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David Robinson

A: Pay The Price

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Bad Gong Jamaica19787" 
Alex Chilton

A1: Jesus Christ (Take 2)
B1: Singer Not The Song (Unplugged)
B2: All Of The Time (Unplugged)
Munster SpainMR 726818 Apr 20157" 
Der Plan

A: Klarheit Liebe Tod Einfachheit Brot
B: Untitled
Ata Tak GermanyWR 8½1981Bonus 7" 
Guy Bedos Et Sophie Daumier

A: La Drague
B: Private-Club
Barclay France61.81619737" 
Hugues Aufray

A1: Céline
A2: Les Mercenaires
B1: Stewball
B2: Le Bon Dieu S'Ennuyait
Barclay France710611966EP 
Hugues Aufray

A1: Des Jonquilles Aux Derniers Lilas
A2: L'Infidele
B1: Le Chateau Du Hibou
B2: Au Clocher De Rouen
Barclay France712631968EP 
Guy Mardel

A1: Je Voudrais L'Oublier
A2: Entre Les Deux (Mon Coeur Balance)
B1: J'Avais Un Château
B2: Avec Des Si, Avec Des Mais
AZ FranceEP 9871965EP 
Charles Aznavour

A1: Les Deux Guitars
A2: Ce Jour Tant Attendu
B1: Rendez-Vous A Brasilia
B2: Fraternite
Barclay France70316May 1960EP 
Jean Ferrat

A1: C'est Beau La Vie
A2: A Brassens
B1: Nuit Et Brouillard
B2: Nous Dormirons Ensemble
Barclay France70613Feb 1964EP 
Jean-Claude Pascal

A: Ein leeres Glas (Au Fond De Verre)
B: Ein Vagabund mit Herz
Electrola GermanyE 23 380Jan 19677" 

A1: J'ai Tant De Rêves Dans Mes Bagages
A2: Mademoiselle Vous
B1: L'Amour Te Ressemble
B2: Histoire De Clou
La Voix De Son Maître France7 EGF 10001967EP 
Léo Ferré

A1: Vingt Ans
A2: Nous Deux
B1: Les Temps Difficiles
B2: Les Cheris
Barclay France70402Oct 1961EP 
Léo Ferré

A1: C'est Extra
A2: Madame La Misere
B1: La Nuit
Barclay France713471969EP 
Léo Ferré

A1: Paname
A2: Les Poetes
B1: Jolie Mome
B2: Merde A Vauban
Barclay France703661961EP 

A1: La Nuit
A2: Mauvais Garçon
B1: Elle...
B2: Petit Camarade
La Voix De Son Maître France7 EGF 8001965EP 

A1: J'Aime
A2: Chanson En Rondelles
B1: Comme Toujours
B2: Ceux Que J'Aime
La Voix De Son Maître France7 EGF 8581965EP 

A1: Mes Mains Sur Tes Hanches
A2: Grand-Père, Grand-Mère
B1: Viens Ma Brune
B2: Le Barbu Sans Barbe
La Voix De Son Maître France7 EGF 8271965EP 
Charles Aznavour

A1: Le Cabotin
B1: Comme Une Malade
B2: Tout S'en Va
Barclay France7124215 Mar 1968EP 
Anne Vanderlove

A1: Ballade En Novembre
A2: Dites-Moi
B1: Les Enfants Triste
B2: Mes Beaux Amours
Pathé France45 EG 10121967EP 
Camp Sophisto

Songs In Praise Of The Revolution

A: Obsession
B: Beginner's Guide
Cien Fuegos AustriaCFX00919 Apr 20147" 
Sex Pistols

A: No One Is Innocent (A Punk Prayer By Ronald Biggs)
A: My Way
Virgin UKVS 22030 Jun 19787" 
John Dowie

Another Close Shave

A1: British Tourist
A2: Naked Noolies In The Moonlight
A3: I Don't Want To Be Your Amputee
B1: Mew Wave
B2: Jim Callaghan
B3: Time Warp
Virgin UKVEP 1004Oct 19777" 
Jane Aire And The Belvederes

A: Call Me Every Night
B: Lazy Boy
Virgin UKVS 273Aug 1979Picture Disc 

A: Dangerous Rhythm
B: My Sex
Island UKWIP 637528 Jan 19777" 
The Salinos

The Salinos Presentiert Von The Küchentheater

A1: I Don't Like You
A2: Frühschichtbaby (G. Grell)
A3: Meine Freundin
B1: Nein Nein Nein
B2: Propheten
B3: Müde
[none] GermanyK 79011979EP 
New Math

A: Die Trying
B: Angela
Reliable UKGUM 00219797" 
The Rumour

A: Emotional Traffic
B: Hard Enough To Show
Stiff UKBUY 4511 May 19797" 
The Rolling Stones

A: It's Only Rock 'N Roll
B: Through The Lonely Nights
Rolling Stones UKRS 1911426 Jul 19747" 

A1: Butcher Baby
B1: Fast Food Service
B2: Concrete Shoes
Vice Squad USAVS-101ESP19787" 
The Rumour

A: Frozen Years
B: All Fall Down
Stiff UKBUY 43Jan 19797" 
Wilko Johnson Solid Senders

A: Walking On The Edge
B: Dr. Dupree
Virgin UKVS 214May 19787" 
Joe Public [Bristol]

A1: Herman's Back
B1: Travelling With Raymond
B2: Like It
Wavelength UKHURT 3Jun 19797" 
The Cybermen

The Cybermen E.P

A1: Cybernetic Surgery
A2: Where's The New Wave
B1: Hanging Around
B2: I Can't Help It
Rockaway UKAERE 101Jun 1978EP 
The Brainiac Five

Mushy Doubt

A1: (I Was A) Vegetable
A2: Endless River
B1: Move Up Trotsky
B2: Waiting For The Woman
Roach UKRREP 50011978EP 
Dry Rib

The Dry Season

A1: Alaska
B1: Cruelty Of The Victim
B2: Quailseed
Clockwork UKCOR 001Jun 19797" 

A: Cold Anger
B: Leaves Of China
Wavelength UKHURT 421 Sep 19797" 
The Human Switchboard

A1: Fly-In
A2: Distemper
B1: Shake It, Boys
B2: San Francisco Nights
Rug Records USA1977EP 
Lene Lovich

A: Lucky Number
B: Home
Stiff UKBUY 4226 Jan 19797" 

A: Cadillac (Made U.S.A.)
B: Being From The Sky
Far In UKFARS 0117 Feb 19787" 
Martin O'Cuthbert

A: Serene Machines
B: Space Shall Weave Our Destiny
Esoteric UKEE 2Dec 19787" 
Walter Steding

A1: Get Ready
B1: Hound Dog
B2: Landing
Red Star USARSS-219797" 
The Veins

A: Complete Control Rock 'N' Roll
B: Champagne
Redball Records UKRR 003Jan 19797" 
The Buzz [Redball]

A1: Insanity
B1: Him Not Me
B2: Sick At Heart
Redball Records UKRR 006Mar 19797" 
Robert Rental

A: Paralysis
B: A.C.C
Regular UK19787" 
Eddie And The Hot Rods

A: I Might Be Lying
B: Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)
Island UKWIP 63888 Apr 19777" 
The Door And The Window

A1: Subculture Fashion Slaves
A2: Nostradamus
B1: Don't Kill Colin
B2: Wurst Band
NB UKN.B.119797" 
Dead Kennedys

A: California Über Alles
B: Man With The Dogs
Fast Product UKFAST 12Oct 19797" 
Rachel Sweet

A: I Go To Pieces
B: Who Does Lisa Like?
Stiff UKBUY 4416 Mar 19797" 

A: We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place
B: Outcome
Vertigo UKBET 00124 Feb 19787" 
Jerry Burns

A: Pale Red
B: Crossing Over (Edited Version)
Columbia [Sony] UK657946 7Apr 19927" 

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