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Barbra Streisand

Hall Of Fame Hits

A: People
B: Second Hand Rose
CBS UKS CBS 114927 Apr 19737" 
Lainie Kazan

A: Road To Ruin
B: What Did I Lose By Loving You
MGM USAK 13777Aug 19677" 
Frankie Vaughan With The Daughters Of The Cross

A: Peace Brother Peace
B: You'll Never Walk Alone
Chapter One UKCH 12519707" 
Karen Wyman

A: Somebody Waiting
B: Now That There's You
Columbia USA4-4565321 Jul 19727" 
Georgia Brown

A: Don't Dilly Dally On The Way
B: Broken Doll
Decca UKF 11482Jun 19627" 
Georgia Brown

A: As Long As He Needs Me
B: Oom-Pah-Pah
Decca UKF 11273Sep 19607" 
Georgia Brown

A1: Theme From The Roads To Freedom (English Version)
B1: Theme From The Roads To Freedom (French Version) (La Route Est Dure)
B2: Wheatfield (Vogue Nuage)
Fly UKBUG 519717" 
Max Bygraves, Woolf Phillips And His Orchestra

Make Believe

A1: Wake Up, Wake Up
A2: Stars, Stars, What A Lovely Sight
B1: If You Were As Small As Your Thumb

Max Bygraves And Maxine, Woolf Phillips And His Orchestra

B2: Hey Polly Wiggle
Lantern UKLYN.786EP 
Patti LuPone

A: I Dreamed A Dream

The Full Company

B: One Day More
First Night UKSCORE 119857" 
Moose Charlap

A: It Was My Father's Habit
B: (I Want Some) Good Old Fashioned Lovin'
ABC-Paramount USA45-967419567" 
Toni Michaels

A: I'm Gonna Build A Mountain
B: Let It Rain
Delta CanadaD-3072X19597" 
Toni Michaels

Introducing Toni Michaels

A: I'm Gonna Build A Mountain
B: Let It Rain
Debbie USADB-140719597" 
Shani Wallis

Cabaret Time

A: Johnny Put The Record On (Cha Cha)
B: The Game Of Love
Vivitone UKEP 300119617" 
Joan Lesley And Sammy's Children

Booth Hall Children's Hospital Scanner Appeal

A: Make A Wish

Joan Lesley

B: Letters Of Love
Cavalier Records UKCAV 03419887" 
Sandy Stewart

A: Nice Guy
B: Lord And Master
United Artists USAUA 332Jul 19617" 
Lainie Kazan

A: Feeling Good
B: Blues Skies
MGM USAK13593Oct 19667" 
Lena Martell

A: Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme From The MGM Film "Dr. Zhivago")
B: I Would Marry Spring
Pye UK7N 17320Jun 19677" 
The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers

A1: La-La-La, He Gives Me Love
A2: Congratulations
A3: Lady Madonna
B1: Valleri
B2: Jennifer Eccles
B3: Cry Like A Baby
Disc A Fran UKD/AVE 511968EP 
The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers

A1: Where Do You Go To
A2: Soul Sister Brown Sugar
A3: Sorry Suzanne
B1: Boom Bang A Bang
B2: Breakfast On Pluto
B3: Wichita Lineman
Avenue UKAVE 711969EP 
The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers

A1: Gentle On My Mind
A2: Games People Play
A3: Windmills Of Your Mind
B1: First Of May
B2: I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose
B3: Surround Yourself With Sorrow
Avenue UKAVE 701969EP 
The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers

A1: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
A2: Hold Me Tight
A3: Little Arrows
B1: Yesterday's Dreams
B2: On The Road Again
B3: I Live For The Sun
Avenue UKAVE 611968EP 
The Clive Allan Orchestra And Singers

A1: Move In A Little Closer
A2: Half As Nice
A3: Please Don't Go
B1: Quick Joey Small
B2: Dancing In The Street
B3: The Way It Used To Be
Avenue UKAVE 691969EP 
Julie Budd

A: See You In September (Nos Vemos En Setiembre)
B: A Fall Song (Una Canción De Otoño)
RCA Victor Peru85-14257" 
Lainie Kazan

A: The Color Of Love
B: Ouzo
Colpix USACP 768Mar 19657" 
Roslyn Kind

A: Exanaplanatooch
B: Bus That Never Comes
Brookport USA2031637" 
Lena Martell

A: Hasta Mañana
B: Todos Desean Ser Amados Por Alguien (Everybody Wants To Be Loved By Someone)
Music Hall Argentina32.25219757" 
Lena Martell

A: The Reasons Why
B: To This Man
His Master's Voice UKPOP 1049Jul 19627" 
Julie [Budd]

A: One Fine Day
B: Mama Joan
Tom Cat UKTOM 113 Feb 19767" 
Lena Martell

A: Don't Remember Your Name
B: Now
London USA45-20057Jan 19707" 
Lena Martell

A: Call Collect
B: My Baby's Smile
Pye UK7N 4558219767" 
Lena Martell

A: In Time
B: One Of The Crowd
Pye UK7N 174581 Mar 19687" 
Lena Martell

A: It's Too Late Now
B: In Time
Pye UK7N 4514014 Apr 19727" 
Lena Martell

A: Love Can Be
B: The Night The Sky Fell Down
His Master's Voice UKPOP 958Dec 19617" 
Nat "King" Cole

A: (The Song Of) Raintree County
B: With You On My Mind
Capitol USAF3782Sep 19577" 
Nat "King" Cole And Billy May

A: Lover, Come Back To Me!

Nat "King" Cole

B: That's All
Capitol USAF2610Oct 19537" 
Stan Kenton

A: The Lady In Red
B: Under A Blanket Of Blue
Capitol USAF2822May 19547" 
Nelson Riddle

A: Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu
B: Walkin'
Capitol USAF402419587" 
Lena Martell

A: For The Love Of Him
B: I Would Marry Spring
Decca UKF 130248 May 19707" 
Lena Martell

A: I'm Going Home
B: The World Of A Child
Decca UKF 1320127 Aug 19717" 
Lena Martell

A: Hasta Manana
B: Everybody Wants To Be Loved By Someone
Pye UK7N 4540518 Oct 19747" 
Lena Martell

A: After All Is Said And Done
B: Proud To Be A Woman
Pye UK7N 454924 Jul 19757" 
Bob Crosby And His Orchestra

A: Lonesome And Sorry
B: I'm Waiting Just For You
Capitol USAF1595Jul 19517" 
Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra

A: Shadow Waltz
B: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
Capitol USAF2846Jun 19547" 
Jan Garber

A: Toyland Jubilee
B: Hi Beautiful
Capitol USAF1886Dec 19517" 
Jan Garber

A: Swingin' Down The Lane
B: The Tavern Song
Capitol USAF1905Dec 19517" 
Bob Manning

A: Venus Di Milo
B: You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
Capitol USAF2694Jan 19547" 
Jimmy Heap And The Melody Masters

A: Sebbin Come Elebbin

Jimmy Heap And The Melody Masters With Perk Williams

B: That's All I Want From You
Capitol USAF307119 Mar 19557" 
Julie [Budd]

A: One Fine Day
B: Mama Joan
RCA JapanSS-253119767" 
Mary Mayo

A: A Penny A Kiss, A Penny A Hug
B: Bring Back The Thrill
Capitol USAF1350Jan 19517" 
Roslyn Kind

A: Sad
B: Fantasy Of Love
WEA France249 327-719847" 

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