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Compilation - Teenage Shutdown 10 : The World Ain't Round, It's Square!

Label:Teenage Shutdown
Series:Teenage Shutdown
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17 Paint-Peeling Garage-Punk Monsters!!!

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Paul Bearer And The Hearsemen

01: I've Been Thinking
Riverton USA105Jun 19661 
Shepherd's Heard

02: I Know
Starlite [Ohio] USA869S-6052May 19661 
The Stoics

03: Hate
Brams USABM-101Jan 1967310.0
Larry And The Blue Notes

04: In And Out
Charay USAC-44Jul 19661 
The Nomads [North Carolina]

05: From Zero Down
Tornado USAT-159Apr 19671 
The Triumphs [Ashtabula, Ohio]

06: Lovin' Cup
Genuine USA152May 196719.0
The Oxfords [Tulsa, Oklahoma]

07: I Ain't Done Wrong
Soul [Tulsa, Oklahoma] USA0001Jun 196619.0
The Deepest Blue

08: Pretty Little Thing
Blue-Fin USABL-FI-102Aug 19662 
The Heathens

09: Problems
Vibra USAL-10419671 
The Chessmen [Texas]

10: I Need You There
Bismark USABK-1012Oct 19650 
The Bards [Fort Worth, Texas]

11: Alibis
Emcee USAE-01319661 
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion

12: She's The One
Flambeau USA103Aug 196728.0
The Sound Barrier

13: Hey, Hey
Zounds USAGQP 1004Apr 19671 
The Mods [Toledo, Ohio]

14: I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)
Peck USA19662 
The Savages [Bermuda]

15: The World Ain't Round It's Square
Duane Bermuda45-1054Mar 19662 
The Wrong Numbers

16: I'm Gonna Go Now
Paris Tower USAPT-111Jun 196726.0
Destiny's Children [Texas]

17: Fall Of The Queen
Ventural USAV-730May 19661 

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