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The Barrier

A: Georgie Brown
B: Dawn Breaks Through
Eyemark UKEMS 10132005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Answers

A: Just A Fear
B: You've Gotta Believe Me
Columbia UKDB 78472005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Anteeeks

A: I Don't Want You
B: Ball And Chain
Philips UKBF 14712000Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Australian Playboys

A: Black Sheep R.I.P
B: Sad
Immediate UKIM 0542000Bootleg / Repro 7" 

A: Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
B: A Woman Of Distinction
Philips UKBF 15882005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Eyes

A: When The Night Falls
B: I'm Rowed Out
Mercury UKMF 8812005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Fairies

A: Get Yourself Home
B: I'll Dance
His Master's Voice UKPOP 14042005Bootleg / Repro 7" 

A: Mud In Your Eye
B: I've Been Trying
Polydor UK561242005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Fox [CBS]

A: Mr. Carpenter
B: Seek And You Find
CBS UK33812005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Glass Menagerie

A: I Said Goodbye To Me
B: Frederick Jordan
Pye UK7N 176152005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The In-Be-Tweens

A: You Better Run
B: Evil Witchman
Columbia UKDB 80802005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
David John And The Mood

A: Bring It To Jerome
B: I Love To See You Strut
Parlophone UKR 52552005Bootleg / Repro 7" 

A: Baby I Got News For You
B: The Girl With The Castle
Columbia UKDB 7735Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Mockingbirds

A: You Stole My Love
B: Skit Skat
Immediate UKIM 0152005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Penny Peeps

A: Little Man With A Stick
B: Model Village
Liberty UKLBF 150532005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Poets [Ireland]

A: All Alone Am I
B: Locked In A Room
Pye UK7N 176682005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Southern Sound

A: Just The Same As You
B: I Don't Wanna Go
Columbia UKDB 79822005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Winston's Fumbs

A: Real Crazy Apartment
B: Snow White
RCA UKRCA 16122005Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Year One

A: Eli's Comin'
B: Will You Be Staying After Sunday?
Major Minor PortugalMM 66019697" 
The Dovells

A: You Can't Sit Down
B: Wildwood Days
Cameo-Parkway SwedenCFF 919637" 
Darryl Carter

A: The Only Thing That Saved Me (Was The Love She Gave Me) Part 1
B: The Only Thing That Saved Me (Was The Love She Gave Me) Part 2
TTC USA101Jul 19727" 
Mel And Tim

A: Backfield In Motion
B: Do Right Baby
Bamboo USABMB 107Sep 19697" 
Simon Scott With The LeRoys

A: Move It Baby
B: What Kind Of Woman
Parlophone UKR 516431 Jul 19647" 
Bunny Sigler

A: Let The Good Times Roll And Feel So Good
B: There's No Love Left (In This Old Heart Of Mine)
Parkway USAP-153Jun 19677" 
The Attack

A: Neville Thumbcatch
B: Lady Orange Peel
Decca UKF 1272512 Jan 19687" 
The Plague [UK 60s]

A: Looking For The Sun
B: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Decca UKF 1273026 Jan 19687" 
The Front Line

A: I Don't Care
B: Got Love
Atlantic UKAT 4057Dec 19657" 
Trevor Peacock

A: The Story Of Rock 'N Roll
B: Not Guilty
Universal Programmes Corporation Ltd UKAcetate 
The Pyramids [USA - Surf]

A: Penetration
B: Here Comes Marsha
Best [Long Beach, CA] USA45-13002Dec 19637" 
The Emperor's [Long Beach]

A: And Then
B: I Want My Woman
Sabra Bootleg5555Aug 20127" 
The Roulettes [UK]

A: The Long Cigarette
B: Junk
Parlophone UKR 538226 Nov 19657" 
Herb Hardesty

A: Just A Little Bit Of Everything
B: Perdido Street
Hardesty USAJBJ-1047Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Arthur Griswold And The Organics

A: Pretty Mama Blues
B: Trying For A Future
Fortune USA871Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Dean Barlow

A: Third Window From The Right

Vernon Harrel

B: Slick Chick
Lescay USA45-3004Bootleg / Repro 7" 
5 Royales

A: Catch That Teardrop
Home Of The Blues USAHM.2580Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Carla Thomas

A: A Dime A Dozen
B: I Want You Back
Stax USA45-25129 Mar 19687" 
Harvey Scales And The Seven Sounds

A: "Groove On" Sexy Lady
B: Rock The World
Magic Touch USA80027" 
Solomon Burke

A: Keep Looking
B: I Don't Want You No More
Atlantic USA45-2349Aug 19667" 
The Dells

A: O-O, I Love You
B: There Is
Chess Blue Chip Series USA90067" 
Lou Courtney

A: Skate Now
B: I Can Always Tell
Riverside USA4588Oct 19667" 
J.J. Barnes

A: Baby Please Come Back Home
B: Chains Of Love
Groovesville USAGV 1006Apr 19677" 
Harvey Scales

A: Electric Robot
B: (Leave It For) The Trashman
Cadet Concept USAC/C 702919747" 
Ben And Spence

A: Woman Hang Your Head In Shame
B: You're The One For Me
Bell USA650Oct 19667" 
Etta James

A: You Got It
B: Fire
Cadet USA5620Sep 19687" 
Jimmy Vick

A: Take A Trip
B: I Need Someone
Cherry Unknown Country7888Dec 2012Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Zu Zu Blues Band

A: Zu Zu Man

Robert John

B: Raindrops, Love And Sunshine
A&M UK790 / 1210Bootleg / Repro 7" 
El Chicano

A: Viva Tirado Part 1
B: Viva Tirado Part 2
MCA UKMU 112619707" 
Isaac Hayes

A: Title Theme
B: Hung Up On My Baby (Instrumental)
Stax UKSTXS 200430 Aug 19747" 
Jamie Van Loan

A: What's Your Name, Little Girl

Mel Smith [US]

B: Chicken Backs
Blue Bell Unknown Country501Nov 2012Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Charles Sheffield

A: It's Your Voodoo Working
B: Rock N' Roll Train
Excello USA45-2200Bootleg / Repro 7" 

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