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Compilation - Doin' The Mod 4 : Ready, Steady, Stop!

Label:Castle Music
Cat#:CMRCD 535
Series:Doin' The Mod
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The spirit of splintered Rickenbackers, sixties pop-art power and groovy feedback is captured on Ready, Steady, Stop! From Heavy Beat to Mod Rock, this captures all the pilled-up excitement from Carnaby Street and the Kings Road.

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Pan Pipers

01: Stop
Pye UK7N 1769914 Feb 196949.0
The Kinks

02: She's Got Everything
Pye UK7N 1757328 Jun 1968189.1
Tony Colton

03: I've Laid Some Down In My Time
Pye UK7N 171173 Jun 196609.5
David Bowie With The Lower Third

05: Can't Help Thinking About Me
Pye UK7N 1702014 Jan 196618.8
The Alan Bown Set

06: I Really Really Care
Pye UK7N 1725631 Mar 196716.7
The Riot Squad

07: Working Man
Pye UK7N 1709215 Apr 196619.0
The Blue Chips [UK]

08: You're Good To Me
Pye UK7N 1597015 Oct 19651 
The Onyx

09: You've Gotta Be With Me
Pye UK7N 174771 Mar 196839.0
The Truth

10: Who's Wrong
Pye UK7N 1599826 Nov 196517.0
The Spectres

11: (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet
Piccadilly UK7N 3536810 Feb 196777.5
The Chapters

13: Can't Stop Thinking About Her
Pye UK7N 15815Mar 196518.0
The Montanas

14: Top Hat
Pye UK7N 17338Jun 19670 
The Lancastrians

15: The World Keeps Going Round
Pye UK7N 17043Jan 196616.0
The Clique [Middlesex, UK]

16: You've Been Unfair
Pye UK7N 15853May 196539.3
Five's Company

17: The Big Kill
Pye UK7N 1711810 Jun 196605.0
The Movement

18: Head For The Sun
Big T UKBIG 112Aug 196839.0
The Time [UK]

19: The First Time I Saw The Sunshine
Pye UK7N 1714622 Jul 19661 

20: Good Times
Pye UK7N 17520Apr 196818.0
The Riot Squad

21: I Take It That We're Through
Pye UK7N 1709215 Apr 196619.0
The Bobcats

22: Can't See For Looking
Pye UK7N.1724213 Jan 19671 
Justin And Karlsson

23: Somewhere They Can't Find Me
Piccadilly UK7N 35295Feb 19660 
Young Blood

24: Don't Leave Me In The Dark
Pye UK7N 17495Mar 19684 
The Bluechips

25: Some Kind Of Lovin'
Pye UK7N 1711120 May 196608.0
Michael Leslie

26: Make Up Or Break Up
Pye UK7N 15959Oct 196508.0
The Worrying Kynde

27: Call Out My Name
Piccadilly UK7N 3537010 Mar 19672 
The Sorrows

28: I Don't Wanna Be Free
Piccadilly UK7N 35219Jan 196509.0
The Koobas

29: You'd Better Make Up Your Mind
Pye UK7N 17087Apr 1966110.0
Guy Darrell

30: Evil Woman
Piccadilly UK7N 354068 Sep 19670 

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