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Mark Wynter

A: It's Almost Tomorrow
B: Music To Midnight
Pye UK7N 15577Oct 19637" 
Mighty Big Crime

A: 16 Tons
B: Humber Mania Time
Virgin AustraliaVOZ 02619877" 
Max Wall

A: Englands Glory
B: Dream Tobacco
Stiff UKBUY 128 Apr 19777" 
B-Lou Jones And his Jupiters

A: Anchors Aweigh (Part 1)
B: Anchors Aweigh (Part 2)
London UKHLU 9373Jun 19617" 
Earth Quake

A: Kicks
B: Trainride
Beserkley USAB-574719767" 
Terry Clarke

A: Lady
B: Army Captain's Daughter
Polydor UK2058 1914 Feb 19727" 
Billy "Crash" Craddock

A: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: What He Don't Know Won't Hurt Him
Cartwheel USAA-216Jun 19727" 
Wild Willy Barrett

A: Rapping On A Mountain
B: Soundhog
Carrere UKCAR 281Jun 19837" 
Wild Willy Barrett

A: Old Joe Clarke
B: Rabbit In Boston
Carrere UKCAR 266Mar 19837" 
Neil Diamond

A: I'm A Believer
B: Crooked Street
President UKPT 342Aug 19717" 
Neil Diamond

A: Solitary Man
B: Hanky Panky
President UKPT 324Jan 19717" 
Neil Diamond

A: Two-Bit Manchild
B: Broad Old Woman (6 A.M. Insanity)
MCA UKMU 10339 Aug 19687" 
George And Gene

A: Big Job
B: Your Old Standby
Musicor USAMU 1115Sep 19657" 
Richard Harris

A: Didn't We
B: In The Final Hours
RCA UKRCA 173330 Aug 19687" 
Bonnie Bramlett

A: Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
B: Think
Capricorn UK2089 04615 Apr 19777" 
Hector Rivera

A: At The Party
B: Do It To Me
Barry! USABRY 1011Dec 19667" 
Paul Revere And The Raiders

A: Ain't Nothin' Wrong
B: You're Really Sayin' Something
Jay Boy UKBOY 10813 Aug 19767" 
The Four Aces

A: Rock And Roll Rhapsody
B: I Wish I May, I Wish I Might
Brunswick UK05743Apr 19587" 
Lynn Anderson

A: Frank Jones Interview With Lynn Anderson (Side 1)
B: Frank Jones Interview With Lynn Anderson (Side 2)
Columbia USAAS7 10241971Bonus 7" 
Medicine Head

A: (It's Got To Be) Alright
B: Part Of The Play
Mercury UK6008 00915 Nov 19747" 

A: Lady Bump
B: Fly Robin Fly
Klik UKKL 6119 Apr 19767" 
Eddie And The Hot Rods

A: Farther On Down The Road (You Will Accompany Me)
B: Fish 'N' Chips Part 2
EMI UKEMI 5160Apr 19817" 
Johnny Cash

A: You Beat All I Ever Saw
B: Put The Sugar To Bed
Columbia USA4-4392121 Nov 19667" 
Foxy [Double Shot]

A: Call Me Later
B: I Like The Way You Love Me
Double Shot USA145Dec 19697" 

A: Girl Of Independent Means
B: How Long
Deram UKDM 2076 Sep 19687" 
Sound Express

A: Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye (Disco Version)
B: Na Na, Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye (Radio Version)
Response UKSR 5199 Jun 1978Promo Only 7" 
The Reivers

A: The Wee Magic Stane
B: The Wreck Of The John B
Top Rank UKJAR 244Nov 19597" 
David McWilliams

A: Harlem Lady
B: Days Of Pearly Spencer
Major Minor UKMM 5336 Oct 19677" 
Unit Four Plus Two

A: (You've) Never Been In Love Like This Before
B: Tell Somebody You Know
Decca UKF 121447 May 19657" 
Del Shannon

A: Do You Want To Dance
B: This Is All I Have To Give
Stateside UKSS 34916 Oct 19647" 
Roy Orbison

A: My Friend
B: Southbound Jericho Parkway
London UKHLU 1026111 Apr 19697" 
Gene McDaniels

A: Chip Chip
B: Another Tear Falls
Liberty UKLIB 55405Jan 19627" 
Don Rondo

A: Dormi, Dormi, Dormi (Sleep, Sleep, Sleep)
B: In Chi Chi Chihuahua
London UKHLJ 8695Sep 19587" 

A1: Remote Romance
B1: Rainbow's End
B2: Tell Me
Decca UKFR 13879Oct 19797" 
Roy Orbison

A: Easy Way Out
B: Tears
Asylum UKK 13153Jun 19797" 
The Brothers Four

A: Changes
B: Try To Remember
CBS UK20251213 Jan 19677" 
Donna Douglas

A: The Message In A Bottle
B: If This Is Love
Piccadilly UK7N 35031Feb 19627" 
Dionne Warwick

It's Love That Really Counts

A1: It's Love That Really Counts
A2: Unlucky
B1: I Smiled Yesterday
B2: Make It Easy On Yourself
Pye International UKNEP 440241964EP 
Tam White

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: After All We've Been Through
RAK UKRAK 19331 Jan 19757" 
John Wetton

A: I'll Be There
B: Woman
Polydor EG UKPOSP 15119807" 
Ken Stella

A: I Wanna Spend My Whole Life Loving You
B: Hey, Hey Where You Goin'?
Decca USA732486May 19697" 
Maddy Prior

A: Stookie
B: Incidental Music From Stookie
Making Waves UKSURF 108Sep 19857" 
Dick Curless

A: I Ain't Got Nobody
B: Shoes
Tower USA415May 19687" 
The Emotions [Brooklyn, NY]

A: Little Miss Blue
B: Rainbow
20th Century-Fox USA452Nov 19637" 
Whistling Jack Smith

A: Only When I Larf
B: Early One Morning
Deram UKDM 1897 Jun 19687" 
Kirsty MacColl

A: All I Ever Wanted
B: There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis (Live)
Virgin UKVS 1373Oct 19917" 
Eddie And The Hot Rods

A: Media Messiahs
B: Horror Through Straightness
Island UKWIP 646419 Jan 19797" 
Roy Orbison

A: Communication Breakdown
B: Going Back To Gloria
MGM USAK 13634Nov 19667" 
Roy Orbison

A: Cry Softly Lonely One
B: Pistolero
MGM USAK 13764Jul 19677" 
Intergalactic Touring Band

A: Love Station
B: Space Commando
Charisma UKCB 30618 Nov 19777" 

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