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Mitchell Torok

A: Pink Chiffon
B: What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You)
Guyden USA2034Apr 19607" 
Mitchell Torok

A: Marching My Blues Away
B: Country And Western (That's For Me)
Decca USA9-29661Oct 19557" 
The Tokens

A: I Hear Trumpets Blow
B: Don't Cry, Sing Along With The Music
B.T. Puppy USA45-518Mar 19667" 
Ray Stevens

A: Ahab, The Arab
B: It's Been So Long
Mercury USA71966May 19627" 
Ray Stevens

A: Santa Claus Is Watching You
B: Loved And Lost
Mercury USA72058Nov 19627" 
Johnny Rivers

A: Curious Mind (Um Um Um Um Um Um)
B: Ashes And Sand
Big Tree USABT 16106Dec 19777" 
Johnny Rivers

A: Get It Up For Love
B: John Lee Hooker '74
Atlantic USA45-3230Dec 19747" 
Robert Wagner

A: So Young
B: Almost Eighteen
Liberty USAF-55069May 19577" 
Glenn Yarbrough And The Limeliters

A: I See America
B: I See America
Stax USASTA-0185Nov 19737" 
Rusty Warren

A1: The Pill Song
A2: Surprise
B1: Red River Sally
B2: Steel Drivin' Man
Jubilee USAJG EP-20691964EP 
Rusty Warren

Rusty Warren Sings

A1: Roll Me Over
B1: Do It Now
B2: Twist Blues
Jubilee USAEP45-20491963EP 
Ray Conniff

'S Wonderful!

A1: 'S Wonderful
A2: Dancing In The Dark
B1: Speak Low
B2: Begin The Beguine
Columbia USAB-92511957EP 
Frank Avalon

A: I'm In The Mood For Love
B: It's The Same Old Dream
Regalia USAR-550819727" 
Frankie Avalon

A: The Star
B: Woman Cryin'
Amos USAAJB 127Nov 19697" 
Frankie Avalon

A: For Your Love
B: Why Don't They Understand
Reprise USA0826May 19697" 
Frankie Avalon

A: It's Over
B: Don't You Do It
Reprise USA0796Dec 19687" 
Frankie Avalon

A: Dancing On The Stars
B: But I Do
Reprise USA0697Jun 19687" 
Frankie Avalon

A: All Of Everything
B: Call Me Anytime
Chancellor USAC-1071Feb 19617" 
Frankie Avalon

A: Togetherness
B: Don't Let Love Pass Me By
Chancellor USAC-1056Sep 19607" 
Frankie Avalon

Summer Scene Vol. 2

A1: Swingin' Down The Lane
A2: June Night
B1: If You Were The Only Girl In The World
Chancellor USAB-5011Jun 1960EP 
Frankie Avalon

Summer Scene Vol 1

A1: Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?
A2: For Me And My Gal
B1: If I Had You
B2: For Sentimental Reasons
Chancellor USAA-5011Jun 1960EP 
Frankie Avalon

A: Where Are You
B: Tuxedo Junction
Chancellor USAC-1052May 19607" 
Frankie Avalon

Swingin' On A Rainbow Vol 2

A1: You're Just Too Much
A2: Sandy
B1: Talk Talk Talk
B2: Birds Of A Feather
Chancellor USAB-5004Nov 1959EP 
Frankie Avalon

Swingin' On A Rainbow -Vol 3

A1: Step In The Right Direction
A2: Them There Eyes
B1: Trouble With Me Is You
B2: Secret Love
Chancellor USAC-5004Nov 1959EP 
Frankie Avalon

A: Why
B: Swingin' On A Rainbow
Chancellor USAC-1045Nov 19597" 
Frankie Avalon

A: Bobby Sox To Stockings
B: A Boy Without A Girl
Chancellor USAC-1036May 19597" 
Frankie Avalon

A1: My Mom
A2: Honey
B1: Young And Beautiful
B2: You're My Girl
Chancellor USAA-5001Dec 1958EP 
Frankie Avalon

A: Ginger Bread
B: Blue Betty
Chancellor USAC-1021Jun 19587" 
Frankie Avalon

A: You Excite Me
B: Darlin'
Chancellor USAC-1016Mar 19587" 
Frankie Avalon

A: DeDe Dinah
B: Ooh La La
Chancellor USAC-1011Dec 19577" 
Frankie Avalon

A: Trumpet Sorrento
B: The Book
X USA4X-0006Mar 19547" 
Frankie Avalon With Rocco And His Saints

A: Cupid
B: Jivin' With The Saints (Instrumental)
Chancellor USAC-1004Jun 19577" 
Joanie Sommers

+2 Oldies Series

A1: Makin' Whoopie!
A2: Seems Like Long, Long Ago (1:28 Edit)
B1: What's Wrong With Me?
B2: One Boy (1:23 Edit)
Warner Bros. USA5507Sep 1961EP 
Henri René And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Theme From Lost Weekend
B: The Water Tumbler Tune
RCA Victor USA47-6027Feb 19557" 
The Hondells

A: Kissin' My Life Away
B: A Country Love
Mercury USA72605Aug 19667" 
The Dreamers [Bell]

A: Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)
B: Mr. Blue
Bell Record USA12619597" 

A: I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
B: Dance To The Feeling In Your Heart
Alfa USAALF-7006Jul 19817" 
John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band

A: Wild Summer Nights
B: Tender Years
Coastline USACR0119807" 
Freddy Cannon

A: 20th Century Fox
B: Cincinnati Woman
Warner Bros. New ZealandB.707519677" 
Freddy Cannon And The Belmonts

A: Let's Put The Fun Back In Rock N Roll
B: Your Mama Ain't Always Right
MiaSound USAMS-1002Sep 19817" 
Freddy Cannon

A: I Loves Ya (Like A Hog Loves Slop)

Cannon's Express

B: Chomp-Chomp, Sooey-Sooey (Instr Backing Track)
Andee USA400119757" 
Freddy Cannon

A: Rock N' Roll A-B-C's
B: Superman
MCA USAMCA-40269Jul 19747" 
Freddy Cannon

A: If You've Got The Time [Stereo]
B: If You've Got The Time [Mono]
Metromedia USAMM 262Nov 1972Promo Only 7" 
Freddie Cannon

A: Beautiful Downtown Burbank
B: If You Give Me A Title
Sire USA45-4103Jan 19697" 
Freddie Cannon

A: Rock Around The Clock
B: Sock It To The Judge
We Make Rock'n Roll Records USA1601Jun 19687" 
The Swe-Danes

A: Swe-Dane Shuffle
B: Georgia Camp Meeting
Warner Bros. USA5170Jul 19607" 
Dan Seals

A: Bop
B: In San Antone
EMI America USAB-8289Oct 19857" 
Cinema Studio Orchestra

A: I Hear A Rhapsody
B: Moonlight Cocktail
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-12919637" 
Don McLean

A: Castles In The Air
B: Crazy Eyes
Millennium USAYB-11819Oct 19817" 
Warren Barker

A1: Swingin' On The Strip
A2: Blue Night On The Strip
B1: 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha
B2: Kookie's Caper
Warner Bros. USAESA 1289Jul 1959EP 

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