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The Look

A: I Am The Beat
B: You Do Those Things To Me
MCA UKMCA 647Oct 19807" 
Joe Loss And His Orchestra

A: March Of The Mods (Finnjenka Dance)
B: Tango '65
EMI UKEM 122Nov 19897" 
Joe Loss And His Orchestra

A: March Of The Mods
B: Tango '65
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1351Oct 19647" 
Joe Loss And His Orchestra

Dancing Time For Dancers

A: Wheels - Cha Cha
B: Latino - Cha Cha
His Master's Voice UKPOP 880Jun 19617" 
Joe Loss And His Orchestra

A: The Maigret Theme
B: Along The Boulevard
His Master's Voice UKPOP 995Mar 19627" 
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: Good Year For The Roses
B: Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven
F-Beat UKXX 17Sep 19817" 
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
B: Girls Talk
F-Beat UKXX 18 Feb 19807" 
The Red Haggle Pipers

A: The Scottish Dog Dance
B: The Scottish Dog Dance Part 2
Gull UKGULS 7026 Oct 19797" 
Toni Basil

A: Mickey
B: Hanging Around
Radialchoice UKTIC 4May 19817" 

A: Since You Been Gone
B: Bad Girls
Polydor UKPOSP 7031 Aug 19797" 
Sham 69

A1: Hersham Boys
B1: I Don't Wanna [Live At The Roundhouse]
B2: Tell Us The Truth [Live At The Roundhouse]
Polydor UKPOSP 6427 Jul 19797" 
Olympic Runners

A: The Bitch
B: Energy Beam
Polydor UKPOSP 636 Jul 19797" 
The Who

A1: Long Live Rock
B1: I'm The Face
B2: My Wife
Polydor UKWHO 220 Apr 19797" 

A: All Night Long
B: Weiss Heim
Polydor UKPOSP 1041 Feb 19807" 
Marti Webb

A: Take That Look Off Your Face
B: Sheldon Bloom
Polydor UKPOSP 10018 Jan 19807" 

A: Fade To Grey
B: The Steps
Polydor UKPOSP 19428 Nov 19807" 

A: Mind Of A Toy
B: We Move
Polydor UKPOSP 236Mar 19817" 

A: Chariots Of Fire - Titles
B: Eric's Theme
Polydor UKPOSP 246Apr 19817" 
Marvin, The Paranoid Android

A: Marvin
B: Metal Man
Polydor UKPOSP 261Apr 19817" 
The Jam

A: Funeral Pyre
B: Disguises
Polydor UKPOSP 257May 19817" 
Lobo [Netherlands]

A: The Caribbean Disco Show
B: Caribbean Magic
Polydor UKPOSP 302Jul 19817" 
Siouxsie And The Banshees

A: Spellbound
B: Follow The Sun
Polydor UKPOSP 27322 May 19817" 
Kirsty MacColl

A1: There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop, Swears He's Elvis
B1: Hard To Believe
B2: There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop, Swears He's Elvis (Country Version)
Polydor UKPOSP 250Jun 19817" 
The 4 Seasons

A: Rag Doll
B: Silence Is Golden
Philips UKBF 134721 Aug 19647" 

A: Neanderthal Man

The Pipkins

B: Gimme Dat Ding
Capitol Starline USA621019747" 
Francis Rossi And Bernard Frost

A: Modern Romance (I Want To Fall In Love Again)
B: I Wonder Why
Vertigo UKFROS 1May 19857" 

A: Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band
B: Funk
Millennium USAMN 604Jul 19777" 

A: Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band
B: Funk
RCA Victor UKXB 1028Oct 19777" 

A: Wrong Way
B: Now And Always
F-Beat UKXX 9 CSep 19807" 
Mando Diao

A: You Can't Steal My Love (Radio Edit)
B: Chi Ga
Majesty UKMA 32021 Feb 20057" 
Redd Wayne

A: A Picture Of You

Happy Knights Jazz Band

B: The Green Leaves Of Summer
Embassy UKWB 511May 19627" 

A: Quiller
B: General Direction
BBC UKRESL 2529 Aug 19757" 

A: Spy Trap
B: Playgirl
BBC UKRESL 619727" 
The J. Geils Band

A: Freeze Frame
B: Rage In The Cage
EMI America UKEA 134Mar 19827" 
The J. Geils Band

A: Centerfold
B: Flamethrower
EMI America UKEA 135Jan 19827" 
Harry Belafonte

A: Island In The Sun
B: Cocoanut Woman
RCA UKRCA 1007Jun 19577" 

3 X 3

A1: Paperlate
A2: You Might Recall
B1: Me And Virgil
Charisma UKGEN 1May 1982EP 

A: S-S-S-Single Bed
B: Silk Milk
GTO UKGT 57Jan 19767" 

A: Only You Can
B: Out Of My Body
GTO UKGT 8 3 Jan 19757" 

A: Rock The Night
B: Seven Doors Hotel
Epic UKEURP 1Jan 1987Special Edition 7" 
Jim Gilstrap

A: Swing Your Daddy
B: Swing Your Daddy (Part 2)
Chelsea UK2005 02121 Feb 19757" 
Small Ads

A: H.P. Man
B: Radio Love
Bronze UKBRO 125Jun 19817" 
Laura Branigan

A: Gloria
B: I Wish We Could Be Alone
Atlantic UKK 11759Dec 19827" 
Glen Campbell

A: Southern Nights
B: William Tell Overture
Capitol UKCL 1590711 Feb 19777" 
The Georgia Satellites

A: Hippy Hippy Shake
B: Hand To Mouth
Elektra UKEKR 86Jan 19897" 
Tygers Of Pan Tang

A: Love Potion No. 9
B: The Stormlands
MCA UKMCA 769Mar 19827" 
San José Featuring Rodriguez Argentina

A: Argentine Melody (Cancion De Argentina)

San José

B: Strung
MCA UKMCA 36926 May 19787" 
Johnny Pearson And His Orchestra

A: All Creatures Great And Small
B: Love Dream
Rampage UKRAM 224 Mar 19787" 
Olivia Newton-John

A: If Not For You
B: The Biggest Clown
Pye International UK7N 2554312 Feb 19717" 
Olivia Newton-John

A: Take Me Home Country Roads
B: Sail Into Tomorrow
Pye International UK7N 2559910 Nov 19727" 

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