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The Kingston Trio

A: Looking For The Sunshine [Stereo]
B: Looking For The Sunshine [Mono]
Xeres USASCH 1-10004Jul 19827" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Aspen Gold
B: Longest Beer Of The Night
Nautilus USANR2-45May 19797" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Big Ship Glory
B: Johnson Party Of 4
Mountain Creek USAMCR 302Sep 1977Promo Only 7" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Tell The Riverboat Captain
B: Windy Wakefield
Capitol USA3149Jul 19717" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Scotch And Soda
B: One Too Many Mornings
Tetragrammaton USAT-1526Apr 19697" 
The Kingston Trio

A: If You Don't Look Around
B: Seasons In The Sun
Capitol USA516620 Apr 19647" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Scotch And Soda
B: Worried Man
Capitol Starline USA60466 Apr 19647" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Ally Ally Oxen Free
B: Marcelle Vahine
Capitol USA507811 Nov 19637" 
The Kingston Trio

A: Bad Man Blunder
B: The Escape Of Old John Webb
Capitol USA4379May 19607" 
Troy Shondell

A: Something's Wrong In Indiana
B: Something's Wrong In Indiana
TRX USA45-T-5019Feb 1969Promo Only 7" 
Troy Shondell

A: A Rose And A Baby Ruth
B: Here It Comes Again
TRX USA45-T-5001Jul 19677" 
Troy Shondell

A: You Can't Catch Me
B: Walkin' In A Memory
Decca USA31712Nov 19647" 
Troy Shondell

A: I've Got A Woman
B: No Fool Like An Old Fool
Everest USA2018Dec 19627" 
Troy Shondell

A: Na-Ne-No
B: Just Because
Liberty USA55445Apr 19627" 
The Smothers Brothers

Two Sides Of The Smothers Brothers

A: Cabbage
B: Map Of The World
Mercury USAC-70811962Special Edition 7" 
The Smothers Brothers

Compact 33

A: Apples, Peaches And Cherries
B: Sailor's Lament
Mercury USAC-70841962Special Edition 7" 
Tobin Matthews

A: Ruby Duby Du
B: Leatherjacket Cowboy
Chief USA7022Oct 19607" 
"Big" Al Downing

A: Miss Lucy
B: Just Around The Corner
Carlton USA489Nov 19587" 
Bobby Darin

A: Dream Lover
B: Bullmoose
Atco USA45-6140Apr 19597" 
Joe Dowell

A: Two Hearts
B: Two Hearts
Journey USAJD 4141974Promo Only 7" 
Joe Dowell

A: The Thorn On The Rose
B: The Sound Of Sadness
Smash USAS-1730Jan 19627" 
Johnny O'Keefe

A: She's My Baby
B: It's Too Late
Liberty USAF-55228Jan 19607" 
Johnny Tillotson

A: Lay Back (In The Arms Of Someone)
B: What's Another Year
Reward USAWS4 04346Jan 19847" 
Johnny Tillotson

A: I Love How She Needs Me
B: So Much Of My Life
Columbia USA4-4598418 Jan 19747" 
Johnny Tillotson

A: I Don't Believe In If Anymore
B: Kansas City, Kansas
Amos USAAJB-146Aug 19707" 
Johnny Tillotson

A: Tears On My Pillow
B: Remember When
Amos USAAJB 117May 19697" 
Johnny Tillotson

A: Dreamy Eyes
B: Well I'm Your Man
Cadence USA1353Sep 19587" 
Mack White

A: Let Me Be Your Friend
B: That Woman Of Mine
Commercial USACOM-131719767" 
Troy Shondell

A: Like A Movie
B: So Close (I Can Taste It)
Commercial USACDC-00031Nov 1977Promo Only 7" 
Troy Shondell

A: The Way It Used To Be
B: Deeper And Deeper
Star Fox USA77-8-1Aug 19777" 
Troy Shondell

A: Still Loving You
B: Imitation Woman
Star Fox USACDC 00022Apr 19777" 
Troy Shondell

A: I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
B: Doctor Love
Star Fox USA77-2Feb 19777" 
Troy Shondell

A: (Sittin' Here) Lovin' You
B: (Sittin' Here) Lovin' You
TeleSonic USAT 80419757" 
Troy Shondell

A: Angel
B: Take Me Woman
Cloud 9 USALRC-13319757" 
Troy Shondell

A: Still Loving You
B: Rip It Up
Brite Star [Nashville] USABSP 245919747" 
Troy Shondell

A: This Time
B: Your Love Keeps Coming On
Writers & Artists USA00119727" 
Troy Shondell

A: Tonight It Might Work Out
B: In So Deep
Cinda USA2-71070Feb 19717" 
Troy Shondell

A: And We Made Love
B: Imitation Woman
ITCC USASS-105Jul 19697" 
Troy Shondell

A: Let's Go All The Way
B: Let Me Love You
TRX USA45-T-5015Dec 19687" 
Lulu And The Luvers

A: Shout
B: Forget Me Baby
Parrot USA45 PAR 9678Jun 19647" 
Jerry Wallace

A: If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry
B: What's He Doin' In My World
Decca USA32989Jul 19727" 
Jerry Wallace

A: To Get To You
B: Time
Decca USA32914Jan 19727" 

A: Born To Be Cheap
B: The Name Game
Wax Trax! USA105021X19817" 
The Ronettes

A: You Came, You Saw, You Conquered!
B: Oh, I Love You
A&M USA1040Mar 19697" 
Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes

Korean Dolls

A1: Lover Lover
A2: Go Out And Get It
B1: I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
B2: I Wonder What He's Doing
Budd USABDR 7111974Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Brenda Lee

A: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
B: Papa Nöel
Decca USA9-30776Nov 19587" 
Hugo And Luigi

A: Cha-Hua-Hua
B: Something's Always Happening On The River
Roulette USAR-4074May 19587" 
Vic Dana

A: A Very Good Year For Girls
B: Looking For Me
Dolton USA64Sep 19627" 
Vic Dana

A: I Will
B: Proud
Dolton USA51Mar 19627" 
Vic Dana

A: Danger
B: Heart, Hand And Teardrop
Dolton USA73Apr 19637" 

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