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Tony Bellus

A: Robbin' The Cradle
B: Valentine Girl
London UKHL 8933Sep 19597" 
Gale Storm

A: Farewell To Arms
B: I Get That Feeling
London UKHLD 8570Mar 19587" 
Larry Williams

A: Short Fat Fannie
B: High School Dance
London UKHLN 8472Aug 19577" 
Jane Morgan

A: Fascination
B: Why Don't They Leave Us Alone
London UKHLR 8468Aug 19577" 
Little Richard

A: The Girl Can't Help It
B: She's Got It
London UKHLO 8382Mar 19577" 
Sanford Clark

A: The Fool
B: Lonesome For A Letter
London UKHLD 8320Oct 19567" 
Ruth Brown

A: I Want To Do More
B: Sweet Baby Of Mine
London UKHLE 8310Aug 19567" 
Norman Brooks

A: You Shouldn't Have Kissed Me The First Time
B: Somebody Wonderful
London UKL 1202Oct 19547" 
Dick Flood

A: Far Away
B: The Three Bells
Felsted UKAF 12519597" 
Bill Black's Combo

A: Smokie - Part 1
B: Smokie - Part 2
Felsted UKAF 129Dec 19597" 
Billy Grammer

A: Willy, Quit Your Playing
B: It Takes You
Felsted UKAF 128Oct 19597" 
Billy Grammer

A: Bonaparte's Retreat
B: The Kissing Tree
Felsted UKAF 121May 19597" 
Billy Mure And The Trumpeteers

A: A String Of Trumpets
B: Tea And Trumpets
Felsted UKAF 120Mar 19597" 
Johnny Ashcroft

A: A Pub With No Beer
B: Bouquet For The Bride
Felsted UKAF 118Feb 19597" 
Herb And Betty Warner

A: Slowly (Vocal)

The "Bugs" Bower Group

B: Slowly (Instrumental)
Felsted UKAF 114Feb 19597" 
Tommy Mara

A: Where The Blue Of The Night
B: What Makes You So Lovely
Felsted UKAF 109Oct 19587" 
Wal-Berg And His Orchestra

Dreams Of Vienna Part 1

A1: Blue Danube
A2: Tritsch Tratsch
B1: Caprice Viennoise
B2: Vienna Blood (Wiener Blut)
Felsted UKESD 3055Nov 1957EP 
Domenico Modugno

From Palermo To Paris

A1: Moi, Ta Mere Et Toi
A2: Les Fleurs Et L'Amour
B1: A Sicilian In Paris
B2: Si Tu Vas
Felsted UKESD 30471957EP 
Willie Mitchell

A: Soul Serenade
B: Buster Browne
London UKHLU 1018629 Mar 19687" 
Peter Greenwell

The Crooked Mile

A1: Crooked Mile
A2: Someone Else's Baby
A3: If I Ever Fall In Love Again
A4: Lollybye
B1: Down To Earth
B2: Meet The Family
B3: Luigi
Top Rank UKJKP 20351959EP 
The Charleston City All Stars

Razzamatazz No. 2

A1: That Certain Party
A2: Ain't She Sweet
A3: When My Baby Smiles At Me
B1: Show Me The Way To Go Home
B2: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
Top Rank UKJKR 8010Jun 1959EP 
Jimmy Parker

A: We Gonna
B: No Word From Betty
Top Rank UKJAR 608Mar 19627" 
Woody Herman And The New Third Herd

Herd From Mars Volume 2

A1: Perdido
A2: Blues In Advance
B1: Stompin' At The Savoy
B2: Buck Dance
London UKREP 1002Jan 1955EP 
Slim Whitman

Slim Whitman And His Singing Guitar

A1: Song Of The Old Water Wheel
A2: There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop
B1: North Wind
B2: Rose Marie
London UKREP 1006Nov 1954EP 
Andy Stewart

A: Cowboy Jock From Skye
B: The Highland Twist
Top Rank UKJAR 61620 Apr 19627" 
Lenny Miles

A: Don't Believe Him, Donna
B: Invisible
Top Rank UKJAR 54617 Feb 19617" 
Del Wood

Ragtime Piano

A1: Twelfth Street Rag
A2: Ricky-Tic Piano
B1: Ragtime Annie
B2: Pickin' And Grinnin'
London UKREP 1007Nov 1954EP 
Norman Brooks

Presenting Norman Brooks Volume 1

A1: Hello Sunshine
A2: Somebody Wonderful
B1: A Sky Blue Shirt And A Rainbow Tie
B2: My 3-D Sweetie
London UKREP 1004Nov 1954EP 
Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans

A: Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?
B: Dr Kaplan's Office
London UKHLU 9694Mar 19637" 
The Crystals

A: He's Sure The Boy I Love
B: Walkin' Along (La-La-La)
London UKHLU 966125 Jan 19637" 
The Duprees

A: Have You Heard
B: Love Eyes
London UKHLU 9813Nov 19637" 
The Ikettes

A: I'm Blue
B: Find My Baby
London UKHLK 9508Feb 19627" 
Frank Gallop

A: The Ballad Of Irving

Phil Leeds

B: Would You Believe It?
London UKHLR 10044May 19667" 
Ray Charles

A: Early In The Mornin'
B: A Bit Of Soul
London UKHLK 9364Jun 19617" 
Rick Nelson

It's Up To You

A1: It's Up To You
A2: I Need You
B1: Teenage Idol
B2: I've Got My Eyes On You (And I Like What I See)
London UKRE-P 1362Jul 1963EP 
Arthur Alexander

Alexander The Great!

A1: You Better Move On
A2: Where Have You Been
B1: Anna
B2: Go Home Girl
London UKRED 1364Jul 1963EP 
Jane Morgan

A: What Now My Love?
B: Forever My Love
London UKHLR 9528Mar 19627" 
The Aquatones

A: You
B: She's The One For Me
London UKHLO 8631May 19587" 
Joe Turner

A: Lipstick, Powder And Paint
B: Rock A While
London UKHLE 8357Jan 19577" 
The Paris Sisters

A: I Love How You Love Me
B: I'll Be Crying Tomorrow
Top Rank UKJAR 588Oct 19617" 
The Safaris

A: Summer Nights
B: The Girl With The Story In Her Eyes
Top Rank UKJAR 528Nov 19607" 
Col Joye And The Joy Boys

A: Be My Girl
B: Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Top Rank UKJAR 529Nov 19607" 
Danny Rivers

A: Hawk
B: I Got
Top Rank UKJAR 408Jul 19607" 
The Chevrons [NYC]

A: Lullabye
B: Day After Forever
Top Rank UKJAR 308Mar 19607" 
Freddy Cannon

A: Happy Shades Of Blue
B: Cuernavaca Choo Choo
Top Rank UKJAR 407Aug 19607" 
Jerry Butler

A: Find Another Girl
B: When Trouble Calls
Top Rank UKJAR 562May 19617" 
The Shirelles

A: What A Sweet Thing That Was
B: A Thing Of The Past
Top Rank UKJAR 578Aug 19617" 
Gary (U.S.) Bonds

A: School Is In
B: Trip To The Moon
Top Rank UKJAR 595Dec 19617" 
Phil McLean

A: Big Mouth Bill
B: Come With Us
Top Rank UKJAR 613Apr 19627" 
Huey Smith

A: Pop-Eye
B: Scald-Dog
Top Rank UKJAR 614Apr 19627" 

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