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Ronny And The Daytonas

A: Then The Rains Came
B: Antique '32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe
Mala USA531May 19667" 
Ronny And The Daytonas

A: G.T.O.
B: Hot Rod Baby
Mala USA481Jun 19647" 
Ronny And The Daytonas

A: Bucket "T"
B: Little Rail Job
Mala USA492Nov 19647" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Johnny Get Angry

Sonny And Cher

B: Baby Don't Go
American Pie USA900519857" 
Joanie Sommers

A: The Peppermint Choo-Choo
B: The Peppermint Engineer
ABC USAAB-12323Nov 1977Promo Only 7" 
Joanie Sommers

A: The Sunshine After The Rain
B: Tell Him
Happy Tiger USAHT-53719707" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Little Girl From Greenwood Georgia
B: Step Inside Love
Happy Tiger USAHT-52219697" 
Joanie Sommers

A: One Boy
B: I'll Never Be Free
Warner Bros. USA5157May 19607" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Be My Love
B: Why Don't You Do Right (Get Me Some Money Too!)
Warner Bros. USA5177Oct 19607" 
Joanie Sommers With The Sir Chauncey Combo

A: Ruby-Duby-Du
B: Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
Warner Bros. USA5183Nov 19607" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Seems Like Long, Long Ago
B: I Don't Want To Walk Without You
Warner Bros. USA5201Feb 19617" 
Joanie Sommers

A: The Piano Boy
B: Serenade Of The Bells
Warner Bros. USA5226Jun 19617" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Johnny Get Angry
B: Theme From A Summer Place
Warner Bros. USA5275May 19627" 
Joanie Sommers

A: When The Boys Get Together
B: Passing Strangers
Warner Bros. USA5308Sep 19627" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Goodbye Joey
B: Bobby's Hobbies
Warner Bros. USA5324Nov 19627" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Since Randy Moved Away
B: Memories, Memories
Warner Bros. USA5339Feb 19637" 
Joanie Sommers

A: A Little Bit Of Everything
B: Henny Penny
Warner Bros. USA5350Mar 19637" 
Joanie Sommers

A: One Boy
B: June Is Bustin' Out All Over
Warner Bros. USA5361May 19637" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Little Girl Bad
B: Wishing Well
Warner Bros. USA5374Jul 19637" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Big Man
B: Goodbye Summer
Warner Bros. USA5390Oct 19637" 
Joanie Sommers

A: I'd Be So Good For You
B: I'm Gonna Know He's Mine
Warner Bros. USA5437May 19647" 
Joanie Sommers

A: If You Love Him
B: I Think I'm Gonna Cry Now
Warner Bros. USA5454Jul 19647" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Don't Pity Me
B: My Block
Warner Bros. USA5629May 19657" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Never Throw Your Dreams Away
B: You've Got Possibilities
Columbia USA4-435678 Mar 19667" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Alfie
B: You Take What Comes Along
Columbia USA4-437311 Jul 19667" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Trains And Boats And Planes
B: Yesterday's Morning
Capitol USA5936Jun 19677" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Talk Until Daylight
B: The Great Divide (from "Bullitt")
Warner Bros. USA7251Dec 19687" 
Joanie Sommers

A: Johnny Get Angry
B: One Boy
Warner Bros. / Back To Back Hits USA712919697" 

A: Image Of A Girl
B: Four Steps To Love
Eldo USA101May 19607" 
Chubby Checker

Compact 33 Double

A1: The Ray Charles-Ton
A2: The Mess Around
B1: The Jet
B2: The Continental Walk
Parkway USAPC 5001May 1961EP 
Terry Cashman

Kansas City Royals Version

A: Talkin' Baseball (Baseball In K.C.)
B: Baby, Baby I Love You
Lifesong USALS-45111-KC19827" 
Lou Christie

A: Beyond The Blue Horizon
B: Saddle The Wind
Three Brothers USATHB 402Dec 19737" 
Michael Martin Murphey

A: Radio Land
B: The Heart Never Lies
Liberty USAB-1523Jul 19847" 
Warren Barker And His Orchestra

A: Carnivalito
B: Malayan Nightbird
Warner Bros. USA5099Sep 19597" 
Jan And Dean

A: Linda
B: When I Learn How To Cry
Liberty USA555314 Jan 19637" 
Jan And Dean

A: Tennessee
B: Your Heart Has Changed Its Mind
Liberty USA55454May 19627" 
Jan And Dean

A: Heart And Soul
B: Those Words
Challenge USA9111Jun 19617" 
Jan And Dean

A: Heart And Soul
B: Midsummer Night's Dream
Challenge USA9111Jun 19617" 
Jan And Dean

A: We Go Together
B: Rosie Lane
Doré USA555Jun 19607" 
Jan And Dean

A: Clementine
B: You're On My Mind
Doré USA539Dec 19597" 
Jan And Arnie

A: Jennie Lee
B: Gotta Getta Date
Arwin USAMM-108-45Apr 19587" 
Jan And Arnie

A: Gas Money
B: Bonnie Lou
Arwin USAMM-111-45Jul 19587" 
Johnny O'Keefe

A: I'm Counting On You
B: Steady Game
Mr. Peacock USAMP 111Mar 19627" 

A: And The Night Stood Still
B: Tower Of Love
Arista USAAS1-9797Jul 19897" 
Tab Hunter

A: I Can't Stop Loving You
B: Born To Lose
Dot USA45-16355Apr 19627" 
Tab Hunter

A: The Way You Look Tonight
B: You Cheated
Dot USA45-16264Aug 19617" 
Tab Hunter

A: Wild Side Of Life
B: My Devotion
Dot USA45-16205Mar 19617" 
Tab Hunter

A: Again
B: Love Is Just Around The Corner
Warner Bros. USA5160Jun 19607" 
Tab Hunter

A: Black Coat
B: I Gotta Have My Baby Back
Warner Bros. USA5142Feb 19607" 
Tab Hunter

A: Young Love
B: Ninety-Nine Ways
Dot USA45-16036Dec 19597" 

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