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The Dedications [Philadelphia]

A: I Ain't A Bit Sorry
B: Toy Boy
Bell USA611Jan 19657" 
The Believers [Joe South]

A: So Fine
B: Hiding Place
Apt USA45-25083Jul 19657" 
Moody Blues

A: Question
B: Ride My See Saw
Threshold Timepieces USA882 126-7Nov 19897" 

A: Love Came To Me
B: Little Girl
Laurie USA3145Oct 19627" 
Lee Davey

A: I Won't Stop You
B: Yeah, Look At This Love
DCP International USADCP 1130Feb 19657" 
The Kingsmen

A: If I Need Someone
B: Grass Is Green
Wand USAWND 1137Oct 19667" 
André Previn And David Rose

A: Like Young
B: Young Man's Lament
MGM USAK12792May 19597" 
Randy Lee

A: Did You Ever See A Dream Walking
B: Baby, Where Are You
Everest USA19398Jan 19617" 
Bill Parsons

A: The All American Boy

Link Wray And His Ray Men

B: Rumble
Buccaneer USA3003Jul 19727" 
The Scoundrels

A: La Bola
B: Come Home With Me
Verve USAVK-10389Feb 19667" 
Steve Wright

A: Searching
B: But Not Me
Atco USA45-6422Jun 19667" 
The Ten Tuff Guitars

A: Moonshot!
B: Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
Columbia USA4-434268 Nov 19657" 
The Exciters

A: Take One Step (I'll Take Two)
B: If You Want My Love
RCA Victor USA47-9633Sep 19687" 
Roger Williams

A: Autumn Leaves - 1965
B: Autumn Leaves - 1955
Kapp USAK-707Oct 19657" 
The Broadways [MGM]

A: Sweet And Heavenly Melody
B: You Just Don't Know
MGM USAK13592Sep 19667" 
Jimmy Barden And Donna Byrd

A: 'Til I Met You
B: It's Never Easy
KR USAKR 0118Oct 19667" 
The Chateaus [Kentucky]

A: I'm The One
B: The Bells Of Ryhmney
Boss USA991219657" 
Billy Grammer

A: Bonaparte's Retreat
B: The Kissing Tree
Monument USAS-45-4031959Special Edition 7" 
Michael Clark

A: None Of These Girls
B: Work Out
Imperial USA5893Nov 19627" 
Skyline Drive

A: Tonight Could Be The Night / Little Darlin'
B: Make It To Spain
Revue USAR 11043Jun 19697" 
Teddy Randazzo And All 6

A: Trick Or Treat
B: Trick Or Treat
MGM USAK13648Dec 1966Promo Only 7" 
The Smoke Ring

A: That Girl Was My Girl One Time
B: Her Love's A Lie
Mala USA568Aug 19677" 
The Weekends [Columbia]

A: Canadian Sunset
B: You're Number One With Me
Columbia USA4-435974 Apr 19667" 
The Dolphins [Cincinatti]

A: Hey-Da-Da-Dow
B: I Don't Want To Go On Without You
Fraternity USAF-937Nov 19647" 
The GTO's

A: Missing Out On The Fun
B: Girl From New York City
Parkway USAP-108Oct 19667" 
Christopher Robbins

A: Leave The Cryin' To Me
B: Shadows
RCA Victor USA47-9137Mar 19677" 
The Scott Bedford Four

A: Sweets For My Sweet
B: How Does It Feel
Congress USACG-25019657" 
Frank Cherval

A: Tag Along
B: How Come
MGM UKMGM 1183Dec 19627" 
The Diamonds

A: The Munch
B: Woomai-Ling
Mercury USA71818Apr 19617" 
Fred Carter, Jr.

A: Not I Pretty Baby
B: Love Me 'Til Then
Monument USA45-902Oct 19657" 
The Rockin R's

A: Nameless
B: Heat
Tempus USATR-150719597" 
The Law Firm

A: I Love You More
B: Time
Imperial USA66140Nov 19657" 
John Gary

A: Hang On To Me
B: Sleeping Beauty
RCA Victor USA47-9119Feb 19677" 
The Good Earth

A: Must I Really Go Thru This Again
B: There's More Than One Road To Philadelphia
DynoVoice USADY-92919697" 
The Good Earth

A: I Can See A Light
B: A Funny Thing Happened (Anytime)
DynoVoice USADY-924Aug 19687" 
Johnny Shane

A: Girl Like You
B: Summer Love
Imperial USA6607319 Oct 19647" 
Jerry Dallman And The Knightcaps

A: The Bug
B: Honey Bee
Punch USA45-6000Dec 19587" 
Jimmy Stevens [Jimmy Stephens]

A: A Funny Thing Happened
B: That's Where Difference Lies
Valiant USA603319637" 
Shirley Ellis

A: The Puzzle Song
B: I See It, I Like It, I Want It
Congress USACG-238May 19657" 
Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain

A: That's Easy To Say
B: By The River
End USAE-1066Jan 19607" 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
B: The Long Hot Summer
Roulette USAR-4045Jan 19587" 
Ronnie Allen [NJ]

A: Flip Over You
B: Ronnie's Swanee
Dapt USAD-205Jul 19617" 
Misty And The Do-Drops

A: Answer Me, My Love
B: Come Shake Hands With A Fool
Imperial USA5975Jul 19637" 

A: Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves [Mono]
B: Gypsys, Tramps And Thieves [Stereo]
Kapp USAK-2146Promo Only 7" 
Lynyrd Skynyrd

A: Free Bird
B: Down South Jukin'
MCA USAMCA-40328Nov 19747" 
Julie Monday

A: Come Share The Good Times With Me
B: Time Is Running Out For Me
Rainbow [Detroit] USARB 500Jun 19667" 
The Last Word [Miami]

A: Can't Stop Loving You
B: Don't Fight It
Atco USA45-6498Jul 19677" 
Lynyrd Skynyrd

A: Free Bird
B: Searching
MCA USAMCA-40665Nov 19767" 
The Ralke-Talkies With Speedy Gonzales (Mel Blanc)

A: Tia Juana Ball

The Ralke-Talkies

B: Hurry Up-A-Baby
Warner Bros. USA5369Jun 19637" 
Nicky DeMatteo

A: Young Love Is And Old, Old Story
B: Make Her Mine
Torè USA100719607" 

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