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Dennis Turner

A: Lover Please
B: Give Me Something
Louis USA2002Nov 19617" 
Alvin Cash And The Registers

A: The Philly Freeze
B: No Deposit - No Return
Mar-v-lus USA6012Jul 19667" 
Jimmy McCracklin

A: The Walk
B: I'm To Blame
Checker USA885Jan 19587" 
The Ames Brothers


A1: Tammy
A2: Not You, Not I
B1: That's The Way Love Goes
B2: The Rhythm In My Heart
RCA Victor USAEPA-40961957EP 

A: Another Night
B: Time Machine Jive
Epic USA8-50110May 19757" 
The Shangri-Las

A: Leader Of The Pack
B: What Is Love
Red Bird USARB 10-014Sep 19647" 
Bob Miranda And The Happenings

A: That's All I Want From You
B: He Thinks He's A Hero
B.T. Puppy USA45-549Jan 19697" 
Jack Scott

A: A Little Feeling (Called Love)
B: Now That I
Capitol USA4554Apr 19617" 
Jack Scott

A: Oh, Little One
B: Burning Bridges
Top Rank USARA 2041Mar 19607" 
Jack Scott

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: Baby, Baby
Top Rank USARA-2028Dec 19597" 
The Tokens

A: Nobody But You
B: Mr. Cupid
B.T. Puppy USA45-505Jan 19657" 
Boot Hog Pefferly and the Loafers

A: I'm Not Going To Work Today
B: Jump And Shout
Sound Stage 7 USA45-2513Nov 19637" 
The Mighty Flea

A: Music To Think By (Think Drink)
Eldo USA156Promo Only 7" 
Rob And Roy

A: Surrender, My Love
B: Many Hearts 'N' Arms
Columbia USA4-4201415 May 19617" 
Ginger Greco

A: Let The Love Pour Out
B: Think About Your Troubles
Columbia USA4-452417 Oct 19707" 
Donnie Elbert

A: Come On Sugar
B: Peek-A-Boo
Collectables USACOL 364719897" 
Baby Washington

A: Leave Me Alone
B: You And The Night And The Music
Sue USA790Jun 19637" 
George Goodman And His Headliners

A: Let Me Love You
B: Let Me Love You
Val USA119657" 
Boys From NYC

A: Goin' To California
B: A Little Bit Harder
Laurie USALR 3443Apr 19687" 
Ernie K-Doe

A: Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta
B: Real Man
Minit USA627May 19617" 
The Fleetwoods

A: Come Softly To Me
B: I'm Not Jimmy
Dolton USANo. 307Jul 19657" 
The Fleetwoods

A: Goodnight My Love
B: Jimmy Beware
Dolton USA75May 19637" 
The Roamers

A: I'll Never Get Over You
B: Deep Freeze
Savoy USA45-1147Jan 19557" 
The Five Satins

A: In The Still Of The Nite
B: The Jones Girl
Ember USAE-1005Jun 19567" 
The Five Satins

A: To The Aisle
B: Wish I Had My Baby
Ember USAE-1019Jun 19577" 
The Five Satins

A: Our Anniversary
B: Pretty Baby (That's Why I Sing)
Ember USAE-1025Oct 19577" 
Gene Summers And His Rebels

A: Gotta Lot Of That
B: Nervous
Jan USA11-102Jul 19587" 
Gene Summers And His Rebels

A: Straight Skirt
B: School Of Rock ´N Roll
Jan USA11-100Mar 19587" 
Guitar Slim

A: If I Should Lose You
B: It Hurts To Love Someone (That Don´t Love You)
Atco USA45-6097Aug 19577" 
Roberta Shore

A: Love At First Sight
B: Take Me Along
Buena Vista USAF-348Aug 19597" 
Al Savage

A: Happy Tears

Al Savage With The Kirkland Singers

B: Still In Love With You
Herald USAH-494Feb 19577" 
The Halos [The Angels]

A: Come Softly To Me
B: He's Just Too Much
Congress USACG-262Feb 19667" 
The Mark IV [50s]

A: (Make With) The Shake
B: 45 R.P.M.
Cosmic USA704Feb 19587" 
Wally Lewis

A: Kathleen
B: Donna
Dot USA45-1570524 Feb 19587" 
Johnny Jay

A: Sugar Doll
B: Tears (Keep On Falling)
Mercury USA71232X4531 Oct 19577" 
Bobby Pickett

A: Graduation Day
B: The Humpty Dumpty
Garpax USA45-441757" 
The Velvets Featuring Virgil Johnson

A: Laugh
B: Lana
Monument USA45-448Aug 19617" 
The Vacels

A: Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
B: I'm Just A Poor Boy
Kama Sutra USAKA 204Oct 19657" 
Candy And The Kisses

A: The 81
B: Two Happy People
Cameo USAC-336Oct 19647" 
Paul Peek

A: Gee But I Miss That Girl
B: Waikiki Beach
NRC USANRC-033Jul 19597" 
Jerry Jackson

A: Time
B: Se Habla Espanol
Kapp USAK-387XApr 19617" 
The Charmettes [New York]

A: Please Don't Kiss Me Again
B: What Is A Tear
Kapp USAK-547Aug 19637" 
The Platters

A: I Love You 1000 Times
B: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil
Musicor USAMU 1166Mar 19667" 
Wayne Fontana

A: Say Goodbye To Yesterday
B: Dayton, Ohio
Metromedia USAMMS-133Jul 19697" 
Troy Shondell

A: Na-Ne-No
B: Just Because
Liberty USA55445Apr 19627" 
Mac Davis

A: Bad Scene
B: I Protest
Capitol USA5554Dec 19657" 
Scott Bros.

A: Stolen Angel
B: Keep Laughing
Ribbon USA45-6905Jan 19607" 
The Scott Bros.

A: Lonely Bluebird
B: Kingdom Of Love
FTP USAF-415Jul 19617" 
Ronnie Dove

A: Happy Summer Days
B: Long After
Stateside AustraliaOSS-22119667" 
Little Billy And The Essentials

A: The Dance Is Over
B: Steady Girl
Landa USA6916 Jul 19627" 

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