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The Doobie Brothers

A: Here To Love You
B: Wynken, Blynken And Nod
Warner Bros. USAWBS500016 Jan 19827" 
The Vanilla Fudge

A: You Keep Me Hanging On
B: Take Me For A Little While
Atco USA45-6495Jun 19677" 
Pink Floyd

A: Comfortably Numb (Short Version)
B: Comfortably Numb (Long Version)
Columbia USA1-11311Jul 1980Promo Only 7" 
The Cars

A: Tonight She Comes
B: Just What I Needed
Elektra New Zealand76958919857" 
Thomas Dolby

A: She Blinded Me With Science (Short Version)
B: She Blinded Me With Science (Long Version)
Harvest USASPRO-9899Jan 1983Promo Only 7" 

A: Stay With Me
B: Kiss You All Over
MCA / Curb USAMCA-52551Mar 19857" 
Don Knotts And The Porpoises

A: I Wish I Were A Fish
B: The Mr. Limpet March (Super Doodle Dandy)
Warner Bros. USA543119647" 
The Everly Brothers

A: You're The One I Love

Sara Watkins Featuring Fiona Apple

B: You're The One I Love
Warner Bros. USA530526-721 Apr 20127" 
Michael Bublé

A: Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles

B: Georgia On My Mind
Warner Bros. USA530284-721 Apr 20127" 

A: Loser
B: Alcohol
DGC USADGCS7-19270Feb 19947" 

A: Undone - The Sweater Song
B: Holiday
DGC USADGCS7-19378May 19947" 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Sock It To Me - Baby!
B: I Never Had It Better
New Voice USA820Jan 19677" 
Barnes And Barnes

A: Fish Heads
B: High School Gym
Lumania USA19787" 
Mojo Nixon

A: (619) 239-K.I.N.G. (Single Edit)
B: Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child
Enigma USA7 75036-719897" 
[no artist listed]

Masters Of The Universe

A: The Power Of Point Dread!
B: Danger At Castle Grayskull!
Mattel USA4306-03301983EP 

A: (I Cån't Gèt Mé Nö) Såtisfactiön
B: Slöppy (I Såw My Baby Gétting)
Booji Boy USA72843-1 / 75677-219777" 
The Vapors

A: Turning Japanese (Edited)
B: Talk Talk
United Artists USAUA-X1364-YJul 19807" 
Paul Whiteman, Sondra Bianca

A: Rhapsody 21
B: Rhapsody 21
World's Fair USA1962Picture Disc 
Daryl Hall

A: Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You (Radio Remix)
B: Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You (Churban Remix)
Epic USA34-7725819937" 
Johnny Hates Jazz

A: Shattered Dreams
B: My Secret Garden
Virgin USA7-99383Mar 19887" 
Billy Joel

A: My Life [Short Version]
B: My Life [Long Version]
Columbia USA3-10853Oct 1978Promo Only 7" 
Dire Straits

A: Once Upon A Time In The West
B: News
Warner Bros. USAWBS 49082Oct 19797" 
The Who

A: Who Are You (Long Version)
B: Who Are You (Short Version)
MCA USAMCA-40948Aug 1978Promo Only 7" 
Dionne Warwick

A: Walk On By

The Stranglers

B: Walk On By
Rhino USAR7-54763418 Apr 20157" 
Herb Alpert

A: Red Hot
B: Sundown
A&M USAAM-2593Oct 19837" 
Red Rider

A: Lunatic Fringe
B: Cowboys In Hong Kong (As Far As Siam)
Capitol USAA-5062Nov 19817" 
Nu Shooz

A: I Can't Wait
B: Don't Turn Back
Poolside USAPRC 1001Apr 19857" 
King Crimson

A: The Court Of The Crimson King - Part 1
B: The Court Of The Crimson King - Part 2
Atlantic USA45-2703Jan 19707" 
Blue Öyster Cult

A: (Don't Fear) The Reaper
B: Burnin' For You
Rock'n Mania USARMGD-252519907" 

A: Japanese Boy
B: Japanese Boy
Handshake USAWS9 02571Oct 1981Promo Only 7" 
Miles Davis With Gil Evans And His Orchestra

A: Blue Xmas
B: Devil May Care
Columbia USA8887502435728 Nov 2014Special Edition 7" 

A: Holy Diver

Killswitch Engage

B: Holy Diver
Warner Bros. USA3559-720 Apr 20137" 
Benny Mardones

A: Into The Night
B: She's So French
Polydor USAPD 2091Apr 19807" 
Oingo Boingo

A: Weird Science

Ira And The Geeks

B: Weird Mama
MCA USAMCA-52633Jul 19857" 
Merle Haggard

A: Rainbow Stew
B: Blue Yodel #9 (Standin' On The Corner)
MCA USAMCA-51120Jun 19817" 
Savage Garden

A: Truly Madly Deeply
B: I'll Bet He Was Cool
Columbia USA38-78723Nov 19977" 
Van Halen

A: Runnin' With The Devil
B: Eruption
Warner Bros. USAWBS 8556Apr 19787" 
New Yorkers / Will Lee

A: I Believe In Love

New Yorkers

B: I Believe In Love [Instrumental]
Warner Bros. JapanP-634WOct 19807" 

A: Since You Been Gone
B: Bad Girls
Polydor USAPD 2014Oct 19797" 
The Clash

A: Hitsville U.K.
B: Police On My Back
Epic USA19-5101317 Feb 19817" 
Charles Shaw

A: Does Your Mother Know
B: Does Your Mother Know (Dub Version)
Dureco Netherlands110081.719887" 
The Viscounts [USA]

A: Harlem Nocturne
B: Dig
Madison USAM 123Nov 19597" 

A: Poison Arrow
B: Tears Are Not Enough
Mercury USA810 340-7Jan 19837" 
Melissa Etheridge

A: Similar Features
B: Bring Me Some Water
Island USA7-99251Oct 19887" 
Hank Williams, Jr.

A: Mind Your Own Business
B: My Name Is Bocephus
Warner Bros. / Curb USA7-28581Sep 19867" 
John Barry

A: The James Bond Theme
B: March Of The Mandarins
United Artists USAUA 581Apr 19637" 
The Yardbirds

A: Goodnight Sweet Josephine
B: Think About It
Epic USA5-1030329 Mar 19687" 
Gene Wilder

A: Pure Imagination

Diana Lee

B: Cheer Up, Charlie
Paramount USAPAA-0106Jul 19717" 
The Yardbirds

A: Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
B: The Nazz Are Blue
Epic USA5-100944 Nov 19667" 
The Yardbirds

A: For Your Love
B: Got To Hurry
Epic USA5-97909 Apr 19657" 

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