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A: Night Boat To Cairo
B: Night Boat To Cairo (Paul Gotel Rude Edit)
Virgin UKVS 1447Feb 19937" 

A: Uncle Sam
B: Please Don't Go
Zarjazz UKJAZZ 714 Oct 19857" 

A: Yesterday's Men
B: All I Knew
Zarjazz UKJAZZ 519 Aug 19857" 

A: House Of Fun
B: Don't Look Back
Virgin UKVS 784Jun 19857" 

A: Michael Caine
B: If You Think There's Something
Stiff UKBUY 196Jan 19847" 

A: The Sun And The Rain
B: Fireball XL5
Stiff UKPBUY 19229 Oct 1983Picture Disc 

A: The Sun And The Rain
B: Fireball XL 5
Stiff UKBUY 19229 Oct 19837" 

A: Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
B: Madness (Is All In The Mind)
Stiff UKBUY 1691 Feb 19837" 

A: Our House
B: Walking With Mr. Wheeze
Stiff UKBUY 16312 Nov 19827" 

A: Driving In My Car
B: Animal Farm (Tomorrow's Dream Warp Mix)
Stiff UKPBUY 15324 Jul 1982Picture Disc 

A: House Of Fun
B: Don't Look Back
Stiff UKPBUY 14614 May 1982Picture Disc 

A: House Of Fun
B: Don't Look Back
Stiff UKBUY 14614 May 19827" 

A: It Must Be Love
B: Shadow On The House
Stiff UKBUY 13427 Nov 19817" 

A: Shut Up
B: A Town With No Name
Stiff UKBUY 12618 Sep 19817" 

A: Grey Day
B: Memories
Stiff UKBUY 11217 Apr 19817" 

A: The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
B: That's The Way To Do It
Stiff UKBUY 10816 Jan 19817" 

A: Embarrassment
B: Crying Shame
Stiff UKBUY 10214 Nov 19807" 

A: Baggy Trousers
B: The Business
Stiff UKBUY 845 Sep 19807" 

Work Rest And Play

A1: Night Boat To Cairo
A2: Deceives The Eye
B1: The Young And The Old
B2: Don't Quote Me On That
Stiff UKBUY 7121 Mar 1980EP 

A: My Girl
B: Stepping Into Line
Stiff UKBUY 6221 Dec 19797" 

A: One Step Beyond
B: Mistakes
Stiff UKBUY 5626 Oct 19797" 

A: The Prince
B: Madness
2 Tone UKCHS TT 310 Aug 19797" 
Judge Dread

A: Big 10

Dread And I

B: Rasta Chat
Cactus UKCT 7719 Sep 19757" 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Rain
B: Geronimo
Trojan UKTR 781419717" 
Ken Parker

A: Jimmy Brown
B: Jimmy Brown (Version)
Duke Reid UKDR 252119727" 
Ken Parker

A: Help Me Make It Through The Night

Tommy McCook All Stars

B: Help Me (Version)
Treasure Isle UKTI 707319717" 
Lorenzo And Eva Maria

A: Baby Baby
B: Think It Over
Dip UKDL 505519757" 
Laurel Aitken

A: Bug-A-Boo
B: You Left Me Standing
Rio UKR 3619647" 
Desmond Dekker

A: The Song We Used To Sing
B: Get Up Little Suzie
Trojan UKTR 780219707" 
Laurel Aitken

A: Baby Please Dont Go
B: Nobody But Me
New Beat UKNB 05419707" 
Eric Donaldson

A: Watch What You Are Doing To Me
B: You Must Believe
Dragon UKDRA 102029 Mar 19747" 
Leo Graham

A: News Flash

The Upsetters

B: Flashing Echo
Upsetter UKUS 39918 May 19737" 
Pat Kelley

A: How Long Will It Take
B: Try To Remember
Gas UKGAS 11519697" 
Max Romeo

A: Wet Dream
B: She's But A Little Girl
Unity UKUN 50319687" 
The Pioneers

A1: Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
B1: Sweet Inspiration
B2: I Hear You Knocking
Maxi Trojan UKTRM 3006Sep 19767" 
Densil Dennis

A: South Of The Border


B: Long Island
Pama Supreme UKPS 35019727" 

A: Over The Rainbow
B: We Are Not The Same
Trojan UKTR 791917 May 19747" 
Nora Dean

Skinhead Classics Vol.2

A1: Barbwire

Soul Sisters [Jamaica]

A2: Wreck A Buddy


B1: Skinhead Moonstomp

Toots And The Maytals

B2: 54-46 Was My Number
Maxi Trojan UKTMX 40131979EP 
Judge Dread

The Big One

A1: The Big One
A2: Big Six
B1: Big Seven
B2: Big Eight
Maxi Trojan UKTMX 4011Sep 1980EP 

A1: Skinhead Moonstomp

Roland Alphonso

B1: El Pussycat


B2: Guns Of Navarone
Maxi Trojan UKTMX 40071 Jun 1979EP 
Teddy Brown

A: Walk The World Away
B: Senorita Rita
Trojan UKTR 7827Jul 19717" 
Bob Marley

A: Judge Not


B: Snow Boy
Beverley's JamaicaS.R. 1477" 

A: Snow Boy

Bob Marley

B: One Cup Of Coffee
Beverley's JamaicaS.R. 1477" 
Winston Groovey

A: Please Don't Make Me Cry
B: Motion On The Ocean
Torpedo UKTOR 1119707" 
The Maytals

A: One Eye Enos

Beverley's All-Stars

B: Version
Beverley's JamaicaS.R. 15419717" 
The Tennors

A: Ride Your Donkey
B: I've Got To Get You Off My Mind
Island UKWI 313310 May 19687" 
Desmond Dekker And The Aces

A: 007

Roland Alphonso And The Beverly's All Stars

B: El Toro
Pyramid UKPYR 600419677" 
Eric Morris

A: Sinners Repent And Pray
B: Now And Forever
Blue Beat UKBB 8119627" 
The Sensations [Reggae]

A: The Warrior

Johny Organ

B: Don Juan
Camel UKCA 3119697" 
Derrick Morgan

A: In My Heart

Bell's Group

B: Kingston 13
Blue Beat UKBB 10019627" 

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