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Gentle Influence

A: Always Be A Part Of My Living
B: Captain Reale
Pye UK7N 177436 Jun 19697" 
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins

A: Shake A Hand
B: Say I Do
Coral UKQ 7246421 Jun 19637" 
Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas

A: Neon City
B: I'll Be Doggone
Parlophone UKR 53625 Nov 19657" 
The Adicts

Lunch With The Adicts EP

A1: Easy Way Out
A2: This Week
B1: Organised Confusion
B2: Straight Jacket
Dining Out UKTUX 1Nov 19797" 
The Controllers [Los Angeles]

A: Neutron Bomb
B: Killer Queers
What Records? USAWHAT 0419787" 
The Supremes

A: Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
B: He's All I Got
Tamla Motown UKTMG 56013 May 19667" 
David "King" Thomas

A: You Better Investigate
B: If You're Looking For A Fool
Jet Stream USA80919757" 
Duane Eddy

A: Niki Hoeky
B: Velvet Nights (Theme From 'Elvira Madigan')
Reprise UKRS.2069031 May 19687" 
Big Joe

A: Tubby At The Controls
B: Dignity And Principle
Attack UKATT 813619787" 
The Jive Five

A: My True Story
B: When I Was Single
Parlophone UKR 4822Sep 19617" 
Preston Epps

A: Bongo Rock
B: Bongo Party
Top Rank UKJAR 140Jun 19597" 
Wee Willie Harris

A: Got A Match
B: No Chemise, Please
Decca UKF 11044Jul 19587" 
Madeline Bell

A: You Don't Love Me No More
B: Don't Cross Over To My Side Of The Street
Columbia UKDB 72573 Apr 19647" 
Alma Cogan

A: Snakes And Snails
B: How Many Nights
Columbia UKDB 765223 Jul 19657" 
P. K. LTD.

A: Getting Straight
B: Feelings
RCA Victor UKRCA 20089 Oct 19707" 
Esprit De Corps

A: If (Would It Turn Out Wrong)
B: Picture On The Wall
Jam UKJAM 2413 Oct 19727" 
Neil Diamond

A: Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
B: You'll Forget
London UKHLZ 1012621 Apr 19677" 
Neil Diamond

A: Solitary Man
B: Do It
London UKHLZ 1004927 May 19667" 
Lucien Alexander

A: Baby You've Been On My Mind
B: Play Along (Miss R.)
Polydor UK56205Oct 19677" 
The Brand

A: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
B: Zulu Stomp
Piccadilly UK7N 3521627 Nov 19647" 
The Slade

A: Wild Winds Are Blowing
B: One Way Hotel
Fontana UKTF 10564 Oct 19697" 

A: Lights Out (Read My Lips)
B: Dissapointed
Warner Bros. UKW985219907" 
Willie Mitchell

A: Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
B: That Driving Beat
London UKHLU 1000426 Nov 19657" 
String Driven Thing

A: Another Night (In This Old City)
B: Say What You Like
Concord UKCON 00729 May 19707" 
Brinsley Schwarz

A: (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
B: Ever Since You're Gone
United Artists UKUP 357007 Jun 19747" 
Spencers Washboard Kings

A: The Egg Plant That Ate Chicago
B: Somebody Stole My Gal
Pye UK7N 17245Dec 19667" 
The Fantastic Four

A: The Whole World Is A Stage
B: Ain't Love Wonderful
Ric-Tic USART-122Jan 19677" 
Flaming Embers

A: Bless You (My Love)

Al Kent

B: Bless You (My Love) (Instrumental)
Ric-Tic USART 140Jun 19687" 

A1: When I Was Dead
B1: Bewarewolf!
B2: The Pressure's On
Jamming! UKCREATE 1Oct 19817" 
My Chemical Romance

A: Teenagers
B: Dead! (live)
Reprise UKW7719 Jul 2007Picture Disc 

A: I Love You
Stiff UKP-BUY 176Jul 1983Picture Disc 
Earl George

A: Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got

Prince Jazzbo

B: Wise Shepherd
Count Shelly UKCS 02519737" 
Vince Edwards [UK]

A: County Durham Dream
B: It's The Same Old Song
United Artists UKUP 223028 Jun 19687" 
The Family Dogg

A: Brown-Eyed Girl
B: Let It Rain
Fontana UKTF 968Sep 19687" 
The Merseybeats

A: It's Love That Really Counts
B: The Fortune Teller
Fontana UKTF 412Aug 19637" 
Cherry Rowland

A: Nobody But Me
B: Boys
Fontana UKTF 420Oct 19637" 
The Big Three

A: I'm With You
B: Peanut Butter
Decca UKF 11752Oct 19637" 
The Fortunes

A: Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond)
B: Louise
United Artists UKUP 223929 Nov 19687" 
Janie Jones

A: Witches Brew
B: Take-A My Tip
His Master's Voice UKPOP 149526 Nov 19657" 
The New Faces

A: Someday
B: Biscuit Coloured Overcoat
Decca UKF 128626 Dec 19687" 
The McKinleys

A: Someone Cares For Me
B: Million Miles Away
Columbia UKDB 7230Mar 19647" 
Miss X

A: Christine
B: S-E-X
Ember UKEMBS 175Jul 19637" 
Cilla Black

A: Where Is Tomorrow?
B: Work Is A Four Letter Word
Parlophone UKR 57067 Jun 19687" 
Tracy Rogers

A: In The Morning
B: Back With You Baby
Polydor UK56197Sep 19677" 
Leyton Buzzards

A1: I'm Hanging Around
B1: I Don't Want To Go To Art School
B2: No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs
Chrysalis UKCHS 2328May 19797" 
The Gladiators [Direction]

A: Girl Don't Make Me Wait
B: Can't Get Away From Heartache
Direction UK58-3854Nov 19687" 
The Mirage

A: Mystery Lady
B: Chicago Cottage
Page One UKPOF 07812 Jul 19687" 
J.J. Barnes

A: Real Humdinger
B: I Ain't Gonna Do It
Ric-Tic USART-110Feb 19667" 
Brian Hyland

A: Holiday For Clowns
B: Yesterday I Had A Girl
Philips UKBF 1569Apr 19677" 
Brian Hyland

A: The Joker Went Wild
B: I Can Hear The Rain
Philips UKBF 1508Jul 19667" 

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