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Charlie Gracie And The Wildcats

A: Wildwood Boogie
B: Honey! Honey!
20th Century [50s] USATC-7-5035Bootleg / Repro 7" 
The Mark IV [50s]

A: Move Over Rover
B: Dante's Inferno
Mercury USA71445X45Mar 19597" 
The Mark IV [50s]

A: I Got A Wife
B: Ah-Ooo-Gah
Mercury USA71403X45Jan 19597" 
The Mark IV [50s]

A: Mairzy Doats
B: Ring, Ring, Ring Those Bells
Mercury USA71481X45Jul 19597" 
Tommy Edwards

A: It's Christmas Once Again
B: Every Day Is Christmas
MGM USAK11624Nov 19537" 
Thurston Harris

A: Do What You Did
B: I'm Asking Forgiveness
Aladdin USA45-3399Nov 19577" 
Susan Summers, And Choir

A: Christmas Is Coming

Irene Carroll And Trio

B: Lollipops And Gumdrops
Toni USA10019587" 
Pacific Gas And Electric

A: Are You Ready? [Mono]
B: Are You Ready? [Stereo]
Columbia USA4-45158Apr 1970Promo Only 7" 
Andy Kim

A: That Girl
B: Give Me Your Love
20th Century-Fox USA45-6709Jul 19687" 
Ed Norton

A: Santa And The Doodle-Li-Boop
B: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Sewer USASR-407" 
The Fifth Estate

A: Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
B: I Knew You Before I Met You
Jubilee USA45-5683Nov 19697" 
The Cellos

A: Rang Tang Ding Dong (I Am The Japanese Sandman)
B: You Took My Love
Apollo USA510-45Apr 19577" 
Rick Lancelot With The 7 Knights

A: Live Like A Lion
B: Homeless Heart
RCA Victor USA47-8680Sep 19657" 
The Everly Brothers

A: (So It Was ... So It Is) So It Always Will Be
B: Nancy's Minuet
Warner Bros. Canada534619637" 
Top Shelf

A: No Second Thoughts (About Who You Really Love)
B: Give It Up
Lo Lo USAL-2304Jun 19697" 
The Nobodys

A: All Together Now
B: Vacation's Done
MGM USAK13183Nov 19637" 
The Busybodies [US]

A: The Move [Instrumental]
B: Busybody
Dial USA45-4039Sep 19667" 
Daddy Dewdrop

A: Chick-a-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It)
B: John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
Sunflower USASUN 105Feb 19717" 
The Fireballs

A: Goin' Away
B: Groovy Motions
Atco USA45-6569Apr 19687" 
B. J. Thomas

A: Human
B: Wisdom Of A Fool
Scepter USASCE-12201Sep 19677" 
Jeani Mack

A: Jimmy
B: Dirty Dishes
Class USA230May 19587" 
Ben Joe Zeppa

A: Young Heartaches
B: Ridin' Herd
Hush USA10001 Sep 19587" 
Len Carrie And His Krackerjacks

A: Diddilly Diddilly Babe
B: Music Drives Me Crazy
Decca USA9-30006Jul 19567" 
The Blackwells

A: (Won't Cha) Show Me Around
B: The Old Coast Road
Liberty USA55750Nov 19647" 
The Tokens

A: Greatest Moments In A Girls Life
B: Breezy
B.T. Puppy USA45-519May 19667" 
Arthur Lyman Group

A: Yellow Bird
B: Havah Nagilah
HiFiRecord USAH-5024May 19617" 
Al Wilson

A: Show And Tell [Mono]
B: Show And Tell [Stereo]
Rocky Road USA30073Sep 1973Promo Only 7" 
Al Wilson

A: The Snake
B: Getting Ready For Tomorrow
Soul City USASCR 767Jun 19687" 
The Sidekicks

A: You Gave Me Somebody To Love
B: Sight And Sound
RCA Victor USA47-9174Apr 19677" 
Mr. Acker Bilk

A: Dardanella Part 1
B: Dardanella Part 2
Reprise USAR-20,090Jun 19627" 
Buddy Walker

A: Standing On The Mountain
B: Too Young (For Now)
Sandy USA1033-45Jul 19607" 
Frankie Laine

A: Go On With Your Dancing
B: Halfway
Capitol USA529919 Oct 19647" 
David Whitfield

A: Santo Natale (Merry Christmas)
B: Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
London USA45-15082 Nov 19547" 
Rudy Render

A: Not One Tear
B: Walkin' Thru The Ruins
Dot USA45-16241Jun 19617" 
Jimmy Elledge

A: Let Me Love You A Little (So I Can Love You A Lot)
B: She Should Save Some Loving
Hickory USA45-1420Oct 19667" 
Jimmy Elledge

A: Gonna Turn My Voodoo On
B: Dream Of The Year
RCA Victor USA47-8355Apr 19647" 
Shelby Flint

A: Angel On My Shoulder
B: Somebody
Valiant USA6001Nov 19607" 
Corey Denver

A: Johnny River

Corey Denver's Rebels

B: Johnny River Theme
20th Fox USA412Jun 19637" 
The Size Seven Group

A: Where Do We Go From Here
B: 'Till I Die
Mercury USA72422May 19657" 
Buddy Greco

A: Magic Of A Girl
B: Miss Kiss And Run
Epic USA5-9627Oct 19637" 
The Sammy Kaye Twisters

A1: Mama And Papa Twist

Eddie Curtis

A2: Jolly Polly

The Sammy Kaye Twisters

B1: Swing And Sway Twist

Ronnie Dove And The Beltones

B2: Party Doll
Brunswick Spain10 2141961EP 
The Music Of David Seville

A: The Mountain
B: Mr. Grape
Liberty USAF-55163Oct 19587" 
The Andrews Sisters

A: Mr. Bass Man
B: My Midnight Prison
Dot USA45-16497May 19637" 
The 5th Dimension

A: Up-Up And Away
B: Which Way To Nowhere
Soul City USA756May 19677" 
The Proclaimers

A: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
B: Better Days
Chrysalis Cema Special Markets USAS7-1749319937" 
The Revels [Philadelphia]

A: Midnight Stroll
B: Talking To My Heart
Norgolde USAN-103Sep 19597" 
The Shirelles

A: Bright Shiny Colors
B: Too Much Of A Good Thing
Scepter USASCE-12192Apr 19677" 
Lenny O'Henry And The Short Stories

A: Cheated Heart
B: Billy The Continental Kid
ABC-Paramount USA45-10222May 19617" 
The Eligibles

A: Car Trouble
B: I Wrote A Song
Capitol USAF4203May 19597" 
Cindy And Lindy

A: Brigitte's Song (Tell Me Something Sweet)
B: The Language Of Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-9847Jul 19577" 

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