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Crystal Rain

A: World On Fire
B: You And Me
Dynamic Sound [Ohio] USA91101Nov 19697" 
The Methods

A: Chasing The Sun
B: And That Is Life
DJM UKDJS 22519707" 
Springfield Park

A: Never An Everyday Thing
B: I Can See The Sunshine
CBS UK3775Oct 19687" 
The Family Tree

A: She Had To Fly
B: He Spins Around
RCA Victor USA47-9671Nov 19687" 
The Dovers

A: The Third Eye
B: Your Love
Miramar USA123Apr 19667" 
Pythagoras Theorem

A: Give A Damn
B: London Bridge
Pye UK7N 1792410 Apr 19707" 
Tapestry [UK]

A: Heart And Soul
B: Who Wants Happiness
NEMS UK56-396424 Jan 19697" 
Barry Fantoni

A: Nothing Today
B: The Spanish Lady Tango
Columbia UKDB 823821 Jul 19677" 
Thirteenth Floor Elevators

A: Livin' On
B: Scarlet And Gold
International Artists USAIA-130Jan 19697" 
Thirteenth Floor Elevators

A: Slip Inside This House [Edited Version]
B: Splash 1
International Artists USAIA-122Jan 19687" 
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators

A: I've Got Levitation
B: Before You Accuse Me
International Artists USAIA-113Feb 19677" 
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators

A: Reverbaration (Doubt)
B: Fire Engine
International Artists USAIA-11128 Oct 19667" 
The Spectrum

A: Headin' For A Heatwave
B: I Wanna Be With You
RCA UKRCA 16511 Dec 19677" 
The Spectrum

A: Little Red Boat By The River
B: Forget Me Not
RCA UKRCA 1753Oct 19687" 
David McNeil

A: Don't Let Your Chance Go By
B: Space Plane
President UKPT 21216 Aug 19687" 
Deuce Coup

A: A Clown In One Town
B: Angela
Mercury UKMF 10135 Jan 19687" 
Bitter Almond

A: In The Morning
B: Silver
Warner Bros. UKWB 8008Jun 19707" 
The Joyride

A: The Crystal Ship
B: Coming Soon
World Pacific USA77877Nov 19677" 
The Joyride

A: Land Of Rypap Papyr
B: His Blues
World Pacific USA77888Apr 19687" 
The West Coast Delegation

A: Reach The Top
B: Mister Personality Man
Deram UKDM 1133 Feb 19677" 
Sight And Sound

A: Jose
B: Jackie
Pye UK7N 1787123 Jan 19707" 
Sight And Sound

A: Ebenezer
B: Our Love (Is In The Pocket)
Fontana UKTF 927Apr 19687" 
The Paupers

A: Think I Care
B: White Song
Verve Forecast UKVS 15149 Feb 19687" 
Denis Couldry

A: James In The Basement

Denis Couldry And The Next Collection

B: I Am Nearly There
Decca UKF 127342 Feb 19687" 
Screaming Lord Sutch

A: Jack The Ripper
B: Don't You Just Know It
Decca UKF 115981 Mar 19637" 
Ian McCulloch [Decca]

A: Come On Home
B: Down By The River
Decca UKF 11855Mar 19647" 

A: Wired Up
B: Ain't Got Time
DJM UKDJS 2899 Nov 19737" 
The Holy Mackerel

A: Scorpio Red
B: Lady In Waiting
Reprise USA0797Dec 19687" 

A: Vitamin C
B: I'm So Green
United Artists GermanyUA 35 47219727" 

A: Le Mont Des Oliviers
B: Glorification
Pop Music FranceINT. 8021719697" 
Black Abbots

A: The Painter
B: Love Is Alive
Evolution UKE 300419717" 

A: Lands Of Perfection
B: Lets Get Smash
Diabolo SpainD. B. 1 S.19697" 

A: Time Off
B: Movin' On
CBS UK463514 Nov 19697" 
Sweetwater [UK]

A: Uncle Tom
B: Apple Pie
Polydor UK2058 2392 Jun 19727" 
John Williams [UK 60s]

A: Can't Find Time For Anything Now
B: Flowers In Your Hair
Columbia UKDB 825118 Aug 19677" 
Jake Holmes

A: Genuine Imitation Life
B: Hard To Keep My Mind On You
Tower USA392Jan 19687" 
Tim Andrews And Paul Korda

A: Angel Face
B: Waiter Get Me A Drink
Parlophone UKR 5746Nov 19687" 
The Nova Local

A: If You Only Had The Time
B: Games
Decca USA32138May 19677" 
Roger Nichols Trio

A: Love Song, Love Song
B: Snow Queen
A&M USA830Dec 19667" 
The End [UK]

A: Loving, Sacred Loving
B: We've Got It Made
Sonoplay SpainSN-20.05419677" 
Dick Turpin

A: If You've Got The Time
B: Madeline
Evolution UKE 244619707" 
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: Take Me To The Water
B: Indian Rope Man
Marmalade UK598018Sep 19697" 

A: For You
B: Little Lovely One
Warner Bros. UKK 162502 Mar 19737" 
The Mojo Men

A: Me About You
B: When You're In Love
Reprise UKRS 205809 Jun 19677" 
The Jay-Jays

A: (Baby) You Know You Ain´t Right
B: (I Know) In My Mind
Philips Netherlands334 523 JF12 Aug 19687" 
The Troggs

A: Evil Woman
B: Heads Or Tails
Page One USA21,026Jan 19697" 
Utopia Carwash

A: Loneliness
B: Wait And See
South Grape Street USASGS-00119697" 
The Flower Power [Mississippi]

A: Trivialities
B: Mt. Olympus
Tune-Kel USA612May 19687" 
The Honeybus

A: She Sold Blackpool Rock
B: Would You Believe?
Deram UKDM 2542 May 19697" 
The Honeybus

A: Story
B: The Right To Choose
Deram UKDM 2896 Mar 19707" 

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