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Gene Latter

A: The Old Iron Bell
B: Holding A Dream
Spark UKSRL 103111 Jul 19697" 
Orange Box

A: Flowers Bloom Forever
B: Time Has Gone To Sleep
Overlord USAAS344119697" 

A: Ethereal Genesis
B: The Snail
Rush [Texas] USAEP-139419697" 
The Vectors [Delic]

A: Paisley Haze
B: Cry Me A 1000 Tears
Delic USATS-XM47619677" 
Glass Sun

A: Silence Of The Morning
B: Oh Sandy
Sound Patterns USARN-13919717" 
The Glass Sun

A: Stick Over Me
B: I Can See The Light
Sound Patterns USARN-15019727" 
Johnny Thompson Quintet

A: Promise Her Anything
B: For Us There'll Be No Tomorrow
Guitarsville USAG-212619677" 
Beyond The Implode

Last Thoughts

A1: This Atmosphere
A2: Midnight Adventures
B1: Lassitude
B2: Escape Thru' Levitation
B3: Steel Car
Diverse UKDIVE 101Sep 1979EP 
The Cam-Pact

A: Drawing Room
B: I'm Your Puppet
Festival AustraliaFK-2364May 19687" 
The Vegetable Garden

A: Even Stevens
B: Hypnotic Suggestion
Clarion AustraliaMCK-3285Sep 19697" 
The Cave Men

A: The Pillow Bit
B: It's Trash
'Chelle USAPH-148Jul 19667" 
The Legends [Dan Hartman]

A: High Towers
B: Fever Games
Railroad House Records USARRH-1200319697" 
The Brain Train

A: Black Roses
B: Me
Titan USAFF-1738Oct 19677" 
Roger Nichols And The Small Circle Of Friends

A: Let's Ride
B: Love's So Fine
A&M UKAMS 7326 Sep 19687" 
The Imagination [Australia]

A: A Day In The Life
B: We Got Fun
Parlophone AustraliaA-8951Nov 19697" 
The Premiers [San Gabriel, California]

A: Get On This Plane
B: Come On And Dream
Faro USA6248 Nov 19667" 
Mad River

A1: A Gazelle
A2: Orange Fire
B1: Wind Chimes
Wee USA100211967EP 
Dave Berry

A: Chaplin House
B: Trees
Decca UKF 130802 Oct 19707" 
Guy Skornik

A: Qu'est-ce Que Le Dream ?
B: Gurdjieff
Pathé France2C 006-10.889 M19707" 

A: Reincarnation
B: The Ever Gentle Presence (Of Your Love)
Chance [Cincinnati] USA1301-C68Oct 19687" 
Kack Klick

A: Lord My Cell Is Cold
B: One More Day And One More Night
House Of Guitar USAH-100119647" 

A: Writing Letters To Nowhere
B: There Was A Time
Reflection AustraliaHRS 30027" 
Randy Alvey And The Green Fuz

A: Green Fuz
B: There Is A Land
Big Tex USA44519687" 
The Third Bardo

A: I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
B: Rainbow Life
Roulette USAR-4742May 19677" 
Dearly Beloved

A: Flight Thirteen
B: Merry Go Round
Splitsound USASSDG 5Dec 19677" 
The Regiment [G&G]

A: My Soap Won't Float
B: The Sinking Violet
G&G USA305Jun 19677" 

A: Mustache In Your Face
B: The Electric Hand
Squeakie USASQ-119697" 
Fairfield Parlour

A: Emily
B: Sunny Side Circus
Vertigo Australia6059 032Dec 19707" 

A: Matières à Réflexion
B: L'idole Des Jaunes
RCA Victor France49.01619677" 
The Gnomes Of Zurich

A: Second Fiddle
B: Publicity Girl
RCA UKRCA 1606Jun 19677" 
Grains Of Sand

A: Goin' Away Baby (Original Version)
B: Golden Apples Of The Sun
Genesis Records USAG-101Dec 19667" 

A: Please Accept My Invitation
B: Dark Days Of December
Philips Netherlands333 992 JF27 May 19687" 
Sound Expedition

A: Ultimate Power
B: Think It Over
Century USA3420419697" 
Thirteenth Floor Elevators

A: She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)
B: Baby Blue
International Artists USAIA-12117 Nov 19677" 
Finnigans Wake

A: Situation Sad
B: Walking The Dog
Disques Cote USAX-13 / X-147" 
Perpetual Motion Workshop

A: Infiltrate Your Mind
B: Won't Come Down
Rally USA66506 / 6650719677" 
The Dovers

A: The Third Eye
B: Your Love
Miramar USA123Apr 19667" 
Smoke Spoon

A: Come On And Dance
B: Planetary Freakout
Experience USAEX-1017" 

A: Dooley Vs. The Ferris Wheel
B: I'm A Woman
Dot USA45-17087Mar 19687" 
Graf Zepplin

A: You're In My Mind
B: Sunset!
Orlyn USA814O-4588Jun 19687" 
Norman Conquest

A: Two People
B: Upside Down
MGM UKMGM 137612 Jan 19687" 
The Secrets

A: Infatuation
B: She's Dangerous
CBS UK202585Feb 19677" 
Scorpio Tube

A: White Birches
B: Yellow Listen
Vita [1960s] USAV-00119707" 
Lynn Holland

A: Concerto For One Voice (Once Again)
B: Give The World Another Chance
Pye UK7N 17926Mar 19707" 
David Lincoln

A: That's All Any Man Can Say
B: Hold Back The Daybreak
Pye UK7N 1793119707" 
Bedlam Four

A: Hydrogen Atom (Or Mushrooms Are In)
B: Watch It Baby
Armada USAA-00119677" 
Trader Horne

A: Sheena
B: Morning Way
Pye UK7N 1784614 Nov 19697" 
Trader Horne

A: Here Comes The Rain
B: Goodbye Mercy Kelly
Dawn UKDNS 100327 Feb 19707" 

A: Lady Next Door
B: Magician In The Mountain
Deram ItalyDM 70123 Oct 19707" 
Sandie Shaw

A: Reviewing The Situation
B: Your Time Is Gonna Come
Pye UK7N 18323Dec 1969Promo Only 7" 

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