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Joe Deihl

A: (My Love Is Like A) Red Red Rose
B: Mad John Candy
Athena USA50077" 
Richard Barnes

A: Take To The Mountains
B: High Flying Electric Bird
Capitol USA2841Jun 19707" 
Triste Janero

A: Rene De Marie
B: In The Garden
White Whale USAWW 299Feb 19697" 
Wolf People

A: Tiny Circles
B: Mercy II
Battered Ornaments UKBOR 00710 Aug 20097" 
Wolf People

A: Storm Cloud
B: Cotton Strands
Battered Ornaments UKBOR 00510 Dec 20077" 
Wolf People

A: October Fires
B: Black Water
Battered Ornaments UKBOR 00120077" 
New Trolls

A: Una Nuvola Bianca
B: Corro Da Te
Cetra ItalySP 142810 Apr 19707" 
France Gall

A1: Poupée De Cire Poupée De Son
A2: Un Prince Charmant
B1: Dis A Ton Capitaine
B2: Le Coeur Qui Jazze
Philips France437.032 BEMar 1965EP 
France Gall

A1: Teenie Weenie Boppie
A2: Chanson Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Un Peu
B1: Bébé Requin
B2: Made In France
Philips France437.358 BEJul 1967EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A: L'Arsène

Georges Raudi

B: Stercok
Vogue FranceV. 45-178019707" 
Jacques Dutronc

A: A La Vie, A L'amour
B: Restons Francais, Soyons Gaulois
Vogue FranceV. 45-171119707" 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: Laquelle Des Deux Est La Plus Snob
A2: Les Femmes Des Autres
B1: L'aventurier
B2: Le Responsable
Vogue FranceEPL. 8667Jun 1969EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S'eveille
A2: L'augmentation
B1: Comment Elles Dorment
B2: Fais Pas Ci, Fais Pas Ca
Vogue FranceEPL. 8611Mar 1968EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: La publicité
A2: Les rois de la réforme
B1: Le plus difficile
B2: Hippie hippie hourrah
Vogue FranceEPL. 8587Nov 1967EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: L'idole (Je N'en Peux Plus)
A2: Les Petites Annonces
B1: J'aime Les Filles (Si Vous Etes Comme Ca, Telephonez Moi)
B2: J'ai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu
Vogue FranceEPL. 8536Apr 1967EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: Les Play Boys
A2: Sur Une Nappe De Restaurant
B1: On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Ditrien
B2: La Fille Du Pere Noel
Vogue FranceEPL. 8497Oct 1966EP 
Jacques Dutronc

A1: L'opportuniste
A2: La Lecon De Gymnastique De Professeur Dutronc
B1: Amour, Toujours, Tendresse, Caresse
B2: Transes Dimanche
Vogue FranceEPL. 8640Sep 1968EP 
Egbert Douwe

A: Kom Uit Mijn Bedstee, M'n Liefste (Come To My Bedside, My Darling)
B: Het Gerucht (Mao En Moa)
Philips Netherlands333 971 JF11 Mar 19687" 
One With Alan Marshall

A: How Much Do You Know
B: Don't Listen To Me
Fontana France6010.02119707" 
Paul McCartney

A: Waterfalls
B: Check My Machine
Parlophone UKR 603713 Jun 19807" 

A: Jesahel
B: King's Road
Fonit ItalySPF 3129319727" 
Wayne Gibson

A: Under My Thumb
B: The Game
Pye Disco Demand UKDDS 200125 Oct 19747" 
Jess And James With The J. J. Band

A: What Was I Born For
B: Move
Palette BelgiumPB 25.6488 Jan 19687" 
Tubby Hayes

Voodoo Session

A1: Voodoo
B1: Give Me Love
B2: Bailey's Blues
Trunk UKTTT 005Jul 20097" 
Manfred Mann Chapter III

A: Happy Being Me
B: Devil Woman
Vertigo UK6059 01228 Aug 19707" 

A: Spoon
B: Shikako Maru Ten
United Artists Germany35 304Nov 19717" 
Mike Clifford

A: Mary Jane

The Sidewalk Sounds

B: Gas Hassle
Sidewalk USA939Feb 19687" 
The United States Of America

A: The Garden Of Earthly Delights
B: Love Song For The Dead Che
CBS UK374518 Oct 19687" 
Frank Stein And B.G. System

A: My Lady
B: Mysterious Barricades
Diamonds SwitzerlandDI 17257" 
Greenwich Park

A: Tobacco Road
B: I Went To My Baby
Splendid SwitzerlandSPS 400919717" 

A: Everybody
B: In A Toy Shop
Child Records Switzerland17-2367" 

A: Traintime
B: No Time To Live
Swiss Record SwitzerlandSRS 10219757" 

A: Gipsy Woman
B: Pan's Laugh
Sonographic SwitzerlandWA 131419717" 
Tim Clay Group

A: Takin' A Trip On The Number One
B: Face Another Day
Elite Special SwitzerlandF 40917" 
Hannibal [Swiss]

A1: Moni Toplou
A2: Spinalonga
B1: Plaka
B2: Kalo Chorio
Private SwitzerlandEP 17-7081972EP 
Mother Sunday

A: Midnight Graveyard
B: You Don't Understand
Moon Switzerland17-21719717" 
Don't Look Back

A: Hail
B: The Walls Of Harlow
Masterplan SwitzerlandS-ML-5057" 

A: Amne Schoene Abe
B: D'Susle
Swiss Folklore Switzerland180047" 
Lost Peace

A: Suppressed
B: After The Big Steak
Mediation Record SwitzerlandMS 1017" 

A: Stay Away
B: Labyrinth
Methusalem Records SwitzerlandMETH 800219807" 
Gong [Switzerland]

A: Lost Thing
B: I Don't Care
Polydor Switzerland2049 1027" 

A: See Me
B: Desperate Man
Polydor Switzerland2049 0967" 
Freeway 75

A: I'm A King Bee
B: Sunset
Vertigo Switzerland6028 97519737" 
Libre Esprit Moteur


A1: Clubman Round-Up
A2: Mini Memories
B1: Mini Scotch
B2: Vacances
British Leyland SwitzerlandBMC1971Promo Only 7" 
Man And Birdmen

A: Stardust
B: The Most Beautiful Widow
Tree Records SwitzerlandTR 1005014 Mar 20107" 
Duffy [Chapter One]

A: I Can't Help The Way I Am
B: Matchmaker
Mabel SwitzerlandM POP 202019727" 
Pink Floyd

A: See Emily Play
B: The Scarecrow
Columbia SwitzerlandCH 0119777" 
The Specimen

A: The Lightning
B: Vendy
Splendid SwitzerlandSPS 401619727" 
Bad Generation

A: Heart Break
B: Crazy Man
Cobra Records SwitzerlandLR 2667" 
Misty [Switzerland]

A: Sunny Day
B: Leavin'
Wave Records Switzerland17-2327" 

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