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Anne-Marie David

A: Wonderful Dream
B: Tu Te Reconnaitras
Epic UKS EPC 144627 Apr 19737" 
The Beautiful People

A: Green Tambourine
B: Rainbox Tree
Roulette USAR-700119687" 
World Of Oz

A: King Croesus
B: Jack
Deram USA45-85034Oct 19687" 
Sledge Hammer [US]

A: Sweet Lady Jane
B: Wild And Free
RCA Victor USA74-0602Nov 19717" 

A: My My
B: Peace Of Mind
Decca USA3298119727" 
Sugarloaf / Jerry Corbetta

A: Round And Round
B: Colorado Jones
Brut USABR 805Jun 19737" 
London Bridge

A: When I Fall In Love
B: Make Up Your Mind
Capitol USA375519737" 
Ruby Starr

A: When You Walk In The Room [Stereo]
B: When You Walk In The Room [Mono]
Capitol USAP-4435May 1977Promo Only 7" 
Karl Denver

A: Wimoweh
B: Never Goodbye
Decca UKF 1292816 May 19697" 
Trini Lopez


A1: A-me-ri-ca
A2: Unchain My Heart
B1: La Bamba
B2: Cielito Lindo
Reprise UKR 30014Jan 1964EP 
Bobby Darin

A1: Splish Splash
A2: Clementine
B1: Dream Lover
B2: Mack The Knife
Atlantic UKK 10238 X17 Nov 1972EP 
Vanity Fare

A: Come Tomorrow
B: Megowd (Something Tells Me)
Page One UKPOF 17010 Apr 19707" 
Stiletto Rox

A: Take Me When You Go
B: Shouting Out A Reason
Slik UKSLIK 1002Oct 19867" 

A: Transatlantic Westbound Jet
B: Dreamy Day
Polydor UK2058 6221 Aug 19757" 
Russ Hamilton

A: Strange Are The Ways Of Love
B: Things I Didn't Say
Oriole UKCB 1465Oct 19587" 
John Baldry

A: Let Me Pass
B: Let's Go
GM UKGMS 01519737" 
Alvin Stardust

A: Good Love Can Never Die
B: The Danger Zone
Magnet UKMAG 2124 Jan 19757" 
Bernard Cribbins

A: Gossip Calypso
B: One Man Band
Parlophone UKR 4961Dec 19627" 
Helen Reddy

A: Keep On Singing
B: You're My Home
Capitol USA3845Mar 19747" 
Daniel Boone

A: Running Around With The Boys Again
B: Singing Backing Vocal With A Rock 'n' Roll Band
Penny Farthing [Bellaphon] GermanyBF 18382Nov 19757" 
Sonny And Cher

A: I Got You Babe
B: It's Gonna Rain
Atlantic UKAT 403516 Jul 19657" 
The Sinfonia Of London with Peter Auty

A: Walking In The Air

The Sinfonia Of London

B: Dance Of The Snowmen
Stiff UKLAD 119857" 
The Foundations

A: Build Me Up Buttercup
B: New Direction
Pye UK7N 17636 8 Nov 19687" 
Ricky Shayne

A: Mamy Blue
B: I've Got It All
Polydor UK2058 1598 Oct 19717" 
The Wombles

A: Let's Womble To The Party Tonight
B: Down At The Barber Shop (Singing In Harmony)
CBS UKS CBS 37947 Nov 19757" 
Marty Wilde

A: I Love You
B: She's A Mover
Magnet UKMAG 1520 Sep 19747" 
The Kaye Sisters

A: Paper Roses
B: If Only You'd Be Mine
Philips UKPB 1024May 19607" 
Showdown [70s]

A: What's Your Name
B: Impulse
State UKSTAT 523 Jun 19777" 
Phil Watts

A: This World's At War
B: Sleeping Alone
Wattsco UKWATTS 319867" 
The Hollies

A: Boulder To Birmingham
B: Crocodile Woman (She Bites)
Polydor UK2058 69420 Feb 19767" 

A: Neanderthal Man
B: You Didn't Like It, Because You Didn't Think Of It
Fontana UK6007 019Jun 19707" 
The Rockin' Berries

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: You Don't Know What You Do
Piccadilly UK7N 35217Jan 19657" 
Procol Harum

A: Bringing Home The Bacon [Unedited Version]
B: Bringing Home The Bacon [Edited Version]
Chrysalis USACHS 20111973Promo Only 7" 
David Dundas

A: Daisy Star [Mono]
B: Daisy Star [Stereo]
Chrysalis USACHS-21421977Promo Only 7" 
Mitch Ryder

A: Joy
B: I'd Rather Go To Jail
New Voice USA824Jun 19677" 
Sea Level

A: Shake A Leg [Mono]
B: Shake A Leg [Stereo]
Capricorn USACPS 0272May 1977Promo Only 7" 

A: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream [Mono]
B: Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream [Stereo]
Buddah USABDA 287Mar 1972Promo Only 7" 
Jim Weatherly

A: The Need To Be
B: Like Old Times Again
Buddah USABDA 420 N19747" 
Boys Don't Cry

A: I Wanna Be A Cowboy
B: I Wanna Be A Cowboy
Profile USAPRO-5084Apr 1986Promo Only 7" 
Terry Fell

A: Coffee Jim, The Trucker
B: Big Truckstop In The Sky
Scorpion [Nashville] USASC 050819767" 
Tami Cummings

A: Kiss And Say Goodbye

Tami Cummings And Dennis Davis

B: Footsteps
TC USATC 06238219827" 
The Silkie

A: Born To Be With You
B: I'm So Sorry
Fontana USAF-1551Jul 19667" 
The Murphy's

A: The Great Pretender
B: I'll Be Home Again
Thunderbird USA51419677" 
Ray Straley

A: Capt. Graveyard
B: Willie
BackDoor USABDR 919757" 
Bruce Murdoch

A: Letters To Lucille #1
B: Letters To Lucille #2
Stormy Forest USAST 65919717" 

A: Just One More Time
B: I've Heard It All Before
Solid Gold / MCA USASGR-90001Dec 19837" 
Walter Murphy

A: Rhapsody In Blue
B: Fish Legs
Private Stock USAPSR 45,146Apr 19777" 
The Walter Murphy Band

A: Flight '76
B: Flight '76 (Pt. 2)
Private Stock USAPSR 45,123Nov 19767" 
Carl Trent

A: Caterpillar Man
B: Seasons Of Despair
Nugget USANR 105419707" 
Bubblegum Singers And Orch.

A: Nick Nack Paddy Whack
B: Your Turn For Sugar And Tea
Offspring USAO-157" 

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