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Barry Mann

A: Angelica
B: Looking At Tomorrow
Capitol UKCL 1546326 Aug 19667" 
The Washington D.C.'s

A: Seek And Find
B: I Love Gerald Chevin The Great
CBS UK202464Dec 19667" 
Barry Mann

A: The Young Electric Psychedelic Hippie Flippy Folk And Funky Philosophic Turned On Groovy 12 String Band
B: Take Your Love
Capitol UKCL 1553815 Mar 19687" 
Amon Düül II

A: Archangel's Thunderbird
B: Burning Sister
Liberty UKLBF 153554 Sep 19707" 
The Vejtables

A: Shadows
B: Feel The Music
Uptown USA741Jan 19677" 
Tuesday's Children

A: High On A Hill
B: Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh
Columbia UKDB 80187 Oct 19667" 
Demon Fuzz

A1: I Put A Spell On You
A2: Message To Mankind
B1: Fuzz Oriental Blues
Dawn UKDNX 250413 Nov 1970EP 
The Sunshine Company

A: Back On The Street Again
B: The Year Of Jaine Time
Liberty UKLBF 15034Oct 19677" 
Nirvana [UK]

A: Tiny Goddess
B: I Believe In Magic
Island UKWIP 6016Jul 19677" 
Nirvana [UK]

A: Girl In The Park

The Nirvana Orchestra

B: C Side In Ocho Rios
Island UKWIP 6038Aug 19687" 
Mike Batt

A: Your Mother Should Know
B: Suddenly
Liberty UKLBF 1521025 Apr 19697" 
The Attack

A: Try It
B: We Don't Know
Decca UKF 1255027 Jan 19677" 
Attractions [Sweden]

A: Let Love Come Between Us
B: 5th Of February 1968
Columbia SwedenDS 2380Mar 19687" 
Red Squares

A: Turning Around
B: You Can Be My Baby
Columbia SwedenDS 2341Mar 19677" 
The Shame

A: Don't Go 'Way Little Girl
B: Dreams Don't Bother Me
MGM UKMGM 134922 Sep 19677" 
Giorgio And Marco's Men

A: Maureen
B: Baby I Need You
Electratone UKEP 100319687" 

A: Lord Of The Ringside
B: Rumania
CBS UKCBS 790624 Mar 19727" 

A: Walking In The Queens Garden
B: I Happen To Love You
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1241Feb 19687" 
Ken Cameron

A: Land Of Love
B: Don't Bring Me Down
DJM UKDJS 28127 Jul 19737" 
The Idle Race

A: The End Of The Road
B: The Morning Sunshine
Liberty UKLBF 1510131 May 19687" 
The Heavyweights

A: Utterly Funky
B: Shambala
Spark UKSRL 103319697" 
Juan And Junior

A: The Chase
B: Nothing
CBS UK2949Aug 19677" 
The Top Shelf

A: Baby The World Really Turns (Many A Slip Twixt Cup And Lip)
B: Time Beyond (Can't We Still Be Friends)
His Master's Voice New ZealandHR.369Sep 19697" 
The Kinsmen

A: It's Good To See You
B: Always The Loser
Decca UKF 2277717 May 19687" 

A: Old Dom Is Dead
B: Vision
Polydor France2056 15019727" 
Jacqueline Taïeb

A1: 7 Heures Du Matin
A2: Bienvenue Au Pays
B1: Ce Soir Je M'en Vais
B2: La Plus Belle Chanson
Impact FranceIMP 200.008 M1967EP 
The Californians

A: Golden Apples
B: Little Ship With A Red Sail
CBS UK2663Apr 19677" 
Giles, Giles And Fripp

A: Thursday Morning
B: Elephant Song
Deram UKDM 21011 Oct 19687" 
Cherry Smash

A: Goodtime Sunshine
B: Little Old Country Home Town
Decca UKF 1283811 Oct 19687" 
Blonde On Blonde

A: All Day, All Night
B: Country Life
Pye UK7N 176378 Nov 19687" 

A: Singer Without A Song
B: I Think I'm A Man
Decca UKF 13161Apr 19717" 
Misty [Parlophone]

A: Hot Cinnamon
B: Cascades
Parlophone UKR 58523 Jul 19707" 
Great Expectations

A: Midnight Man
B: The Sky's The Limit
Philips UK6006 10226 Mar 19717" 

A: I Feel Free
B: N.S.U.
Reaction UK591011Dec 19667" 
Keith Meehan

A: Darkness Of My Life

Tony Meehan

B: Hooker St.
Marmalade UK59801619697" 
Freedoms Children

A: Kafkasque
B: Little Games
Parlophone South AfricaSPD 45819687" 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Hey Joe
B: Stone Free
Polydor UK5613916 Dec 19667" 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Purple Haze
B: 51st Anniversary
Track UK60400117 Mar 19677" 
Lotus [Australia]

A: Epoch
B: Lotus I (I'll Be Gone)
Parlophone AustraliaA-934319707" 
The Sorrows

A: Hey Hey
B: 6 Ft 7 1/2 Inch Shark Fishing Blues
Miura ItalyPON NP 4009919697" 
Ofo The Black Company

A: Allah Wakbarr
B: Beautiful Daddy
London UKFL 133611972Export Issue 
Nicole Croisille

A: We Got A Thing
B: It's All Over
Polydor UK5674613 Sep 19687" 
Dianne Brooks

A: Walkin' On My Mind
B: Need To Belong
Revolver [1969] UKREVS 00119697" 
The Left Banke

A: Pretty Ballerina
B: Lazy Day
Philips UKBF 154013 Jan 19677" 

A: Candle In The Wind
B: Between The Lines
Parlophone UKR 583626 Mar 19707" 
Fever Tree

A: Man Who Paints The Pictures
B: 99½ (Ninety-Nine And One Half)
Philips Netherlands346 610 BF19697" 
Guardians Of The Rainbow

A: What Do You Do When You've Lost Your Love
B: Cry Alone
President UKPT 18619 Apr 19687" 
San Francisco Earthquake

A: Fairy Tales Can Come True (Have You Heard About Lucy)
B: Su Su
Mercury UKMF 103621 Jun 19687" 
The Knack [UK]

A: (The Man From The) Marriage Guidance And Advice Bureau
B: Dolly Catcher Man
Piccadilly UK7N 35367Feb 19677" 

A: How Do You Do
B: Nobody's Baby
Polydor UK2058 20618 Feb 19727" 

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