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Steve Greenberg

A: Big Bruce
B: Run To You
Atlantic CanadaCOT-300019697" 
Mel And Tim

A: Starting All Over Again [Mono]
B: Starting All Over Again [Stereo]
Stax USASTA-0127Jun 1972Promo Only 7" 
Del Shannon

A: Two Kind Of Teardrops
B: Kelly
Bigtop USA45-3143Mar 19637" 
Del Shannon

A: The Swiss Maid
B: You Never Talked About Me
Bigtop USA45-3117Aug 19627" 
Del Shannon

A: Ginny In The Mirror
B: I Won't Be There
Bigtop USA45-3098Feb 19627" 
Del Shannon

A: Hats Off To Larry
B: Don't Gild The Lily, Lily
Bigtop USA45-3075May 19617" 
Del Shannon

A: Runaway
B: Jody
Bigtop USA45-3067Feb 19617" 
The Moods [Bang]

A: Genuine Jade
B: Gotta Figure Out
Bang USAB-555Feb 19687" 
Johnny Thunder

A: Power To The People
B: Love Trip
United Artists USAUA 50736Nov 19707" 
The Harptones

A: Sunday Kind Of Love
B: My Memories Of You
Trip USATR 97" 
The Pirouettes

A1: The Wrangler Stretch

[no artist listed]

A2: The Wrangler Stretch
Blue Bell, Inc. USA1964Postcard Disc 
The Pirouettes

A: The Wrangler Stretch

(No Artist Listed)

B: (No Title Listed)
Blue Bell, Inc. USA19647" 
Del Shannon

A: Show Me
B: Never Thought I Could
Liberty USA5589424 Jun 19667" 
Del Shannon

A: The Big Hurt
B: I Got It Bad
Liberty USA558664 Mar 19667" 
The Passions

A: I Only Want You
B: This Is My Love
Audicon USA105Jan 19607" 
Chuck Jackson

A: Beg Me
B: This Broken Heart (That You Gave Me)
Wand USA154May 19647" 
Chuck Jackson

A: Tell Him I'm Not Home
B: Tell Him I'm Not Home
Wand USA132Jan 1963Promo Only 7" 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Don't Want To Cry
B: Just Once
Wand USA106Jan 19617" 
Chuck Jackson

A: The Breaking Point
B: My Willow Tree
Wand USA115Oct 19617" 
Dickey Lee

A: 9,999,999 Tears [Stereo]
B: 9,999,999 Tears [Mono]
RCA USAJH-10764Nov 1976Promo Only 7" 
Gene Chandler

A: Groovy Situation
B: Not The Marrying Kind
Mercury USA73083Jun 19707" 
Noah's Ark

A: Purple Heart
B: Stormy
Liberty USA56157Mar 19707" 
Len Barry

A: Lip Sync (To The Tongue Twisters)
B: At The Hop "65"
Decca USA31788May 19657" 
Jack Bedient And The Chessmen

A: The Pleasure Of You
B: It's Over
Columbia USA4-4456524 May 19687" 
Harpers Bizarre

A: The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
B: Lost My Love Today
Warner Bros. USA5890Jan 19677" 

A: Kissin' Time
B: Nothin' To Lose
Casablanca USANEB 0011May 19747" 
Rick Randell

A: Debbie
B: Words On Paper
Decca USA31634Jun 19647" 
Boots Randolph

A: Big Daddy
B: Bongo Band
RCA Victor Compact Single 33 USA37-7835Jan 19617" 
The Four Dates

A: Hey, Roly Poly
B: I Say Babe
Chancellor USAC1019May 19587" 
Jimmy Dean

A: Big John
B: I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Wimmin)
Columbia USA3-4217522 Sep 1961Special Edition 7" 
Mike Brewer And Tom Shipley

A: Time And Changes
B: Dreamin' In The Shade
A&M USA996Nov 19687" 
The Hassles

A: Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make)
B: I Hear Voices
United Artists USAUA 50258Feb 19687" 
Sonny Curtis

A: Unsaintly Judy
B: You Don't Belong In This Place
Ovation USAOV-1023May 19717" 
Billy Joe Royal

A: It Keeps Right On Hurtin'
B: Let It Rain
Atlantic America USA7-99295Aug 19877" 
The Romantics

A: What I Like About You
B: What I Like About You
Nemperor USAZS9-7527Jan 1980Promo Only 7" 
The Hombres

A: Let It All Hang Out
B: Go Girl, Go
Verve Forecast USAKF 5058Jul 19677" 

A: You're Gonna Miss Me
B: You're Gonna Miss Me
Scepter USASDJ-12313Apr 1971Promo Only 7" 
Eddie Holman

A: Don't Stop Now
B: Eddie's My Name
Parkway USAP-981Apr 19667" 
Louis Jordan

A: Bills
B: Fifty Cents
Warwick USAM-583Sep 19607" 
Velvet Crest

A: Gotta Make You Mine
B: Lookin' Thru The Eyes Of Love
Liberty USA56141Nov 19697" 

A: Marble Breaks And Iron Bends
B: Amanda
London USA45-10825Apr 19667" 
The Smubbs

A: Rosary Anne
B: Mr. Open Minded
Monument USA45-1110Nov 19687" 
Mayf Nutter

A: Simpson Creek (Won't Never Run Clear Again) [Mono]
B: Simpson Creek (Won't Never Run Clear Again) [Stereo]
Starday USA45-9101970Promo Only 7" 
Isley Brothers

A: That Lady (Part 1) [Mono]
B: That Lady (Part 1) [Stereo]
T Neck USAZS7 225114 Jul 1973Promo Only 7" 
The Lime

A: Love A Go-Go
B: Soul Kitchen
Westwood USAW-1236719677" 
Johnny October

A: First Time
B: You're My Girl
First USA106May 19597" 
Sour Tones

A: Sour Georgia Brown
B: Completely Out Of Tune (Desafinado)
Terri-Ann USA100Dec 19627" 
Bettye Swann

A: Make Me Yours
B: I Will Not Cry
Money USA126Apr 19677" 
Donnie Brooks

A: My God And I
B: Pink Carousel
Happy Tiger USAHT-551Aug 19707" 
Kell Osborne

A: Bells Of St. Mary
B: That's All Right Baby
Trey [Los Angeles] USA3006May 19607" 

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