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The Corsairs

A: I'll Take You Home
B: Sittin' On Your Doorstep
Pye International UK7N 2514215 Jun 19627" 
The Untamed

A: It's Not True
B: Gimme Gimme Some Shade
Planet [Shel Talmy] UKPLF 10310 Dec 19657" 
The Hello People

A: (As I Went Down To) Jerusalem
B: It's A Monday Kind Of Tuesday
Philips UKBF 1697Sep 19687" 
Pamela Blue

A: My Friend Bobby
B: Hey There Stranger
Decca UKF 11761Oct 19637" 
John's Children

A: The Love I Thought I'd Found
B: Strange Affair
Columbia UKDB 803014 Oct 19667" 
The Gremlins [Oak]

A: High Time Baby
B: One More Chance
Oak UKRGJ 15520147" 
Mouse And The Traps

A: Sometimes You Just Can't Win
B: Cryin' Inside
President UKPT 21028 Jun 19687" 
The Paul Stewart Movement

A: Saturday Mornin' Man
B: Too Too Good
Decca UKF 125773 Mar 19677" 
The Dowlands

A: Big Big Fella
B: Don't Ever Change
Oriole UKCB 1781Nov 19627" 
The Alan Bown Set

A: Headline News
B: Mr Pleasure
Pye UK7N 17148Jul 19667" 
The Syn

A: Created By Clive
B: Grounded
Deram UKDM 13023 Jun 19677" 
The Who

A: The Last Time
B: Under My Thumb
Track UK60400630 Jun 19677" 
Ola And The Janglers

A: Alex Is The Man
B: Now I Like Her
Gazell SwedenC-190Oct 19667" 
The In Crowd [UK]

A: Why Must They Criticise
B: I Don't Mind
Parlophone UKR 53645 Nov 19657" 
The Mood Mosaic Featuring The Ladybirds

A: Chinese Chequers
B: The Real Mr. Smith
Columbia UKDB 814910 Mar 19677" 
Sir Henry And His Butlers

A: The Rolo Sensation (Camp)
B: Pretty Style
Columbia UKDB 84978 Nov 19687" 
The Jesters [UK '60s]

A: Little Girl
B: Caso Pedro
R. L. UKRL 1519627" 
Houston Wells


A1: Ramona
A2: Girl Down The Street
B1: I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
B2: Nobody's Child
Parlophone UKGEP 8914Aug 1964EP 

A: Ice Man
B: Whisper Her Name, (Maria Laine)
Decca UKF 127491 Mar 19687" 
Mike Vickers

A: On The Brink
B: The Puff Adder
Columbia UKDB 76576 Aug 19657" 

A: No-One
B: The Fantastic Story Of The Steam-Driven Banana
Fontana UKTF 904Feb 19687" 
Brook Benton

A: Do It Right
B: Please, Please Make It Easy
Mercury UKMF 842Jan 19657" 
Bo Street Runners

A: Drive My Car
B: So Very Woman
Columbia UKDB 790129 Apr 19667" 
The Searchers

A: Secondhand Dealer
B: Crazy Dreams
Pye UK7N 1742417 Nov 19677" 
Tony Jackson [60s]

A: Anything Else You Want
B: Come On And Stop
CBS UK20240825 Nov 19667" 
Fingers Lee And The Upperhand

A: Bossy Boss
B: Don't Run Away
Columbia UKDB 80029 Sep 19667" 
The Pentad

A: Silver Dagger
B: Nothing But Love
Parlophone UKR 52884 Jun 19657" 
The Gamblers

A: Now I'm All Alone
B: Find Out What's Happening
Decca UKF 1206015 Jan 19657" 
Glenda Collins

If You've Got To Pick A Baby

A1: If You've Got To Pick A Baby
A2: I Lost My Heart In The Fairground
B1: In The First Place
B2: Feel So Good
La Voix De Son Maître FranceEGF 6901964EP 
Michael Cox

In Sweden: Michael Cox

A1: Gee What A Party
A2: Say That Again
B1: I've Been Thinking
B2: Lonesome Old House
His Master's Voice Sweden7-EGS 296Dec 1963EP 
The Zombies

A: Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
B: The Way I Feel Inside
Decca UKF 1249523 Sep 19667" 
The Tony Hatch Orchestra

A: Crossroads
B: Marie Celeste
Pye UK7N 157548 Jan 19657" 
Tony Sheveton

A: Kissin' Date
B: Hey Little Girl
Oriole UKCB 1766Sep 19627" 
The Fenmen

A: I've Got Everything You Need Babe
B: Every Little Day Now
Decca UKF 1226929 Oct 19657" 
The Who

Ready Steady Who

A1: Disguises
A2: Circles
B1: Batman
B2: Bucket "T"
B3: Barbara Ann
Reaction UK59200111 Nov 1966EP 
Take Five [Dundee]

My Girl

A1: My Girl
A2: Stage Fright
B1: Rundown
B2: What Can I Do?
Dundee Students' Charities Appeal UKEP 
The Cuppa T

A: Miss Pinkerton
B: Brand New World
Deram UKDM 14418 Aug 19677" 
Jerry Langley

A: Joanna Jones
B: How Long
CBS UK293519677" 
The Creation

A: Life Is Just Beginning
B: Through My Eyes
Polydor UK56207Oct 19677" 
Kenny Hollywood

A: Magic Star
B: The Wonderful Story Of Love
Decca UKF 11546Nov 19627" 
Lindsay Muir's Untamed

A: Daddy Long Legs
B: Trust Yourself A Little Bit
Planet [Shel Talmy] UKPLF 113Jun 19667" 
The Storytellers [Decca]

A: Let's Get Back On The Love Scene
B: Just A Friend
Decca UKF 1243919667" 
The Ways And Means

A: Sea Of Faces
B: Make The Radio A Little Louder
Pye UK7N 17217Jan 19677" 
The Summer Set

A: Farmer's Daughter
B: What Are You Gonna Do
Columbia UKDB 800428 Oct 19667" 
The Pack [60s]

A: Do You Believe In Magic
B: Things Bring Me Down
Columbia UKDB 770224 Sep 19657" 
The Zombies

A: Goin' Out Of My Head
B: She Does Everything For Me
Decca UKF 1258417 Mar 19677" 
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Time Seller
B: Don't Want You No More
Fontana UKTF 854Jul 19677" 
Jamie Lee And The Atlantics

A: In The Night
B: Little Girl In Blue
Decca UKF 11571Jan 19637" 
Billy Fury

A: Last Night Was Made For Love
B: A King For Tonight
Decca UKF 114584 Apr 19627" 
Peter Adler

A: I'm Gonna Turn My Life Around
B: But I Was Cool
Decca UKF 123946 May 19667" 

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