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Improved Sound Ltd.

A: Hoppe Hoppe Reiter
B: I´m Exhausted
Cornet Germany3110Feb 19697" 
The Dirty Filthy Mud

A: The Forest Of Black
B: Morning Sunflower
Worex USAR-234019687" 
The Summer Set

A: Let's Go To San Francisco
B: 'Cos It's Over
Fontana Germany269 362 TFOct 19677" 
The Summer Set

A: Overnight Changes
B: It's A Dream
Polydor Germany52 96119677" 
The Kinks

A: Plastic Man
B: King Kong
Pye UK7N 1772428 Mar 19697" 
The Kinks

A: Waterloo Sunset
B: Act Nice And Gentle
Pye UK7N.173215 May 19677" 

A: Dee Dee Do Your Dance
B: Big Brown Eyes
Pye UK7N 1739524 Nov 19677" 
The Voice

A: The Train To Disaster
B: The Truth
Mercury UKMF 905Apr 19667" 
Floribunda Rose

A: Linda Loves Linda
B: One Way Street
Piccadilly UK7N 35408Sep 19677" 
Dawn Chorus

A: A Night To Be Remembered
B: Crying All Night
MCA U.K. UKMK 50043 Oct 19697" 
Johnny Wells [UK]

A: Guess I'm Dumb
B: Wondering Why
Parlophone UKR 555927 Jan 19677" 
Notes From The Underground

A1: Where Does Love Go
A2: Down In The Basement
B1: What Am I Doing Here
B2: Got To Get Out Of This Dream
Changes USAEP 601Apr 1967EP 
Chords Five

A: I Am Only Dreaming
B: Universal Vagrant
Island UKWI 3044May 19677" 

A: Before The Good Thing (Ain't No Good No More)
B: An Elephant's Looking At Me
Disques Vogue UKVRS 701719667" 

A: Ma Fete Forraine
B: Only These Few Snowflakes
Disques Vogue UKVRS 702219677" 
The Shiralee

A: I'll Stay By Your Side
B: Penny Wren
Fontana UKTF 855Aug 19677" 
The Mandrake Memorial

A: Something In The Air
B: Musical Man
Poppy USA69-010319707" 

A: Your Mind And We Belong Together
B: Laughing Stock
Elektra UKEKSN 45038Sep 19687" 
Pauline Filby

A: I'm Hungry

Nadia Cattouse

B: The Larder
Church Missionary Society UKLIV SP 81/827" 
Unit 4 + 2

A: 3:30
B: I Will
Fontana UKTF 99017 Jan 19697" 
Children Of The Mushroom

A: August Mademoiselle
B: You Can't Erase A Mirror
Soho USASO-10119687" 
Free Form Experiment

A: There Will Be Light
B: Don't Lose It So Fast
Inner Ear USAIE-4277" 
The Driving Stupid

A: Horror Asparagus Stories
B: The Reality Of (Air) Fried Borsk
KR USAKR-0116Sep 19667" 
Keith Relf

A: Shapes In My Mind
B: Blue Sands
Columbia UKDB 808425 Nov 19667" 
The Rockin' Berries

A: Reach The Top
B: Pain
Pye UK7N 1751926 Apr 19687" 
Ottilie Patterson

A: Bitterness Of Death
B: Spring Song
Marmalade UK59802010 Oct 19697" 
Johnny Thompson Quintet

A: We'll Make It Good
B: Turn Me Down
Lyra USAL10019677" 
West Point Supernatural

A: Time Will Tell
B: Night Train
Reaction UK591013Apr 19677" 
The Rattles

A: The Witch
B: Geraldine
Decca UKF 2305824 Jul 19707" 
The Fairfield Parlour

A: Eyewitness
B: Epilog
Odeon JapanOR-290319707" 
Shadows Of Knight

A: Shake
B: From Way Out To Way Under
Buddah UK201 02424 Jan 19697" 
The Rattles

A: Devil's On The Loose
B: I Know You Don't Know
Decca UKFR 132435 Nov 19717" 
Fire And Ice

A: Sugar Shaker
B: The Truth Of The Madder
Crazy Horse USA1323Feb 19707" 
The Mickey Finn

A: Garden Of My Mind
B: Time To Start Loving You
Direction UK58-30861 Dec 19677" 
Big Boy Pete

A: Cold Turkey
B: My Love Is Like A Spaceship
Camp UK602005Feb 19687" 
Professor Morrison's Lollipop

A: You Got The Love
B: Gypsy Lady
White Whale CanadaWW 275XAug 19687" 
Brewer And Brewer

A: Need You
B: Rainbow
Columbia USA4-4397716 Jan 19677" 
The First Theremin Era

A: The Barnabas Theme From "Dark Shadows"
B: Sunset In Siberia
Epic USA5-104407 Feb 19697" 
Pastoral Symphony

A1: Love Machine
A2: Spread A Little Love Around

The Cam-Pact

B1: Drawing Room
B2: I'm Your Puppet
Festival AustraliaFX-11,5111968EP 
The Glass Opening

A: Silver Bells And Cockle Shells
B: Does It Really Matter?
Plexium UKP 1236Jul 19687" 
Made In Sheffield

A: Amelia Jane
B: Right Satisfied
Fontana UKTF 871Sep 19677" 
The Clouds [60s]

A: Visions
B: Migada Bus
Independence USAIND-8219677" 
Whatt Four

A: Dandelion Wine
B: You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else
Mercury USA72716Aug 19677" 
The Strawbs

A: The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
B: Poor Jimmy Wilson
A&M UKAMS 73822 Nov 19687" 
The Strawbs

A: Oh How She Changed
B: Or Am I Dreaming
A&M UKAMS 72521 Jun 19687" 
Kippington Lodge

A: Tell Me A Story
B: Understand A Woman
Parlophone UKR 571716 Aug 19687" 
Front Page News

A: Thoughts
B: You Better Behave
Dial USA45-4052Dec 19667" 
The Proclamation

A: King Of The Mountain
B: Tea And Sympathy
Clarion AustraliaMCK-2432Aug 19687" 
The Lollipop Shoppe

A: You Must Be A Witch
B: Don't Close The Door
Uni USA55050Feb 19687" 
The Nashville Teens

A: Wydicombe Fair
B: Hitch-Hike
Qualiton HungarySP 73319707" 

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