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Compilation - Psychedelic Experience 4

Series:Psychedelic Experience
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Ultra Rare Acid Punk Fuzz Monsters from the 60s!

See Forum for information on the missing tracks.

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Perpetual Motion Workshop

01: Infiltrate Your Mind
Rally USA66506 / 6650719671 
Captain Crunch And The Crew

02: Nowdays People
Wildwood USA10019681 
The Barber Green

03: Gliding Ride
F-Empire USAGRS 1106Aug 19682 
The Stonemen

04: In The Evening
Maritime CanadaM45-100619686 
Fox And The Roadrunners

06: Illusions Of A Party
Eiffert USAS-106 / S-107 1 

07: Hurry
X-Pose USAASR 4022Apr 19660 
The Golden Grass

08: Elastic Soldier
Key-Loc' USAKL-1017196828.0
The Golden Grass

09: I'm Crying
Key-Loc' USAKL-1017196828.0
The Stonemen

10: Faded Colors
Maritime CanadaM45-100619686 
The Reverbs [Georgia]

11: Lie In The Shade Of The Sun
Repro USA425Feb 19681 
Peabody Hermitage

12: Something So
Tennalaga USA951Feb 19682 
Barracuda's [Maine]

13: Wait For Tomorrow
Critique [Maine] USA45-1075May 19682 
Peabody Hermitage

15: Fear
Tennalaga USA951Feb 19682 
The Group [Iowa]

16: Why Does My Head Go Boom?
Freak Records USASS-924019671 

18: The Snail
Rush [Texas] USAEP-139419691 
Wally Shoop And Fubar

19: Words In My Head
AJS New Horizon International USA100119711 
Night Patrol

20: Trippin'
Spotlight [Ft. Worth, TX] USA101419672 
Mark Of Kings

21: Realities
Flip-Top USA2192 0 

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