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Monte Cazazza

Something For Nobody

A1: Distress
A2: Mary Bell
A3: Kick That Habit Man
B1: First / Last
Industrial Records UKIR 0010Apr 1980EP 

A: Something Came Over Me
B: Subhuman
Industrial Records UKIR 001323 Oct 19807" 
John Mayall And Eric Clapton

A: Lonely Years
B: Bernard Jenkins
Purdah UK45 350219 Aug 19667" 
The Pink People

A: Psychologically Unsound
B: Cowcatcher
Philips UKBF 1355Jul 19647" 
Bread, Love And Dreams

A: Virgin Kiss
B: Switch Out The Sun
Decca UKF 12958Aug 19697" 
Keith West

A: Excerpt From "A Teenage Opera"

Mark Wirtz Orchestra

B: Theme From "A Teenage Opera"
Parlophone UKR 562328 Jul 19677" 
Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood

A: Some Velvet Morning

Nancy Sinatra

B: Tony Rome
Reprise UKRS 2321522 Jan 19687" 
Napoleon XIV

A: They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!

VIX noelopaN

B: !aaaH-aH, yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT
Warner Bros. UKWB 583129 Jul 19667" 
The Beach Boys

A: God Only Knows
B: Wouldn't It Be Nice
Capitol UKCL 1545922 Jul 19667" 
The Pink Floyd

A: See Emily Play
B: Scarecrow
Columbia UKDB 821416 Jun 19677" 
Scott Walker

A: Jackie
B: The Plague
Philips UKBF 1628Dec 19677" 
Small Faces

A: Hey Girl
B: Almost Grown
Decca UKF 123936 May 19667" 
The Spencer Davis Group

A: I'm A Man
B: I Can't Get Enough Of It
Fontana UKTF 78520 Jan 19677" 
The Bonzo Dog Band

A: Mr. Apollo
B: Ready-Mades
Liberty UKLBF 1520114 Mar 19697" 
Jimi Hendrix Experience

A: Hey Joe
B: Stone Free
Polydor UK5613916 Dec 19667" 
Santos Morados

A: Tonopah
B: Anytime
Island UKWIP 6034Mar 19687" 
Sir Henry And His Butlers

A: The Rolo Sensation (Camp)
B: Pretty Style
Columbia UKDB 84978 Nov 19687" 
The Third Rail

A: Run, Run, Run
B: No Return
Columbia UKDB 827429 Sep 19677" 
Sex Pistols

Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols Alternative Takes

A: Holidays In The Sun (Rough Mix)
B: Body (Demo)
C: No Feeling (Demo)
D: Liar (Demo)
E: No Future (Demo Version Of "God Save The Queen")
F: Problems (Demo)
G: Seventeen (Rough Mix)
H: Anarchy In The UK (Alternative Mix)
Universal UKSEXPISSBOX197619 Apr 2014Box Set 7" 
The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted By Nic Raine

A: King Kong
B: King Kong March
Silva Screen UKMOV702219 Apr 20147" 
Crosby, Stills And Nash

A: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
B: Long Time Gone
Atlantic UK584304Oct 19697" 
Aretha Franklin

A: Don't Play That Song
B: The Thrill Is Gone
Atlantic UK2091 027Aug 19707" 
Sharon Tandy

A: Hold On
B: Daughter Of The Sun
Atlantic UK584219Oct 19687" 

A: Floatin'
B: Thinkin' Too Much
Atlantic UK584213Sep 19687" 
The Virgin Sleep

A: Secret
B: Comes A Time
Deram UKDM 17319 Jan 19687" 
Druid Chase

A: Take Me In Your Garden
B: I Wanna Get My Hands On You
CBS UK3053Nov 19677" 
Neal Hefti

A: Batman Theme
B: Batman Chase
RCA UKRCA 15213 Jun 19667" 
Andrew Bown

A: Tarot
B: Lulli Rides Again
Parlophone UKR 585610 Jul 19707" 
Neo Maya

A: I Won't Hurt You
Pye UK7N 1737122 Sep 19677" 
The Accent

A: Red Sky At Night
B: Wind Of Change
Decca UKF 1267913 Oct 19677" 
Norrie Paramor And His Orchestra

A: Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)
B: Summer Palace
Polydor UK563756 Mar 19707" 
The Lovin' Spoonful

A: Do You Believe In Magic
B: On The Road Again
Pye International UK7N 253271 Oct 19657" 
Brian Wilson

A: Caroline, No
B: Summer Means New Love
Capitol UKCL 154381 Apr 19667" 
The Doors

A: Road House Blues
B: Blue Sunday
Elektra UK2101 008Jun 19707" 
Kim Fowley

A: The Trip
B: Beautiful People
Island UKWI-278Sep 19667" 
The Velvet Underground

A: White Light / White Heat
B: Here She Comes Now
Verve USAVK 10560Nov 19677" 
Gordon Jackson

A: Song For Freedom
B: Sing To Me Woman
Marmalade UK59802119697" 
The Factotums

A: In My Lonely Room
B: A Run In The Green And Tangerine Flaked Forest
Immediate UKIM 0091 Oct 19657" 

A: Ice Man
B: Whisper Her Name (Maria Laine)
Decca UKF 127491 Mar 19687" 
The Ferris Wheel

A: I Can't Break The Habit
B: Number One Guy
Pye UK7N 1738720 Oct 19677" 
Ivor Slaney And His Orchestra

A: High Wire
B: Sacramento
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1347Oct 19647" 
The Bob Leaper Orchestra

A: High Wire
B: The Lost World
Pye UK7N 1570025 Sep 19647" 
Daphne Oram

Listen Move And Dance - 3

A1: Bands 1 And 2 - Melodic Group Shapes
A2: Band 3 - Three Single Sounds Taken In Canon
A3: Bands 4 And 5 - Rythmic Variation
B1: Bands 1 - 6 Ascending And Descending Sequences Of Varying Nature
His Master's Voice UK7EG 8762Oct 1962EP 
Keith Meehan

A: Darkness Of My Life

Tony Meehan

B: Hooker St.
Marmalade UK59801619697" 
Sly And The Family Stone

A: Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
B: Everybody Is A Star
Direction UK58-4782Feb 19707" 
The Mickey Finn

A: Ain't Necessarily So
B: God Bless The Child
Noiseburger UKNB 3Apr 1995Special Edition 7" 
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band

A: Too Much Time
B: My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
Reprise UKK 1423323 Feb 19737" 
The Doors

A: Wishful Sinful
B: Who Scared You
Elektra UKEKSN 4505916 May 19697" 
Deep Purple

A: Hush !
B: One More Rainy Day
Parlophone UKR 570821 Jun 19687" 
Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera

A: Flames
B: Salisbury Plain
Direction UK58-3083Nov 19677" 

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