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The Dreamers [Bell]

A: Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)
B: Mr. Blue
Bell Record USA12619597" 

A: I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
B: Dance To The Feeling In Your Heart
Alfa USAALF-7006Jul 19817" 
John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown Band

A: Wild Summer Nights
B: Tender Years
Coastline USACR0119807" 
Freddy Cannon

A: 20th Century Fox
B: Cincinnati Woman
Warner Bros. New ZealandB.707519677" 
Freddy Cannon And The Belmonts

A: Let's Put The Fun Back In Rock N Roll
B: Your Mama Ain't Always Right
MiaSound USAMS-1002Sep 19817" 
Freddy Cannon

A: I Loves Ya (Like A Hog Loves Slop)

Cannon's Express

B: Chomp-Chomp, Sooey-Sooey (Instr Backing Track)
Andee USA400119757" 
Freddy Cannon

A: Rock N' Roll A-B-C's
B: Superman
MCA USAMCA-40269Jul 19747" 
Freddy Cannon

A: If You've Got The Time [Stereo]
B: If You've Got The Time [Mono]
Metromedia USAMM 262Nov 1972Promo Only 7" 
Freddie Cannon

A: Beautiful Downtown Burbank
B: If You Give Me A Title
Sire USA45-4103Jan 19697" 
Freddie Cannon

A: Rock Around The Clock
B: Sock It To The Judge
We Make Rock'n Roll Records USA1601Jun 19687" 
The Swe-Danes

A: Swe-Dane Shuffle
B: Georgia Camp Meeting
Warner Bros. USA5170Jul 19607" 
Dan Seals

A: Bop
B: In San Antone
EMI America USAB-8289Oct 19857" 
Cinema Studio Orchestra

A: I Hear A Rhapsody
B: Moonlight Cocktail
Colpix Torchlite Series USATL-12919637" 
Don McLean

A: Castles In The Air
B: Crazy Eyes
Millennium USAYB-11819Oct 19817" 
Warren Barker

A1: Swingin' On The Strip
A2: Blue Night On The Strip
B1: 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha
B2: Kookie's Caper
Warner Bros. USAESA 1289Jul 1959EP 
Tab Hunter

A: There's No Fool Like A Young Fool
B: I'll Never Smile Again
Warner Bros. USAS 5051Apr 1959Special Edition 7" 
Tab Hunter

A: (I'll Be With You In) Apple Blossom Time
B: (What Can I Give) My Only Love
Warner Bros. USAS 5032Jan 1959Special Edition 7" 
Tab Hunter

Stereo Jukebox EP

A1: I Love You, Yes I Do
A2: I Ain't Got Nobody
B1: My Baby Just Cares For Me
B2: Candy
Warner Bros. USAESB 1221Nov 1958EP 
The Wild-Cats

A: Gazachstahagen
B: Billy's Cha Cha
United Artists USAUA 1154Jan 1959Special Edition 7" 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: Wheel Of Fortune
B: Cow Cow Boogie
Top Rank USARA-2014-STNov 1959Special Edition 7" 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: My Prayer
B: Cry
Top Rank USARA-2006 STJul 1959Special Edition 7" 
Martin Denny

A: Quiet Village
B: Llama Serenade
Liberty USAS-77162Apr 1959Special Edition 7" 
Jerry Keller

A: Here Comes Summer
B: Time Has A Way
Kapp USAKS-277XJun 1959Special Edition 7" 
Duane Eddy


A1: Lonesome Road
A2: I Almost Lost My Mind
B1: Detour
B2: Loving You
Jamie USAJEP-3011959EP 
Ray Charles

A: One Mint Julep
B: I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Impulse! USAA2S3Mar 1961Special Edition 7" 
Pat Boone

A: With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
B: Good Rockin' Tonight
Dot USAS-200Jan 1959Special Edition 7" 
The McGuire Sisters

Stereo EP

A1: I'll Think Of You
A2: One Fine Day
B1: May You Always
B2: Peace
Coral USAEC 7811841959EP 
Earl Holliman

A: I'm In The Mood For Love
B: Wanna Kiss You To-Night
Capitol USAS 4194Apr 1959Special Edition 7" 
The De Castro Sisters

A: Teach Me Tonight Cha Cha
B: The Things I Tell My Pillow
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9988Dec 19587" 
Eydie Gorme

A: Who's Sorry Now
B: Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye
ABC-Paramount USAS-9968Nov 19587" 
Johnny Nash

A: As Time Goes By
B: The Voice Of Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9996Mar 19597" 
Mickey Lee Lane

A: Shaggy Dog
Swan USA4183May 19647" 
Noreen Corcoran

A: Why Can't A Boy And Girl Just Stay In Love
B: Love Kitten
Vee Jay USAVJ 555Sep 19637" 
Freddy Cannon

A: Teen Queen Of The Week
B: Wild Guy
Swan USA4096Jan 19627" 
Pansy Division

A: Jack U Off
B: Strip U Down
Empty USAMT-28619947" 
Tony Bennett

A1: I Wanna Be Around
A2: The Good Life
A3: Let's Face The Music And Dance
B1: Once Upon A Summertime
B2: Someone To Love
B3: Quiet Nights (Corcovado)
Columbia Stereo Seven USA7-88001963EP 
George, Johnny and The Pilots

A: Flying Blue Angels

George, Johnny And The Girlfriends

B: A Fiddle And A Bow
Coed USACO-555Sep 19617" 
Brian Hyland

A: Holiday For Clowns
B: Yesterday I Had A Girl
Philips USA40444Apr 19677" 
Bryian Hyland

A: Stay Away From Her
B: I Can't Keep A Secret
Philips USA40306Jul 19657" 
Brian Hyland

A: Pledging My Love
B: Devoted To You
Philips USA40203Jun 19647" 
Brian Hyland

A: I'm Afraid To Go Home
B: Save Your Heart For Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-10452May 19637" 
Brian Hyland

A: Somewhere In The Night
B: I Wish Today Was Yesterday
ABC-Paramount USA45-10427Mar 19637" 
Brian Hyland

A: If Mary's There
B: Remember Me
ABC-Paramount USA45-10400Jan 19637" 
Brian Hyland

A: I May Not Live To See Tomorrow
B: It Ain't That Way At All
ABC-Paramount USA45-10374Nov 19627" 
Brian Hyland

A: The Clickity Clack Song Four Little Heels
B: That's How Much
Kapp USAK-352XSep 19607" 
Brian Hyland

A: Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
B: Don't Dilly Dally, Sally
Leader USAL-805Jun 19607" 
Brian Hyland

A: Rosemary
B: Library Love Affair
Leader USAL-801Feb 19607" 
Brian Hyland

A: The Lover
B: Springfield, Illinois
Dot USA45-17109Jun 19687" 
Brian Hyland

A: Come With Me
B: Delilah
Dot USA45-17078Mar 19687" 
Brian Hyland

A: Get The Message
B: Kinda Groovy
Philips USA40472Jul 19677" 

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