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The Stratfords

A: Never Leave Me
B: Enaj
O'Dell USA100Jan 19647" 
David And David [70s]

A: In The City
B: Good Morning Morning
Columbia UKDB 86788 May 19707" 

A: You And Me
B: Love Can Wait
Polydor UK56127Nov 19667" 
High Tide Formation

A: Fluffy
B: White Walls
Hansa Germany14 592 ATMay 19707" 
Jan And Dean

A: Yellow Balloon
B: Taste Of Rain
CBS UK202630Mar 19677" 
Two And A Half

A: The Walls Are High
B: Love You
CBS UK20252610 Feb 19677" 
The Young Idea

A: Peculiar Situation
B: Just Look At The Rain
Columbia UKDB 813217 Feb 19677" 

A: Ghost Train (Here It Come Again)
B: Unicorns And Minotaurs
Decca UKF 1351831 May 19747" 
The Matadors [Czechoslovakia]

A1: Hate Everything Except Of Hatter
A2: Get Down From The Tree
B1: I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine
B2: Indolence
Supraphon Czechoslovakia1 33 02111967EP 
Paul's Collection

A: Time For A Change
B: What Have I Done
RCA Victor Belgium54-405519707" 
The Quincy Conserve

A: Ride The Rain
B: I Feel Good
HMV New ZealandHR.408Jul 19707" 
The La De Das

A: Come And Fly With Me
B: Swallow Little Swallow
Columbia AustraliaDO-8802May 19697" 
The Puppy

A: Elizabeth Bridge
B: Belinda
Natec AustraliaNSM-003Nov 19687" 
Dave Berry

A: Chaplin House
B: Trees
Decca UKF 130802 Oct 19707" 
Shadows Of Knight

A: Gloria
B: Dark Side
Atlantic UKAT 408525 Mar 19667" 
The Picadilly Line

A: Yellow Rainbow
B: I Know She Believes
CBS UK3595Jul 19687" 
Tripsichord Music Box

A: Times And Seasons
B: Sunday The Third
San Francisco Sound USAJ-11519707" 
Luv Machine

A: Witches Wand
B: In The Early Hours
Polydor UK2058 08019707" 
The Quincy Conserve

A: Everybody Has Their Way
B: Purple Frustrations
HMV New ZealandHR.418Nov 19707" 
The Rainbow People

A: The Walk Will Do You Good
B: Dreamtime
Pye UK7N 1758212 Jul 19687" 
France Gall

A1: Chanson Indienne
A2: La Fille D'un Garçon
B1: Toi Que Je Veux
B2: Gare à Toi… Gargantua
Philips France437.393 BE1968EP 
The Meditations [USA]

A: Beautiful Experience
B: Transcendental Meditation
World Pacific USA77876Oct 19677" 
Peter Lee Stirling

A: Goodbye Thimble Mill Lane
B: Hey Conductor
Decca UKF 1267429 Sep 19677" 
Raintree Minority

A: You're Just What I Was Looking For Today
B: Come Out, Come Out (Wherever You Are)
Amaret USA45-102Feb 19697" 
Simon De Lacy

A: Baby Come Back To Me
B: Goodbye Love
Spark UKSRL 100123 Feb 19687" 
Neo Maya

A: I Won't Hurt You
Pye UK7N 1737122 Sep 19677" 

A: Everyone Can See
B: I Wish I Was Five
Pye UK7N 174925 Apr 19687" 
Gary Walker And The Rain

A: The View
B: Thoughts Of An Old Man
Philips JapanSFL-1174Sep 19687" 
Curtis Knight And Jimi Hendrix

A: How Would You Feel
B: You Don't Want Me
Track UK604009Sep 19677" 

A: If I Could
B: Castles
CBS UK422816 May 19697" 
Thoughts And Words

A: Morning Sky
B: Give Me A Reason
Liberty UKLBF 15187Feb 19697" 

A: People In Motion
B: Albertine Hall
Polydor UK2121 09321 Jan 19727" 
The Sugar Shoppe

A: Skip-A-Long Sam
B: Let The Truth Come Out
Capitol UKCL 1555516 Aug 19687" 
Procol Harum

A: A Salty Dog
B: Long Gone Geek
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 301930 May 19697" 
Procol Harum

A: Homburg
B: Good Captain Clack
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 300329 Sep 19677" 
Procol Harum

A: Quite Rightly So
B: In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 300722 Mar 19687" 
Procol Harum

A: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
B: Lime Street Blues
Deram UKDM 12612 May 19677" 
The Shy Guys [Florida]

A: Goodbye To You
B: Black Lightening Light
M-U USA5942Sep 19687" 
Victoire Scott

A1: 4ème Dimension
A2: Une Fleur Dans Le Cœur
B1: Par Dela Le Sang De La Terre
B2: L'Amour En Coleur
Decca France461.1631968EP 

A: The Bird
B: Don't Let It Get The Best Of You
Mercury France154.664 MCF19697" 
The Good Rats

A: The Hobo
B: The Truth Is Gone
London UKHLR 102373 Jan 19697" 
The Chocolate Tunnel

A: Ostrich People
B: The Highly Successful Young Rupert White
Era USA3185Aug 19677" 
Les Baroques

A: I'll Send You To The Moon
B: Troubles
Whamm NetherlandsPS 008Oct 19667" 
Les Baroques

A: Indication
B: When You´re Feelin´ Good
Whamm NetherlandsPS 025Mar 19687" 
The Who

A: I'm Free
B: 1921
Track UKPRO 3Jul 1969Promo Only 7" 
The Who

Excerpts From Tommy

A: Amazing Journey
B: The Acid Queen
C: Go To The Mirror Boy
D: Tommy Can You Hear Me
E: Smash The Mirror
F: Sensation
G: Sally Simpson
H: I'm Free
Decca USADXSW 72051969Box Set 7" 
Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk Band

A: Bullets La Verne
B: Jigsaw
Page One UKPOF 06129 Mar 19687" 
Kaleidoscope [UK]

A: Flight From Ashiya
B: (Further Reflections) In The Room Of Percussion
Fontana Netherlands267 906 TF18 Nov 19687" 
Small Faces

A: Patterns
B: E Too D
Decca UKF 1261926 May 19677" 
The State Of Micky And Tommy

A: Frisco Bay
B: Nobody Knows Where You've Been
Mercury Norway127 313 MCF19677" 

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