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The Sons Of Fred

A: Baby What Do You Want Me To Do?
B: You Told Me
Parlophone UKR 54154 Mar 19667" 
The Pretty Things

A: Come See Me
B: £. s. d.
Fontana UKTF 688Apr 19667" 
Los Canarios

A: Three-Two-One-Ah
B: What Can I Do For You
Major Minor UKMM 502Jan 19677" 
The Taste

A: Blister On The Moon
B: Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
Major Minor UKMM 560Apr 19687" 
Kim Fowley

A: Space Odyssey
B: Born To Be Wild
Imperial USA66326Sep 19687" 
Head South By Weaving

Fruits De Mer Volume 15

A1: Rain


B1: Shotgun Wedding Theme

Baking Research Station

B2: Jam Sand-witch
Fruits De Mer UKCRUSTACEAN 15Dec 2010EP 
Screaming "Lord" Sutch With The Savages

A: 'Til The Following Night
B: Good Golly Miss Molly
His Master's Voice UKPOP 953Dec 19617" 
The Mindbenders

A: Uncle Joe, The Ice Cream Man
B: The Man Who Loved Trees
Fontana UKTF 961Aug 19687" 
The Soft Machine

A: Love Makes Sweet Music
B: Feelin´ Reelin´ Squeelin´
Polydor UK56151Feb 19677" 
Harlem Speakeasy

A: Aretha
B: Sight Of Pegasus
Polydor UK56270Jul 19687" 
Elvis Presley

A: A Little Less Conversation

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

B: Almost In Love
RCA UKRCA 176829 Nov 19687" 
The Bevis Frond

7 And 7 Is

A1: Night Sounds
A2: Sand

The Higher State

B1: Wait For My Love
B2: You Don't Know

The Chemistry Set

C1: A House Is Not A Motel
C2: Live And Let Live


D1: Hard Coming Love
D2: Love Song For The Dead Che

King Penguin

E1: She Don't Care About Time
E2: 5D (Fifth Dimension)

The Gathering Grey

F1: I Am Not Willing
F2: Sitting By The Window

Black Tempest

G1: Nature's Way

The Seventh Ring Of Saturn

G2: Cream Puff War
Fruits De Mer UK22 Sep 2014Box Set 7" 
Owsley And The Pussycat

Do Not Adjust Your Set

A1: Ace Of Wands

The Ohm

A2: Captain Scarlet

Elks Skiffle Group

A3: Fireball XL5

Frobisher Neck

B1: Robinson Crusoe

Saturn's Ambush

B2: White Horses

Rob Clarke And The Wooltones

B3: The Sky At Night
Fruits De Mer UKCRUSTACEAN 221 Dec 2011EP 
Us And Them

FdM Vol 20 - Summerisle An EP Of Songs From The Wicker Man

A1: Corn Rigs
A2: Gently Johnny
B1: Fire Leap
B2: Willow's Song
Fruits De Mer UKCRUSTACEAN 20Oct 2011EP 
The Family

A: Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens
B: Gypsy Woman
Liberty UKLBF 15031Oct 19677" 
Eric Burdon And The Animals

A: When I Was Young
B: A Girl Named Sandoz
MGM UKMGM 1340May 19677" 
Neil Diamond

A: Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
B: You'll Forget
London UKHLZ 1012621 Apr 19677" 

A: Louisiana Teardrops
B: Beat The Clock
World Pacific USA77912Apr 19697" 
David Brooks

A: Witchfinder General
B: Janie
President UKPT 196May 19687" 

A: Combination Of The Two
B: The Boy With The Green Eyes
ABC USA45-11167Dec 19687" 
Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: I Want To Take You Higher
B: Just Me Just You
RCA UKRCA 194724 Apr 19707" 
Lynn Castle With Last Friday's Fire

You Turned My Head Around : Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-70

A: Rose Colored Corner
B: The Lady Barber

The Kitchen Cinq

C: The Street Song
D: When The Rainbow Disappears

Hamilton Streetcar

E: Invisible People
F: Flash

Honey Ltd.

G: Tomorrow Your Heart
H: Come Down

The Woodchucks

I: Angry Generation
J: Bo-Dacious


K: You Turned My Head Around
L: It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)

Danny Michaels

M: And They Are Changing
N: Valentine Grey

Suzi Jane Hokom Lee Hazlewood

O: Alone

Suzi Jane Hokom

P: Same Old Songs

Lee Hazlewood

Q: Trouble Maker
R: Greyhound Bus Depot

Lee Hazlewood Suzi Jane Hokom

S: Califia (Stone Rider)
T: No Body Like You


U: Anyone Who Had A Heart
V: Dusty Roads
Light In The Attic USALITA09423 Nov 2012Box Set 7" 
Lee Hazlewood With Suzie Jane Hokom

A: Sand

Lee Hazlewood

B: My Autumn's Done Come
MGM UKMGM 131013 May 19667" 
The Galactic Federation

A: March Of The Sky People
B: Moon Shot
Polydor UK56093Jul 19667" 
Merry Clayton With The London Symphony Orchestra And English Chamber Choir Conducted By David Measham

A: The Acid Queen

London Symphony Orchestra And English Chamber Choir

B: Underture
Ode UKODS 663019 Feb 19737" 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Man Of The World

Earl Vince And The Valiants

B: Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
Immediate UKIM 0803 Apr 19697" 
The Smoke

A: My Friend Jack
B: We Can Take It
Columbia UKDB 811510 Feb 19677" 
Tyrannosaurus Rex

A: Pewter Suitor
B: War Lord Of The Royal Crocodiles
Regal Zonophone UKRZ 301617 Jan 19697" 

A: I Must Be Mad
B: Suspense
Fontana UKTF 71524 Jun 19667" 
Elephants Memory

A: Don't Put Me On Trial No More
B: Hot Dog
Buddah USABDA 209Dec 19707" 
The Elephants Memory

A: Jungle Gym At The Zoo
B: Old Man Willow
Buddah UK201 067Oct 19697" 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Crystal Blue Persuasion
B: I'm Alive
Roulette UKRO 507Jun 19697" 
The Barbarians

A: Moulty
B: I'll Keep On Seeing You
Stateside UKSS 497Apr 19667" 
Dudley Moore Trio

A: 30 Is A Dangerous Age Cynthia

Dudley Moore

B: The Real Stuff
Decca UKF 128508 Nov 19687" 
The Jaguars [UK beat]

A: Opus To Spring
B: The Beat
Impression UKIMP 10119647" 
Eden Rose

A: Travelling
B: Under The Sun
Katema France45 51219707" 
Pink Floyd

A: Point Me At The Sky
B: Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Columbia UKDB 85116 Dec 19687" 
Brigitte Bardot

A: Gang Gang
B: Mister Sun
Disques Vogue UKVRS 701825 Nov 19667" 

A: Down Whittier Boulevard

Godfrey And Friends

B: Down Whittier Boulevard (Instrumental)
Whittier USA50519677" 
Jimmy Gordon

A: 1980
B: Test Pattern
Challenge USA5935519677" 
Jimmy Gordon

A: Buzzzzzz
B: Somethin' Else
Challenge USA9194May 19637" 
Randy Alvey And The Green Fuz

A: Green Fuz

R. E. Houchins And The Green Fuz

B: There Is A Land
Norton USA45-11520047" 
The Settlers

A: The Lightning Tree
B: Just This Side Of Nowhere
York UKSYK 5051 Oct 19717" 
Roberto Mann And His Orchestra

A: Love Theme From 'Witchfinder General'
B: Both Sides Now
Deram UKDM 20019 Jul 19687" 
Spooky Tooth

A: Sunshine Help Me
B: Weird
Island UKWIP 602212 Jan 19687" 
The Fallen Angels

A: Room At The Top
B: Your Friends Here At Dunderville
Roulette USAR 4770Nov 19677" 
Monte Cazazza

Something For Nobody

A1: Distress
A2: Mary Bell
A3: Kick That Habit Man
B1: First / Last
Industrial Records UKIR 0010Apr 1980EP 

A: Something Came Over Me
B: Subhuman
Industrial Records UKIR 001323 Oct 19807" 
The Pink People

A: Psychologically Unsound
B: Cowcatcher
Philips UKBF 1355Jul 19647" 
Bread, Love And Dreams

A: Virgin Kiss
B: Switch Out The Sun
Decca UKF 12958Aug 19697" 

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