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bill mann - Wants

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Ken Cook

A: Crazy Baby
B: I Was A Fool
Phillips International USA353415 Oct 19587" 
The Bobbettes

A: Are You Satisfied
B: Looking For A Lover
King USA555119617" 
Joe Tex

A: Boys Will Be Boys
B: Grannie Stole The Show
Ace USA591May 19607" 
Joe Tex

A: Don´t Hold It Against Me
B: Yum, Yum, Yum
Ace USA572Nov 19597" 
Chuck Willis

Chantez Et Dansez Le Blues Avec Chuck Willis

A1: That Train Has Gone
A2: My Life
B1: Betty And Dupree
B2: My Crying Eyes
Atlantic France2120111959EP 
Howlin' Wolf

A: Killing Floor
B: Louise
Chess UKCRS 801016 Apr 19657" 
Bill Haley And His Comets

Let's Rock Volume II

A1: Blue Comet Blues
A2: Mambo Rock
B1: Choo Choo Ch'Boogie
B2: Razzle-Dazzle
Festival AustraliaXP45-1287Mar 1957EP 
Jimmie Skinner

The Kentucky Colonel Volume 3

A1: That's Where God Intended Me To Go
A2: It Ain't Right
B1: Yesterday's Wrongs
B2: Stay As Wonderful As You Are
London UKREB 1423Jan 1964EP 
George Jones

C And W

A1: Treasure Of Love
A2: If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)

Jimmie Skinner

B1: Dark Hollow
B2: Walkin' My Blues Away
Mercury UKZEP 10012Apr 1959EP 
Frankie Lee Sims

A: She Likes To Boogie Real Low
B: Well Goodbye Baby
Vin USA100619587" 
Chuck Willis

A: Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
B: What Am I Living For
London UKHL 70391958Export Issue 
Huey And Curley

A: At The Mardi Gras
B: Second Line
Ace USA671 X19647" 
Huey "Piano" Smith And His Clowns

A: Beatnik Blues
B: For Cryin' Out Loud
Ace USA584Mar 19607" 
Eddie Bo

A: I´ll Keep On Trying
B: I Love To Rock And Roll
Ace USA45-555Jan 19597" 
Little Booker

A: Teen Age Rock
B: Open The Door
Ace USA54719587" 
Wynonie Harris

Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris

A1: Bloodshot Eyes
A2: Do It Again Please
B1: Lovin' Machine
B2: Adam Come And Get Your Rib
Vogue UKEPV 1103Oct 1955EP 
Buddy Guy And His Band

A: You Sure Can´t Do
B: This Is The End
Artistic USA150319597" 
George Jones

George Jones

A1: White Lightning
A2: Long Time To Forget
B1: Who Shot Sam
B2: Into My Arms Again
Mercury UKZEP 10036Nov 1959EP 
Don And Dewey

A: Farmer John
B: Big Boy Pete
Sonet SwedenT-762519657" 
Lenny Capello And The Dots

A: Cotton Candy
B: Tootles
Ric [New Orleans] USA960Dec 19587" 
Sanford Clark

A: Modern Romance
B: Travelin' Man
Dot USA45-15738Mar 19587" 
Sanford Clark

A: Lou Be Doo
B: Love Charms
Dot USA45-15585May 19577" 
Sonny Burgess And The Kings IV

A: Blues Stay Away From Me
B: Fraulein
ARA [Tennessee] USA22219677" 
Sonny Burgess And The Kings IV

A: Today, Tomorrow, And Forever
B: 500 Miles
Rolando USA45-27" 
Chuck Willis

A: What Am I Living For
B: Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
Atlantic UKHLE 863519647" 
Carl Perkins

A: Movie Magg
B: Turn Around
Flip [Memphis] USA501Bootleg / Repro 7" 
Bo Diddley

A: Let The Kids Dance
B: Let Me Pass
Chess UKCRS 8021Sep 19657" 
Huey "Piano" Smith With His Clowns

A: Don't You Know Yockomo
B: Well I'll Be John Brown
Ace USA553Nov 19587" 
Huey "Piano" Smith

A: Havin A Good Time
B: We Like Birdland
Ace USA548May 19587" 
Huey Smith And The Clowns

A: Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Part 1)
B: Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (Part 2)
Ace USA530Jun 19577" 
Neal Johnson

A: True To You Baby
B: Just Got To Make It
Specialty USA68819607" 
Johnny Carroll

A: That's The Way I Love
B: I'll Wait
Phillips International USA352023 Sep 19577" 
Jerry Lee Lewis

A1: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
A2: Great Balls Of Fire
B1: Mean Woman Blues
B2: I'm Feelin' Sorry
London UKRES 11291958Export Issue 
Willie Dixon

A: Crazy For My Baby
B: Walking The Blues
Pye International UK7N 25270Oct 19647" 
Jack Earls And The Jimbos

A: Slow Down
B: A Fool For Lovin' You
Sun USA240Apr 19567" 
Memphis Slim

A1: Living Like A King
A2: Sittin' And Thinkin'

Little Richard

B1: I Love My Baby
B2: Directly From My Heart To You
Vocalion UKVEP 1701551964EP 
Huey Smith And His Rhythm Aces

A: Everybody's Whalin
B: Little Liza Jane
Ace USA521Nov 19567" 
Larry Davis

A: Will She Come Home
B: Come Home (When You're Through)
Duke USA328Nov 19607" 
Mel Robbins

A: Save It
B: To Know You
London UKHLM 8966Oct 19597" 
Freddie Bell And The Bell Boys

Rock With The Bell Boys Vol. II

A1: Take The First Train Out Of Town
A2: Here There You
B1: Voo Doo
B2: Rompin' And Stompin'
Mercury UKMEP 9512Jul 1957EP 
Malcolm Yelvington And Star Rhythm Boys

A: Drinkin' Wine Spodee-o-dee
B: Just Rolling Along
Sun USA21110 Nov 19547" 
James Brown And The Famous Flames

A: Night Train
B: Why Does Everything Happen To Me
Parlophone UKR 4922Jul 19627" 

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