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The Jook

A1: Watch Your Step
A2: La La Girl
B1: Aggravation Place
B2: Everything I Do
Chiswick UKSW 30Apr 19787" 
Robert Wyatt

A: Stalin Wasn't Stalling

Peter Blackman

B: Stalingrad
Rough Trade UKRT 046Feb 19817" 
Janie Jones

A: Gunning For You
B: Go, Go Away From Me
His Master's Voice UKPOP 151411 Mar 19667" 
Stirling Moss

A: Talks To You
BP UKFlexi 

The Cool, Cool Amazorblades

A: Common Truth
B: Messaround
Chiswick UKNS 207 Oct 19777" 
Alan Klein

A: Three Coins In The Sewer
B: Danger Ahead!
Oriole UKCB 1737Jul 19627" 
Les Irrésistibles (The Beloved Ones)

A: My Year Is A Day
B: She And I
CBS France333019687" 

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