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A: Y'all Doomed
Parlophone UK082564611783327 Apr 20157" 
George Harrison

A: Blow Away
B: Soft Touch
Dark Horse UKK 1732714 Feb 19797" 
Ringo Starr

A: Wrack My Brain
B: Drumming Is My Madness
RCA UKRCA 16613 Nov 19817" 
The Who

A: Be Lucky
Polydor UK471110313 Dec 20147" 
The Tudor Minstrels

A: Love In The Open Air
B: The Family Way
Decca UKF 1253616 Dec 19667" 
Ringo Starr

A: Weight Of The World
B: After All These Years
Private Music UK115 3924 May 19927" 
Ringo Starr

A: Back Off Boogaloo
B: Blindman
Apple UKR 594417 Mar 19727" 
Ringo Starr

A: You're Sixteen
B: Devil Woman
Apple UKR 59958 Feb 19747" 
Ringo Starr

A: Photograph
B: Down And Out
Apple UKR 599219 Oct 19737" 
Ringo Starr

A: Hey Baby
B: Lady Gaye
Polydor UK2001 69926 Nov 19767" 
Ringo Starr

A: A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll
B: Cryin'
Polydor UK2001 69415 Oct 19767" 
The Sundown Playboys

A: Saturday Nite Special
B: Valse De Soleil Coucher (Sundown Waltz)
Apple UKAPPLE 4424 Nov 19727" 
Ringo Starr

A: It Don't Come Easy
B: Early 1970
Apple UKR 58982 Apr 19717" 

A: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight
B: Trash Can
Apple UKAPPLE 1726 Sep 19697" 
Doris Troy

A: Jacob's Ladder
B: Get Back
Apple UKAPPLE 2828 Aug 19707" 
Elephants Memory

A: Liberation Special
B: Madness
Apple USA185413 Nov 19727" 
Iron Maiden

A: Wasted Years
B: Reach Out
EMI France201418719867" 
Iron Maiden

A: 2 Minutes To Midnight
B: Rainbow's Gold
EMI France200288719847" 
Iron Maiden

A: Flight Of Icarus
B: I've Got The Fire
EMI France2C 008 07.72119837" 
Iron Maiden

A: Run To The Hills
B: Total Eclipse
EMI France2C 008 07.60019827" 
Iron Maiden

A: Purgatory
B: Gengis Khan
EMI France2C 008 07.51619817" 
Iron Maiden

A: Twilight Zone
B: Wrathchild
EMI France2C 008-07.46219817" 
Iron Maiden

A: The Number Of The Beast (Original Version)
B: The Number Of The Beast (Live At Brixton '02)
EMI UKEM6663 Jan 20057" 
Iron Maiden

A: Rainmaker
B: Dance Of Death (Orchestral Version)
EMI UKEM 63324 Nov 20037" 
Iron Maiden

A: Wildest Dreams
B: Pass The Jam
EMI UKEM 6271 Sep 20037" 
Iron Maiden

A: Holy Smoke
B: All In Your Mind
EMI UKEM 153Sep 19907" 

A: Day After Day
B: Sweet Tuesday Morning
Apple UKAPPLE 407 Jan 19727" 

A: The Lady Lies
Flexipop UKFLEXIPOP 021Jul 1982Flexi 

3 X 3

A1: Paperlate
A2: You Might Recall
B1: Me And Virgil
Charisma UKGEN 1May 1982EP 
David Bowie

A: Drive-In Saturday (Seattle – Phoenix)
B: Round And Round
RCA UKRCA 23526 Apr 19737" 
Yoko Ono

A: Mrs. Lennon
B: Midsummer New York
Apple UKAPPLE 3822 Oct 19717" 

A: Give Ireland Back To The Irish
B: Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version)
Apple UKR 593618 Feb 19727" 
The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Paul McCartney And Youth

A: Out Of Sight (Album Version)
B: Out Of Sight (Radio Version)
Ultra Records, LLC. USAUL 3921-617 Sep 20137" 
David Bowie

A: John, I'm Only Dancing (Original Single Version)
B: John, I'm Only Dancing (Sax Version)
EMI UKDBJOHN 40Aug 2012Picture Disc 
David Bowie

A: The Jean Genie (Original Single Version)
B: The Jean Genie (Top Of The Pops Version)
EMI UKDBJEAN 4019 Nov 2012Picture Disc 
David Bowie

A: Drive-In Saturday
B: Drive-In Saturday (Russell Harty Plus Pop Version)
EMI UKDBDRIVE 4020 Apr 2013Picture Disc 
David Bowie

A: Life On Mars? (2003 Ken Scott Mix)
B: Life On Mars? (Live) (2013 - Remaster)
EMI UKDBMARS 4024 Jun 2013Picture Disc 

A: Nude
B: 4 Minute Warning
XL UKXLS 3507 Apr 20087" 
Steve Hackett

A: Cell 151
B: Time Lapse In Milton Keynes
Charisma UKCELL 1Mar 19837" 

A: He Knows, You Know
B: Charting The Single
EMI UKEMI 536231 Jan 19837" 
Elton John Band Featuring John Lennon And The Muscle Shoals Horns

28th November 1974

A1: I Saw Her Standing There
B1: Whatever Gets You Through The Night
B2: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
DJM UKDJS 1096513 Mar 19817" 
Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas

A: Bad To Me
B: I Call Your Name
Parlophone UKR 504926 Jul 19637" 
The Beatles

A: Strawberry Fields Forever
B: Penny Lane
Parlophone UKR 557017 Feb 19677" 
The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: You Can't Do That
Parlophone UKR 511420 Mar 19647" 
The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I'll Get You
Parlophone UKR 505523 Aug 19637" 
David Bowie

A: Space Oddity
B: Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Philips UKBF 180111 Jul 19697" 
Peter Gabriel

A: Big Time
B: Curtains
Virgin / Charisma UKPGS 328 Mar 19877" 
Peter Gabriel

A: I Have The Touch
B: Across The River
Charisma UKCB 405Dec 19827" 
Peter Gabriel

A: Shock The Monkey
B: Soft Dog (Instrumental)
Charisma UKSHOCK 128 Sep 19827" 
Peter Gabriel

A: No Self Control
B: Lead A Normal Life
Charisma UKCB 36010 May 19807" 

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