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The Born Free Family

A: De Jukebox (Vocaal)
B: De Jukebox (Instrumentaal)
Philips Netherlands6208 02219777" 
Roscoe Gordon And His Orchestra

A: New Orleans Wimmen
B: I Remember Your Kisses
RPM Jamaica3587" 
Miki And Griff

A: Hold Back Tomorrow
B: Deedle-Dum-Doo-Die-Day
Pye Nixa UK7N 15213Aug 19597" 
Whirlwind [UK]

A: Hang Loose (I've Gotta Rock)
B: Together For Ever
Chiswick UKNS 2524 Feb 19787" 
The Beach Boys

A: California Saga / California
B: Sail On Sailor
Reprise / Brother UKK 1423216 Feb 19737" 

A: Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman
B: No Words
Solar NetherlandsSO 12.54119817" 
Los 3 De La Bahia

A: Benidorm
B: España Es Diferente
Boa SpainB-13619767" 
Captain And Tennille

A: Love Will Keep Us Together
B: Gentle Stranger
A&M Netherlands13926 AT19757" 

A: Bye, Bye Fraeulein
B: Bruja Por Amor
Ariola Spain16.304-A19757" 
De Twee Pinten

A: Neem Nooit Je Hondje Mee
B: M'n Broek In De Knoop
CNR Netherlands141.59819797" 
Corrie van Gorp

A: Kokosnoten-Coco (Coconut Woman)
B: Oh Karel (Oh Carol)
CNR Netherlands141.92819827" 
David Parton

A: Isn't She Lovely
B: Love And Peace Of Mind
Pye France45 PY. 14019019777" 
Wild Cherry

A: Baby Don't You Know
B: Get It Up
Epic NetherlandsEPC 491119767" 
Barend Servet

A: Hoe Kan Dat Nou
B: Bah, Wat Een Langzaam Liedje Is Dit
DarkanivaP. Netherlands2104 10719747" 
Ed En Willem Bever

A: Hup Daar Is Willem!
B: M'n Bloementuin Is M'n Wondertuin
Philips Netherlands6000 01319717" 
Paul van Vliet

A1: Bram In De RAI - Deel 1
B1: Bram In De RAI - Deel 2
B2: Bram Draait Mee
Philips Netherlands6012 10419717" 
Mr. Walkie Talkie

A: Be My Boogie-Woogie Baby
B: Lolly Loving Cop
Philips Netherlands6003 52719767" 
Santiago [Chile]

A: New Guitar
B: I Want To Be Sure
Buk Germany06 19237-119757" 

A: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
B: Cara Mia
CNR Netherlands144.57419777" 

A: Masterpiece
B: Masterpiece (Instrumental)
Baby Records BelgiumBR 5027119827" 
The Chaplin Band

A: The Party Is Over
B: 1,2,3,4
Best Seller Belgium4B006-2587519777" 
Simplisties Verbond

De Derde Single Van Het Simplisties Verbond

A: De Nee - Reggae
B: I Wanna Fuck You
Simpelpee NetherlandsSVS 319767" 
Ria Valk

A: Leo
B: Heel Gewoon Een Vrouw
Park NetherlandsBP 109119767" 
Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers

A: Golden Years Of Rock 'n Roll
B: Golden Years Of Rock 'n Roll
Polydor Netherlands2229 20919787" 

A: Neon City
B: Asphalt
CNR Netherlands141.49619787" 
Michael McGloiry

A: Won't You Let Me Be The One (Version 1)
B: Won't You Let Me Be The One (Version 2)
Friends NetherlandsFRS 00519817" 
Will Tura

A: I Love You
B: El Bandido
Palette GermanyHT 30006419677" 
Mick Micheyl

A: La Joconde
B: Le Gardian
Decca France70.79919627" 
Luisa Fernandez

A: Lay Love On You
B: Make Me Feel Allright
Warner Bros. NetherlandsWB 17.06119777" 
Paul van Vliet

A: Majoor Kees En De Sinterklaahaas
B: Majoor Kees En De Sinterklaahaas (vervolg)
Philips Netherlands6012 94819797" 

A: Motorcycle Mama
B: Beautiful Christmas
EMI Netherlands5C 006-3526919757" 
John Paul Young

A: Love Is In The Air
B: Won't Let This Feeling Go By
Ariola Netherlands11 705 AT19777" 
Pointer Sisters

A: Happiness
B: Lay It On The Line
Planet NetherlandsPL 1235019797" 
Yvonne Elliman

A: Love Pains
B: Love Pains
Rams Horn NetherlandsRAMSH-109219827" 

A: Lay Your Love On Me
B: I Believed You
RAK Netherlands5C 006-6198819787" 
George McCrae

A: Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)
B: Kiss Me (The Way I Like It) (Pt. 2)
T.K. NetherlandsTKR 600519777" 

A: Too Hot To Handle
B: Slip Your Disc To This
GTO Netherlands2099 19119777" 
Trinity [Belgium]

A: First Of June
B: Wise Guy
Philips Netherlands6012 64619767" 
Jennifer Holliday

A: And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going

Cleavant Derricks, Loretta Devine, Jennifer Holliday, Sheryl Lee Ralph

B: Fake Your Way To The Top
Geffen NetherlandsGEFA 264419827" 
The Sunshine Band

A: Black Water Gold
B: Black Water Gold (Pt. 2)
T.K. NetherlandsTKR 603619787" 
George Baker Selection

A: (Fly Away) Little Paraquayo
B: We'll Make It Right Someday
Negram NetherlandsNG 41919747" 
Hank The Knife And The Jets

A: Guitar King
B: Ghost Town
Negram NetherlandsNG 48619757" 
Jack Jersey

A: Pappa Was A Poor Man
B: No Regrets
Imperial Netherlands5C 006-2501919747" 
Mouth And MacNeal

A: Hello-A
B: Talk A Little Louder
Decca Netherlands6100 07819727" 

A: Under The Moon Of Love
B: Showboat
Arista NetherlandsNG 79019767" 

A: Gentlemen Callers Not Allowed
B: Say Yes
Hansa NetherlandsAT 1131519777" 
Oscar Harris

A: Since I Met You Baby
B: I'm Love With You
Pink Elephant NetherlandsPE 22.181-G19767" 
Henk Wijngaard

A: Ik Heb M'n Wagen Volgeladen
B: Hoor M'n Wielen….
Telstar NetherlandsTS 2487 TF19777" 
Rob de Nijs

A: Zet Een Kaars Voor Je Raam (Can I Get There By Candlelight)
B: Marijke
Philips Netherlands6012 60619767" 
Bart Jansen en De Leutgadommes

A: Nassibal (Una Marcia In Fa)
B: Twee Blonde Schonen
Fontana Netherlands6013 01019727" 

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