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Quel Dommage

A: Bright Lights
B: Music For Serious And Solemn Occasions
Xcentric Noise UKSEVENTH 119847" 
Cold Dance

A1: Choice
B1: Influence
B2: Then + Now
Xcentric Noise UKFIFTH 119847" 
Cold Dance

A: Petrified
B: Medusa
Xcentric Noise UKELEVENTH 119857" 
Ashley And Jackson

A: Solid Gold (Version)
B: Solid Gold (Original)
Big Life UKBLR 3419907" 
International Rescue

A: Life In An Elevator
B: Mr Whippy
Cowboy City UKSHOE 219847" 
The Akrylykz

A: Smart Boy
B: Spyderman
Polydor Italy2059 22319807" 
Christopher Rowe And Ian Clark

More Songs For Humberside

A1: Hull's Best Friends
A2: King's Town
A3: Poor Mrs. Jones
B1: O H U 2
B2: Land Of Green Ginger
B3: The Man Who Puts The Halt In Haltemprice
John Hassell Recordings UKHAS/LP 110914 Feb 1970EP 

A: No One Like You
B: Now!
Harvest UKHAR 5219Mar 19827" 
Red Guitars

A: Fact
B: Dive (Live)
Self Drive Music UKSD007Nov 19837" 
Jeremy Kidd

A: Petals And Ashes
B: Crocodile Tears
Self Drive Music UKSCAR 15Apr 19857" 
The Vets

A: World In Action

Go Attic

B: Waiting For Fashion
Deckchair UKDECK80/00119807" 

A: Stained And Sinking Fast
Scorch UKKING 0011992Flexi 

The Strength Of Your Cry EP

A1: Doppelganger
B1: The Follower
B2: Cold Black Lines
Xcentric Noise UKSECOND 119837" 

A: Gabriel
B: You Might Say Its Love
Moscow UKMOSC 00319837" 
Fun 'N' Frenzy

A: Fallen Down In Love
B: Untouchable Divine
Boiler UKWOSA BR119847" 
Red Guitars

A: Good Technology
B: Paris France
Self Drive Music UKSD 009May 19847" 
Fila Brazillia

A1: The Goggle Box
B1: The Cubist News
B2: The Great Attractor
Twentythree UKT03420047" 
The Planet Wilson

A: White Lies (7" Version)
B: Vision On
Virgin UKVS 1053Mar 19887" 
Tammy Cline And The Southern Comfort Band

A: I Wish I'd Wrote That Song
B: Crazy
President UKPT 51919837" 

Idiots At The Wheel EP

A1: Really Scrape The Sky
B1: Every Teenage Suicide
B2: Strip Away
Scorch UKSCORCH 31991EP 
Pete Smith

Hessle Road

A1: Hessle Road

M. G. Greaves And The Lonesome Too

A2: Rayners

Ched's Little Big Band

B1: Boulevard Boys

Keith Gay

B2: Settling Day
G.N.S. Music UKGNS 0031989EP 
Born B.C.

The Power And The Privelige

A1: Dear Jesus
A2: Proud Father
B1: What Glory
B2: Euthenasia
Xcentric Noise UKFIRST 119827" 
The Housemartins

The Housemartins Christmas Box

A1: Caravan Of Love
B1: When I First Met Jesus
C1: Happy Hour
D1: The Mighty Ship
E1: Sheep
F1: I'll Be Your Shelter
F2: Drop Down Dead
G1: Flag Day
H1: Stand At Ease
Go! Discs UKGOD B 16Nov 1986Box Set 7" 

A: I Want More
B: More
Virgin UKVS 15323 Jul 19767" 

A: Delivery (The Bumfest Demo)
B: Delivery (Interview)
Parlophone UKDELIVERY 00215 Sep 2007Bonus 7" 
The Go! Team

A: Doing It Right
B: Willow's Song
Memphis Industries UKMI 098S13 Sep 20077" 
The Levellers

A1: One Way
B1: Hard Fight (Acoustic Version)
B2: Last Days Of Winter
China UKWOK 20089 Sep 19917" 

A: Mayor Of Simpleton
B: One Of The Millions
Virgin UKVS 115816 Jan 19897" 
Julian Cope

A: Beautiful Love
B: Port Of Saints
Island UKIS 483Jan 19917" 
The Flying Lizards

B: Tube
Virgin UKVS 325Jan 19807" 

A: The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
B: That's The Way To Do It
Stiff UKBUY 10816 Jan 19817" 
Black Slate

A: Boom Boom
B: Legalize Collie Herb
Ensign UKENY 47Nov 19807" 
Billy Bragg

A: Sexuality
B: Bad Penny
Go! Discs UKGOD 5624 Jun 19917" 
The Society Jazzband

A: Cake Walking Babies
B: Tiger Rag
[none] UKFMR 07619837" 
New Model Army

A: March In September
Attack Attack UKATKS110342013Flexi 
New Model Army

A: Bittersweet
B1: Betcha
B2: Tension
Quiet UKQS-002Mar 19837" 
England Under Snow

A: Stupid September
B: The Elephant Ride
The Snow Company UKOPUS 5A19877" 
Geoff Appleby

A: Make Me Take Me
B: Live Wire
Virgin UKVS 1504 Jun 19767" 

A: What You Gonna Do When Your Lifeline Snaps?
B: Matter Batter
Ediesta UKCALC 319867" 
LIFE [Hull]

A: I Wanna Forget
B: In Citrus
Birthday UKBR000221 Oct 20137" 
Dead Fingers Talk

A: Hold On To Rock 'N' Roll
B: Can't Think Straight
Pye UK7N 4606928 Apr 19787" 
Fonda 500

A1: Super Chimpanzee
B1: Roller Disco
B2: Gemini
The Village UKVILSP0046 Nov 20007" 
LIFE [Hull]

A: Money
B: Crawling
Birthday UKBR000317 Mar 20147" 
Louis Armstrong Orchestra And Chorus

A: What A Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong And His All Stars

B: Cabaret
His Master's Voice UKPOP 161527 Oct 19677" 

A: We Buried Indie Rock Years Ago

Fonda 500

B: Digital Space Pop
Transformed Dreams UKDREAM 2420037" 
The Clash

A: Rock The Casbah
B: Long Time Jerk
CBS UKCBS A247911 Jun 19827" 
Fine Young Cannibals

A: Suspicious Minds
B: Prick Up Your Ears
London UKLON 82Jan 19867" 
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A: The Ship Song
B: The Train Song
Mute UKMUTE 108Mar 19907" 
Joy Division

A: Atmosphere
B: The Only Mistake
Factory UKFAC 213/7Jun 19887" 
Joy Division

A: Transmission
B: Novelty
Factory UKFAC 13Oct 19797" 

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