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ajtharp - Wants

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Bill Wyman

A: In Another Land

The Rolling Stones

B: The Lantern
London USA45-9072 Dec 19677" 
Pure Prairie League

A: Let Me Love You Tonight
B: Janny Lou
Casablanca USANB 2266May 19807" 
Deep Purple

A: Hallelujah (I Am The Preacher)
B: April (Part 1)
Tetragrammaton USAT-1537Jul 19697" 
Vera Lynn

A: We'll Meet Again

Eric Rogers And His Orchestra

B: Theme From "Dr. Strangelove"
London USA45 LON 964019647" 
Luther Ingram

A: (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
B: Puttin' Game Down
KoKo USAKOA-2111Apr 19727" 
Joan Baez

A: Rejoice In The Sun
B: Silent Running
Decca USA32890Nov 19717" 
Blackmore's Rainbow

A: Starstruck
B: Run With The Wolf
Oyster USAOY 70119767" 
Richard Pryor

A: Am I Drunk Or Are You Pregnant Raymond [Mono]
B: Am I Drunk Or Are You Pregnant Raymond [Stereo]
Warner Bros. USAPRO-S-20891983Promo Only 7" 
Richard Pryor

A: Our Text For Today [Stereo]
B: Our Text For Today [Mono]
Reprise USAPRO 6071975Promo Only 7" 
Laura Branigan

A: Gloria
B: Living A Lie
Atlantic USA4048May 19827" 
Umberto Tozzi

A: Gloria
B: Aria Di Lei
CGD ItalyCGD 1017119797" 
The London Symphony Orchestra

A: The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
B: The Battle In The Snow
RSO USARS 1033May 19807" 
Roberta Flack

A: Compared To What
B: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Atlantic USA45-2665Sep 19697" 
Paul Engemann

A: Scarface (Push It To The Limit)

Giorgio Moroder

B: Tony's Theme
MCA USAMCA-52326Jan 19847" 
We Five

A: You Were On My Mind
B: Small World
A&M USA770Jun 19657" 
Mama Cass Elliot

A: Make Your Own Kind Of Music
B: Lady Love
Dunhill USAD-4214Oct 19697" 
The Flaming Lips

A: She Don't Use Jelly
B: Turn It On (Bluegrass Version)
Warner Bros. USA7-1813119947" 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Dragonfly
B: The Purple Dancer
Reprise USAR7-54156819 Apr 20147" 
Dan Fogelberg

A: Make Love Stay
Full Moon USAENR-03570Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 
Melissa Manchester

A: You Should Hear How She Talks About You
B: Long Goodbyes
Arista USAAS 0676Apr 19827" 
Van Halen

A: Secrets
B: Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
Warner Bros. USA7-29929Aug 19827" 
J. J. Cale

A: Hey Baby
B: Cocaine
Shelter USASR-62002Dec 19767" 
Tom Scott

A: Gotcha (Theme From "Starsky & Hutch")
B: Smoothin' On Down
Ode / Epic USA8-5043319777" 
Cyndi Grecco

A: Making Our Dreams Come True
B: Watching You
Private Stock USAPSR 45,086Apr 19767" 


A1: One Of A Kind (Love Affair)
A2: Just You And Me Baby
A3: I'll Be Around
B1: Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
B2: Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
Atlantic USASD 7-72561973Special Edition 7" 
Pink Floyd

A: Have A Cigar
B: Welcome To The Machine
Columbia USA3-1024815 Nov 19757" 
Faith No More

A: We Care A Lot
B: Spirit
Slash USA7-2828719877" 
Simon And Garfunkel

A: Bridge Over Troubled Water
B: Keep The Customer Satisfied
Columbia USA4-4507920 Jan 19707" 

A: Hang On Now
B: Kajagoogoo (Instrumental)
EMI America USAB-8171Jul 19837" 
Neil Diamond

A: Yesterday's Songs
B: Guitar Heaven
Columbia USA18-02604Oct 19817" 
Nik Kershaw

A: Wouldn't It Be Good
B: Monkey Business
MCA USAMCA-52371Apr 19847" 
Harry Belafonte

A: Day-O

Danny Elfman

B: Main Titles
Geffen USA7-27859May 19887" 
Dana And Gene

A: Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54
B: Dario, Can You Get Me Into Studio 54 (Long Version)
Midsong International USAMI 100219797" 
Willie Nelson

A: On The Road Again

Johnny Gimble

B: Jumpin' Cotton Eyed Joe
Columbia USA1-11351Aug 19807" 

A: The Robots
B: Neon Lights
Capitol USA4620Aug 19787" 
Adam Ant

A: Desperate But Not Serious
Epic USAENR-03762Mar 1983Special Edition 7" 
Neil Diamond

A: I'm Alive
Columbia USACNR-03572Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 
Earth, Wind And Fire

A: Fall In Love With Me
Columbia USACNR-03566Feb 1983Special Edition 7" 

A: On The Loose
Portrait USARNR-03532Jan 1983Special Edition 7" 
Adam Ant

A: Goody Two Shoes
Epic USAENR-03529Jan 1983Special Edition 7" 
Ricky Skaggs

A: I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
Epic USAENR-03491Dec 1982Special Edition 7" 
Kenny Loggins

A: Heart To Heart
Columbia USACNR-03427Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Billy Joel

A: Allentown
Columbia USACNR-03426Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Merle Haggard

A: Going Where The Lonely Go
Epic USAENR-03365Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin Brothers Band

A: Sure Feels Like Love
Columbia USACNR-03364Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Neil Diamond

A: Heartlight
Columbia USACNR-03345Nov 1982Special Edition 7" 
Dan Fogelberg

A: Missing You
Full Moon USAENR 03323Oct 1982Special Edition 7" 
Kenny Loggins With Steve Perry

A: Don't Fight It
Columbia USACNR-03270Sep 1982Special Edition 7" 
Paul Carrack

A: I Need You
Epic USAENR-03266Sep 1982Special Edition 7" 
Robin Williams

A: A Night At The Met (One Liners)
B: A Night At The Met (One Liners)
Columbia USACS7-25261986Promo Only 7" 

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