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Chairman Of The Board

A: Give Me Just A Little More Time
B: Pay To The Piper
Collectables USACOL 332919857" 

A: Back And Forth
B: Flirt
Collectables USACOL 443819927" 
Butthole Surfers

A: Who Was In My Room Last Night?
B: Dancing Fool
Capitol Cema Special Markets USAS7-1751419937" 
Cheap Trick

A: I Want You To Want Me
B: Oh Boy (Instrumental Version)
Epic UKS EPC 570114 Oct 19777" 
Kim Carnes

A: Bette Davis Eyes
B: Miss You Tonite
EMI America USA8077Mar 19817" 

A: Hello Hello
B: If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You
Decca UKF 130637 Aug 19707" 
Canned Heat

A: Long Way From LA
B: Hill's Stomp
United Artists UKUP 3527910 Sep 19717" 
Canned Heat

A: Let's Work Together
B: I'm Her Man
Liberty UKLBF 153022 Jan 19707" 

A: I Want More
B: More
Virgin UKVS 15323 Jul 19767" 
Cabaret Voltaire

A: Seconds Too Late
B: Control Addict
Rough Trade UKRT 060Nov 19807" 

A: Promises
B: Lipstick
United Artists UKUP 3647117 Nov 19787" 

A: What Do I Get?
B: Oh Shit
United Artists UKUP 3634820 Jan 19787" 

A: Orgasm Addict
B: Whatever Happened To?
United Artists UKUP 363164 Nov 19777" 

Spiral Scratch

A1: Breakdown
A2: Time's Up
B1: Boredom
B2: Friends Of Mine
New Hormones UKORG 129 Jan 1977EP 
Kate Bush

A: Running Up That Hill
B: Under The Ivy
EMI UKKB 15 Aug 19857" 
Kate Bush

A: Babooshka
B: Ran Tan Waltz
EMI UKEMI 508527 Jun 19807" 
Burundi Steiphenson Black

A: Burundi Black (Part 1)
B: Burundi Black (Part 2)
Barclay UKBAR 3Oct 19717" 
Hank C. Burnette

A: Spinning Rock Boogie
B: Don't Mess With My Ducktail
Sonet UKSON 2094Oct 19767" 
The Buggles

A: The Plastic Age
B: Island
Island UKWIP 65408 Feb 19807" 
Jack Bruce

A: The Consul At Sunset
B: A Letter Of Thanks
Polydor UK2058 1531 Oct 19717" 
James Brown

A: I Got A Bag Of My Own
B: I Know It's True
Polydor UK2066 2855 Jan 19737" 
Duncan Browne

A: Journey
B: In A Mist
RAK UKRAK 1357 Jul 19727" 
Bronx Cheer

A1: Barrelhouse Player
A2: Surprising Find
B1: Weather Or Not
B2: Party For One
Dawn UKDNX 2512Jul 1971EP 

A: Dazz
B: Dazz (Long Version)
Bang UKBANG 00421 Jan 19777" 
Brass Construction

A: Movin'
B: Talkin'
United Artists UKUP 3609026 Mar 19767" 
Bow Wow Wow

A: Go Wild In The Country
B: El Boss Dicho
RCA UKRCA 175Jan 19827" 
David Bowie

A: Let's Dance
B: Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
EMI America UKEA 15214 Mar 19837" 
David Bowie

A: Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
B: Because You're Young
RCA UKBOW 810 Jan 19817" 
David Bowie

A: Ashes To Ashes
B: Move On
RCA UKBOW 616 Aug 19807" 
David Bowie

A: Heroes
B: V-2 Schneider
RCA Victor UKPB 112123 Sep 19777" 
David Bowie

A: TVC 15
B: We Are The Dead
RCA Victor UKRCA 268230 Apr 19767" 
David Bowie

A: Fame
B: Right
RCA Victor UKRCA 257918 Jul 19757" 
David Bowie

A: Young Americans
B: Suffragette City
RCA Victor UKRCA 252321 Feb 19757" 

A: Rock "N" Roll Suicide
B: Quicksand
RCA Victor USALPBO502112 Apr 1974Export Issue 

A: Rebel Rebel
B: Queen Bitch
RCA Victor UKLPBO 50091 Feb 19747" 
David Bowie

A: Life On Mars?
B: The Man Who Sold The World
RCA Victor UKRCA 231629 Jun 19737" 
David Bowie

A: John, I'm Only Dancing
B: Hang On To Yourself
RCA Victor UKRCA 22631 Sep 19727" 
David Bowie

A: Starman
B: Suffragette City
RCA Victor UKRCA 21995 May 19727" 
Hamilton Bohannon

A: Disco Stomp
B: Run It On Down Mr. D.J.
Brunswick UKBR 199 May 19757" 
Hamilton Bohannon

A: South African Man
B: Have A Good Day
Brunswick UKBR 1631 Jan 19757" 
Colin Blunstone

A: I Don't Believe In Miracles
B: I've Always Had You
Epic UKS EPC 843420 Oct 19727" 
Blue Cheer

A: Pilot
B: Babaji (Twilight Raga)
Philips UK6051 010Apr 19717" 
Blood, Sweat And Tears

A: Go Down Gamblin'
B: Valentine's Day
CBS UK74176 Aug 19717" 
Blessed Ethel

A: Rat
B: Curtain
2 Damn Loud UK2DM 04Jan 19947" 

A: Living On The Ceiling
B: Running Thin
London UKBLANC 3Oct 19827" 
Joyella Blade

A: Cairo
B: Cairo Dub
Virgin Front Line UKFLS 108May 19787" 
Black Sabbath

A: Neon Knights
B: Children Of The Sea (Live)
Vertigo UKSAB 3Jun 19807" 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Sing Don't Speak
B: 2 B Free
Jam UKJAM 2910 Nov 19727" 
Blackfoot Sue

A: Standing In The Road
B: Celestial Plain
Jam UKJAM 132 Jun 19727" 

A: Sleep With Me
B: Wanted
Lazy UKLAZY 1722 Jan 19907" 

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