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P. F. Sloan

A: City Women
B: On Top Of A Fence
Victor JapanSS 1701Sep 19667" 
The Eagles

A: Hotel California
B: Pretty Maids All In A Row
Asylum GermanyAS 13079Mar 19777" 

A: Take It To The Limit
B: After The Thrill Is Gone
Asylum GermanyAS 13026 (N)19757" 

A: Take It Easy
B: Get You In The Mood
Asylum Germany1C 006-93 507 MJun 19727" 

A: Everything's Gonna Be Alright
B: Inside Looking Out
CBS GermanyCBS 7580Nov 19717" 

A: The Most Wanted Man In The USA
B: Rockin' Suzanna
Telefunken Germany6.11 737Sep 19757" 
Joe Cocker

A: Pardon Me Sir
B: She Don't Mind
Cube Germany2016 04819727" 

A: If You Leave Me Now
B: Together Again
CBS / Sony Japan06SP 10919767" 
Professor Morrison's Lollipop

A: Oo-Poo-Pah Susie
B: You Take It
White Whale USAWW-293Feb 19697" 
Paul Revere And The Raiders

A: Ups And Downs
B: Leslie
CBS Germany2610Apr 19677" 
Wolfgang Dauner

A: Schwarzer-Herren-Fox
B: Praliné-Blues
Stollwerck GermanyFlexi 
David Cassidy

A: Could It Be Forever
B: Blind Hope
Bell Germany2008 03219727" 
David Cassidy

A: If I Didn't Care
B: Frozen Noses
Bell Germany2008 23719747" 
David Cassidy

A: Day Dream
B: Can´t Go Home Again
Bell Germany2008 19219737" 
David Cassidy

A: Romance (Let Your Heart Go)
B: Romance (Let Your Heart Go) (Instrumental)
Arista Germany107 34419857" 
David Cassidy

A: The Last Kiss
B: The Letter
Arista Germany107 17719857" 
Leon Russell

A: Tight Rope
B: This Masquerade
Philips Germany6073 40919737" 
Brian Wilson

A: The Right Time
B: Sail Away
Capitol UK472118918 Apr 20157" 
Blood, Sweat And Tears

A: Back Up Against The Wall
B: Over The Hill
CBS GermanyCBS S 151919737" 
David Clayton Thomas

A: No, No, No
B: Monopoly
Roulette GermanyDV 11195Mar 19717" 
Eric Burdon And The Animals

Golden Greats

A: San Franciscan Nights
B: Ring Of Fire
MGM Germany2135 301Mar 19777" 
Eric Burdon And War

A: Home Cookin'
B: Jimbo
Liberty Germany15 435Feb 19717" 
Eric Burdon And War

A: Spill The Wine
B: Magic Mountain
Polydor Germany2001 07219707" 
John Smith And The New Sound

A: Make It Me
B: Don't Break It Up
Vogue GermanyDV 14618Mar 19677" 
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

A: Cabaret
B: Slick
A&M Germany210 025Jun 19687" 
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass With Lani Hall

A: Save The Sunlight

Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

B: You Smile - The Song Begins
A&M Germany13 476 ATSep 19747" 
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

A: El Bimbo
B: Catfish
A&M Germany16 227 ATSep 19757" 
Trini Lopez

A: Come A Little Bit Closer
B: My Baby Loves Sad Songs
Reprise GermanyRA 0814Apr 19697" 

A: One Drink Too Many
B: Melancholy
Epic NetherlandsEPC 480419777" 

A: Stiletto Heels
B: Out Of Money
Epic NetherlandsEPC 462019767" 

A: Girls, Girls, Girls
B: Jacaranda
Epic NetherlandsEPC 385819757" 

A: Blue Desert
B: Blame It On The Soft Spot
Epic GermanyEPC S 292919757" 

A: Traffic Jam
B: Harbour
Epic GermanyEPC S 256219747" 

A: Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
B: Take Me With You
CBS GermanyCBS S 414319767" 

A: Well All Right
B: Wham!
CBS GermanyCBS S 675519787" 

A: Let The Children Play
B: Carnaval
CBS GermanyCBS S 500519777" 
Chris Jagger

A: Handful Of Dust
B: Something New
Philips Germany6078 100Aug 19737" 
Willie And The Poorboys

A: Baby Please Don't Go
B: Let's Talk It Over
Mercury Germany880 763-719857" 
Blood, Sweat And Tears

A: Lisa, Listen To Me
B: Cowboys And Indians
CBS GermanyCBS S 7578Nov 19717" 
James Taylor

A: One Morning In May
B: One Man Parade
Warner Bros. GermanyWB 16 25616 Mar 19737" 

A: Ruby Tuesday
B: What Have They Done To My Song Ma
Buddah Germany2011 03819707" 
Thin Lizzy

A: Whisky In The Jar
B: Black Boys On The Corner
Decca GermanyDL 25 556Jan 19737" 
Roxy Music

A: Street Life
B: Hula-Kula
Island Germany13 080 ATDec 19737" 
Three Dog Night

A: Joy To The World
B: I Can Hear You Calling
Probe Germany1C 006-92 358Apr 19717" 
Three Dog Night

A: 'Til The World Ends
B: Yo Te Quiero Hablar (Take You Down)
ABC Germany1C 006-96 86819757" 
Billy Joe Royal

A: Cherry Hill Park
B: Helping Hand
CBS Germany447019697" 
Alex Harvey [USA]

A: To Make My Life Beautiful
B: Hoodooin' Of Miss Fanny De Berry
Capitol Germany1C 006-81 30719727" 
Blood, Sweat And Tears

A: You've Made Me So Very Happy
B: Blues - Part II
CBS Germany4116Apr 19697" 
Joe South

A: Leanin' On You
B: Don't You Be Ashamed
Capitol Germany1C 006-90 20919697" 
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

A: Rave On
B: The Cure
Liberty Germany15 358Jun 19707" 

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