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The Coachmen

Here Come The Coachmen

A1: Bald Mountain
A2: Those Brown Eyes
B1: John Hardy
B2: Come Little Donkey
Vogue UKVE 1701491961EP 
The Chantays

A: Beyond
B: I'll Be Back Some Day
King UKKG 101819657" 
Carole And Sherry

A: I Ain't Ready Yet
B: Like I Gotta Get Away
Fontana UK270107 TF1 Jun 19627" 

A: Happy New Year
B: Where The Good Times Are
Deram UKDM 10130 Sep 19667" 
Brian Hyland

A: Lop-Sided, Over-Loaded (And It Wiggled When We Rode It)
B: I Gotta Go ('Cause I Love You)
London UKHLR 9262Jan 19617" 
Abner Jay

A: Cleo
B: The Thresher
London UKHLN 9791Oct 19637" 
Barbara Lynn

A: You Can't Buy My Love
B: That's What A Friend Will Do
Immediate UKIM 01129 Oct 19657" 
Culver Street Playground

A: Alley Pond Park
B: A Decent Sort Of Guy
President UKPT 1457 Jul 19677" 
Philip Lowrie

A: I Might Have Known (Before)
B: I Might Have Known (After)
Ember UKEMBS 17920 Sep 19637" 
Bel Canto's

A: Feel Aw Right - Part 1
B: Feel Aw Right - Part 2
R & B UKMRB 500319657" 
Sonny And The Daffodils

A1: Never Get Tired
A2: Little Girl Blue
B1: Another Man
B2: Mr. Wang
Ember UKEMB EP 4538May 1964EP 
Roy Orbison

Devil Doll

A1: Devil Doll
A2: You're Gonna Cry
B1: Mean Little Mama
B2: Problem Child
Ember UKEMB EP 45701965EP 
Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four

A: Jet Black Blues
B: Blue Blood Blues
Columbia UKSCM 5100Mar 19547" 

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