: What's The Use Of Pretending
B: Deep Water
MCA UKMCA 918Oct 19847" 
Gene Rockwell

A: Heart
B: Don't Leave Me Now
Continental South AfricaPD.7-89147" 
Merlin [MAM]

A: Sweet Dream Woman
B: No Full Moon
MAM UKMAM 863 Nov 19727" 
Mick Robertson

A: Then I Change Hands
B: Annabelle
CBS UKS CBS 287017 Jan 19757" 
Dermot Morgan

A: Thank You Very Much Mr. Eastwood
B: Thank You Very Much Mr. Eastwood (Version Featuring Garret)
Ritz UKRITZ 13119857" 
J. A. Freedman

A: When You Walked Out Of My Life
B: Love Got A Mind Of Its Own
Decca UKF 1296312 Sep 19697" 

A: Firewater
B: The Only Girl I Knew
Decca UKF 1340718 May 19737" 
Blossom Dearie

A: The Music Played
B: Discover Who I Am
Fontana UKTF 93424 May 19687" 
Otis Redding

A: Day Tripper
B: Shake
Stax UK601005Mar 19677" 
Mark Loyd

A: When Evening Falls
B: When I'm Gonna Find Her
Parlophone UKR 5423Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The "You Know Who" Group

A: Roses Are Red My Love
B: Playboy
London UKHLR 994715 Jan 19657" 
The Factory

A: Path Through The Forest
B: Gone
MGM UKMGM 14442005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Now [President]

A: I Wanna Be Free
B: People Are Standing
President UKPT 4014 May 19737" 
The Roundtable

A: Eli's Comin'
B: Saturday Gigue
Licorice Soul UKLSD 004Jun 20047" 
The Creation

A: Making Time
B: Painter Man
Raw UKRAW 421 Oct 19777" 
Paul Jones

A: Pretty Vacant
B: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
RSO UKRSO 00314 Apr 19787" 
Juan And Junior

A: The Chase
B: Nothing
CBS UK2949Aug 19677" 
Chris Rayburn

A: One Way Ticket
B: Photograph Of Love
Music Factory UKCUB 25 Jul 19687" 
The Blues Project

A: No Time Like The Right Time
B: Steve's Song
Verve Folkways USAKF 5040Mar 19677" 
Cyril Stapleton

A: The Theme From The Power Game
B: 'Lil
Pye UK7N 1704014 Jan 19667" 
Stefan Grossman

A: Pretty Little Tune
B: Little Sally Walker
Big T UKBIG 13319707" 
David Dundas

A: Jeans On
B: Sleepy Serena
Air UKCHS 209416 Jul 19767" 
The Playmates [Ireland]

A: Jodi
B: Don't Fight It
Emerald UKMD.115019707" 
Elliots Sunshine

A: Is It Too Late
B: 'Cos I'm Lonely
Philips UKBF 164929 Mar 19687" 
Mouse And The Traps

A: Sometimes You Just Can't Win
B: Cryin' Inside
President UKPT 21028 Jun 19687" 
Iron Cross

A: Little Bit O' Soul
B: Sunshine
Spark UKSRL 10797 Jul 19727" 
The Leaves

A: Hey Joe
B: Funny Little World
Mira USA222Apr 19667" 

A: Shoes
B: A Song For All
Dart UK2066 562Aug 19757" 
Jackie Lee [Ireland]

A: Sleep
B: Space Age Lullaby
ICI UKICI 1/219727" 
Out On Blue Six

A1: Party Mood
B1: Johnny
B2: Mogadon Sunday
Hungry Rooms UKROOM 119817" 
The Johnstons

A: Both Sides Now
B: Urge For Going
Big T UKBIG 1139 Aug 19687" 
Crying Shames

A: Over My Head
B: Autumn In The City
Logo UKGO 37219807" 

A1: Yr Arwerthwr
A2: Y Lleuad
B1: Swansi 254
B2: Eu Hiaith A Gadwant
Sain UKSAIN 51970EP 
Laura Branigan

A: Self Control
B: Silent Partners
Atlantic UKA 9676Jun 19847" 
Tommy Quickly And The Remo 4

A: The Wild Side Of Life
B: Forget The Other Guy
Pye UK7N 157082 Oct 19647" 
That Petrol Emotion

A: Genius Move
B: Party Games
Virgin UKVS 1022Oct 19877" 
The Adult Net

A: Edie
B: Get Around
Beggars Banquet UKBEG 148Nov 19857" 
Peter Cook And Dudley Moore

A: Isn't She A Sweetie
B: Bo Dudley
Decca UKF 123807 Apr 19667" 
Susan Fassbender

A: Twilight Cafe
B: (We'll) Get Around It
CBS UKCBS 9468Oct 19807" 
Manfred Mann And Mike Hug

A: Ski "Full-Of-Fitness" Theme
B: Sweet Baby Jane
Ski UKSKI 0118 Jan 1971Promo Only 7" 

A: Pump Up The Volume
B: Anitina (The First Time I See She Dance)
4AD UKAD 707Aug 19877" 
Bruce Gilbert

Instant Shed Volume 1

B: BYO (Sachet)
Sub Pop USASP 32519957" 
High Broom

A: Dancing In The Moonlight
B: Percy's On The Run
Island UKWIP 6088Aug 19707" 
The Pretty Things

A: A House In The Country
B: Me Needing You
Fontana UKTF 722Jul 19667" 
The Londonairs

A: Dearest Emma
B: Bugles A Go-Go
Decca UKF 12379Apr 19667" 
The Magicians [UK]

A: The Liars
B: Poggy Goes Pop
Decca UKF 1237425 Mar 19667" 

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