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A: Baby I Got News For You
B: The Girl With The Castle
Columbia UKDB 773529 Oct 19657" 
The 23rd Turnoff

A: Michael Angelo
B: Leave Me Here
Deram UKDM 15029 Sep 19677" 
The Monks [60s]

A: I Can't Get Over You
B: Cuckoo
Polydor International Germany52 957Oct 19667" 
Adjéèf The Poet

Adjéèf The Poet His Girl(s), His Friend(s) And The Rest Of The World(s)

A: Iekk!...I'm A Freak
B: Squafreckleman Comes Back
Action NetherlandsAC 1003Jan 19677" 
Jack Hammer

A: Thanks
B: Love Ladder
Polydor UK56091Jul 19667" 
Roger Nichols And The Small Circle Of Friends

A: Snow Queen
B: Snow Queen
A&M USA965Aug 1968Promo Only 7" 

A: The Sun Comes Up Each Day
B: Evening Song
Elektra USAEK-45651Feb 19697" 
Rudimentary Peni

A1: Media Person
A2: Him Hymn
A3: Blind Dogs
A4: B-Ward
A5: Crazy Chain
A6: The Gardener
B1: Teenage Time Killer
B2: Hearse
B3: Dead Living
B4: Black President
B5: Tower Of Strength
B6: Play
Outer Himalayan UKSRTS 81 CUS 1097Aug 1981EP 
The Time Box

A: Soul Sauce
B: I Wish I Could Jerk Like My Uncle Cyril
Piccadilly UK7N 3537921 Apr 19677" 
Peter Cook And Dudley Moore

A: The L.S. Bumble Bee
B: The Bee Side
London UKF 1255122 Jan 1967Export Issue 
Matchbox [60s]

A: Every Little Thing She Does
B: Run Much Faster
Polydor UK56327May 19697" 

A: Mud In Your Eye
B: I've Been Trying
Polydor UK56124Nov 19667" 
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band With Norma Winstone

A: Original Peter
B: Magic Garden
Deram UKDM 31121 Aug 19707" 
Honey Ltd.

A: Eli's Coming
B: Silk 'N Honey
LHI USALHI-319697" 
Honey Ltd.

A: Silver Threads And Golden Needles
B: No You Are
LHI USALHI-1219697" 

A: The Silent Boatman
B: Livin' The Life
Invictus UKINV 513Jun 19717" 
John's Children

A: Come And Play With Me In The Garden
B: Sara, Crazy Child
Track UK60400514 Jul 19677" 
Brute Force

A: King Of Fuh
B: Nobody Knows
Apple UKAPPLE 816 May 19697" 

A: Of Dreams
B: She's The Nitetime
Probe USACP-474Feb 19707" 
Bill Fay

A: Some Good Advice
B: Screams In The Ears
Deram UKDM 14325 Aug 19677" 
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: Take Me To The Water
B: Indian Rope Man
Marmalade UK598018Sep 19697" 
The Gnomes Of Zurich

A: Second Fiddle
B: Publicity Girl
RCA Victor UKRCA 1606Jun 19677" 
David McNeil

A: Don't Let Your Chance Go By
B: Space Plane
President UKPT 21216 Aug 19687" 
The Velvet Underground And Nico

A: Sunday Morning
B: Femme Fatale
Verve AustraliaV-513819677" 
The Factory

A: Try A Little Sunshine
B: Red Chalk Hill
CBS UK45403 Oct 19697" 
Sonic Youth

A: Starpower
B: Bubblegum
Blast First UKBFFP 7Jul 19867" 
William Shatner

A: The Transformed Man
B: How Insensitive (Insensatez)
Decca USA32399Oct 19687" 
Wynder K. Frog

A: Sunshine Superman
B: Blues For A Frog
Island UKWI 3011Dec 19667" 

A: We Love The Pirates
B: I'm Leaving Town
Marmalade UK598001Sep 19667" 
The Purge

A: The Mayor Of Simpleton Hall
B: The Knave
Corn UKCP 10119697" 
The Poets [Ireland]

A: Alone Am I
B: Locked In A Room
Pye UK7N 1766812 Dec 19687" 
The Cape Kennedy Construction Company

A: The First Step On The Moon
B: Armageddon
President UKPT 26525 Jul 19697" 
Garrick's Fairground With Norma Winstone

A: Epiphany
B: Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Argo UKAFW 105Sep 19717" 
David Bowie

A: Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)
B: Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2)
Mercury UK6052 02612 Jun 19707" 
Fred Neil

A: The Dolphins
B: I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree)
Capitol USA2047Nov 19677" 
Suzi Jane Hokom

A: Need All The Help I Can Get
B: Home (I'm Home)
MGM UKMGM 132316 Sep 19667" 
Vivian Stanshall And Gargantuan Chums

A: Suspicion

Vivian Stanshall And biG GRunt

B: Blind Date
Fly UKBUG 411 Dec 19707" 

A: Place Of My Own
B: Ride
Verve Forecast UKVS 15183 Jan 19697" 
Diana Dors

A: So Little Time
B: It's Too Late
Fontana UKTF 506Oct 19647" 
Vivian Stanshall - Sean Head Showband

A: Labio-Dental Fricative
B: Paper-Round
Liberty UKLBF 1530920 Feb 19707" 

A: Long Live Our Love
B: Sophisticated Boom Boom
Red Bird UKRB 10 04818 Mar 19667" 
The Music Machine

A: Talk Talk
B: Come On In
Pye International UK7N 254076 Jan 19677" 
The Reg Guest Syndicate

A: Underworld
B: Guys, Guns, Dolls And Danger
Mercury UKMF 927Jul 19667" 
Syd Barrett

A: Octopus
B: Golden Hair
Harvest France2C 006-04.435 MJun 19707" 
Van der Graaf Generator

A: People You Were Going To
B: Firebrand
Polydor UK5675817 Jan 19697" 

On The Streets Of New York

A1: Avenue Of The Americas (51st Street)
A2: West 46th Street
A3: Lullaby (2 West 46th Street)
A4: Fog On The Hudson (425 West 57th Street)
B1: Utsu
B2: On And Off The Beat
B3: Chant
B4: From One to Nine
London UKREP 1010Nov 1954EP 
The Mickey Finn

A: Garden Of My Mind
B: Time To Start Loving You
Direction UK58-30861 Dec 19677" 
Brian Auger And The Trinity

A: What You Gonna Do?
B: Bumpin' On Sunset
Marmalade UK598015May 19697" 
Julien Covey And The Machine

A: A Little Bit Hurt
B: Sweet Bacon
Island UKWIP 6009Jun 19677" 

Original Sound Track From The Compton Production Of Roman Polanski's Cul-De-Sac

A1: Pushing The Car
A2: Radio One
A3: Walk On The Water
B1: Radio Two
B2: Dicky's Death
B3: Cul-De-Sac
Polydor UK5800011966EP 

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