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The Impalas

A1: Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
A2: Fool, Fool, Fool
B1: Sandy Went Away
B2: Oh, What A Fool
Tommy Steele


A1: I'm A Little Blackbird
A2: Georgia On My Mind
B1: Sweet Georgia Brown
B2: Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
Decca UKDFE 65921959EP 
Barbara Lyon

A: My Charlie
B: Tell Me
Triumph UKRGM 1027Oct 19607" 
The Champs

A: Tequila
B: Train To Nowhere
London UKHLU 8580Mar 19587" 
Conway Twitty

Is A Bluebird Blue?

A1: Is A Bluebird Blue
A2: The Hurt In My Heart
B1: What Am I Living For
B2: She's Mine
Big Bob

A: Your Line Was Busy
B: What Am I
Top Rank UKJAR 185Sep 19597" 
Chan Romero

A: I Don't Care Now
B: My Little Ruby
Columbia UKDB 4405Feb 19607" 
Pat Reader

A: Ricky
B: Dear Daddy
Triumph UKRGM 1024Sep 19607" 
Ricky Bowden

A: Alone To Cry
B: I'd Be Ashamed
His Master's Voice UKPOP 116217 May 19637" 
Dean Webb

A: The Rough And The Smooth
B: Streamline Baby
Parlophone UKR 4587Oct 19597" 
Dean Webb

A: Warm Your Heart
B: Hey Miss Fannie
Parlophone UKR 4549Apr 19597" 
The Five Chesternuts

A: Jean Dorothy
B: Teenage Love
Columbia UKDB 4165Jul 19587" 
The G-Clefs

A: Ka-Ding Dong
B: Darla, My Darlin'
Columbia UKDB 3851Nov 19567" 
Lillian Briggs

A: Not A Soul
B: Smile For The People
Coral UKQ 72408Sep 19607" 
Lillian Briggs

La Grande PrĂȘtresse Du Rock And Roll

A1: Follow The Leader
A2: That's The Only Way To Live
B1: Rock 'n Roll-y Poly Santa Claus
B2: The Gypsy Goofed
Philips France426.032 BE1956EP 
Lillian Briggs

Lillian Briggs

A1: Give Me A Band And My Baby
A2: It Could've Been Me
B1: I Want You To Be My Baby
B2: Don't Stay Away Too Long
Philips Australia426004 BEMar 1956EP 
Lillian Briggs

Lillian Briggs

A1: I Want You To Be My Baby
A2: Don't Stay Away Too Long
B1: Follow The Leader
B2: That's The Only Way To Live
Philips Netherlands426 020 BE1956EP 
Lillian Briggs

The High Priestess of Rock `n Roll

A1: I Want You To Be My Baby
A2: It Could've Been Me
B1: Can't Stop
B2: Give Me A Band And My Baby
Epic USAEG 71631956EP 
Billy Fury

Maybe Tomorrow

A1: Margo
A2: Don't Knock Upon My Door
B1: Maybe Tomorrow
B2: Gonna Type A Letter
Decca UKDFE 659719 Jun 1959EP 
The Voxpoppers

The Voxpoppers

A1: Wishing For Your Love
A2: The Last Drag
B1: Stroll Roll
B2: Guitar Stroll
Mercury UKMEP 9533May 1958EP 
Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five

A1: I Seen What'cha Done
A2: Whisky Do Your Stuff
B1: Messy Bessy
B2: Dad Gum Ya Hide Boy
Melodisc UKEPM 7-661956EP 
Chuck Willis

Wails The Blues

A1: I Feel So Bad
A2: Lawdy Miss Mary
B1: Don't Deceive Me
B2: Caldonia
Fontana UKTFE 171381959EP 
Janis Martin

Janis Martin

A1: Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)
A2: My Confession
B1: I Don't Hurt Anymore
B2: Half Loved
RCA Victor USAEPA 4093Jul 19577" 
Vince Taylor

A: Right Behind You Baby
B: I Like Love
Parlophone UKR 4505Dec 19587" 
Vince Taylor And His Playboys

A: Brand New Cadillac
B: Pledging My Love
Parlophone UKR 4539Apr 19597" 
Terry Wayne

The Terrific Terry Wayne

A1: Matchbox
A2: Your True Love
B1: Plaything
B2: Slim Jim Tie
Columbia UKSEG 7758Jan 1958EP 
The Moontrekkers

A: There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well
B: Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight)
Parlophone UKR 4888Mar 19627" 
The Moontrekkers

A: Night Of The Vampire
B: Melodie D'Amore
Parlophone UKR 4814Aug 19617" 
Sonny Thompson And His Rhythm And Blues Band

A: Screamin' Boogie
B: The Fish
Starlite UKST45 008Mar 19607" 
Ricky Nelson

A: I'm Walkin'
B: A Teenager's Romance
His Master's Voice UKPOP 35519577" 
Vince Eager

Vince Eager And The Vagabonds

A1: Yea, Yea
A2: Lend Me Your Comb
B1: Gum Drop
B2: Soda-Pop Pop
B3: Tread Softly Stranger
Decca UKDFE 65041958EP 
Rory Blackwell And His Blackjacks

A: Bye Bye Love
B: Such A Shame
Parlophone UKR 4326Jun 19577" 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
B: Thirteen Women
Brunswick UK05317Jan 19557" 
The Red Price Combo

A: Theme From 'Danger Man'
B: Blackjack
Parlophone UKR 4789Jun 19617" 
Rockin' Red Price

A: Wow!
B: My Baby's Door
Pye UK7N 15262May 19607" 
Red Price

A: Week End
B: The Sneeze
Pye Nixa UK7N 15169Nov 19587" 
Mel Robbins

A: Save It
B: To Know You
London UKHLM 8966Oct 19597" 
Scott Engel

A: The Livin' End
B: Good For Nothin'
Vogue UKV 9145Jun 19597" 
Joey Castell

A: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
B: Tryin' To Get To You
Decca UKF 10966Nov 19577" 
Mort Shuman

A: I'm A Man
B: Turn Me Loose
Decca UKF 11184Nov 19597" 
The Sneaky Petes

A: Savage (Part 1)
B: Savage (Part 2)
Decca UKF 11199Jan 19607" 
Tommy Steele And The Steelmen

The Truth About Me

A: The Truth About Me
Weekend Magazine UK1957Interview Disc 
Wee Willie Harris

A: You Must Be Joking
B: Better To Have Loved
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1198Aug 19637" 
Wee Willie Harris

A: Wild One
B: Little Bitty Girl
Decca UKF 11217Mar 19607" 
Wee Willie Harris

A: Got A Match
B: No Chemise, Please
Decca UKF 11044Jul 19587" 
Wee Willie Harris

Rockin' With Wee Willie

A1: Rockin' At The 2 I's
A2: Love Bug Crawl
B1: Riot In Cell Block Number Nine
B2: Back To School Again
Decca UKDFE 6465Mar 1958EP 
Wee Willie Harris

A: Love Bug Crawl
B: Rosie Lee
Decca UKF 10980Jan 19587" 
Wee Willie Harris

A: Rockin' At The Two I's
B: Back To School Again
Decca UKF 10970Dec 19577" 
Dickie Pride

A: Bye Bye Blackbird
B: You're Singin' Our Love Song To Somebody Else
Columbia UKDB 4451Apr 19607" 
Dickie Pride

A: Betty Betty (Go Steady With Me)
B: No John
Columbia UKDB 4403Jan 19607" 

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