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A: Cut Her Out
B: Crawl
Rough Trade Singles Club UK45REV 30May 19947" 
Etta James

A: I Got You Babe
B: I Worship The Ground You Walk On
Chess UKCRS 807628 Jun 19687" 
Spike Milligan

A: The Erection

Jeremy Taylor

B: Lift Girls Lament
Spark UKSRL 110819747" 
Spike Milligan

A: The Q5 Piano Tune
B: Ning Nang Nong
Parlophone UKR 577111 Apr 19697" 

A: Blue Climber
B: Seamonkeys
Jackass UKJAK 919947" 
Chuck And Dobby

A: Sad Over You
B: Sweeter Than Honey
Starlite UKST45 043May 19617" 
Laurel Aitken

A: John Saw Them Coming
B: Jericho
Rio UKR 3719647" 

A: Erotica
B: Sexologie
Major Minor UKMM 65319697" 

A: Rudy A Message To You

Dandy And His Group

B: Till Death Do Us Part
Ska Beat UKJB 27319677" 

A: Death And The Maiden
B: CD, Jimmy Jazz And Me
Flying Nun New ZealandFN 014Jun 19837" 
Art Neville

A: Cha-Dooky-Doo
B: Zing Zing
Specialty UKSON 500819737" 
Rufus Thomas

A: The Memphis Train
B: I Think I Made A Boo-Boo
Stax UK60103717 May 19687" 
The Birthday Party

A: Mr Clarinet
B: Happy Birthday
4AD UKAD 114Sep 19817" 
The Birthday Party

A: Release The Bats
B: Blast Off
4AD UKAD 111Aug 19817" 
The Birthday Party

A1: The Friend Catcher
B1: Waving My Arms
B2: Cat Man
4AD UKAD 12Sep 19807" 
Dead Kennedys

A: California Über Alles
B: Man With The Dogs
Fast Product UKFAST 12Oct 19797" 

A: Superman
B: Down To The Shore
Bold UK7GBR 100719957" 

A: Rollerskates
B: Take Aim
Bold UKGBR 100319947" 
We Buy Gold

A: Spanish Beats
B: Lady Of The Manor
Antonym UK00130 May 20117" 

A: My Cherry Is In Sherry
B: Anatomy Is Not Destiny
New Hormones UKORG 8Jul 19817" 
John Cooper Clarke

A: Post-War Glamour Girl
B: Kung Fu International
CBS UKS CBS 6541Aug 19787" 
John Cooper Clarke

Innocents E.P.

A1: Suspended Sentence
A2: Innocents
B1: Psycle Sluts Pts. 1 & 2
Rabid UKTOSH 103Oct 1977EP 
The Past Seven Days

A: Raindance
B: So Many Others
4AD UKAD 102Mar 19817" 
Joy Division

A1: Komakino
B1: Incubation
B2: (As You Said)
Factory UKFAC 2818 Apr 1980Flexi 
Joy Division

A Factory Sample

A1: Digital
A2: Glass

The Durutti Column

B1: No Communication
B2: Thin Ice (Detail)

John Dowie

C1: Acne
C2: Idiot
C3: Hitlers Liver

Cabaret Voltaire

D1: Baader-Meinhoff
D2: Sex In Secret
Factory UKFAC 2Oct 1978Double Pack 
Durutti Column

A: I Get Along Without You Very Well
B: Prayer
Factory UKFAC 64Aug 19827" 
The Mekons

A: Where Were You?
B: I'll Have To Dance Then (On My Own)
Fast Product UKFAST 7Dec 19787" 
Joy Division

An Ideal For Living

A1: Warsaw
A2: No Love Lost
B1: Leaders Of Men
B2: Failures
Enigma [70s] UKPSS 139Jun 1978EP 
The Fall

A: Look, Know
B: I'm Into CB
Kamera UKERA 00419 Apr 19827" 
The Fall

A: Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
B: Fantastic Life
Kamera UKERA 00113 Nov 19817" 
The Fall

A: Totally Wired
B: Putta Block
Rough Trade UKRT 056Sep 19807" 
The Fall

A: How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'
B: City Hobgoblins
Rough Trade UKRT 04811 Jul 19807" 
The Fall

A: Rowche Rumble
B: In My Area
Step Forward UKSF 1130 Jul 19797" 
The Fall

A: It's The New Thing
B: Various Times
Step Forward UKSF 9Nov 19787" 
The Fall

Bingo-Master's Break-Out!

A1: Psycho Mafia
A2: Bingo-Master
B1: Repetition
Step Forward UKSF 711 Aug 19787" 
Aztec Camera

A: Oblivious
B: Orchid Girl
WEA UKAZTEC 1Oct 19837" 
Aztec Camera

A: Oblivious
B: Orchid Girl
Rough Trade UKRT 122Jan 19837" 
Aztec Camera

A: Just Like Gold
B: We Could Send Letters
Postcard UK81-3Jan 19817" 
Josef K

A: Chance Meeting
B: Pictures
Postcard UK81-5May 19817" 
The Cult

Sounds Showcase 1

A1: Outlaw

The Fall

A2: Hey! Luciani (Original Version)

The Adult Net

B1: Spin This Web

The Go-Betweens

B2: I Just Get Caught Out
Sounds UKSHOW 128 Feb 1987EP 
The Go-Betweens

A: Cattle And Cane
B: Heaven Says
Rough Trade UKRT124Feb 19837" 
The Go-Betweens

A: I Need Two Heads
B: Stop Before You Say It
Postcard UK80-4Nov 19807" 
Orange Juice

A: Poor Old Soul
B: Poor Old Soul Pt. 2
Postcard UK81-2Mar 19817" 
Peter Cook

Peter Cook And Dudley Moore

A1: Sitting On The Bench

The Dudley Moore Trio

B1: Strictly For The Birds

Dudley Moore

B2: And The Same To You ('Colonel Bogey')
Parlophone UKGEP 8940Aug 1965EP 
Peter Cook And Dudley Moore

By Appointment

A: By Appointment Part 1
B: By Appointment Part 2
Decca UKDFE 86441965EP 
Laughing Clowns

A: Theme From "Mad Flies, Mad Flies"
B: Mr. Uddich-Schmuddich Goes To Town
Prince Melon AustraliaPM 02019817" 

A: Showroom Dummies
B: Numbers (Re-Mix)
EMI UKEMI 5272Feb 19827" 
Yoko Ono

A: Mind Train
B: Listen, The Snow Is Falling
Apple UKAPPLE 4121 Jan 19727" 
The Clean

A: Tally Ho!
B: Platypus
Flying Nun New ZealandFN 002Sep 19817" 

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