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Unsettled Society

A: 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs
B: Passion Seed
Charm USA6084 / 608519707" 
The Moving Finger

A: Jeremy The Lamp
B: Pain Of My Misfortune
Mercury UKMF 105119687" 
Paul Nicholas

A: The World Is Beautiful
B: Lamp Lighter
Polydor UK2058 08619717" 
Manfred Mann

A: So Long Dad
B: Funniest Gig
Fontana UKTF 86225 Aug 19677" 

A: Don't Leave Me Tired
B: The Unloved Insane
Target [90s Indie] UKTGT0619917" 

A1: Under The Summer
B1: The Next Step
B2: All The Way Down
Target [90s Indie] UKTGT 00419917" 
Jane Pow

A: Sanitized
B: Morningside
Marineville Records UKMARINE 219927" 
East Side Kids

A: Take A Look In The Mirror
B: Close Your Mind
Orange-Empire USAOE-500Jan 19677" 
Jake Holmes

A: You Can't Get Love
B: Think I'm Being Had
Tower USA313Feb 19677" 
Frumious Bandersnatch

A1: Hearts To Cry
A2: Misty Cloudy
B1: Cheshire
Muggles Gramophone Works USAno #Jun 1968EP 

A: Time's Door
B: It's So Hard!
Dimension Spain4004-B19707" 

A: Eagle Death
B: Read A Book
Dimension Spain4002-B19707" 

Mustache In Your Face

A: Mustache In Your Face
B: The Electric Hand
C: Funhouse
D: Red Spoon Gravy
Numero Group USANUM-7012012Double Pack 
Johnny Thompson Quintet

A: Color Me Columbus
B: Color Me Columbuth
Guitarsville USAG-2125Oct 19667" 
Van der Graaf Generator

A: Refugees
B: The Boat Of A Million Years
Charisma UKCB 12224 Apr 19707" 
The Apple-Glass Cyndrom

A: Going Wrong
B: Someday
Column [Wisconsin] USA45-69119697" 
The Rebels [NZ]

A: My Son John
B: Passing You By
Impact New ZealandIR-104319697" 
Lisa Collings

A: I'm Getting Hungry for Your Lovin'
B: Love is A Splendid Illusion
Chapter One UKCH 115Feb 19707" 
So What (No To Co)

A: Flowers
B: Tell Me Now
CBS UK500522 Apr 19707" 
Randy And The Rest

A: The Vacuum (Short Version)
B: The Vacuum (Extended Version)
SSS International USASSS 72019677" 
The Merry-Go-Round

A: 'Til The Day After
B: Highway
A&M USA957Jul 19687" 
The Merry-Go-Round

A: Listen, Listen!
B: Gonna Leave You Alone
A&M USA920Mar 19687" 
The Merry-Go-Round

A: Come Ride, Come Ride
B: Come Ride, Come Ride
A&M USA899Jan 1968Promo Only 7" 
The Merry-Go-Round

A: She Laughed Loud
B: Had To Run Around
A&M USA886Oct 19677" 
The Mothers Of Invention

A: Trouble Comin' Every Day
B: Who Are The Brain Police?
Verve USAVK-10458Nov 19667" 
Groep 1850

A: We Love Life (Like We Love You)
B: Little Fly
Philips Netherlands334 646 JF6 Jan 19697" 
Groep 1850

A: Zero
B: Frozen Mind
Philips Netherlands333 973 JF25 Mar 19687" 
Groep 1850

A: Misty Night
B: Look Around
Yep NetherlandsY 1013Nov 19667" 
The Wolves

A: Lust For Life
B: My Baby Loves Them
Parlophone UKR 55117 Oct 19667" 

A: Ando Meio Desligado
B: Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí
Polydor BrazilCSPN 51.07919697" 
Yesterday's Obsession

A: Complicated Mind
B: The Phycle
Pacemaker USAPM-26219687" 
The Creation

A: How Does It Feel To Feel
B: Life Is Just Beginning
Decca USA32227Nov 19677" 
The Buff Organization

A: Studio "A"
B: Upside Down World
Original Sound USAOS-80Apr 19687" 
Deena Webster

A: Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind
B: Queen Merka And Me
Parlophone UKR 572130 Aug 19687" 
The Castaways

A: Walking In Different Circles
B: Just On High
Fontana USAF-1615Apr 19687" 
Stu Mitchell With Wes Dakus' Rebels

A: Acid
B: Casting My Spell
Kapp USAK-829May 19677" 
The Inexpensive Handmade Look

A: Ice Cream Man
B: What Good Is Up
Brunswick USA55334Jul 19677" 

A1: Apparition
A2: Quandary And Solution
B1: Astral Spirit
Nebula USANBS-11973EP 
The Ramrods [The Rockin' Ramrods]

A: Flowers In My Mind
B: Mary, Mary
Plymouth USA296519677" 
Peter Sully

A: Row Row Row
B: Everybody's Talking About The War
Pye UK7N 179351 May 19707" 
Janis Ian

A: Sunflakes Fall, Snowrays Call
B: Insanity Comes Quietly To The Structured Mind
Verve Forecast UKVS 151312 Jan 19687" 
Keith West

A: On A Saturday
B: The Kid Was A Killer
Parlophone UKR 571312 Jul 19687" 

A: So Much For Mary
B: Polly Sunday
Parlophone UKR 56049 Jun 19677" 

A: Anniversary (Of Love)
B: So Many Times
Decca UKF 1268013 Oct 19677" 
The Exceptions [UK]

A: The Eagle Flies On Friday
B: Girl Trouble
CBS UK20263224 Mar 19677" 
The Neat Change

A: I Lied To Auntie May
B: Sandman
Decca UKF 1280912 Jul 19687" 
"Big" Trouble

A: You Said A Bad Word
B: Cyclone Blues
Pye UK7N 4515623 Jun 19727" 
Tim Mycroft

A: Shadra
B: Bournemouth Rock
Parlophone UKR 591910 Sep 19717" 
Julie Driscoll And Brian Auger With The Trinity

A: Save Me (Pt. 1)
B: Save Me (Pt. 2)
Marmalade UK59800410 Nov 19677" 
Salem Witchcraft

A: Onward
B: Rock And Roll Lover
Chaos [Detroit] USA7629 19727" 

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