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casinosoul - Wants

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Disco Inferno

A: Entertainment
B: Arc In Round
Ché UKCHE 1S19917" 

A: Shelter Song
B: Prisms
Heavenly UKHVN25012 Nov 20127" 
The O's And The O.K. Band (Official Orient 1978 Squad)

A: Fantastic'O
B: TangO's
Lightning UKGIL 541May 19787" 
The London Dirthole Company

A: Stripshow
B: Fool's Errand
Phono Erotic UKPHOER0075 Nov 20047" 

Treasure EP

A1: Treasure
B1: Things That Might
B2: In My Dream
Rutland [Indie] UKRUTEP 819927" 
I Jog And The Tracksuits

A: Red Box
B: Worrying Man
Tyger Label UKTYG 1Jan 19797" 

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